Safety Girl II Steel Toe Women’s Work Boots Review 2020

Are you a woman with a job in the construction sector or at an electrical power plant? Do you need to work Safety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots 2020outdoors under unpredictable environmental hazards? Then this pair of work boots with steel toe from the brand of Safety Toe will be a great choice for you. It brings to you great appearance, superior quality, premium comfort, and dependable protection at the same time. You can select it for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.


This pair of leather boots come in a sophisticated design and is available in a beautiful light pink color. The model number of the pair is GS003-Lt Pink and it is offered in various sizes ranging from 5.5 to 10.5. Also, there are options for you to choose between wide and regular fittings which means you can expect a pair that fits perfectly to the shape of your feet.

The boots are light pink with contrasting lace-work in yellow color. The brand name of Safety Girl is embossed on top in a white patch background and also at the side of the shoe close to the heels. The collars of the boots are black in color and padded for comfort. There is contrast white stitching all across the boots to give a subtle and elegant effect.

These boots are around 12.5 inches in length and 5 inches in height for a typical size 7 pair. The boots weigh only 3.4 pounds and are lightweight yet robust in construction. There is moderate heel and sturdy platform attached to the shoes. These boots look extremely stylish yet feminine on women so you can wear these to work as well as to short outings or adventure trips.

Comfort and Materials

Made of superior quality pure leather, these boots are durable and highly comfortable too. The water-resistance Safety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots 2020nubuck upper leather ensures that you can work in rainy weather and your feet will still remain dry. The fabric lining of the boots is comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. Due to adequate ventilation and moisture-wicking qualities of the inside of the boots, your feet will never get hot and sweaty. Even in the warmest of the days, you can expect to keep your feet dry, cool, and fresh.

The insoles of the boots are made of spongy cushioning material that gives support and strength to your feet without hurting your soles or injuring your feet. The dense material of the insole has anti-fatigue properties which absorbs the shocks and impacts in an effective way so that your feet do not tire out fast. Even after long hours of work in these boots, your feet will not feel sprains or strains. The padded collar makes it easy for you to get into the boots and adds to your comfort.

The reinforced steel toe is manufactured to cater to industry regulated standard of ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 and these boots can withstand pressure up to 25000 pounds. So, when you have these boots on your feet, you can be assured of the safety of your toes. The steel toe will guard your toes from accidental injuries due to sharp hits or falls of heavy equipment or machinery.


All the parts of these boots are made from high-quality materials which ensure excellent durability and reliability of the boots. With good care from your end, you can expect these boots to last you for years. The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with their product provided the boots are returned in original condition. However, you are unlikely to be dissatisfied with the boots.

Since they are made of pure leather, you would have to invest some time and effort to take care and maintain the pair. However, it is well worth the effort as the boots will stay as good as new for a long time if you take proper care of the pair. Once you get the boots, keep them aside for a week or two to gradually break in the boots. If you wear them to work right away, your feet will get blisters and sore spots for sure and you would begin to hate the precious boots.

Although using heat or soaking in water may soften the hard leather boots, it is not advisable for you to resort to these techniques to break in the boots. They will ruin the leather and the durability of your boots will be compromised in the long run. Also, refrain from putting any hard and heavy object into the boots in an attempt to stretch them out. The boots need to adapt to the exact shape of your feet so wear them every day for a couple of hours at home. This will let the leather stretch out gradually and in a way that the boots fit your feet perfectly.

UsesSafety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots 2020

These are heavy-duty work boots that come in a soft pink color but are extremely robust and protective for you. Modern women would love to wear the pair to work due to the excellent combination of beauty and comfort.

The steel toe conforms to industry regulated standards and can protect your feet against accidental injuries, compression, and impact. If you have to work at construction sites, railway roads, etc. where you are surrounded by sharp and heavy tools, then these steel toe boots will be ideal for you.

The water-resistant upper leather would make sure that your feet are not getting soggy or wet, the moment it starts to rain. Your feet will be kept comfortable and dry.

The heel comes with anti-slip, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant properties. So, you can expect to walk and tread on various terrains without the usual risks of slippage. The outsoles are structured and help to climb as well.

Additional Features

Due to Goodyear Welt construction, these boots are armed with steel in the toe and can absorb the impact of falling or rolling objects. Even falling sharp blades will not be able to cause a grave injury to your toes.

The outsoles are oil-resistant, water-resistant, and durable to let you work under rainy conditions. The traction and superior grip of the lug help you to work and tread confidently on any terrain.

The insoles are spongy and are made of dense microfiber which ensure that your feet are not fatigued even after long hours of working in these boots.

These boots can tolerate up to 25000 pounds of pressure. Though feminine and sophisticated in appearance yet when it comes to safety and protection, these boots are incomparable.


  • Light pink color
  • Premium leather construction
  • Hardened steel toe for protection
  • Oil-resistant, water-resistant outsoles
  • Cushioning insoles
  • Lightweight and comfortable


Although there are various brands in the market manufacturing excellent products in the space of work boots, Safety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots 2020Safety Girl is one of the best brands that you can trust if you want a robust pair of work boots that does not let you down on the style quotient. When it comes to comfort as well as durability, this pair of boots is equipped with those factors apart from being highly safe and protective. If you have been meaning to get a pair of boots for you that comes with all the desirable qualities then you can certainly select this pair of work boots for yourself. It can also be a wonderful gift item for a friend or a loved one.

About Safety Girl

Safety Girl is a store owned and operated by the brand Online Stores. Online Stores Inc is a North American company that was founded by Lisa and Kevin Hickey back in 2001. It has grown fast from that time and now it has a formidable presence in the world of e-commerce. The company is backed by passion, ambition and hard work and thus it has made a tremendous impact in the domain of e-commerce market. The company has bagged many awards and accolades and even now it continues to grow at an incredible rate.

Safety Girl, one of the brands owned by Online Stores Inc is not just another online retailer. It has its own workforce and inventory. All the work boots, safety glasses, apparels, etc., are manufactured by them. The employees working for the brand imbibe the vision of the company and put their best work forward. The boots are manufactured with the choicest of the materials. Right from the leather, laces, rubber soles, to the intricate details like stitching, everything is closely monitored and quality-checked before the final product is presented to you.

The brand Safety Girl makes boots and work gear for women and girls so they are always careful to keep in mind the preference of the ladies. The fine craftsmanship and quality of the products manufactured by Safety Girl are unmatched by other companies. The supportive customer care team of the brand is always there to help you out with your queries. A woman can certainly count on them to manufacture the best possible pair of shoes or boots for her.

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