Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot Review

When you need reliable performance and maximum flexibility while on duty, these tactical boots work hard when it matters the most.  

original swat alpha fury v1

Built to maximize your movements while keeping a lightweight profile, the Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is a superb choice that offers continuous support without sacrificing your agility. 


Polyester mesh
and microfiber PU

Safety Toe



2.12 lbs./.96 kgs.



Shaft Size

8 inches


rubber outsole




Overall Score

Comfort & Fit
Design & Built Quality
Sole & Traction
Water resistance
original swat alpha fury v1


The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is a great lightweight pair of tactical boots that made walking and standing all day much easier. This boot is designed to bring the highest level of comfort, but it does not offer much in terms of protection against wetness and safety hazards that you may encounter during your duty. The boot is available in a version that has a side zipper that offers more convenience for quick on and off that can shave precious minutes off your preparation time on a regular basis. If you prefer an enhanced level of protection, the Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8 Polishable Toe Tactical Boot is a waterproof version that will keep your foot dry and even more comfortable with its generous cushioning within. For an even more lightweight tactical boot that delivers superior waterproofing action, check out the Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 Waterproof Tactical Boot that also comes with reinforcements against abrasion threats. Meanwhile, the Bates Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX Waterproof Side Zip Boot is an excellent option that can be used in all weather conditions with its waterproof structure and a rugged outsole with superior traction. The LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8-Inch Side-Zip Waterproof Boot is a tough contender to beat when it comes to great value with its waterproof construction and reinforced features that are all offered at a budget-friendly price. 

original swat alpha fury v1

The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is designed to make quick lateral movements easier to do, which is extremely beneficial in time-sensitive situations out on the field. It is made with non-metallic materials that make it an airport-friendly choice as it will not set off metal detectors. The forefoot features a no-stitch construction for maximum flexibility so that nothing will get in the way of your quick reactions to the situation around. However, I have some reservations regarding the boots’ durability because of the lightweight materials that may not be able to withstand heavy use for a long time, especially in challenging environments. We will check out the boot’s features in more details to see which ones are the most impressive, and which ones can do with some improvements for increased performance output. 

Ideal For

original swat alpha fury v9
  • Work conditions that require constant walking and moving around all day long. 
  • Those who prefer lightweight tactical boots.
  • Work settings that are not exposed to wetness or water sources, as well as impact and compression threats.

Exploring in-depth the Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot

original swat alpha fury v10

The Details


The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is one of the most lightweight boots I have used. I got my hands on the version without a zipper and was quite impressed with how light they are – it almost felt like I had nothing on my feet the whole time. The extremely lightweight structure was made enhanced by the flexibility of the outsole that made walking and standing around much easier to do since there was no rigid material that can interfere with natural movements. The lightweight and flexible design also helped me move quickly with ease, which was a huge advantage during situations when fast movements and reactions were required for safety purposes. The microfiber and mesh upper worked together to keep the interior well ventilated as more air is allowed to come inside the boot to combat overheating even with long hours of nonstop boot-wearing. The polyester mesh material helped draw away excess perspiration and moisture away from my foot to maintain a comfortable dry feeling that lasted for the better part of the day. A custom-molded heel counter is fitted into the boot to lock the heel in place and prevent it from slipping from time to time so that stability can be maintained while in constant motion. However, this feature proved to be tricky since it made the boot difficult to put on and can also bring a bit of discomfort for those who do not want the “locked-in” feel of the heel inside the boot. The EVA midsole helped stop foot fatigue by absorbing most of the impact from my constant walking and moving around the entire day, so I did not have to suffer from extreme discomfort while finishing my duties. An Achilles cushion on the collar provided ample padding to keep this area comfortable for the entire day while offering the required stability and ankle support. 

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This is a remarkably lightweight pair of tactical boots that helps make long hours of work much easier to finish with minimal discomfort. The boots did not produce a dragging feeling on my feet since they did not come with the added bulk and weight that can be expected from other work boots. I managed to walk around various areas with ease because I did not heavy boots to carry around while finishing my tasks for the day. Aside from the lightweight materials, the no-stitch construction that was used in the forefoot portion helped produce almost weightless flexibility that contributed to the overall enhanced comfort of the boot-wearing experience. 


The rubber outsole of the Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is described as slip-resistant, but I found it lacking in the traction department. This may be because the outsole did not have aggressive lugs that would have delivered a stronger grip on the ground. I did not feel completely confident while using these boots on uneven ground conditions because I felt that I could easily slip and fall down with the light traction. 

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Fit and Sizing

These boots are true to size, so I did not need to get a size that is smaller or larger just to get a comfortable fit. I encountered some difficulties when putting on the boots because the thermoplastic heel counter had to be lifted out first and then pulled backwards before I can put my foot inside. When this step is done, my foot is locked into place – a great advantage when it comes to a secure fit that also prevents blisters that can form from the constant friction. However, this locked-in feeling can also feel too constricting at times, especially when you are used to boots that have a more relaxed fit. The boot is designed with a rapid-lacing system that made it easier to achieve an excellent fit that also worked to my ankle supported and stable. 

