Wolverine Men’s Mckay Metatarsal Guard Boot Review 2022

The Wolverine Men’s W05680 McKay Steel-Toe Boot has been designed and constructed as a versatile and Wolverine Men's W05680 McKay Steel-Toe Bootmultifunctional work boot that establishes itself well in all types of workplaces and delivers excellent performance. It keeps the feet of the workmen comfortable and well-protected against impacts, electrical hazards, and slippage across a broad spectrum of occupations. The work boots are also waterproof and ensure that water from outside does not seep into the work boots inside and cause any discomfort. The work boots have got a steel toe, and thus, they protect the workman against possible impact-related injuries due to hard objects spread around in the workplace. The work boots are 8 inches high, and they have got a very aesthetic design that allows them to be worn during after-work activities as well. They look quite good with casual dress as well. They keep the feet comfortable even if worn for long hours. They do not produce any foot fatigue.

Design and Materials

The work boots are made out of 100% leather. The use of leather allows these boots to be breathable, comfortable on the inside, tough, and strong, and they also last for a very long time.  The leather material enables airflow through the work boots, which wicks away sweat and moisture away from the feet and the work boots. This keeps the feet of the workman wearing these boots dry and cool. Regardless of how long these are used on long duties, they will keep the feet dry at all times. As evaporation produces cooling, the wicking away of the sweat and moisture enables a cool and serene environment inside the boots. The wearer’s feet stay highly comfortable as they are not bothered by the sweat, and there is no odor or bacteria build-up. As a result, thus, keeping the inside of these boots clean.

The work boots are waterproof, and this is guaranteed by the waterproof lining they are equipped with. The coating dWolverine Men's W05680 McKay Steel-Toe Bootoes not let water from outside get inside the boots. The workman remains comfortable while working in wet environments.  The lining is breathable as well. It allows the water from outside to be blocked from coming inside the work boots but ensures wicking away of sweat and moisture through the lining away from the work boots. Thus, the coating behaves differently for water from the outside and sweat and moisture from the inside. The lining is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic at the same time but in opposite directions. This property ensures a perfectly dry and cool environment inside the work boots and helps the workmen in those occupations where they are required to either work out in the field or wet and damp environments.

The footbed is removable and provides full-fledged cushioning.  The footbed can be washed anytime and reinserted inside the work boots. The top of the work boots is ideally protected by the internal metatarsal guard. The metatarsal guard acts as a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) and helps to protect the top of the foot from heavy objects that could result in severe injuries to the foot.  They protect against the dropping of the objects, falling as well as the objects rolling on top of the feet. As safety is of primary concern at the workplace, the use of metatarsal guards, which are manufactured out of metals and composites as well as synthetic materials come in handy and provide the necessary protection to the top of the foot against the possibility of injuries. Metatarsal guards protect the metatarsal bones, which are highly prone to damage because they stick out beyond the body line. These bones can be felt by feeling them when one rubs his hand on the top of the foot. The metatarsal bones are unprotected and are very close to the skin. There is no muscle, flesh, or fat protecting these bones on the top of the foot. With the help of the metatarsal guard, the hooves get fully protected due to the use of a simple plate that is inserted in the work boots to provide top of the feet injury protection. This type of protection goes a long way in giving confidence to the worker, and he can pay attention to his work duties without any fear or worries.

The steel toe is another element in the work boots that provides ultimate protection to the front of the foot. The toe area is fully protected against impacts from hard objects that could be lying around in the workplace. The steel toe complies with the ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 MT/75 EH rated steel toe safety standard.  This standard has replaced the previous ANSI Z41 standard since 2005. It covers the minimum requirements for performance, design, testing as well as classification.  It prescribes the performance and the fit and function criteria for work boots designed to protect the worker’s feet at the workplace. It includes impact resistance in the area of the toe as Wolverine Men's W05680 McKay Steel-Toe Bootwell as compression resistance in the same area.  The metatarsal protection described above is also a part of these safety standards. The standard also includes static electricity build-up as well as protection against volatile chemicals and igniting explosives.  Static dissipative (SD) properties, as well as puncture resistance of the underfoot area, are also included. Dielectric insulation and chainsaw cut resistance are also mentioned. The ASTM F2413-11 line in the standard identifies the main protection while M I/75/C/75 shows that it is for males and is equipped with Impact resistance up to 75-foot pounds, Compression resistance up to 75-foot pounds which relates to 2,500 pounds.

