What is an Arch Support Sleeve?

what is an Arch Support Sleeve?People who frequently do sports, such as basketball, football, or long-distance running, put a lot of pressure on their heal and surrounding tissues. This can easily cause foot disease, plantar fasciitis being the most common one. The National Institute of Health performed a study that shows about 30% of people in the United States suffer from foot diseases, yet plantar fasciitis accounts for 80% of those cases. One of the answers for this condition is arch support sleeves. It provides extra support to the feet, both preventing and relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis. Nowadays, arch support sleeves are also used not only by people suffering from plantar fasciitis but also those experiencing foot pain and people who have frequent foot movements. Find out more about arch support sleeves below: the advantages, their use, and whether or not you need a pair to save your feet from despair.

The Use of Arch Support Sleeves

what is an Arch Support Sleeve?

The plantar fascia is a muscle that continuously tightens and stretches through every movement. The main function of arch support sleeve is to support this muscle, distribute the stress, and maintaining the shape of the arch through various phases of standing, walking, or running. In essence, these sleeves will decrease the amount of stretching and tightening of the plantar fascia muscle. Arch support sleeves can bring many benefits for people with the following types of conditions.

Plantar Fasciitis

If you have inflammation of the plantar fascia muscle, you definitely need an arch support that can be achieved by wearing arch support sleeves. This will provide you with not only pain relief but it will also decrease the chances of the condition worsening or even coming back once it is alleviated.

Heel and Arch Pain

This condition can happen due to excessive activity or there may be an underlying problem behind it. Whichever it may be, it may be wise to start wearing arch support sleeve if you feel pain in the arch and/or heel area. In the long run, the sleeves will improve both your feet and your whole body.

Flat Feet

When the arch of the foot collapse and the entire sole comes into contact with the ground completely, you have a condition called flat feet. While some people with this condition feel no discomfort whatsoever, this postural deformity may come with symptoms such as feet ache after walking or standing. You may feel pain in your ankles and lower legs, and there may even be swelling. Arch support sleeve will reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of having flat feet as well as relieving the pain you experience so you can go about your day more comfortably.

People who Stands for Long Periods

If your occupation requires you to be on your feet all the time, such as chefs, store attendants, factory workers, etc., you should consider wearing arch support sleeves. It will reduce fatigue and prevent the development of more serious foot problem in the future.

Advantages of Arch Support Sleeves

Here are a few of the benefits you will get if you wear arch support sleeves.what is an Arch Support Sleeve?

Arch Support

To withstand the weight of our body and to give it support, there are three areas on our foot between the toes and the heel that are shaped like an arch. Arch sleeves give support to these areas so the foot can function well with far less lateral and longitudinal forces to the arch, especially during exercise. With this kind of support from the arch sleeves, you can feel a lot more comfortable during movements.

Maintaining Balance

If the heel of your foot is painful, the body will try to compensate and alleviate the pressure. Without proper pain management or assistance, the stress of this process will be absorbed by the plantar fascia muscle. This is where arch support sleeves come in. They prevent your muscles from being stressed and overworked by providing a good balance of all parts of the foot.

Releasing Trigger Points

Many people with foot pain have trigger points or localized areas of tenderness. When these points are triggered, the pain can even spread up to your leg and affect the calf muscles. Due to the compression offered by arch support sleeves, it not only gives a therapeutic pressure but also helps to distribute the stress to the foot better so as to gradually release the trigger points over time. This is one of the major benefits of wearing arch support sleeves.

Improved Circulationwhat is an Arch Support Sleeve?

One of the greatest benefits of an arch support sleeve, especially for those with limited mobility, is to promote blood flow. If the circulation is obstructed, blood cannot flow effectively from and to the foot and the heart, causing lack of nutrients and oxygen that will, in turn, cause foot cramps and varicose veins. The compression provided by arch support sleeves helps to reinforce this process to avoid any kind of discomfort or pain. The best arch support sleeves usually are made with a special component to promote circulation even further.

