Wolverine Overpass Work Boots Review for 2022

While work boot are incredibly protective in your field of work, they are not generally high on comfort because of Wolverine Overpass Work Boots Review for 2020their rigidity. It’s hard to come across a pair of work boots that offer your feet the freedom to be flexible while protecting you from work-related hazards – this is where the Wolverine Men’s Overpass Composite toe work boot steps in. With a contour welt design that promises flexibility, and crafted using lightweight, yet durable materials, the Wolverine’s Overpass is a protective safety footwear that pays equal attention to comfort.

Wolverine understands that your feet requires constant movement, that you need to flex your feet when you work and that isn’t possible when your boots are stiff and tight, no matter how protective they are. This is why the brand has come out with a pair of work boots that moves with your feet, allowing you to stretch and bend without constricting your movement. Your feet are sure to thank you for this choice of work boots that offers comfort as well as protection.


The upper is made of high-quality waterproof leather with a sturdy abrasion-proof material providing additional protection for the toe. Interiors are lined by soft moisture-wicking material while the insole is a removable OrthoLite cushion that provides adequate padding and shock absorption to keep your feet relaxed even when you have to stay on your feet for long. The midsole is made of strong PU and the outsole is a combination of rubber and PU that enhances your grip on the ground, even when you walk on slippery surfaces. The shoes have a nylon shank that boosts your stability and balance.


Designed to be lightweight and flexible and yet, provide all the protection offered by high-quality work boots, the Wolverine Overpass delivers incredible flexibility with its Contour Welt technology – this technology makes the Wolverine Overpass Work Boots Review for 2020shoes supple, allowing you to bend and flex easily. The shoes are made of lightweight material and look stylish in their brown and black combination tinged with a pleasing orange. These are safety shoes with a composite toe designed using CarbonMax nanotechnology. The shoes have an extra-wide design to provide for space for the toes, a traditional lace closure with extra-strong laces and good arch support. The shaft measures 6 inches and covers your feet adequately.


The Wolverine Overpass Composite Toe work boots are incredibly lightweight when compared to other work shoes; this light weight is attributed to the flexible materials used in the construction of the shoes and does not in any way affect the safety features of the work shoes. While the uppers are made of water-resistant leather, the interiors of the shoes are lined with soft moisture-wicking textile that keeps your feet dry. The shoes have a comfortable OrthoLite footbed that offers shock absorption and keeps your feet adequately padded. The work shoes use a breathable membrane material for the shoes that allow air circulation and keep the shoes well-ventilated.


The combination of tough leather used in the uppers, and strong rubber-PU combination for the outsole makes the shoes extremely resilient. The contour-welt technology allows for stretching and flexibility without affecting the construction of the shoes. The shoes have been designed to withstand pressure in different kinds of work environments.

Safety Features

Starting from the defensive composite toe to the high-traction outsole that stays steady even when you walk over Wolverine Overpass Work Boots Review for 2020oily or uneven surfaces at work, the Wolverine Overpass shoes are high on protection. While the composite toe offers protection from impact injuries, the water-resistant uppers of the shoes protect your feet from moisture, chemicals, and other materials and the 6-inch shaft protects your ankles from impact. The outsole has traction lugs to help retain your grip on different terrains. The shoes are certified safe to use as work boots with ASTM F2413-11 I I/75 C/75 EH rating.

Additional Features

The Wolverine Overpass is a combination of Wolverine’s signature contour-welt, CarbonMax nanotechnology and Motion Max – three features that make the shoes exceptionally flexible, comfortable, and protective. Wolverine also offers a 30-day comfort guarantee on the shoes for your convenience.

Who are these boots for 

If you are in a job that requires safety boots and yet, doesn’t need the rigidness of steel toe boots, the Wolverine Overpass is perfect for you. These boots are ideal for workers in the construction, paving and service industries where you will need to flex your feet, climbing ladders or kneeling on the ground. You can also use these shoes when you go for trekking or hiking – your safety is assured.


  • Composite toe protection with abrasion-resistant toe cover
  • Breathable membrane material for air circulation
  • Contour-welt technology to enable flexibility in footwear
  • Traction lugs in outsole for grip
  • High shaft for ankle protection
  • Removable Ortholite footbed that provides comfort and shock absorption
  • Nylon hank for added stability
  • Dual-density rubber and PU combination for a strong outsole
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • 30-day comfort guarantee


With its classic good looks that give it a sneaker-like appearance more than work shoes, the Wolverine Overpass Wolverine Overpass Work Boots Review for 2020composite Toe shoes aims to provide utmost comfort and maximum security without being stiff and intractable. When you need to be on your feet at work and must stretch or flex your feet a lot, these shoes are a perfect choice for you.

About the brand

Wolverine was started by G.A.Krause as a small shoe company in 1883 – Krause began this venture to provide innovative designs with excellent technique. The company grew to become the Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporation in 1921 with Rockford as its headquarters. The brand started its original offerings with its iconic 1000-mile shoes which were designed to last at least 1000 miles of wear. Since its humble beginnings, the Wolverine brand has always aimed to deliver customized, resilient, and comfortable footwear that can be a part of your life for long. Today, Wolverine is among the most prominent name in the industry and has brought out its own technologies like the Contour Welt, MultiShox and Durashocks for innovation in footwear design.