Goodyear welt construction employed in these work boots ensures that the leather or rubber runs along the entire perimeter of the work boots.  This construction was enabled in 1869 by Charles Goodyear Jr. when he invented the machinery for it. It employs a welt is stitched to the upper, and a strip of the canvas is then cemented to the insole part of the work boot.  This is the point where the sole is attached to the work boot.  The space enclosed by the welt is filled with a perforated material so that it stays highly breathable.  The outsole is then cemented and finally stitched to the welt.

The EH protection is protection against electrical hazards. The work boot protects the workman against accidental or occasional contact with live wires. However, full caution is required on the part of the workers as situations might arise whereupon the electrical discharge or current might be exceeding the rating of the work boots.  The outsole is made out of synthetic material. It is very strong and lasts a long time on a variety of terrains. It has got slip-resistance and prevents slippage on oily and wet floors; however, the workmen are required to exercise maximum caution on such damp and oily surfaces. The shank is made out of durable nylon, and the heel is approx. 2 inches high.

Comfort and Fit

The work boots are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 14 X wide. In between these sizes, the half-sizes are also available, and as such, the workman can always select a work boot that fits the best and most comfortably and snugly. The work boots are 8-inches high, so the lace-up design allows for a secure fit around the ankles as well. The lace-up design ensures that the feet would feel very comfortable inside the boots even if the work boots have Wolverine Men's W05680 McKay Steel-Toe Bootto be worn for a very long time.

The cushioning provided by the work boots enables perfect shock absorption as well as protection from impacts on the underfoot. The high breathability as a result of the use of leather as well as the waterproof but breathable lining ensures that the sweat and moisture are wicked away. In contrast, the outside water and moisture are prevented from getting inside the work boots. The result is very comfortable feet despite the work boot being used for long hours while standing or working.


The employment of Goodyear welt construction in the construction of these work boots ensures that they last for a very long time. The use of a welt in these work boots, as well as the synthetic material running all along the perimeter of the work boots, ensure that the work boots will be very robust and strong and will not tear or get damaged easily while on duty. The life of these work boots can be enhanced even further by ensuring proper cleaning of the work boots often as well as appropriate maintenance. A leather cleaner can always be used to clean the leather part, and the work boots can be cleared of any debris by rubbing the underfoot of these work boots with a brush with strong bristles. If the workman takes good care of these work boots, they will serve him for long and stay in shape for years to come.


  • The work boots employ Goodyear welt construction.
  • The work boots are made out of leather and have a synthetic sole.
  • The work boots meet or exceed the ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 MT/75 EH safety standards for steel toe.
  • The product has got a metatarsal guard in the top part of the foot.
  • The work boots are highly durable.
  • The work boots protect against impact and electrical hazards.
  • The work boots have got a nylon shank and are 8 inches tall.


The work boots are highly durable as a result of the employment of Goodyear welt construction. They are made out of leather and high-quality synthetic materials. The leather, as well as the waterproof lining, ensure perfect breathability as the sweat and moisture are wicked away to keep the workman’s feet cool and dry at all times. The waterproof coating, however, does not let any outside water to get inside the work boots. The metatarsal guard on Wolverine Men's W05680 McKay Steel-Toe Bootthe upper part of the work boots ensures that the vulnerable metatarsal bones are well protected and easy perfectly shielded from dropping or falling objects as they can cause injuries to the top part of the feet. The footbed of these work boots is removable and can be washed and put back inside. This ensures proper cleaning of the work boots from the inside and keeps the work boots from developing any odor due to bacteria build-up.  The workman’s feet stay perfectly comfortable inside a cool, dry, and clean environment regardless of how long the work boots are worn on duty or even in the after-work hours when these go very well with casual dress. The work boots employ the Wolverine® slip-resistant rubber and PU outsole, which allows for a very firm grip on the ground and provides resistance to slipping on wet and oily surfaces. The work boots are great to use for any workplace where ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 MT/75 EH rated steel toe standard needs to be met.

About the Company

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