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The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is not waterproof so it is not suitable for working in wet or waterlogged areas because it will not protect your foot from being soaked through. It also not an ideal choice for working outdoors when there a chance that it might rain while you are finishing your tasks for the day. 


The upper features a mesh material that aids in maintaining a breathable environment inside the boot. Air is allowed to flow generously into the boot to disperse any accumulated heat before if can lead to extreme warmth and discomfort, especially when the boot is worn for a long time. This mesh is also created to dry quickly to disperse sweat from within so your foot can stay dry and comfortable for the duration of the workday. 

Quality and Durability

The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is designed with a no-stitch construction in the forefoot to deliver much-needed flexibility without compromising strength to be able to withstand various workplace requirements. The boot’s thermoplastic heel counter is an impressive touch that locks the heel in place to deliver superior stability in support but can interfere with how the boot can be put on quickly since the heel counter needs to be pulled back first. The outsole is lightweight and flexible so moving and walking is much easier to manage for the entire day with the boot on. However, this outsole lacks the sturdiness and powerful traction needed to be able to navigate various terrains and surfaces without slipping. A nylon shank works with the EVA midsole to provide all-day support to help you maintain stable footing in challenging ground conditions without sacrificing your agility in the process. I appreciated the gusseted tongue that prevented the debris from entering and helped with a snug fit that felt a lot more secure for the entire shift. As lightweight comfortable as this boot may be, I have some reservations about its overall durability since I feel that the materials used are not strong and rugged enough to keep up with the exacting demands of tactical work. 

Other Versions

The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot comes in a version with a side zipper that offers increased convenience since there will be no need to use the laces every time the boot is put on and removed. There is also a 6-inch version of the Alpha Fury that may be more comfortable for those who prefer a lower boot shaft, especially for working in warm environments when a taller boot can feel extremely hot. Another version of the boot, the Alpha Fury Polishable Toe Tactical Boot (available 6 and 8-inch heights), comes with a waterproof construction that makes it more suitable for working in wet surroundings. 

The Challengers

original swat alpha fury - challengers

If you are looking for a more convenient way of using your tactical boots, look no further than the Original SWAT Alpha Fury’s version that comes with a side zipper. This enhancement results in quicker on and off so you will not need to spend a lot of time working on the laces, shaving off seconds or even minutes off your daily preparation time. For just an additional $10 on the price, you can have the option of using only the zipper for the ultimate convenience or using the laces as well so you can more easily achieve the perfect fit for your comfort and security as you work on the various tasks of the day. 

The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Polishable Toe Tactical Boot is an ideal choice for working in wet conditions because it comes with a waterproof membrane that is also resistant to blood-borne pathogens. The construction of this boot is further enhanced with abrasion-resistant reinforcements on the toes to protect this area from being damaged in challenging environments. Aside from having the custom-molded heel counter for stability, this boot also comes with a dual-density insole that delivers outstanding support and cushioning to fight foot pain as you move and walk around as part of your workday’s tasks and responsibilities. 

original swat alpha fury v2

The Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 Waterproof Tactical Boot delivers more than the basic for those who want their boots that to be as lightweight as possible. This waterproof boot will maintain all-day foot dryness in the face of wet working surroundings and is fitted with an antimicrobial sock liner to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing within the boot.  The proprietary ankle support system effortlessly follows the shape of the foot for a customized feel while providing the much-needed support to maintain stability and comfort throughout the long hours of nonstop work on the field. The boot is protected by an abrasion-resistant film to prevent premature damage, especially when it is constantly exposed to tough work environments. 

For tactical boots that can be used in all weather conditions, the Bates Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX Waterproof Side Zip Boot is an excellent choice that will keep your foot comfortable and dry for the duration of your shift. The GORE-TEX lining prevents water and other liquids from entering the boot while providing superb breathability to ensure that all-day dryness and comfort no matter how tough the tasks can be. The heavy-duty outsole of this boot offers a strong grip on the ground so you can quickly move over challenging ground conditions and uneven terrains with confidence and without accidentally slipping in the process. This boot also comes with a side zipper for convenient foot entry and boot removal that will save you precious time just when it matters the most. 

The LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8-Inch Side-Zip Waterproof Boot offers dependable durability with a waterproof construction that can withstand wet work settings with ease. The suede and ballistic nylon upper works together with extra reinforcements on the hardware to ensure long-lasting performance that will not easily break apart in the face of tough work environments. The rugged outsole comes with heavy-duty traction that will prevent slipping on wet and slippery surfaces, while a side zipper makes taking off and putting on the boot a breeze. This boot offers an impressive value with all the remarkable features priced at just under the $70 mark. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8-Inch Tactical Boot is a remarkable choice for those who prefer lightweight boots that offer impressive comfort and agility. It is designed to deliver superior comfort for long hours at a time without compromising flexibility, making it much easier to move quickly during crucial moments. However, this boot is not suited for harsh working conditions because it is not waterproof and does not come with toe protection. The decreased weight of the construction and the materials used may have also resulted in the strength and durability being compromised, so this boot may be the best choice for heavy-duty work requirements. 

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