Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work Boot Review for 2021

If you are someone with a job in a hazardous industry then you would need a proper and protective work gear Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work Boot Reviewalong with safety boots to do your work well without compromising on your safety. Are you surrounded by dangerous machinery and heavy equipment at work? Does your job need you to work under wet conditions at times? Then this pair of steel-toe boots from Timberland PRO will be an ideal choice for you. You can choose this pair for yourself or as a gift for someone who works under hazardous conditions.


Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work boots have a rugged and highly professional look. The jet-black color of the boots, is complemented by traditional black lace-up design. You can get these boots in a range of sizes from 7 to 15. Also, there are boots offered for both narrow as well as wide feet. So, no matter what your feet are shaped like, you can expect to get a pair that fits your feet well.

The reflective Scotch lite logos and piping on these boots lend them an edge in enhancing the overall look and feel. These boots have a thick heel and a robust platform along with strong and detailed stitch work. The shank is a good ten inches from the arch so these are rather long and durable boots for men. There is a padded collar and tongue for your convenience and the rear pull loop helps you to get your feet into the boots.

The Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work boots offer a combination of protection, comfort and ergonomic design. The dimensions of the boots are 13 x 11 x 5 inches. At shipping the package weighs around 9.15 pounds. These are rugged and heavy-duty boots and are not feeble in construction in order to ensure superior protection to your feet.

Comfort and Materials

Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work boots come in 100% leather construction while the soles are made of rubber. The boots come with lightweight, non-quilted and moisture-resistant insulation. Your feet remain dry and Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work Boot Reviewcomfortably warm all day which make the boots perfectly suited for all kinds of weather.

The usage of puncture-resistant plates makes sure that you can walk on rough and thorny surfaces without any risk of injuries. These boots can be ideal for people working in the mining industry. The outsole is textured for proper traction and it is equipped with oil-resistance, slip-resistance and abrasion-resistance properties. The outsole can also resist extreme temperatures and keep your feel protected. It is compliant to EN ISO 20344:2004 8.7 testing standard and is safe to wear up to a temperature of 300°C.

The internal layering of the boots consists of an extra layer of cushioning that has anti-fatigue qualities to help you to work on long shifts without causing any pain or strain to your feet. The layer of breathable membrane ensures proper ventilation. The moisture from your feet is wicked away, keeping your feet cool and comforted.

These gravel pit work boots come with protection against electrical circuits and electrical shocks. The steel toe provides adequate protection to your toes from dangers of compression and impact. The Metatarsal Guard of the robust toe is compliant with the safety standards of ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 Class Mt75 and CAN/CSA-Z195-15 metatarsal impact.


Made of high-quality leather, premium rubber and speed-lacing hardware these boots are highly durable and reliable. You can expect these boots to serve you under the harshest of conditions without suffering any abrasion or other issues. The boots require a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance from your end. Also, when you get these boots do not wear them to work from the very next day. You are certainly going to get blisters and sore spots all over your feet if you do not break them in before you begin to use them.

Do not use heat or water to soften the new boots. Although using these can be effective and make your boots wearable faster, these methods would also destroy the structural integrity of the boots and shorten their life. So, in the long term you will lose out if you use water or heat. Also, never put any hard or heavy objects into your boots in an attempt to stretch out the leather. Set aside a week for breaking in the boots at home. Wear them at home for a couple of hours every day. You can use a bit of conditioning cream to help the leather to stretch gradually Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work Boot Reviewand to adapt well to the shape of your feet.

You have to be very careful when you clean your boots. Use an approved cleaning gel and a soft, non-abrasive pad to clean away the accumulated dirt and grime from your boots. Then rinse off the boots with plain water to remove the residual soap. Allow the boots to dry out naturally in air. Only when your cleaned boots are completely dry, you can apply the conditioning cream and give the boots a polish. The next step would be to finish off with a good waterproofing gel. Apply 2-3 coats and the boots will hold out well against rains. With good maintenance from your end, your boots will remain as good as new for a long time.


These boots are rugged in their construction and are ideal for people employed in hazardous environments like construction industries, railroad work, mining industries, electrical industries, etc. You can be assured of your personal safety when you wear these boots to work.

The steel toe and the leather uppers are strong in quality and stand guard against sudden falls of heavy or sharp objects that might cause grave injuries to your feet.

Being puncture-resistant and insulated these boots are also well suited for someone working in the mines. The outsoles have superior traction with no-slip properties so that you can tread on any kind of surface without the risk of slipping.

These boots come with electrical insulation and are waterproof too. So, the boots can be worn by you if your work might expose you to incidental electrical shocks.

Additional Features

These boots come with the Metatarsal Guard which gives targeted protection to your toes. The protection and safety features of these boots are all compliant to industry regulated standards giving you much-needed peace of Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work Boot Reviewmind when you wear them to work.

The boots are waterproof and also resistant to high heat. This feature makes them suitable for a wide range of jobs where you might need you to work under wet conditions or expose yourself to high-heat environments.

The insole is thick and spongy with properties to absorb shocks and impacts. Your feet will not feel tired or strained due to the softness of the footbed of your boots.


  • Leather boots with rubber soles
  • Waterproof insulation
  • Puncture resistant, slip-resistant outsoles
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Metatarsal Guard from steel toe
  • Protection from electrical shocks
  • Heat resistant


There are various brands in the market that specialize in manufacturing of work boots for men. Timberland PRO is an esteemed brand that manufactures quality work boots combining comfort, safety and durability into one. If you are someone with a job that exposes you to difficult terrains and outdoor environments at your worksite then a pair of these boots will do you a lot of good. If there are heavy and sharp equipment around you at work then these boots will be able to offer you protection from sudden injuries and accidents. Additionally the boots offer you some protection from heat, water and electrical shocks as well so that you can work safely under hazardous conditions.

About Timberland PRO

Timberland is an American company that was founded in the year 1928 by Nathan Swartz at Boston, Timberland PRO Gravel Pit Work Boot ReviewMassachusetts. The brand deals with manufacture and retail sale of outdoor wear with special focus on footwear. Currently, the company is headquartered at Stratham, New Hampshire. Since its inception, the company has grown a lot and now it has presence in various countries across the world.

Timberland PRO is a brand of the original Timberland company and it specializes in making protective boots and footwear for men and women who are employed in various hazardous work environments. The brand’s main motto is empowering people by equipping them with the best in class boots. The employees at Timberland PRO are a team of dedicated people who are committed to making outstanding boots that provide to you adequate safety and protection alongside long-lasting durability.

The brand has a history behind them to gain the trust of the users but this has not made them complacent in any way. They always strive to change with the times and put in the best efforts to incorporate technology into their boots to ensure complete satisfaction for the user. They combine innovation, passion and superior craftsmanship to make sure that the work boots they make are perfect for the wearers. No matter which industry you work in or which type of dangers your job exposes you to, Timberland PRO is sure to have a pair of boots ready to cater to your needs. When you choose to use their product, you can be assured of premium quality and excellent service.

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