Reduces Swelling

When walking or running, there are forces exerted to and from the foot. These forces can cause heel pain and eventually inflammation of the plantar fascia. By using arch support sleeves, the pressure and tension created by movements are absorbed, effectively alleviating the swelling and pain that may occur.

Provides Long Term Benefits

what is an Arch Support Sleeve?

Arch support sleeves don’t cover the entire foot, so they are comfortable to wear overnight. They won’t feel hot. Instead, they will improve your blood circulation all night long so the next day you can be free from inflammation and pain. Increased wear time will enable you to experience the long-term benefits of arch support sleeves.

Arch Support Sleeves and Work Boots

As you need to wear arch support sleeves at all times to be able to feel its benefits, many people wonder whether it can be worn with premium work boots and work shoes. Fortunately, because arch support sleeves are discreet, you can wear them with many types of shoes, including work boots. You can wear these sleeves under socks, over socks, and even without socks. Arch support sleeves are different to compression socks. One of the most striking difference is compression socks cover the entire foot so they may cause overheating and excessive sweating. Therefore, unlike arch support sleeves, it is not recommended to wear compression socks for a long time or to sleep with overnight. Even though arch sleeves are only small bands that cover the arch of the foot, they are able to support and give pressure relief from the arch to the toe. Combine these sleeves with work boots and you are sure to have a fatigue and pain-free day ahead of you.


what is an Arch Support Sleeve?

Do arch support sleeves actually work?

While they are not curative in nature, arch support sleeves can be a helpful part of your therapy regiment to treat plantar fasciitis. As it is an overuse injury, plantar fasciitis treatment basically aims to reduce the intensity of load and pressure to your muscles and tissues. Light compression from arch sleeves will help to support your foot, thus, reducing discomfort, inflammation, and pain you may experience.

What are the characteristics of high-quality arch support sleeves?

High-quality arch support sleeves should feel snug on your foot. They are typically made with special material to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the feet. The best sleeves will have a copper concentration in the bands or made of copper-infused fibers. Copper is a material known to have the ability to promote blood flow and its benefits can frequently be seen extending to the ankles and calves, too. Arch support sleeves may alswhat is an Arch Support Sleeve?o be made of silica gel or other durable plastic material to provide more cushioning effect to the feet. Moreover, high-quality sleeves usually also come with anti-odor feature to kill bacteria that cause foot odor.

How often should I replace my arch support sleeves?

With normal wear and tear, a good quality arch support sleeve will last you about six or nine months. However, if you wear the sleeve most of the time you are on your feet, it typically will last around three to six months. There are several factors that affect the service life of your arch support sleeves, such as the frequency of use, body weight, sleeve material, and sleeve quality. The types of activity you do also determines the sleeves’ service life. High-impact activities such as running or doing sports will wear out your arch support sleeves faster compared to casual use.

How can I care for my arch support sleeves?

Generally, hand-washing with cold water and soap is the most recommended method to care for your arch support sleeves. Some manufacturers allow you to machine wash your sleeves, but hand-washing will help to extend the life of your sleeves. However, if you must, machine wash using gentle cycle setting in cool water with regular detergent and no additives and no fabric softeners. Allow the sleeves to air dry completely before using by laying it flat instead of hanging as the sleeves may stretch out. Do not use a dryer as it may compromise the material.


Arch compression sleeve is a very useful item for people at risk of foot pain or those already experiencing pain due to plantar fasciitis. It can reduce fatigue as well as lower your daily pain level and help you to stay on your feet and go about your activities. These sleeves will also help to reduce swelling and inflammation by applying therapeutic pressure to the arch of your foot and reducing stress to the plantar fascia muscle. Maximize the effect of your arch compression sleeves by performing foot stretches, foot massage, or applying ice to promote blood flow. Get your pain-free life back by combining these techniques and wearing arch compression sleeves as frequently as you can.