Timberland PRO Hypercharge boots review

We have worn and carefully tested one of the top composite toe work boots – the Timberland Pro Hypercharge Work Boots. Here are the results!

For providing maximum foot protection without sacrificing your comfort, the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is an impressive choice that can keep up with the demands of your job.



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Timberland PRO Hypercharge Boots


Based on my experienced while using the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot, I can conclude that it has the toughness that is required in demanding work environments. At the same time, it is packed with features that guaranteed long-lasting comfort regardless of how difficult the job was. This boot came with safety toe protection but was not too heavy, especially compared to other work boots with similar features and industrial construction. The 6-inch version of this boot may be a better choice if you prefer the lower profile and do not need the extra coverage of the 8-inch boot. Meanwhile, the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge Pull-On Soft Toe Industrial Boot comes with a waterproof leather upper with an 8-inch height in a pull-on design that can be more convenient for those who do not want to regularly deal with laces when putting on and removing the boots. The Chippewa Men’s 73101 8-Inch Paladin Steel Toe Logger Boot is an excellent alternative for working in harsh outdoor conditions that need superior protection and long-lasting comfort. The Rockrooster Woodland Men’s Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot is another comfortable and protective work boot that provides reliable performance at an affordable price range. Finally, the KEEN Utility Philadelphia 8-Inch Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot is fitted with an aerated midsole and a heel stabilizer system to maintain your stable footing on challenging terrains while preventing discomfort from getting in the way of your efficient movements. 

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The Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is constructed to make work easier by offering a comfortable experience while providing the optimum foot protection required to maintain safety in a variety of industries and job sites. The footbed with its anti-fatigue technology stands out as it absorbs the impact from repetitive movements, making it possible for discomfort to be prevented even with long hours of continuous work. A high-quality waterproof leather upper is enhanced with a waterproof membrane to prevent water from entering the boot, while the composite toe works to protect the foot from grave injuries when something heavy or blunt accidentally rolls or falls from an elevated position. These may not the most lightweight work boots that you will encounter, but the impressive features more than make up for the additional weight. We will discuss the boot’s features even further below to see which offer the most advantages, and which ones need some tweaking for improved performance.  

Ideal For

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  • Working in wet conditions and outdoors in the rain. 
  • Professions that need toe protection against impact and compression threats.
  • Those who are looking for a heavy-duty work boot that is comfortable as well.

Going In-Depth with the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot

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The Details


The bulky appearance of the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot does a great job of hiding the enhancements within that make this a truly comfortable boot choice. Anti-fatigue technology is used to enhance the footbed so that it absorbs a great deal of shock and returns a great amount of energy to not only protect the foot from pain but also to make movements much easier to do for long stretches of time. I fully appreciated the exclusive Stable Stride technology that worked to stabilize my heels so moving over uneven surfaces did not cause instability or discomfort, since the heels are locked in place with this stability platform. This technology helped me move more efficiently and confidently as I took on the most challenging tasks of the day. The mesh lining kept the inside of the boot well-ventilated by dispersing heat and excess moisture, so my feet did not feel hot and sweaty even when I needed to work for the entire day. This lining worked doubly hard with its antibacterial treatment that maintained a fresh and odor-free environment to surround my feet, so I did not need to deal with stinky feet problems by the end of the day. The padded collar helped make the 8-inch-high boot more comfortable to wear as it provided superior cushioning that hugged my calf all throughout the day while also working to offer ankle stability to prevent injuries while navigating tough terrains, especially when a quick pace is needed. 

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The composite toes provided enhanced protection but did not contribute much to the overall weight of the boot, keeping it at a manageable level that made the boot-wearing a highly comfortable experience. With all the impressive qualities and enhancement in and around the boot, I was expecting it to be much heavier but was pleasantly surprised that it came in lightweight construction, especially compared to other 8-inch work boots with similarly heavy-duty attributes. 


The outsoles of this boot are fitted with aggressive lugs with excellent traction to maintain stable footing on a variety of surface conditions and terrains. This made walking on wet and slippery surfaces easier because the soles had a strong grip on the ground that prevented slipping and falling accidents. The boots have the outstanding traction that you can expect from hiking boots and may even be more superior compared to other hiking boots’ traction. The proprietary Independent Suspension Network system of the outsole has a multi-density structure with lugs that adapt to different ground conditions by acting and reacting independently as required by the situation. This ensures that you will get the outstanding level of traction that you need exactly where you need it when you work in various worksite settings. 

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Fit and Sizing

While these boots are advertised as being true to size, I felt they were much larger than my usual size 10. I think a size 9 would have felt much better in my case, but this may vary on a case-to-case basis. Nevertheless, the boots were still extremely comfortable to use with the superior cushioning all around enhanced with the shock-absorbing capabilities that made working all day long much easier to bear. The padded collar provides welcome cushioning to deliver a snug and comfortable fit around the calf, while the padded tongue secures the fit and prevents debris from getting into the boot interior. 


This boot has a waterproof leather upper to make sure that the foot will not get wet when you need to work outdoors in the rain, or when you are walking on wet, muddy, or waterlogged areas to finish the tasks of the day. The waterproof membrane completely seals the boot for superior water protection to allow you to keep on working outdoors even when it starts to pour, or indoor when there are water or other liquid sources around. This outstanding waterproof quality makes the boots a suitable choice for working in hazardous environments. 

