Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard Work Boot Review 2022

Timberland Pro is an excellent brand in the US and their products are much loved and cherished by the users. Timberland PRO Men's MetGuard Steel-Toe Boot 2020This pair of steel-toe leather boots from them is a wonderful product that scores high on style, features, comfort, durability, etc. and you can select it for your own use.


Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard work boots come in a stylish appearance and is solid black in color with a textured finish. The brand name of Timberland Pro is embossed in contrasting orange color at two places close to the heel. The top of the shoe has the waterproof Met Guard assurance printed in white. This pair is available in a wide range of sizes from 7 to 15, ensuring a good fit to anyone. Also, they have two range of sizes, one normal and one wide for each size. This means you can expect to get a comfortable pair regardless of whether you have narrow or wide shaped feet.

The boot is sturdy in construction and measures 14.7 x 13.4 x 5.5 inches in dimensions. There is a steel toe for superior protection against harsh conditions. It comes with a unique fingertip pull-on feature for easy entry of your feet. The insole design and the ergonomic construction of these boots ensure a no-fatigue experience for the one wearing the boots. The shaft measures about 8 eight inches from the arch and the trendy lace pattern enhances the appeal of the boot.

Comfort and Materials

This pair of boots is made of 100% original leather and the soles are made of rubber. It is a mid-cut boot with Everguard waterproof leather featuring Goodyear welt construction with Kevlar thread. The lace front comes with a Met Guard flap and you can expect your feet to remain dry even on the rainiest days. The closed-cell PU footbed absorbs the impacts and shocks well and comes with durable cushioning to give superior comfort to your feet.Timberland PRO Men's MetGuard Steel-Toe Boot 2020

Despite the strong construction and high level of protection, the boots also feel light against your skin and prevent issues like shoe-bites, blisters, and sores. A couple of days of breaking in and the boots are good enough for you to go to work. If you work under hazardous circumstances then these are the ideal boots that protect your feet from physical impact, injuries, rains, and other elements.

The Everguard leather is not only ten times stronger than regular leather, it is also heat resistant too. So, your feet are kept cool no matter how hot the ambient temperature gets. There is a mesh lining with anti-microbial properties which keeps your feet fresh, and safe against infections. The insole is equipped with anti-fatigue technology to give you premium comfort whereas the thick rubber outsole is strong and equipped with anti-skid feature for superior grip. It is made of oil-resistant and abrasion-resistant rugged material to make sure that you get good traction.


Made of superior quality materials this pair of work boots is going to last you for long. On your part, make sure that you are taking proper care of the boots and they will last you for some good years. Break in the shoes at home for a couple of days before you start to wear them to work.

When you clean the boots, remove the laces, and wash them separately. Then rub the heels of the boots together and shake them vigorously to shake off all the accumulated mud, soil, stones, etc. Now apply the cleaning gel and let it sit for two hours. Then use a cloth rag and rub off the gel. You will find that dirt and grime are coming out nicely with the gel. You may need to use more than one piece of rag based on how dirty your boots have gotten. Rinse off well with plain water and allow the boots to dry out. Then when the boots are fully dry, you must condition them with a good quality conditioning gel. Polish with a rag or with a sponge pad to get the shine. You can use a waterproofing spray or gel to waterproof the boots after conditioning them.

With proper maintenance from your end, these premium leather boots from Timberland will give you good durability and reliability. You also get a 100% money back or product replacement guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase. But the boots will serve you for much longer.


These steel-toe Met Guard boots come armed with multiple qualities which make them multipurpose shoes for Timberland PRO Men's MetGuard Steel-Toe Boot 2020men. They look quite trendy and stylish despite the heavy-duty construction so it can be an excellent gift to a person you care about.

For someone who works at a construction site, railroad industry, under dangerous conditions, or in rugged terrains, these boots are going to be a lifesaver. It is especially suitable for hot climates since the boots are heat-resistant and lined with breathable material to facilitate proper ventilation.

Due to the thick and textured sole that comes with superior grip and anti-slip properties, you can expect to wear the boots on wet and rainy days. People who need to work in rocky terrains or within woods can expect proper protection from the boots and will not have the risk of suffering injuries due to accidental slipping.

The durable and heavy-duty steel toe stands guard between your foot and sharp or heavy objects. If you are exposed to such risks at your workplace then opting for these boots will be an excellent decision.

The combination of waterproof material and breathable fabric makes sure that your feet are dry and not sweaty, preventing infections and diseases from affecting your feet.

Additional Features

The Meta guard flap along with the steel toe will give the top of your foot ultimate protection even during the wettest seasons.

Despite the reinforced construction, the makers of the boot have put in a lot of thought into the ergonomics of the design and hence you can expect to feel comfortable even after wearing the boots for long hours at work.

The high density and bouncy insoles are equipped with anti-fatigue technology that absorbs all the shocks and bumps and gives back energy spurts at the right points to make sure that your feet do not feel fatigued even after hours of walking.

The boots are designed in a manner to not compromise with flexibility or convenience of the user. You can expect to put the boots on easily without much hassle. These boots come with a hinged metatarsal guard to protect Timberland PRO Men's MetGuard Steel-Toe Boot 2020against shock and impact. It fits the natural shape of your feet and you will be able to bend or squat in comfort.


  • Pure Everguard leather
  • Anti-slip outsole with good traction
  • Protective Steel toe
  • Stylish and trendy appearance
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Bouncy anti-fatigue insole


This pair of steel-toe boots from Timberland Pro comes with superior quality, excellent protection, ultimate comfort, and long-standing durability. There are many products available in the market in the same space but if you want the complete experience of wearing a pair of protective and durable boots to work without compromising on style or safety then this is certainly going to be the best choice for you. Right from the leather construction, rubber soles to the anti-fatigue soles, every part has been manufactured with much care and detailing by the manufacturer.

About Timberland Pro

The Timberland Company was founded in the year 1928 by Nathan Swartz. Over the next few decades, the company has spread across America and even beyond the US. It is an American manufacturer and retailer that caters to various outdoor wear items but their special focus in on footwear. Currently, the company is headquartered at Stratham, New Hampshire.

Timberland introduced the authentic waterproof leather boots in 1973, setting a new industry standard for craftsmanship, protection, and comfort. Timberland PRO is the line of products from the main brand that focuses on designing and manufacturing items for strictly professional usage. The quality and dependability of the boots Timberland PRO Men's MetGuard Steel-Toe Boot 2020from Timberland PRO is thus higher too.

There are various brands making shoes and boots of all types but Timberland PRO is undoubtedly one of the best brands in this space that combines innovation with experience. At Timberland PRO the employees are driven by passion and excellence. They continuously strive to use technology and science to provide better user experience to their customers. Apart from that, they are also dedicated about providing every buyer with friendly customer service. Their helplines are operational 24/7 all round the year and if you choose their product, you can expect warm and friendly support.

When you choose to get your work boots from Timberland PRO, you are making a decision to empower your feet with improved safety and comfort. You can go to work every day knowing that your feet are in good hands.