Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot Review

For maintaining a cool and comfortable environment for your feet, these boots will easily deliver your requirements in an affordable package.  

nortiv 8 side zipper tactical boots review v1

Designed with breathable mesh and abrasion-resistant leather, the Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot is a great value choice that combats extreme heat while ensuring strong performance in challenging situations.  


Genuine suede
leather and mesh

Safety Toe



3.35 lbs
/1.52 kgs



Shaft Size

5 inches


Abrasion-, oil-, and
slip-resistant rubber outsole




Overall Score

Comfort & Fit
Design & Built Quality
Sole & Traction
Water resistant
Value for money
nortiv 8 side zipper tactical boots review v1


These affordable tactical boots feature pretty good design and construction while delivering continuous comfort, which made it easier for me to keep on working without feeling extreme discomfort. Special mention should be given to the mesh part of the upper that worked to maintain a breathable boot interior for the entire shift. If you are looking for a more fashionable alternative that looks fantastic with casual or even formal outfits, check the handsome Bruno Marc Men’s Military Boot that comes in a vintage motorcycle boot silhouette. The CQR Men’s Water-Repellent Military Tactical Boot comes in a water-repellent construction that will work hard to keep the wetness from seeping into the interior so you can ensure long-lasting foot dryness no matter how challenging the weather turns out on the field. The FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Boot is a great waterproof option if you want your military or tactical boot to have a sportier look that you can enjoy even after your shift is finished. For the ultimate in protection and comfort, Bates Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX Side Zip Boot is an excellent choice that is fitted with a breathable and waterproof membrane to keep your foot safe in wet conditions. The Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boot is an incredible choice if you are looking for lightweight tactical boots that will provide the protection and support you need to be able to deal with the challenges that can be expected in your line of work. 

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The Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot is built with thick outsoles that delivered good traction even in slippery and uneven ground conditions. Even without metal toe caps, the boot comes with a reinforced toe area to keep the foot protected against impact and compression threats on the field, without the additional weight that is associated with metal toe protection in other boots. The side zipper makes foot entry and exit a breeze since you do not need to deal with laces every single time. However, the lack of a waterproof membrane reduces the level of protection that this boot can offer in more challenging environments. We will take a closer look at the boot’s features to determine the ones that make it a remarkable choice, and the components that can still be improved on. 

Ideal For

nortiv 8 side zipper tactical boots review v3
  • People looking for a best value work boot that has an affordable price 
  • Those who like snug-fitting work boots that have a breathable structure 
  • Work environments that are not exposed to water and other liquids or to impact and compression threats

Exploring in-depth the Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot

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The Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot is built with a linen insole that wicked away the sweat from my skin, so I was able to go through the rest of the day without dealing with hot and sweaty feet. This insole also prevented my feet from slipping within the boot and stopped blister from forming while maintaining a stable feeling that made moving easier to manage. The flexible foam cushioning surrounded my feet with a comfortable sensation that did not let up for the entire day, making it easier for me to get the job done without experiencing extreme discomfort in the process. I was impressed with the thick padding that surrounded the boot opening as it kept my calf protected from the pain that can result from the constant friction resulting from the continuous walking and moving around all day long. This padded portion also helped me achieve a snug fit that felt more secure so I can do the work more confidently without feeling unstable when doing certain tasks. The suede leather upper quickly adapted to my movements, enabling me to move as rapidly and as freely as the situation needed since there was no stiff material to hinder my actions.  The mesh fabric that was a part of the upper helped maintain a cool feeling within the boot, preventing overheating so I was able to enjoy the comfortable experience while working on the most demanding parts of the job. The midsole is made with flexible EVA that allowed me to maximize my movements without interference while absorbing most of the shock, so I was able to fight foot fatigue for the better part of the day. 


These boots are not lightweight, but they also are not extremely heavy. I would say that they weighed as much as I expected them to, which was a considerable level given the structure of the rugged outsoles. However, the upper material was not too thick or bulky so that helped the boot to maintain a fairly comfortable weight that did not cause a dragging, heavy feeling to build up even with long hours of boot-wearing. The considerable weight of the outsoles also contributed to a more stable feeling that helped me walk on challenging ground conditions in a more effortless manner. 


The boots have rubber outsoles with multidirectional lugs that provide a strong grip on various surfaces. This strong traction was a great help when I had to move over slippery and wet ground conditions, keeping me protected from accidental slipping while providing me with the confidence to move rapidly when the situation needed it.

Fit and Sizing

The Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot is true to size, so I did not need to guess if I had to go down or up a size just to get to the most comfortable fit. The boot’s side zipper made foot entry and exit effortless, cutting the time that I once allotted for this task so I can more quickly proceed to doing my job instead of spending more time dealing with the laces. These boots have a snug fit that helped maintained a secure feeling and kept my ankle supported so it did not twist easily, especially when rapid movements are required as part of the job and to ensure overall safety while out in the field. The snug fit of the boots may feel uncomfortable for those who have wide feet and for people who are used to boots with a relaxed fit that offers some extra space for the toes to move a bit when needed. 


These boots do not have a waterproof upper material and are not fitted with a waterproof membrane. As such, they are not recommended for use outdoors when the weather gets unpredictable, and even indoors in areas that are exposed to water and other liquid substances that may easily get into the boot interior. However, the leather upper is resistant to abrasions so it still offers a high level of protection from another type of hazard that can be found in and around the area where you need to do your job. 

