Reebok Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial Work Shoes Review 2022

Are you someone who has to work all day in an engineering environment? Do you have to work in the department Reebok Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial Work Shoes Review 2020of hotel maintenance? Does your job need you to deal with the challenges of the environment or to be protected against hazards like compression or impact of hard and heavy objects? Then this pair of work boots from the esteemed brand of Reebok will be ideally suited for you.


This pair of boots is inspired by the athletic capacities of the brand Reebok and is designed ergonomically in order to make them ideal for people working in jobs that require safety shoes. These boots are faded black in color with a contrasting white sole. The appearance is appealing and the boots look very similar to the training boots meant for sportsmen though they are equipped with protective features.

The boots have a traditional lace design and you can tie up the laces in the usual crisscross pattern. The geometrical webbing patterns on the upper of the boots complement the design of the pair. The brand name of Reebok is embossed on the tongue and heels of the boots in colors of white and red.

These boots are offered in sizes of 4 to 16. In each size category, you can opt for either regular fittings or wide fittings. So, no matter what your feet are shaped like, you can expect to get a comfortable pair of shoes that fit you ideally. These shoes are 16 x 12 x 5 inches in dimensions. The heels and the platforms of the pair are moderately thick and these shoes being lightweight in construction are very easy to carry for the user.

Comfort and Materials

The Reebok Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial Work shoes are made of SubLite foam, rubber pads, and a robust alloy. Due to their lightweight materials used to Reebok Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial Work Shoes Review 2020manufacture the shoes, you can expect them to be extremely flexible, lightweight, and convenient to use. However, the boots do not compromise on the safety factor for the wearer.

The mesh uppers with webbing ensure excellent breathability and ventilation, allowing your feet to release moisture and stay dry. The inner lining of the boots has moisture-wicking ability so even on hot and humid days your feet will remain dry, cool, and comforted.

The footbeds of the shoes are equipped with MemoryTech Massage technology which can adapt easily to the contours of the wearer’s feet, giving them superior comfort. The SubLite foam midsoles come with deep flex grooves and are dense and spongy in construction. They allow you to perform a wide range of motions with your feet without accidentally spraining the muscles or ligaments.

The rubber outsoles are textured and equipped with slip-resistance. They enable good traction at heel strike and forefoot takeoff and also minimize the impact of weight by uniform weight distribution.

The alloy toe is metallic in composition though it is hard to tell that from the athletic appearance of the shoes. This safety toe is compliant to ASTM standards and can guard against compression and impact up to 75 pounds. The allow toes mean 350 g of weight per shoe so it does not really add much weight to the set. It there are heavy machinery or sharp instruments around you, the safety toe will guard you against accidental injuries.

You will also be protected from electrical shocks conducted through the ground if you use these shoes. The pair is ASTM approved for protection from such hazards.


These shoes are manufactured with superior materials and hence they come with excellent durability and long-standing reliability. All the parts are chosen with utmost care and the shoes are built using the advanced technology and time-tested craftsmanship of Reebok. Right from the glue to the stitching, everything is used in a perfect manner to give a touch of finesse and detailing to the shoes.

The shoes are highly flexible, lightweight, and easy to wear. You would not need a long breaking in period. However, if you begin to wear them to work right after you get them from the store, you will get shoe bites and blisters all over your feet. Wear the pair at home for a few days till they adapt to the shape of your feet before you Reebok Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial Work Shoes Review 2020decide to wear them on long shifts. Apply some cream on your feet when you wear them at home as this step will help the feet to adjust faster.

Do not put anything inside the shoes to stretch them out or to expand them to fit your feet well. Poking the shoes with other things like sticks or slabs can ruin the materials and reduce the longevity of the shoes. Also, you must not pour water or use heat or a dryer in an attempt to make the new shoes softer. These techniques may make them wearable faster but they will also destroy the structural integrity of the pair.

The insoles of these shoes are removable so you can insert your specialized soles or medicated soles if you have any such requirement.

Maintaining these shoes is very easy. You have to clean them with a shoe cleaning gel and a cloth pad. Also, you can wash them in soapy water to remove the layers of dirt and grime. You can rinse the shoes in plain water after you have cleaned them. Let the shoes dry out before begin to wear them again.


These shoes are designed for professional usage and come with an athletic construction to let you work, play, or live under hazardous conditions. Though these shoes have the appearance of sports or training shoes, they are equipped with safety features.

You can wear them to work if you are employed in hotel maintenance, property maintenance, or any kind of engineering work.

Though not visible or apparent, the alloy toe is a safety toe that protects you from potential injuries from accidental falls or impacts of heavy or sharp equipment.

The shoes are also ASTM rated to protect you from incidental electrical shocks coming from electricity conducted through the ground.

Additional Features

These shoes are super light and flexible so you can expect to wear them without tiring out your feet even when you are working for long hours at your job.

The footbed is ergonomically designed and equipped with technology to absorb shocks and impacts, making yourReebok Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial Work Shoes Review 2020 feet feel lighter and fresher. Even weight distribution helps you to work well and you can even climb easily if you need to.

The mesh lining and the mesh upper wick away sweat and keep your feet cool even when it is hot and humid outside.

The rubber soles are slip-resistant and offers superior grip to you. So, with these boots on you can expect to walk on any kind of surface.


  • Alloy toe for safety
  • Good ventilation and breathability
  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Rubber soles for durability and traction
  • Comfortable footbed


Reebok is one of the highly esteemed brands in the market that needs no introduction. If you are someone who has to work in an engineering environment or in any kind of heavy maintenance work then these shoes can be ideal for you. If you have a job that needs you to walk around and work for long hours then getting a pair of these shoes will keep your feet fresh and happy. If your job requires you to be around heavy instruments or if there are risks of minor electrical shocks being conducted to you through the ground, these shoes will suit you well. With these Athletic Oxford Industrial and Construction Shoes you can be confident, comfortable, and safe while working in factories or construction sites.

About Reebok

Reebok International Limited is a famous company that is well-known across the world. It was founded by Joe Reebok Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial Work Shoes Review 2020and Jeff Foster in the year 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire in England. Over the next decades, the company had expanded its business and had spread to various countries. Currently, it is headquartered at Boston, Massachusetts in the US.

It is a brand that primarily deals with footwear and sports apparel. At Reebok, they have always been fitness enthusiasts and through their quality products, they have always ensured the comfort and safety of the users. Though they have a rich history, the brand has never gotten complacent. They have strived to evolve with the times and to offer only the best possible products to their customers.

Reebok caters to customers across the boundaries of age, sex, and countries. The employees are committed to the vision of their company and they continuously integrate technology and innovation with history and craftsmanship to manufacture shoes and sports gear of premium quality. There are many iconic products made by them that are hot favorites currently with people from all walks of life. Reebok has always been a socially responsible brand and they have always thrown their full support behind relevant causes.