Under Armour Women’s Stellar Boots Review for 2022

Are you a woman working in the military or as a law enforcement officer? Are you employed in a rigorous job that Under Armour Women's Stellar Boots Review for 2020requires you to work outdoors amidst various kinds of dangers and threats from the environment? Then this pair of tactical boots from the brand of Under Armour will be a good choice for you. You can select this pair for yourself or for a friend or a family member who is employed in the military or in a similar profession. The boots will bring to you amazing quality, comfort and protection from hazardous environmental conditions.


Under Armour Women’s Stellar Boots come in a rich black color and in a minimalist design. The appearance of the boots adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your overall look. These boots have a traditional lace up design and the laces come in a matching black color. They come in a quick-dry minimalistic design along with a polishable toe.

The brand logo of Under Armour is embossed on the front part of the boots. These boots have a thick heel and a thick platform to give the wearer maximum comfort and traction. The shaft is 8 inches from the arch. The padded collar and tongue ensure easy movement and you can get your feet into the boots in a convenient manner.

The boots are 11.2 x 9.3 x 4.3 inches in dimensions. They are strong and heavy-duty in construction yet the boots weigh only 13.9 oz. The reinforced double stitching makes the boots detailed and appealing, improving its longevity. These boots are available in a range of sizes from 6 to 11. So, you can expect to find a pair that fits you perfectly no matter what your feet are shaped like.

Materials and Comfort

These boots are made of leather and textile of a superior quality to make sure that the pair is lasting and durable in quality. Leather and 900 denier nylon textiles are combined to manufacture the soft and light upper without compromising on its strength. The soles are made of premium quality rubber that offers both strength and flexibility to the user.Under Armour Women's Stellar Boots Review for 2020

The boots are equipped with UA Storm technology that repels water well and maintains the waterproof quality of the boots to a great extent. The quick-dry feature ensures that the boots dry up fast in case they get a bit wet.

The reinforced TPU shank stiffens the boots under the arch making the middle portion more resistant to torsion and flexion. This helps in better and even weight distribution and you get adequate support when you wear the boots. The molded EVA midsole also adds to these benefits and you can expect to climb with minimal effort while wearing these boots.

The outsole is made of rubber and it is equipped with oil-resistant and dirt-resistant properties. Being textured well, the boots come with proper traction and you can expect to tread comfortably on all kinds of terrains and surfaces.

The inside of the boots is lined with moisture-wicking material to allow proper ventilation. Your feet will remain dry and comfortable always. The insole is dense and spongy to cushion the shocks and impacts as you walk. The comfy footbed along with the lightweight construction gives you a feeling of lightness on every step. You can expect to work on extra-long shifts without tiring out your feet muscles.


Made of high-quality materials these boots are extremely well-designed to ensure good durability and longevity for you. The boots require some maintenance from your end due to the leather composition and if you take good care of them the boots with last you for long without any kind of issue. Due to the weatherproofing and the wear-resistant outsoles, these boots are immune to certain elements and issues that can ruin other boots of similar type.

When you get the boots for the first time, make sure that you choose a pair that fits you perfectly. Also, these are ergonomically designed and do not need a prolonged period of breaking in before you can wear them to work. But it is better to wear them at home for a couple of days before you begin to use them on long shifts. Never use water Under Armour Women's Stellar Boots Review for 2020or heat to soften out the new boots as these can destroy the structural integrity of the boots. The methods might work well and give results in the short term but you will lose out on the longevity of the boots. Do not poke the boots with any hard object or insert anything in the boots to expand them a bit. You have to allow the boots to adapt to the shape of your feet so your feet should be the only things that are going into these boots.

When it is time to clean the boots, begin by clunking the boots together at the heels to shake off the loose dust and stones. Then use a good quality cleaning gel and a soft, non-abrasive cloth pad to clean out the accumulated dirt and grime. Rinse off the cleaned boots in plain water and let them dry. Once the pair has dried, apply 1-2 coats of conditioning cream/oil and remove the excess cream/oil with a cloth pad. In the final step when the conditioner has set in, you have to apply a waterproofing spray or gel to seal in the waterproofing feature of the boots.


These boots are often used by women who work as cops or in the military. For the women in uniform, working long shifts, these boots can be a savior.

Being lightweight yet durable, these boots give you a feeling of lightness when you wear them. The dense footbed makes sure that it absorbs the physical shocks so that your feet are not fatigued over the hours. The materials make sure that your feet stay warm and comfortable. It is ideally suited for cold weather.

Due to water-repellant quality of the boots, your feet will remain dry and healthy even when it is rainy or snowy outside. Also, the boots dry very fast and will not create much problem if they get wet in some portions.

Additional Features

Under Armour Women’s Stellar boots come with high traction outsoles that let you walk on any kind of ground. The insoles are removable so if you need a bit of extra protection you can take them out and insert your specialized soles for proper comfort.

The polishable toe enhances the look and adds more strength to the boots. With these boots on you can expect to Under Armour Women's Stellar Boots Review for 2020work for hours without feeling any kind of pain in your feet.

The composite material used to make the upper gives waterproofing as well as flexibility to the wearer.


  • Leather and nylon textile material
  • Reinforced TPU shank
  • Rubber outsole with good traction
  • Water-repellant and quick-dry material
  • Warm, dry and comfy


Although there are many companies that manufacture tactical boots, Under Armour is one of the best brands that you can certainly count on if you need a pair. This pair of boots from Under Armour combines comfort, durability, protection and aesthetics into one. If you are a woman working in the military or as a law enforcement officer then you can expect these boots to be perfect for you. If you are working on any job that might require you to stand or walk for long hours in an outdoor environment then these boots will be a good fit for you. These boots have been a favorite with women in uniform so do not hesitate to get these for yourself or for a friend if they are in a similar profession.

About Under Armour

Under Armour Inc is an American company that was founded by Kevin Plank in the year 1996. The company is headquartered at Maryland, Baltimore in the US. Also, it has grown fast since its inception and now the brand has a presence in many countries across the world. They specialize in footwear, sports gear and casual apparel. They cater to the needs of men, women and kids of all ages.

The brand has the long-standing history of combining passion with innovation to manufacture the best quality Under Armour Women's Stellar Boots Review for 2020footwear to serve people employed in diverse and often challenging professions. It produces a wide range of products and due to continuous evolution, they have always been a big hit with the customers. The company earns multi-million-dollar revenue every year but it refuses to grow complacent with the accolades and milestones it achieves.

The employees working at Under Armour connect with its core values and they are always working hard to make sure that each and every product is a conglomeration of the choicest materials, world-class craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. They strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction so if you are planning on buying a set of boots or footwear from them you can be sure of the quality of the product.