Skechers Cottonwood Work Shoes Review

When you prefer work shoes that come with a classic silhouette, this high-quality footwear choice will work wonderfully for your needs in and out of the job site.  

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Constructed with a minimalist design and durable components, the Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Work Shoe is a noteworthy pick that you can rely on for a variety of activities. 


100% Nappa

Safety Toe



2.62 lbs
/1.19 kgs



Shaft Size



Nitrile rubber




Overall Score

Comfort & Fit
Design & Built Quality
Sole & Traction
Safety Toe
Water resistant
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With its minimalist design, the Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Shoe manages to deliver the features that are essential in a workplace setting while maintaining a classic aesthetic that can be enjoyed in places other than the job site. Even if the shoes did not have the extremely rugged design that can be expected in other work shoes, I was still impressed with how strong their construction felt when I used them for work and other purposes. The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche SR Work Shoe is a better alternative for foodservice and jobs that require a lot of walking or staying on your feet all day long because of the lightweight and flexible outsoles. The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Bronwood SR Work Shoe is another lightweight and slip-resistant choice that will work marvelously for those who prefer a loafer design that can be used more conveniently since there will be no need to deal with laces. For maximum comfort that can keep up with nonstop work, the Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Cambridge II Work Shoe is equipped with a high-rebound midsole to ease foot pressure while an anti-compression insole with a gel cushion keeps the interior cool for long hours. If you prefer work shoes with a more athletic silhouette, the Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Steel Toe Work Shoe offers all-day protection from impact and compression dangers as well as long-lasting comfort with a memory foam sock liner and midsole. Lastly, the LARNMERN Waterproof Steel Toe Chefs and Nurse’s Work Shoe provide maximum protection for different work environments that will benefit from the superior waterproofing and steel safety toe caps. 

The Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Work Shoe is designed with a classic profile that is ideal for an industrial setting and works just as well in more casual office environments. The polished leather upper exudes strength even if it does not have the incredibly rugged look that is often seen in other work shoe choices. The memory foam cushioned insole works with the padded tongue and collar to keep the feet protected from uncomfortable chafing that may result from constant movements throughout the day. Even if they do not have safety toes and are not waterproof, these work shoes are still durable enough to withstand a variety of work settings without easily falling apart. We will look not into the details that make up the shoes’ components to determine the features’ drawbacks and advantages for different purposes and work requirements. 

Ideal For

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  • People who prefer work shoes with a minimalist, no-frills design.
  • Those who like a snug-fitting work shoe. 
  • Work environments that are not exposed to water and do not have impact or compression hazards.

Exploring in-depth the Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Shoe


The Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Work Shoe is equipped with a removable insole that is cushioned with a layer of memory foam for superior comfort all day long. This material helped me get through long days at work without experiencing extreme discomfort as the memory foam embraced the curve of my feet for customized cushioning that also worked to deliver increased support for long hours. A soft fabric lining inside the shoe prevented painful friction from developing into blisters – which was a huge relief during those days when constant movements are required to be able to finish the day’s tasks. The midsole is designed to absorb most of the impact that resulted from the continuous walking and moving around the work area, preventing foot fatigue from setting in even when there were no break periods throughout the day. The padded collar offered superior cushioning and worked to keep my ankle secured in place even with my constant walking around, so I was able to move confidently without worrying too much about twisting my ankle. The padded tongue likewise cushioned the top of my foot comfortably while preventing debris from getting inside the shoe.  

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These work shoes came with a light to medium weight level which made them quite easy to walk and work around with. The medium weight can be attributed to the lack of safety toe components in place, making it possible for the shoes to maintain a slightly lightweight structure that does not cause a dragging sensation on the feet even with long hours of use. What prevented the shoes from being totally lightweight was the presence of the thick outsole that nevertheless brought a great advantage with its slip-resistant properties. With the shoes coming in at an average weight, using them was a fairly comfortable experience that also felt more secure since the comforting weight helped stabilize my footing, especially when walking over challenging surfaces.  


These work shoes come with thick rubber outsoles with strong traction, providing increased safety when moving over challenging ground conditions. These outsoles made it possible for me to walk easily on slippery and wet floors without falling or slipping so I did not need to sacrifice my efficiency throughout the workday by moving much slower for safety. The pronounced lugs also worked to help me maintain my stability when I needed to go over uneven ground conditions. 

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Fit and Sizing

The Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Work Shoe is advertised to have a relaxed fit design but that was not how my experience felt. These work shoes felt true to size so that was a huge advantage because I did not need to go down or up another size just to enjoy the right fit. However, the shoes felt more snug than spacious, which was what I expected when I saw the “relaxed fit” description. The snug fit can feel challenging when you are used to wearing roomier shoes and becomes even more pronounced when you are wearing thick work socks. I recommend using thinner work socks instead for a more comfortable experience – since there is memory foam cushioning and soft fabric lining in place inside the shoes. The lace-up structure of the shoes makes adjustments easy so getting to the perfect fit does not involve too much effort and time. 

