Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock Industrial Boots Review

The Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock Industrial Boots are designed to be a part of your work site – an essential Timberland Pro Men's Boondock Industrial Shoescompanion that allows you to forget the hazards in your workplace and focus on your job. Invest in these work boots for the protection they offer and the comfort they provide; this could be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Crafted to be the essential industrial boot, the Timberland Boondock keeps you safe with its waterproof uppers, composite toe protection, insulation and TPU outsole. Yet, along with safety, comfort is also high on its list of features – that is why you have anti-fatigue technology, double layers of cushion, contoured insole and several other qualities that keep your feet comfortable and healthy in the long run.


Timberland Pro Boondock work boots are constructed with the ultimate protection offered by Ever-guard leather – this premium waterproof leather keeps your feet protected from water, chemicals and oil spills on the work floor. The boots have the protection of molded rubber toes to prevent impact injuries. A fiberglass shank supports your gait while dual-density TPU outsoles enable a firm grip on different surface types. The collar, tongue and insole of the shoes are padded with soft material for shock-absorption.


Designed to be tough, to last through hard working conditions and to provide maximum comfort along with safety, the Timberland Pro Boondock Industrial boots are crafted to be your best companion on tough workfloors. While the mid-top design protects your ankle without pressing on it, the rubber toe protectors keep your toes safe from impact-related injuries. Waterproof membrane uppers and the Everguard Leather heel keep your feet moisture-free from outside as well as inside. The composite toe uses Timberland’s trademark Titan Last design for lightweight protection and a perfect fit. Since these shoes don’t have steel toes, you wouldn’t have to worry about walking through metal detectors if your work regularly requires such checks. Customize your fit with the flexible Timberland Pro Men's Boondock Industrial Shoesdual-purpose hardware provided for the laces. Available in smart black full-grained or a brown-black combination, these shoes are perfect for the workplace and will not look out of place in a social gathering too. The industrial shoes are crafted with a combination of Goodyear welt and cement heel construction to keep them sturdy and durable.


The Ever-Guard leather heel materials that keep your feet dry and padded while the Tital last safety toe ensures a lightweight design when compared to other safety-toe shoes. The Timberland Pro Boondocks have a unique anti-fatigue design with two layers of protection and insulation that keeps your feet covered, padded and comfortable. There is excellent shock absorption at the main stress points and perfect arch support to support your posture. The shoes have a fiberglass shank that keeps your balance steady and a customizable lacing design that helps you adjust your fit the way you want it.


The Timberland Pro Boondocks have several features that keep them tough despite the conditions they are subject to in different kinds of work environments. These features include the combination construction that uses Goodyear welt along with cementing to strengthen the seams, the sturdy leather uppers fortified by the protection of Everguard technology, and the thick double layer of TPU that is used for strong outsoles with a firm grip. The boots also feature a fiberglass supportive shank and triple stitches for strength.

Safety Features

Feel secure with the safety of the rubber toe protector that prevents impact-related injuries which are common in places with heavy machinery and vehicles. The composite toes are also electrical-hazard safe and the boots are Timberland Pro Men's Boondock Industrial Shoesmoisture-proof, keeping your feet free from external moisture. The boots are resistant to blood borne pathogens with a safety rating of ASTM F1671-07, impact-resistant with a safety toe meeting standards ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75 and C/75, and provides protection from electrical hazards, meeting standards ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 and ASTM F2892-11. The outsole has traction lugs and are made of a strong TPU material that maintains your grip on different surface types.

Additional Features

The anti-fatigue technology used in these boots by Timberland employs a series of geometrical designs to eradicate pressure from stress points and promote utmost comfort with shock absorption. The insoles of the shoes have been treated to make them microbes-resistant and keep odor away. Apart from being waterproof, the material used in these boots is a breathable membrane that help to keep your feet dry; the tongue and collars have gussets that prevent moisture from seeping in.

Who are these boots for?

These boots are perfect for workers in construction fields, electricians, tannery workers, automobile engineers and manufacturing sector workers. With their light weight and ample toe protection, the boots offer safety and comfort for people who have to stand for long or walk on different surface types. These are also ideal when you have to work outdoors since they are water-resistant.


  • Anti-fatigue technology – identifies key stress points and offers shock absorption accordingly to enhance comfort
  • Ever-guard patented technology – excellent water resistance and breathable membrane for uppers
  • Rubber toe protectors – protects your feet from impact injuries
  • Light-weight toe caps – the Boondocks have lightweight toe protectors that are also non-metallic
  • Fiberglass shank – boosts stability
  • Padded collar and tongue – enables water-resistance and padding comfort
  • Safety features – resistant to electrical charges, to water seepage and to blood borne pathogens
  • Combination cementing construction – uses Goodyear welt and cementing design to promote durability
  • Strong double-layered TPU outsoles – excellent grip over various surfaces, traction lugs for good traction
  • 30-day comfort guarantee – if you’re not satisfied, you can return the shoes within 30 days
  • Flexible lacing – double-purpose hardware for customized fit
  • Weather and elements resistance – true to its brand ideals, the Timberland Pro Boondocks keep you protected from water, oil, snow, pathogens and chemicals


With high emphasis on safety and comfort, the Timberland Boondocks keep you relaxed at the workfloor, without Timberland Pro Men's Boondock Industrial Shoeshaving to worry about hazards present there, and at the same time, enjoying excellent feet comfort and health. The shoes remove feet fatigue effectively and keep you active – overall, an excellent investment to make for your feet.

About the brand

Timberland was created to design all-weather shoes. A product initiated by Nathan Swartz of the Swartz family that first came out with the injection-molded waterproof technology for shoes, Timberland was born out of its parent company Abington shoe company in 1973. Their first waterproof boots called Timberland was introduced in 1973. The brand later diversified to product other products such as apparel. Timberland is proud of its fine craftsmanship and superior-quality leather and other materials used in all its products.