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The Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is fitted with a mesh lining that allows air to move continuously inside. This makes the interior of the boot feeling fresh and cool all day long, even with the high boot shaft that otherwise can pose problems involving overheating. I made it through long days at work without my feet feeling intense warmth and I did not suffer from having sweaty feet given the heavy workload for the better part of the day. 

Quality and Durability

The top-quality leather material works to deliver an impenetrable barrier against water and other liquids to maintain complete foot dryness for hours. This boot is equipped with carbon fiber safety toes to create a protective barrier against falling or rolling objects that can seriously harm the foot in the workplace while keeping a lightweight structure that will not discomfort even with all-day use. The outsole with its independent suspension network system works to deliver excellent traction while offering enhanced durability to ensure that you will be able to enjoy this innovative technology for a long time. The boots are fitted with dual-purpose top hooks made from zinc, along with brass eyelets that are designed to withstand the test of time by maintaining their appearance and functionality without easily falling apart even with heavy usage. Electrical hazard protection is a huge advantage for those who work in environments where there is a risk of being exposed to live currents. The heavy-duty comfort and safety features of this boot make it a great fit for working in hazardous environments where only the top-quality attributes will do.  

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Other Versions

The Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is available in black Everguard leather and brown distressed full-grain leather. It has a 6-inch version with the same features, with the only difference being the shortened shaft height, as well as a version with a soft toe available in 6 and 8-inch shaft heights). The Timberland PRO Hypercharge collection consists of work boots that are designed to deliver the ultimate protection in challenging settings. Also included in this series are the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge TRD Waterproof Work Boots (in composite and soft toe versions), and the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge Pull-On Waterproof Boot in composite and soft toe options. 

The Challengers

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The first competitor of the Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is its own 6-inch version. This boot is the mirror image of the 8-inch Hypercharge and has the same composite safety toe protection, waterproof protection against wetness, and the exclusive anti-fatigue technology to keep foot pain prevented with long days at work. The 6-inch version may be a better choice if you are not too keen on the increased height and weight of the 8-inch option, and do not find the extra coverage to be a necessity in the workplace. 

Also from the Timberland Hypercharge series, the Hypercharge Pull-On Soft Toe Waterproof Boot is another composite toe work boot that delivers superior protection from items that can cause serious foot injuries when they fall from a great height. This waterproof boot also comes with a fiberglass shank that ensures nonstop support to maintain stability, especially when climbing ladders or going over uneven terrain. This boot can take on the demands of a tough work environment, with electrical hazard protection in place to act as a secondary safety layer against electrocution in dry conditions when you are exposed to live circuits. It is further enhanced with the exclusive Exospine technology that helps maintain lateral stability for the foot on uneven surfaces to prevent injuries that may be caused by slipping or ankle twisting. This pull-on boot offers increased convenience compared to the regular lace-up design since you will not need to deal with the laces each time you put on and remove the boots. 

The next strong contender is the Chippewa Men’s 73101 8-Inch Paladin Steel Toe Logger Boot. Just like the 8-inch Hypercharge, this one is built to withstand tough outdoor condition with its waterproof leather and Goodyear leather welt construction to keep liquids from entering the boot. A removable cushioned insert keeps the foot embraced in a padded interior to prevent foot discomfort and chafing due to long hours of nonstop boot use. This steel toe boot offers protection from compression and impact dangers in the workplace and is equipped with a Vibram rubber outsole for powerful traction that can prevent slipping or falling on tricky surfaces. 

The Rockrooster Woodland Men’s Waterproof Work Boot comes with composite safety toes to protect the foot from being severely injured when something heavy suddenly falls on it from an elevated area in the worksite. The metal-free toe protection does not add a significant amount of weight to the boot to keep the bulk and heaviness to a manageable level and prevent discomfort with long-term use. This waterproof boot keeps the foot safe from being soaked when working in wet surroundings and is also resistant to blood-borne pathogens for increased protection against these hazards. Further enhanced with an anti-fatigue technology that absorbs the shock that can come from hours of walking and staying on your feet, this boot offers great value with a price that is just above the $100 range. 

The KEEN Utility Philadelphia 8-Inch Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot features a heel stabilizer system that includes a nylon shank for metal-free support that maintains steady footing over a variety of surfaces. The non-marking rubber outsoles are slip and oil-resistant, with a 90-degree heel and lug patterns that deliver strong traction to prevent slipping even in challenging outdoor conditions. the carbon fiber toe protects the foot from being crushed when objects roll or fall on the boot, especially from an elevated area in the job site. The inside of the boot is kept comfortable with a breathable lining that works to prevent overheating and moisture buildup with long hours of use. Priced at just over $200, this boot is a pricey option but the multitude of features that are packed into it makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Timberland PRO Men’s Hypercharge 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot comes with a burly appearance that will give you an idea of how well it can perform in tough work environments. The waterproof structure and composite safety toes deliver maximum protection from hazards in and around the job site. Meanwhile, several technologies are used to provide long-lasting comfort and support to keep you moving as efficiently as possible all day long. The extremely rugged style will do great in harsh outdoor conditions but will not be the appropriate choice if you are looking for work boots that can also be used with casual outfits for more social gatherings. 

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