Rhino Men’s 6MS01 Work Boots Review for 2020

Outperforming on many levels of safety, durability, performance and necessary comfort, the Rhino 6 inch Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot 6MS01 2020Metatarsal Work Boot- 6MS01 provides users with a gold star worthy piece of protective gear necessary for high intensity work environments. Featuring an external met guard with a steel toe cap, essential tongue and collar padding along with a rugged leather upper, the boots are known to pass many reliability tests taken in extreme environments often found on industrial grade sites.

Design and Materials

Featuring an external metatarsal guard, the Rhino Metatarsal Work Boot -6MS01 is designed to provide maximum safety in high intensity industrial workshop environments. The external metatarsal guard is designed to provide maximum safety on the upper regions of the feet and is soft to support traction and gait but at the same time will harden up upon impact. Additionally, the boots feature a high 6-inch ankle design to provide maximum safety and support in the ankle region. The ankle region is further supported by a padded collar and tongue that not only helps provide a snug fitting but also make sure to support the user’s traction and prevent the feet from chaffing against the insides. The sturdy leather material used in the making of these boots is not only water resistant but also abrasion resistant. The leather’s rugged nature acts as a first line of defense against eternal factors so that areas without cushioning or guarding components are not left unattended.

Comfort and fit

In terms of comfort, the Rhino Metatarsal Work Boot- 6MS01 make sure that the user can stay on their feet for longer periods at a stretch without any added fatigue. Unlike medium intensity boots or multiuse ones, these are specifically designed for the industrial workplace hence are more safety specific. However, the boots have a comfortable padded collar and tongue to support the ankle region and provide a comfortable layering between the users’ feet and the external metatarsal guard. Additionally, there is also a replaceable cushioned insole so that users can change them without having to replace the boots. The insole provides a supportive layer between the outer sole and the user’s feet. It is contoured to support the arch regions to reduce stress placed near the heel and Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot 6MS01 2020toe regions. Moreover, the internal moisture wicking lining prevents the accumulation of sweat which can otherwise lead to allergens, bacterial formations and bad odor. The thick rubber outer sole of the boots also provides a comfortable base for the feet and will support gait and traction especially on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the lacing system consists of metal clips that aid in easy and fast lacing up along with enhancing the overall sturdiness of the boots.


Industrial work environments come with many hazards and an intensive work ethic. Therefore, it is always a good idea to opt for a sturdy pair of work boots depending on the needs and requirements of your job. The Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot- 6MS01 is specifically made for intense work environments with high hazard risks. Perhaps the best feature of the boots is the Goodyear Welt construction that forms a sturdy anatomical structure to hold the boots together even in stressful settings. The external metatarsal guard provides the necessary protection to the metatarsal region of the user’s feet against any potential hits and bumps. Furthermore, the boots are made from high quality extremely durable and rugged leather material which makes sure that the feet are not only supported but also protected from external threats. Additionally, the padded collar and tongue also provide a snug fitting so that external factors are prevented from entering the boots. The heavy duty steel toe also provides the necessary support and protection against hits and bumps and is housed in a comfortable and lightweight metal housing to prevent chaffing against the user’s feet. Moreover, the non-marking rubber outer sole is not only oil and slip resistant but also heat resistant. The lugs in the outer sole supports gait and traction over uneven surfaces. Finally, it is also certified against electrical hazards and at the time of contact, will actively work to earth any free source electricity.

Additional features

Although the first impression of the Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot- 6MS01 is that of a sturdy rugged pair of welding boots specifically designed to compliment the extreme environment of an industrial work settings, however, the manufacturers have added some necessary yet supportive features to the overall design to enhance their utility. For instance, the boots come with a pull up heel look that not only supports easy and comfortable wearing of the boots especially in terms of pulling them up or taking them off, but also helps lengthen the overall lifespan of your boots by preventing any potential damage to the heel counter region. While some workers personal accounts mention wearing an extra layer of socks in welding boots for added comfort, the Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot- 6MS01 already has substantial level of padding given within to prevent blisters and chaffing against the skin. However, despite this, the boots are breathable enough to regulate temperature when worn so that the user is not forced to rest their feet after only a few hours of wearing.


  • Feat rung high quality Goodyear welt construction, the boots are specifically made to withstand the tensions of an industrial work site.
  • The external metatarsal guard stiffens up against impact but will remain soft and supportive during traction.
  • The outer sole is water, oil, slip and heat resistant along with certified against potential electrical hazards as well.
  • The cushioned inner sole of the boots provides a comfortable and supportive base for users so they may keep their boots on for longer periods at a time.
  • The rugged leather material encasing the boots is supported by a padded tongue and collar to protect against external threats.
  • The steel toe cap combined with the external met guard protect the user’s feet from potential bumps and hits.


If you are looking for an affordable safety accessory to add to your safety gear, then you should definitely opt for the Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot- 6MS01! These boots are the epitome of structural support. With an external met guard combined with a steel toe cap, the boots provide a sturdy covering to the user’s feet in high intensity work environments. Although the boots may not be multiuse, but they are designed to outperform in hazardous environments without compromising on the users safety. The Goodyear welt construction with a thick yet lightweight outer rubber sole, the boots can withstand a variety of compromising situations such as uneven surfaces, intense heat and oily surfaces and even electrical hazards.

About the company

Founded in 1982, the company Rhino is housed within a larger cooperation known as Tikal distributing company which is known for manufacturing trustworthy supportive products that are a necessary accessory for low to high intensity working environments. Rhino is known for manufacturing reliable, durable and extremely affordable pieces of safety equipment and gear that have passed multiple safety tests and are certified for protecting the user in compromising environments.

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