Wolverine Men’s W08289 Work Boots Review 2022

The Wolverine Men’s Wolverine Boot (Steel Toe) W08289 has been designed as a highly reliable, very tough, but Wolverine Men's Wolverine Boot W08289 2020still comfortable work boot to serve the workmen at their job sites. This boot is available with the steel toe option. It carries a 6-inch leather wedge heel style, which is deemed as the ideal choice for workers engaged in various types of manual labor, which includes construction and loading dock workers. The work boot boasts the world-famous, time-tested, and well-established Goodyear welt construction, which introduces a high degree of flexibility in the work boot besides making it highly durable.  The work boot has been equipped with a very well-cushioned footbed that can be removed to wash. The midsole is made out of rubber and gives a springy feeling to the workman at all times. The shank is made out of nylon and helps to absorb shocks as well as to keep the feet of the workmen stress-free. The outsole has been designed to ensure that it will perform very well on a variety of surfaces and has been given a special treatment making it resistant to water, oil as well as abrasion.

Design and Materials

The design of the work boot is quite elegant. It is available in 4 colors, and these are Honey Russet, Black, and Brown. The design of the work boot is such that it can be easily worn with casual clothes as well while going about town or running errands. At the workplace, it is highly functional and looks good at the same time. The work boot does not have bulky looks and appears pleasant to the eye. The boot is lightweight and does not burden the feet of the workmen as they go about doing manual work in their concerned industries. The work boots are ideal for both the workplace as well as after-work activities. They do not cause any foot fatigue and keep the feet comfortable. Thus, the workman can wear these from morning till night and not feel uncomfortable at all.

For those people who work in such occupations where they have to use heavy equipment and confront hazardous chemicals or face Wolverine Men's Wolverine Boot W08289 2020conditions that can pose direct threat or harm to the worker’s feet, it is regulated for these workers to have steel toe boots. In case, any workman who is engaged in such occupations or plans to do so in the future needs to select a work boot which is equipped with a steel toe. However, having a steel toe does not mean that the work boot will be uncomfortable on the inside and might result in the feet getting hurt. This steel toe work boot is sturdy, strong, and robust, but it does not cause any foot fatigue as it does not hurt the feet at all. The toe is well protected from possible impacts of hard objects at the workplace; however, in the inside, the tower is perfectly insulated from any such hard pressures. The work boots are designed to be flexible, and they keep the toe well protected but free to move and to breathe. The work boots are a perfect example of a highly reliable and functional steel you work boot that provides safety to the worker and enhances the worker’s productivity.  The reinforced segment in the toe area is crucial is protecting this sensitive area from falling debris and other items besides providing the necessary impact protection from other hard objects that might lie around at the workplace.

The work boots are made out of 100% full-grain leather. The leather material is highly durable, robust, and strong. It is also breathable and allows for an air current through the work boot that wicks away sweat and moisture. This feature allows the feet of the worker to remain cool and dry the whole day as evaporation produces cooling, the effect of the sweat and moisture being wicked away provides this cooling effect which lasts for as long as the work boots are worn.

The work boots also contain a breathable lining, which enhances the comfort level for the worker. The steel toe cap complies with the ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH safety standards. These relate to the mechanical impacts that can occur at the workplace, as well as the electrical hazards that might be present. Static electricity is a major issue at many workplaces, and the work boots provide the necessary protection against it. While the work boots will protect the worker against any accidental contact with a live wire, the workmen need to exercise caution as there could be situations leading to electrical hazards, which are beyond the protection level provided by the work boots. The shank is made out of nylon and helps to lower the foot fatigue as well as to give a higher level of mobility. The underfoot of the work boots also meets the ASTM F2412-11 I/75 C/75 EH electrical risks safety standards.  The heel is wedge-shaped, and the work boots boast the Goodyear welt construction, which makes the work boot last a very long time.

Comfort & Fit

There are no two opinions on the comfort level provided by these work boots.  The feet of the worker carry the Wolverine Men's Wolverine Boot W08289 2020entire burden of the body, and it becomes even more so when the worker is engaged in heavy-duty work, which involves carrying items around or performing manual labor. The workman needs to have perfect protection on the feet to ensure that he will keep implementing his duties without any fear of injuries, our worries about falling, slipping, or getting hurt, not to mention getting an electrical shock.

The National Safety Council has revealed that over 100,000 feet-related injuries are reported annually at the workplaces in the United States. Many other occupations involve the worker getting exposed to hazardous chemicals, and these can also affect their feet or boots. The provision of the steel toe as well and proper protection in the work boots ensures against such hazards from causing maximum possible harm. Therefore, workmen need to ensure that their footwear is capable of handling such risks and will keep their feet comfortable in all types of situations on the job. The work boot not only protects the feet of the workers, but it also protects the ankles as it is an over the ankle work boot. The protection keeps the feet comfortable, and the worker’s mind relaxed, knowing well that he is well protected.

