Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Sneakers Review 2022

Do you need to work in a challenging environment with machineries and equipment all around you? Are you Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Sneakers Review 2020employed in a construction industry, warehouse, or powerhouse where there are risks of compression or impact from heavy and sharp tools and electrical shocks from live circuits? If your job exposes you to risks of physical injury or incidental electrical hazards, then these work sneakers from Skechers will be well suited for you. This pair of Athletic Steel toe work sneaker combines the comfort of a sneaker and the safety of a work boot for the user. You can choose this product for your own use or for a friend or family member who is employed in a demanding profession.


Skechers 77055 Cankton Work shoes have a sport design and they look more like a pair of sneakers that a sportsman would use to train than like a regular pair of work shoes. The shoes are offered in colors of black with charcoal soles, fully brown, black with black soles, and charcoal with orange highlights. You can get the shoes in sizes from 7 to 14 and in each size category, you choose either the wide or the narrow variety. Regardless of the size and shape of your feet, you can hope to get a pair of these sneakers that are perfect for you.

The shoes have a mesh upper than looks good and the lacing is done in a sporty way to add the trendy appeal without compromising on the convenience of the user. These shoes have a 1 and a ½ inch heel and a strong and thick platform. The brand name of Skechers is embossed on the tongue and the heel of the shoe.

The detailed accent stitching adds strength and appeal to the shoes. These shoes are 13 x 9.6 x 4.9 inches in dimensions. Considering that they are work shoes, you can expect good flexibility and lightweight feeling from the pair. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable for you to get your feet into the shoes at any time. The shoes come with the RelaxedFit construction which ensures a roomier feeling and better fitting for your feet.

Comfort and Materials

These shoes are made with durable and abrasion-resistant high-quality leather upper. The mesh/suede fabric Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Sneakers Review 2020panels are there to ensure good ventilation for your feet. There is an inner lining with moisture-wicking properties. These two features improve the breathability of the shoes and you can expect your feet to stay cool and dry no matter how hot or humid it gets outside.

The sole is made of rubber and comes with lug pattern to give you superior traction and slip-resistance. Due to the strong yet flexible outsole, you can expect to tread anywhere with confidence. These shoes come with a good grip and you can expect to climb wearing these if the need arises. The thick midsole has the ability to absorb shocks and impacts to protect your feet from injuries. The memory foam insoles are dense and spongy to cushion your feet well. The shoe is lined with soft fabric and you can expect to wear these shoes for long hours without feeling tired or fatigued in the feet.

The shoes appear athletic but come with a steel toe to give you solid protection. The toe is compliant to ASTM F2412-2011 I/75 C/75 safety standards for protection against compression and impact of hard/heavy objects.

This footwear is constructed to give you a secondary level of protection against Electrical Hazards (EH) on surfaces that are substantially insulated against accidental contact with live electricity. It is compliant to ASTM F2413-2011 EH requirements.


Made of high-quality leather, suede, rubber, and hardware these shoes are extremely durable and hardy. You can expect these lightweight work sneakers to hold out well against wearing issues and to stay in good shape for a long time. At Skechers every part is quality-tested and the shoes are manufactured and assembled using a high degree of precision. The various processes and technological advancements incorporated into the shoes give them longevity and reliability.

These shoes do not need a long period of breaking in. They are lightweight and flexible for the convenience of the user. However, do not wear them to work straight out of the box. Like all new shoes, this pair is likely to cause blisters and swellings if you wear them to work for long hours without breaking them in at home. Wear them for a couple of hours at home after massaging a non-greasy moisturizer all over your feet. This will give the shoes Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Sneakers Review 2020sufficient time to stretch and adapt to the exact size and shape of your feet.

Never use water or heat in order to soften the new shoes. Such methods are very likely to damage your shoes from within so even though the shoes will become softer, they will also have lost some of the initial longevity they had. Also, do not poke your shoes with a heavy or hard object. Let your feet be the only things used to stretch out the shoes as this will ensure that they fit you comfortably without losing any structural strength.

You can use a special brush to dust your shoes every day to rid them of loose dust and spots. When you clean your shoes, start by clunking them at the heels to shake off the loose stones and mud. Then use an approved cleaning agent and a soft, non-abrasive brush to wipe away the stains and grime. Finally, wash the shoes in plain water and let them dry. Allow the shoes to dry fully in an airy place before you begin to wear them again.


These athletic work sneakers are extremely useful for people working in the construction industry, warehouses, property maintenance, or other engineering environments. If your job is a demanding one that needs you to walk for long hours at a stretch these sneakers would be ideal for you.

The outsoles provide superior traction and wear-resistance to help you to tread on all kinds of surfaces. Also, Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Sneakers Review 2020these shoes have fabric interiors made with super-breathable fabric that keeps your feet dry and cool. The padded collar and tongue ensure a comfortable fit for you.

The outsoles are also equipped with protection from electrical hazards coming through the ground. They are compliant to industry regulated standards.

The steel toe protects your toe from compression, impact, and potential cuts from heavy or sharp equipment.

Additional Features

The dense foam insole and the durable midsole work together to absorb the shocks and impacts. This prevents your feet from getting fatigued due to long hours of work.

The relaxed fit feature ensures a roomy fit for any shape of feet. The mesh and leather upper keeps your feet protected from the elements.


  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Cool, dry and comfortable feeling
  • Steel toe for protection
  • Protection from electrical hazards
  • Lightweight work sneakers
  • Relaxed and roomy fit


There are many brands in the market that manufacture lightweight work sneakers and Skechers is a brand that stands out in this space due to the combination of comfort, protection, aesthetics, and durability that they can offer to the users through their shoes. If you are someone whose work area is surrounded by hard and heavy objects then this pair will bring the much-needed protection to you. If there are electrical hazards associated with Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Sneakers Review 2020your job then these shoes can guard your feet from shocks coming through the ground. Basically, if you are employed in the construction industry, railroad industry, or in any other engineering job, these shoes will be ideal for you.

About Skechers

Skechers USA Inc is an American company that was founded in the year 1992 by Robert Greenberg. They specialize in lifestyle and performance footwear products. The company has grown fast through hard work and passion and currently, they are the third-largest brand of athletic footwear in the US. This multi-million-dollar company is headquartered at Manhattan, California and they have over 12 thousand employees at present. Skechers have spread across the world and has footprints in various countries.

At Skechers, the employees are dedicated and committed to deliver the best in class products to their customers. They cater to men, women, and children and their shoes and clothing are popular with every age bracket. Despite their iconic success, the brand has never stopped their quest for incorporating more value into their products. They keep updating themselves with the changing times and make sure that innovation and technology are used adequately to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

They are now a highly trusted and valued brand. No matter who you are or what kind of requirement you have, Skechers are likely to have apparel or shoes that specially cater to your needs. When you choose to pick a pair of boots or work shoes from them you are assured of getting comfort, durability, and protection in one. You can get Skechers products directly from their retail outlets or e-commerce platforms and also through their approved wholesale partners.