Skechers Men’s Cessnock Shoes review

We have worn, tested and thoroughly examined one of the most comfortable and lightweight service work shoes, the Skechers Cessnock. Here are the results! 

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Whether you are looking for a sporty-looking work shoe or a pair that can keep you comfortable for long hours of work, the Skechers Men’s Cessnock SR Work Shoe is more than up for the challenge. 







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The Skechers Men’s Cessnock SR Work Shoe delivered continuous comfort when I used it nonstop for several hours. I believe this was because the insole was fully lined with memory foam that cradled the foot to prevent pain even with extended use. A shock-absorbing midsole and relaxed fit design worked together to make this shoe an excellent choice comfort-wise, without sacrificing style that can be enjoyed in and out of the workplace. The Cessnock is included in the Skechers Relaxed Fit collection for work that also features another work shoe option – the Bendon SR that comes with the same comfortable fit, bungee lace-up design, and electrical hazard protection, with the enhancement coming from an even more flexible sporty mesh fabric for maximum mobility. A great alternative to the Cessnock is the Fila Men’s Memory Reckoning 7 Steel Toe Work Shoe that comes in a slip-resistant profile to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and has a steel safety toe cap in place to guard feet against being injured when something falls on the shoe from a great height. Also from Fila, the Fila Men’s Memory Breach Steel Toe Work Shoe is another remarkable option that comes with a budget-friendly price and looks more like a work shoe rather than an athletic shoe. If you are looking for work shoes for more heavy-duty functionality and versatility, the Fila Men’s Hailstorm 3 Mid Composite Toe Work Shoes comes in a high-top design for a secure fit that will be an advantage for industrial work and for hiking activities. Lastly, the Larnmern Steel Toe Shoe comes in a flexible, lightweight, and cushioned structure that is further enhanced with steel toes for superb protection in and out of the job site. 

The Skechers Men’s Cessnock SR Work Shoe is equipped with noteworthy attributes that make it the ideal choice for standing or moving around all day while at work.  This shoe will work great for jobs in the foodservice industry, health care, and other industries that have the work environment set indoors. The Cessnock has a structure that looks like running shoes but comes packed with features to help you work safely and more efficiently. A slip-resistant outsole keeps you steady on your feet on slippery surfaces, while the electrical hazard protection adds another safety layer when you are exposed to live electrical currents that may be encountered in the work area. A relaxed fit and memory-foam cushioned insoles ensure that your feet can stay fatigue-free for a long period of time. With all these impressive features in place, it is quite disappointing these shoes are not waterproof to withstand extended exposure to water – although the upper material is water-resistant so it can take on splashes of water and other liquids from time to time. Below we will explore the shoes even further to determine what are its most remarkable qualities, and which ones should be improved on. 

Ideal For

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  • Working all day indoors, such as in food service or health care industries.
  • Those who want work shoes without laces.
  • People who want work shoes that feel more spacious.  

Going In-Depth with the Skechers Men’s Cessnock Shoes

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The Skechers Men’s Cessnock SR Work Shoe comes in a structure that is so comfortable, it felt like I was using a pair of running shoes instead of more protective work shoes. I did not experience any type of discomfort when I used the pair continuously for a few hours – even when I kept moving around to finish some chores and did not have a chance to rest within the day. The comfortable feel is pronounced inside the shoe, where the insole comes fully cushioned with memory foam that follows the curves of the foot for a customized feel with just the right amount of padding without the added bulk. I liked that this memory foam had a cooling property that prevented overheating even with extended shoe use. I found the midsole to be quite impressive as well as it came with flexibility that greatly contributed to the athletic feel of the shoe while working doubly hard to absorb most of the shock coming from the continuous movements all throughout the day. The woven knit material on the upper comes in a water-resistant finish and offers soft flexibility that does not interfere with movements, which made it even easier for me to do my tasks more efficiently. The padded collar provided the cushioning that kept the top of my foot comfortable and free from chafing problems for the entire day and also prevented debris from getting into the shoe. A relaxed fit and the lightweight profile almost made it seem like I had nothing on my feet as I walked around, so I barely noticed that I have already spent the better part of the day on my feet. 


These shoes are so lightweight, it was quite easy to forget that I was using shoes that are meant for the workplace instead of running shoes. The components of the shoe work together to deliver more than the required essentials of comfort and protection while maintaining a lightweight structure that makes movements easier to manage, in and out of the work area. These lightweight work shoes can be used for hours of working while on the go and staying on your feet and to keep you protected from the discomfort that can come from shoes that are too bulky and heavy. 


The Cessnock SR comes with the exclusive Skechers slip-resistant outsole that is guaranteed to provide excellent traction on slippery indoor surfaces. I confidently walked on wet and slippery floors without slipping or feeling unstable because the soles had a firm grip on the ground. These high-traction outsoles will work great for indoor settings that are exposed to slippery substances, such as restaurants where food and drinks may be spilled on the floor. It should be noted that the traction of the outsoles is ideal for indoor use but will not work well for uneven outdoor surfaces, where thicker outsoles with more pronounced treads are more suitable. 

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Fit and Sizing

The work shoes are true to fit and felt comfortable right out of the box, with no need to guess if I had to go down or up a size to achieve a great fit. They come in a relaxed fit profile that is more spacious, so I did not have to suffer from painful feet that are cramped into a tight and unforgiving space. This roomier profile allowed my toes to shift a bit in place to prevent foot cramps, especially during those times when I have already been on my feet for long hours. The cushioning courtesy of the memory foam insoles helped maintain a comfortably snug sensation that embraced my feet for the duration of the workday for pain-free use that also felt more stable in the long run. Even if the laces on top are bungee styled and cannot be used for adjustments, they still contribute to the secure fit of the shoes, so they are kept firmly in place throughout all the activities of the day. 