The comfort level is also ensured by the ability of the leather as well as the lining to allow for airflow through then work boots thus, enabling the wicking away of sweat and moisture away from the feet and the work boots. The absence of moisture in the work boots throughout the day, even while the worker is busy carrying out the manual labor, ensures perfectly dry and cool feet at all times, thus enhancing the comfort level. The midsole provides perfect cushioning and allows for shock absorption due to possible impact or when the worker has to jump on occasions at the workplace as a part of his work-related duties.

The outsole is made out of slip-resistant material. The work boots protect the worker on surfaces that can cause him to slip fall. As slippage and falls are one of the main reasons behind injuries at the workplace, the protection provided by these work boots allows the worker peace of mind, and he can comfortably carry on with his duties without any fear or worries about slipping. However, despite this type of protection provided ion these work boots, the worker is advised to exercise maximum caution on wet, oily, and slippery floors as the injury resulting from slippages and falls could be very dangerous.

The work boots are available in sizes starting from 7 to 14. Half sizes are also available, including wide ones up to Wolverine Men's Wolverine Boot W08289 202013 wide. While for many people, the standard sizing will apply; for some others, the sizing could be a bit off.  The work boots fit very snugly, and as they have got a lace-up design, it is possible to take care of a slight difference in size by tying the laces properly.  The fit is snug and feels very comfortable on the feet.


Leather is a highly durable product. It might not be as durable as polyester; however, among the naturally occurring materials, it is one of the most durable ones available and provides other advantages such as breathability and natural looks. The work boots can be made even more durable by ensuring that they remain clean and well-maintained at all times. A leather cleaner purchased from any leather shop can be used to keep the work boots clean and maintained at all times. The other synthetic materials used in the work boot are also highly durable.

The provision of the steel toe cap not only makes the work boot very well protected against mechanical, chemical, and electrical hazards; it makes the work boots last longer as well. Steel is a very tough material that reinforces the work boots at the toe to keep that area very robust and strong. The synthetic outsole, as well as the nylon shank, are highly durable as well as synthetic materials, tend to last for a very long time. The outsole is proven to be very effective on a variety of terrains, and only on very rough terrain, its performance might be affected. All these high-quality materials ensure high durability for the work boot. The footbed can always be removed and cleaned, and as such, the work boot can be kept well-maintained especially, if the leather cleaner is used often to clean the boots.


  • The work boots are made out of 100% full-grain leather.
  • The work boots are breathable and wick away, sweat and moisture.
  • The work boots can be worn on the casual dress as well for after-work activities.
  • Steel toe in the work boots protects against impacts at the workplace.
  • The work boots meet the ASTM F2412-11 I/75 C/75 EH safety standards.
  • The steel toe meets ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH safety standards.
  • The work boots have a nylon shank and are over-the-ankle boots.
  • The synthetic outsole in the work boots provides slip-resistance.
  • The outsole is abrasion and oil-resistant as well.


The work boots are a good investment for those workers who are engaged in manual labor in construction, Wolverine Men's Wolverine Boot W08289 2020loading docks, and other similar demanding work sites.  The steel toe cap available in the work boots is ideal for protecting against impact and also against hazardous chemicals as well as electrical shocks. The work boot protects the worker against occasional and accidental; electric shock as well as static electricity and helps to fend off any harm due to the use of hazardous chemicals on the ground. However, the workers are required to be cautious as electrical and chemical hazard protection has its limitations as described in the corresponding ASTM standards. The same is true for the impacts as well.  The work boots are great for use at the workplace as well as for after-work activities. They look casual and have an appealing look.

About the Company

Wolverine is now known as Wolverine worldwide Inc. as it changed its name in 1964.  It was founded in 1883 by G. A. Krause and Fredrick Hirth, and it is headquartered in Rockford, Michigan. In 1965, it was listed on NYSE. In 990. it started to build an international image on its brand ‘Hush Puppies’. It purchased the Merrel brand in 1997. In the following year, it succeeded in getting a worldwide license for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company footwear. In 2003, it purchased Sebago. In 2013, the Company of the Year award for Design Excellence at the Footwear Plus Awards was awarded to the company. Currently, it’s owned and licensed brand portfolio includes Cat footwear, Bates, Harley-Davidson footwear, Merrel, Hush Puppies, Wolverine, Stride Rite, Sperry, Saucony, Keds, HYTEST and Chaco. The company ensures innovation in all its products and provides value to consumers across the world.