Timberland Pro Ridgework Industrial Shoes

Looking more like sneakers than industrial safety shoes, the Timberland Pro Ridgework shoes for Men dazzles Timberland Pro Ridgework Industrial Shoesyou first with its appearance. It is not all just looks; the shoes are engineered to provide utmost safety in your job while keeping you relaxed throughout the day. The brand understands the importance of comfort in footwear to promote feet health in the long run; equal importance is given to safety and durability – this is why the uppers are crafted with extremely strong water-proof material and a strong cement construction has been used to bind the uppers to the sole.

The shoes have composite toes with CarbonShield Technology that protect your feet from impact injuries and come with Timberland’s innovative anti-fatigue technology that removes stress from crucial points and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. The shoes are thoughtfully designed with plenty of extras that help you fit easily into your workplace without having to worry about the hazards present there.


The leather uppers of the Timberland Pro Ridgework shoes are fortified with Ever-Guard waterproof technology that helps keep your feet absolutely dry even when you have to work in wet conditions. The shoes have safety toes with composite CarbonShield technology – this non-metallic safety toe option keeps the shoes light in weight and is especially helpful if your work involves passing through metal detectors often. The interiors of the shoes are lined with soft mesh to remove feet moisture while the insole, tongue and collar are adequately cushioned to keep your feet padded. The outsoles are made of Timberland’s signature PRO rubber which has non-marking and anti-Timberland Pro Ridgework Industrial Shoesskid properties.


Available in Black and Dark-brown variants, the Timberland Pro Ridgework shoes have a mid-top design with a sleek athletic look that make them appear more like sneakers than work shoes; yet, stay assured of the fact that your safety and comfort are not compromised in the least. The uppers are made of waterproof membrane and have a rubberized screen-print toe overlay that adds to the style of the shoes. The anti-fatigue technology employed by Timberland uses a combination of strategically placed geometrical designed lugs to remove stress at key points. This helps in shock absorption and easy bounce-back of energy. The shaft measures 5 ½ inches and covers your ankles, keeping them protected.


The key comfort aspect of these shoes comes from their anti-fatigue technology – this is an innovation by Timberland that pads exclusive stress points specifically to provide shock diffusion, cushioning and energy dissipation. The moisture-wicking inner lining has been treated with antimicrobial products to make it odor-free. While the upper membrane is made of breathable leather to provide for ventilation, the tongue and collar are padded for additional comfort. A fiberglass shank has been provided to boost your balance with these shoes. The composite safety toe makes the shoes lighter than most other safety shoes and keeps them flexible.


The Timberland Pro Ringwork Industrial shoes boast the security of EverGuard leather, waterproof membrane, and Timberland Pro rubber to keep the shoes strong and durable. The boots have a cemented construction that further keeps them well fitted even when exposed to tough working conditions. The shoes are designed to withstand whatever is thrown at them – they are resistant to water, blood-borne pathogens, and abrasion.Timberland Pro Ridgework Industrial Shoes

Safety Features

Apart from the composite toe that keeps you protected from impact-related injuries, the boots have a host of safety features including contoured outsoles that help with traction, a high shaft that protects your ankles and uppers made of water-proof material that’s also resistant to blood borne pathogens. The Pro rubber outsole is made of high-quality rubber that is oil and heat resistant – it can withstand heat of up to 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The safety toe meets I75 and C75 impact and compression standards of safety as well as electrical hazards compliant with safety ratings ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11, and ASTM F2892-11.

Additional Features

The Timberland Ridgework has a balance booster called Stable Stride technology that helps you tackle rough and uneven surfaces easily, without losing your speed or balance. At just a little over 1 lb. for each shoe, this safety footwear is light in weight and flexible – extremely important features when you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, working on different tasks such as climbing or stretching. The shoes have concealed nylon or plastic eyelets so that you don’t inadvertently scratch any surface. Apart from the leather upper, a rubberized screen-print overlay offers an additional layer of protection for your toe. The insole has a layer of contoured plates that help in shock absorption. Timberland offers a 30-day comfort guarantee that allows you to test drive the shoes.

Who are these boots for?

When your work involves a lot of time spent outdoors – climbing ladders, bending to the ground, stretching your foot, driving heavy vehicles, or walking on different kinds of hazardous surfaces, you will need a pair of footwear that is protective as well as athletic – the shoes should stretch along with your feet. These boots are well-suited forTimberland Pro Ridgework Industrial Shoes people working in construction sites, industries, medical laboratories, transport, warehouses, and factories.


  • Mid-top design – the shoes keep your ankles covered and provide additional support to your heels
  • Ever-guard uppers – water-resistant uppers with breathable membrane
  • Athletic looks – despite being safety shoes, the Timberland Pro Ridgework have a sleek, athletic look that sets them apart
  • CarbonShield Technology – The pro Ridgework shoes have composite toes with CarbonShield technology that is both protective and lightweight
  • Anti-fatigue Technology – Strategically placed stress relievers to keep your feet happy. Adequate cushioning wherever it is needed.
  • Timberland Pro Rubber Outsole – non-marking and skid proof outsoles that offer a firm grip even on slippery surfaces
  • Mesh Lining – breathable material to wick moisture antimicrobial treatment done to keep feet odor-free
  • Mid-top design – keeps your ankles protected
  • Stable-stride technology – helps with traction and balance
  • Concealed eyelets – hidden eyelets designed such that they do not scratch other surfaces
  • Cement construction – keeps the shoes strong and durable
  • 30-day comfort guarantee


With an array of features like the ever-guard uppers, anti-fatigue infused insoles, strong Pro rubber outsoles, and the CarbonShield toe protectors, the Timberland Pro Ridgework can be just what you want when you are looking for lightweight safety shoes that are also flexible and comfortable.

About the brand

Timberland was created to design all-weather shoes. A product initiated by Nathan Swartz of the Swartz family that first came out with the injection-molded waterproof technology for shoes, Timberland was born out of its parent company Abington shoe company in 1973. Their first waterproof boots called Timberland was introduced Timberland Pro Ridgework Industrial Shoesin 1973. The brand later diversified to product other products such as apparel. Timberland is proud of its fine craftsmanship and superior-quality leather and other materials used in all its products.

The Timberland Pro is a range of safety shoes designed specifically for workers – to keep their feet comfortable as well as safe when they are at work. These are athletic lightweight alternatives to heavy steel toed work boots that cannot flex with your feet. These shoes are favored by workers who have to spend long hours on their feet, doing different kinds of tasks that require nimble and agile footwear that also protects their feet.