Timberland PRO Men’s 95557 Mining 14’’ Waterproof Safety Boot Review

Timberland PRO Men's 95557 Mining 14" Waterproof BootTimberland brings out another winner with these high black boots. They come with the usual state of the art features, plus a few new ones. Of course, this means they won’t exactly be easy on the pocket. These mining boots will set you back by anywhere between $169 and $285. Read on to find out exactly why they are worth the expense.


  • Like most Timberland products, they are made of genuine black leather, with the customary rubber soles.
  • The outsole is resistant to both abrasion and oil, and a water resistant membrane makes the entire boot waterproof.
  • The internally placed metatarsal guard is contoured to fit your feet and ensure complete comfort.
  • You can be sure that your feet will never get cold. These boots come with something called zoned insulation, which will take care of that worry for good.
  • A rarely mentioned feature is the narrow, reflective strip which goes all the way around the foot. Despite its small size, it provides quite a bit of illumination in low light situations.


  • Watch for signs of wear and tear on the waterproof membrane, otherwise your feet might get more than a little wet.
  • If the metatarsal guard is rubbing the wrong way and making your feet feel chafed and raw, it helps to re-lace them, using a bit of extra lace to keep the boot in position.
  • At 5 pounds each, these boots are pretty heavy. However, you will be able to get used to the extra weight quite fast.

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Product Review

An interesting detail is that while the description may say these boots are made for men, a lot of women love using them too. These safety boots are great for extended wear because of a variety of features. These features include protection from electric shocks and water, not to mention the steel toe, under-sole shank (this provides puncture resistance) and metatarsal protection. To add just a couple more to the list, it has a high quality and quite tall upper. This makes it useful for walking in muddy waste water. These features suit these Timberlands to a variety of jobs, from construction to disaster recovery work.


Timberland PRO Men’s 95557 Mining 14″ Waterproof Boot,Black,9.5 W

These versatile high boots are definitely worth the price, and will not disappoint you. No matter where your job takes you, these are safety shoes you can count on.

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