The Skechers Men’s Cessnock SR Work Shoe is not waterproof, but the woven upper material is water-resistant. This means that the shoe can keep the foot protected from wetness when it is exposed to small splashes of water or other liquids. However, it is not recommended for surroundings that are continuously wet, because the liquids will penetrate the material with long-term and heavy exposure. The Cessnock is suitable for working indoors in mostly dry conditions without liquid sources nearby and will not be a good choice for outdoor use, especially when working in inclement weather. 


The upper material of these work shoes has a woven knit structure that easily lets air in so that it can fully circulate the inside part. This surrounds the foot with a cool and comfortable feeling since excessive heat will not have a chance to accumulate within the shoe. The ventilated mesh fabric also works to disperse sweat outward to prevent moisture buildup that causes a significant amount of discomfort. Another component that helps keep the shoe interior feeling fresh is the memory foam insole that is enhanced with cooling properties to stop the shoe from becoming too warm even when it is used for the entire day while completing numerous tasks in and around the job site. 

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Quality and Durability

The high-quality mesh upper is water-resistant and can keep the foot dry when the shoe is exposed to small splashes or drops of liquids. This water resistance also works to maintain the strength and durability of the shoe for long-term use. The upper material is stain resistant as well so you will not need to worry that exposure to staining liquids will leave permanent damage on the shoe’s aesthetics since these liquids can easily be removed with minimal effort involved. The rubber outsole is built to deliver the strong traction needed to be able to continue working on wet or slippery conditions without falling or slipping while maintaining a supportive base for the shoe that will easily take on long hours of use without breaking down prematurely. 

Other Versions

There is no other version of the Cessnock work shoe, which comes in the following colorways: all-black, white & navy, white & black, and white & charcoal. However, there is another work shoe choice that is a part of the extensive Relaxed Fit Collection from Skechers that is worth mentioning – the Skechers Flex Advantage Bendon SR Work Shoe. The Bendon also has a roomy structure for comfortable use, which can be adjusted thanks to the lace-up front that will enable you to achieve the perfect fit in no time. There are several other choices within the same Relaxed Fit set, but the others are designed for casual use and do not have the enhanced features that are essential for work shoes. 

The Challengers

cessnock - challengers

The Skechers Flex Advantage Bendon SR Work Shoe that comes from the same Relaxed Fit range from Skechers is a worthy challenger to the Cessnock SR. The Bendon shoe comes with the same flexible structure that makes moving effortless, without any rigid components to get in the way of natural movements. Just like the Cessnock, the Bendon also has a high-traction rubber outsole, electrical hazard protection, and cooling memory foam insoles to keep the foot lovingly cushioned inside. However, the Bendon scores higher when it comes to adjustability since it comes with laces that can be used to get to the perfect fit. With a price difference of approximately $10 from the Cessnock to the Bendon, you can easily decide to upgrade to the more adjustable features of the Bendon – or stay with the comfortable convenience of the Cessnock. 

The next competitor is the Fila Men’s Memory Reckoning 7 Steel Toe Work Shoe. It has a slip-resistant outsole to prevent accidents when walking on slippery or wet floors, and a memory foam sock liner that has cooling properties to ensure long-lasting foot comfort. This work shoe comes with a higher level of protection with steel safety toe caps in place that form a barrier to protect the feet from getting crushed when something heavy or blunt falls on the shoes. It should be noted that this shoe is not as lightweight as the Cessnock, mainly because of the metal toe protection in place. However, at a price that falls just under the $60 mark, this work shoe from Fila makes a strong case when the overall value for money is taken into consideration. 

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Another affordable alternative comes from the Fila Memory range – the Fila Men’s Memory Breach Steel Toe Work Shoe. Just like the Memory Reckoning, the Breach comes with steel toe caps to protect the foot from the compression and impact risks that may be in and around the work area. Built with an upper featuring leather and nylon, this looks more like a work shoe compared to the other options that look and feel more like running shoes. The combination of leather and the metal toe caps result in a profile that is a bit heavier than the other choices, but with a price that did not even breach the $50 mark, this Breach is a noteworthy contender that can easily win when it comes to affordability. 

Still from Fila, the Hailstorm 3 Mid Composite Toe Work Shoe features a high-top design for a more secure fit that also works to keep the ankle supported in a variety of work conditions. The heavy-duty construction of this shoe can be used for industrial settings but can also be maximized for hiking and braving the outdoors. The composite toe provides enhanced foot protection that does not add a lot to the overall weight of the shoe. In fact, the high-cut Hailstorm 3 has the same weight as the steel toe Memory Reckoning with a low-cut design and delivers the same comfortable and shock-absorbing properties to fight foot pain. 

The Larnmern Steel Toe Shoe brings most of the features that you may be looking for in a lightweight work shoe. The mesh upper works to keep the interior of the shoe continuously ventilated so that the foot will not feel too warm with long hours of use. The wide steel toe caps protect the foot against falling objects while offering a bit of space for the toes to shift to fight foot discomfort. The interior is cushioned as well and delivers strong arch support to prevent foot pain. Equipped with a shock-absorbing midsole and slip-resistant outsoles, the only thing that this lightweight and flexible work shoe lacks may be a waterproof membrane to achieve a higher level of greatness.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers Men’s Cessnock SR Work Shoe garners a high score when it comes to long-lasting comfortability. Its design makes it suitable for professions that involve long hours of standing or moving without minimal or zero rest throughout the day, such as doing construction work or food service duties. While the Cessnock is an ultra-comfortable work shoe, its lack of waterproofing prevents it from being ideal for more heavy-duty work or for tougher outdoor conditions. 

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