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The breathable panels on the upper allow continuous airflow to pass through – so that a cool feeling can be maintained inside the boot. Any residual heat within the boot is encouraged to dissipate before it can accumulate further and cause overheating, so you can be sure that even long hours of continuous boot use will not result in sweaty feet. Sweat is also allowed to disperse so the excess moisture will not be left to pool around the feet for a long time while you finish the day’s tasks on the field. 

Quality and Durability

The Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot is constructed using a durable leather material that is resistant to abrasions, allowing you to go through demanding environments without worrying that the fabric will easily be destroyed when exposed to abrasive surfaces. The upper is fitted with breathable panels that allow air to move freely throughout the boot to maintain proper ventilation and prevent extreme heat from producing significant discomfort. The heavy-duty rubber outsole is designed with aggressive lugs that grip the ground firmly so that you can walk safely on challenging surface conditions without worrying that every step can lead to a slipping accident. The boots are equipped with an EVA midsole that flexes with your movements so that you can move as naturally as possible without compromising your agility, which is important especially during crucial moments when your or others’ safety is at stake. A flexible foam insole likewise moves with your steps, so you can do the activities that are required without anything interfering with your actions. This foam insole keeps your feet lovingly cushioned to ease pressure points and prevent blisters from forming throughout the day while ensuring that foot fatigue is stopped from developing even with your constant movements. I especially like the side zipper that made putting and taking off the boots truly convenient since I did not need to tackle the laces every time. I got the chance to use these boots in the sand color that looked pretty good but had the drawback of being difficult to clean since the stains do not come out easily – and are quite obvious against the light-colored material. Since this is not a waterproof boot, it is not suitable for working in wet conditions such as indoors with a lot of exposure to liquids, and outdoors when it is raining. 

Other Versions

The Nortiv 8 Men’s Side Zipper Tactical Boot comes in a version without a side zipper, as well as a version that is fitted with safety toes for increased protection against impact and compression hazards in the field and elsewhere. These boots are offered in the following colors: black, sand, dark gray, and black suede. 

The Challengers

nortiv 8 side zipper tactical boots - challengers

The Bruno Marc Men’s Military Boot is a great alternative for those who are looking for a more fashionable boot that is strong enough to take on tactical work duties but is also handsome enough to be paired with more formal clothes. This boot features a classic motorcycle boot silhouette that will look great with jeans and can also be used to jazz up more formal outfits. The TPU outsole is built with aggressive treads that strongly grip the ground to help you avoid slipping accidents in and out of the field. The boots are designed to be flexible so you will not need to worry about anything interfering with your efficient movements in the most crucial times. The lace-up design allows for fit customization so your feet can feel secure and supported while being enveloped in one of the most stylish pair of boots. Priced at under $40, this is a great value purchase that will not make a significant dent in your budget. 

The CQR Men’s Water-Repellent Military Tactical Boot is built with a coated ripstop fabric upper that can keep your feet protected in harsh weather conditions. This material resists water, dust, and oil, allowing you to move easily in various environments with the confidence that the challenges around will not easily damage the boot. The water-repellent upper protects your feet from getting soaked when you are under the rain or working in wet conditions indoors. A rubber toe cap adds another layer of protection against abrasive surfaces that you may encounter during the course of a busy workday. The rugged outsoles can easily keep up with various terrains while maintaining much-needed stability and support to get you through the most difficult tasks. 

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The FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Boot is a waterproof choice that will help you maintain long-lasting foot dryness while working in wet surroundings. The upper is made with suede leather and scratch-resistant nylon that offers superior strength and durability in the face of abrasive surfaces that may be encountered while you are in the field. The toes are reinforced with strong rubber to protect these critical portions from being easily damaged when doing tough jobs. These boots are equipped with rubber outsoles that come with aggressive lugs to deliver powerful traction on a variety of surface conditions so you can maintain your safe and steady footing all throughout the day. These boots also have a sporty look that you can enjoy in more casual settings, long after your shift has ended. 

The Bates Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX Side Zip Boot is an excellent choice when you want the cream of the crop and are willing to pay the corresponding price. It is built with a waterproof leather upper that keeps the wetness from entering the boot to guarantee foot dryness throughout your shift. A waterproof GORE-TEX membrane acts as another layer of protection within the boot and works double-time to maintain a breathable environment for your feet to enjoy for long hours at a time. This membrane also wicks away moisture to prevent sweat buildup within the boots. The side zipper allows for convenient foot entry and exit that will take only a few seconds out of your busy day. The boot is fitted with an EVA midsole that provides a high level of functionality and flexibility while maintaining a lightweight structure that does not negatively affect the overall weight and bulk of the boot. 

The Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boot is difficult to beat when it comes to lightweight performance. It comes with an ultra-light EVA midsole that delivers long-lasting comfort and support to fight foot fatigue throughout the day. An exclusive ankle support system delivers the right amount of support exactly where you need it while following the contours of your ankle for customized comfort and stability. The entire perimeter of the boot is strengthened with a welded PU film that protects the boot from abrasions. An antimicrobial sock liner molds to the shape of your foot for a comfortable experience while working to fight odor-causing bacteria within the boot. This boot comes with the strength and durability that will work to your great advantage while at work and offers the comfort level that you can expect when wearing athletic sneakers. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Nortiv 8 Men’s 6-Inch Side Zipper Tactical Boot offers great value for money with good construction and quality that comes at an extremely affordable price. These boots are suitable for law enforcement jobs that involve working in mild weather conditions since they do not have the waterproof structure that is ideal for working in tougher environments. They may not have all the protective features that high-end options have, but these boots are surprisingly strong contenders in the tactical boot category given their low price range. 

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