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These shoes are not built with waterproof components, so they are unsuitable for wet conditions. Using them outdoors in the rain or in wet environments will expose your feet to being soaked, which can be an uncomfortable problem, especially when you need to work and use the shoes for the better part of the day. Wet conditions can also damage the shoes since they are not equipped with the features to keep them protected from exposure to water and other liquids. 


The leather upper material of the shoes is not breathable so overheating can be a concern, especially when the shoes are worn for a long time. The solid leather upper does not permit air to go inside the boot, which can result in heat building up as the hours go by. Without a breathable lining inside the boot, overheating and intense sweating can also accumulate with nonstop working throughout the day in extremely warm conditions. 

Quality and Durability

The Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Work Shoe is constructed with a Nitrile rubber outsole that delivers strong traction to be able to provide safety in slippery ground conditions. This outsole is rugged enough to be used on uneven surfaces while preventing slipping and falling accidents. The shoes come in a lace-up design that makes the adjustments almost effortless so that getting to the most comfortable will not take up too much time.  The metal eyelets are built to keep up with the constant lacing and unlacing that can be expected with daily use for work and other purposes, without breaking down easily in the process. Strong stitching on the borders of the shoe work to enhance the sturdy construction to ensure long-lasting benefits even with heavy usage in and out of the workplace. The shock-absorbing midsole and memory foam insole work in tandem to cushioning and support needed to be able to fight discomfort for long hours of use. The shoes are designed to provide a relaxed fit to me they felt snug, which can be an issue for those who feel more comfortable with roomier shoes. The classic Oxford silhouette is suitable for those who want their work shoes to have minimalist look without the obvious ruggedness that can usually be found in other work shoe options.

The Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Work Shoe does not come in other versions and is only available in black. It is offered in medium or regular sizes as well as wide options that may be more comfortable for those who do not like the snug fit, or for people with wide feet who will benefit more from the roomier shoe size option. 

The Challengers

The Skechers for Work Flex Advantage Fourche SR Work Shoe is an excellent alternative if you are on the lookout for another low-profile work shoe that is capable of providing long-lasting comfort. This shoe comes with a lightweight and flexible outsole that will enable you to walk around and stay on your feet in a comfortable way without stiff materials getting in the way. The slip-resistant design will prevent accidental slipping on wet floors and will help you move more confidently over challenging ground conditions. The electrical hazard protection in place delivers a secondary layer of safety from live current exposure in dry conditions. The fully cushioned memory foam insole provides remarkable comfort that can be enjoyed throughout the workday. 

Still from the Skechers for Work collection, the Flex Advantage Bronwood SR Work Shoe is another slip-resistant leather work shoe designed to maintain a comfortable experience while you tackle the most important tasks of the day. The slip-resistant outsole allows you to move efficiently without fearing that walking on wet or slippery floors will result in unfortunate falling or slipping. A lightweight midsole absorbs most of the impact from continuous movements as part of the job without adding significant bulk and weight to the overall shoe structure. This work shoe also has a memory foam insole to provide superb cushioning that feels customized as it hugs the contours of your foot all day long. What makes this work shoe a standout is the loafer design that you can just slip in and out in the most convenient manner, so you can save precious time that you will otherwise be spending on the shoelaces. 

Skechers Cottonwood Work Shoes - challengers

The Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Cambridge II Work Shoe is another remarkable choice that delivers long-lasting comfort. It has a memory foam gel cushion that not only works to deliver maximum cushioning but also keeps the shoe cooled from within even with long hours of continuous work. The vented sock keeps the interior of the shoe properly ventilated to prevent heat and moisture buildup, while a special antimicrobial shield fights odor-causing bacteria from ruining your comfortable experience. These work shoes are equipped with high-rebound midsoles that absorb most of the impact on the foot and are flexible enough to adjust to the foot’s natural movements so you will not need to sacrifice your mobility and efficiency in the workplace. 

If you are looking for work shoes that offer a higher level of protection, the Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip-Resistant Work Shoes is an excellent choice that will not break the bank. Priced at under $60, this choice offers great value with a steel safety toe in place to keep the foot protected from impact and compression threats that may be lurking in and around the work area. The memory foam insole cradles the foot in the most comfortable manner for all-day support that also works to fight foot fatigue. A slip-resistant outsole keeps you safe from slipping on low-traction surfaces that you may encounter as part of your job. 

The LARNMERN Waterproof Steel Toe Chefs and Nurse’s Work Shoe is hard to beat when it comes to excellent value. Priced at under $50, this noteworthy choice is built with waterproof leather that keeps the feet dry in a variety of wet conditions that can found indoors or outdoors. This shoe is also fitted with steel safety toes to protect the foot from being severely injured when something blunt or heavy falls on it while you are on the job site. It features a removable insole with strong and breathable arch support to ensure hours of comfortable wear, making this shoe ideal for professions that require long hours of staying on their feet, such as those in food service, restaurant, health care, hospital, and similar industries. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Work Shoe is ideal for those who prefer a classic design without all the bells and whistles. The minimalist silhouette goes well with an industrial setting and will look just as welcome in a more casual office environment. Even if this work shoe cannot be classified as safety shoes due to its lack of waterproofing and safety toe components, this is still a good work shoe that delivers dependable durability with its high-quality materials and construction.  

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