Muck Boots Muckster 2 Review

We have worn and thoroughly examined one of the most popular garden boot options in the market to date. Here are the results!

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For gardening chores that are more easily done with lightweight footwear, the Muckster II Ankle-Height Men’s Rubber Garden Boot gets the job done with minimal fuss and maximum comfort.



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muckster 2 boots v10


The Muckster II Ankle-Height Men’s Rubber Garden Boot provided no-fuss functionality for an overall positive boot-wearing experience. It lived up to its name as a suitable garden boot that helped me move efficiently while doing some light garden work and did not cause discomfort the way that bulkier and heavier boots do. It is a great companion for working in warm weather because of the breathable lining, but it also works well in colder environments because of the neoprene insulation. If you prefer a shoe instead of a boot, check out the Muck Boot Muckster Low that comes with similar features – but may feel more comfortable for working on light gardening or yard chores because of its lower height. Meanwhile, the Muck Boot Men’s Chore Classic Chelsea Boot is a good fit for more heavy-duty work, as it comes in a taller boot height that provides more protection, rubber reinforcements, and a steel shank for enhanced support. The Arctic Excursion Ankle Boot from the same brand is an excellent alternative for working outdoors in muddy, wet, or slushy environments, as the boot comes with a warm fleece lining and neoprene that will keep the foot warm and dry. The Muck Boot Men’s Excursion Pro Mid, on the other hand, has a unique lining material that comes with antimicrobial and cooling properties to protect the feet from bacteria and overheating. For a more pocket-friendly alternative, the Bogs Men’s Urban Farmer Low Rain Boot will not disappoint with a waterproof design that has insulation and a breathable inner lining – all offered at an affordable price range.

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The Muckster Rubber Garden Boot comes in 2 versions – the ankle-height boot and the garden shoe that has a shorter height. We had the chance to use the ankle-height boot which measured roughly 6 inches from the arch and provided coverage until the lower calves. The 4mm neoprene is flexible and allows complete freedom of movement. The rubber outsole helps maintain steady footing in wet conditions, although its traction may not be strong enough to take on deep mud and increasingly slippery ground conditions. This boot keeps the foot nurtured in a comfortable embrace in temperatures ranging from sub-freezing to 65°F. Below, we’ll go into the specifics of the boot’s features, including the most remarkable attributes and which ones need to be enhanced for better functionality and/or comfort.

Ideal For

  • Light garden or yard work that does not involve deep mud or water puddles.
  • People who prefer boots with a relaxed fit.
  • Those who like boots that are lightweight and easy to slip on and off.

Going In-Depth with the Muckster II Ankle-Height Garden Boot

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I found the Muckster II Ankle-Height Rubber Garden Boot to be comfortable and highly suitable for puttering around the garden doing light tasks. The 4mm neoprene lining easily followed the shape of my foot so that the boot felt like it was made with my specific foot measurements as it provided enhanced comfort. The flexible neoprene material aids in natural mobility, so I didn’t encounter any problems with moving around, which can be a problem when using shoes made with stiff materials. This flexible neoprene also provided the benefit of preventing chafing that can cause painful blisters to develop, especially with long hours of boot use. The boot worked to deliver reliable shock absorption so that my foot didn’t feel much of the brunt of every step, making it easier to avoid foot fatigue. The curved boot opening does not cut into the calf area, so there was nothing to interfere with efficient movements. This curved topline also results in effortless boot placement and removal, as it easily accommodates the foot regardless of its shape. It comfortably hugs the calf to keep the warmth sealed in and at the same time prevent cold air or water from entering. Meanwhile, a breathable lining works to protect the foot from uncomfortable overheating. Given the low-profile structure of this boot, I thought it was best to leave the heavy-duty work for when I was using boots with stronger structures, such as the Chore Classic Chelsea Boot from the same brand.

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This garden boot is ultra-lightweight and extremely easy to walk and move around in. It has an almost airy quality that felt almost like I was going barefoot but with the high-quality waterproof material to keep my feet protected in wet conditions. The lower part of the boot comes with a snug fit that lends to the almost naked sensation that makes it so much easier to enjoy working in the garden and yard. I didn’t have to deal with bulky boots that can feel like they’re dragging and slowing down movements.

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The boot’s rubber outsole is advertised to deliver strong traction over wet and slippery surfaces. In my experience, they did prevent slipping on some wet surfaces, but walking around became a bit tricky when it came to thicker mud and extremely slippery ground. This may be because the outsoles don’t have the aggressive treads needed to deal with such challenging terrain. The Arctic Excursion Ankle Boot and the Chore Classic Chelsea Boot are more suitable for working in deeper mud, puddles, or other terrains that are completely slippery, since these alternatives have stronger treads on the outsoles.

Fit and Sizing

The Muckster II Ankle-Height Men’s Rubber Garden Boot is easy to slip on and off, thanks to the flexible neoprene upper that features a curved opening. This allows for effortless boot entry and removal for all foot shapes. The lace-free construction offers convenient wearing, but it can also be tricky to feel perfectly comfortable at times, since there are no laces to use for adjustments. The upper portion of the boot where the neoprene is located can feel a bit loose, but this space can be used for a tucked-in pant leg if preferred. The somewhat loose fit may take some getting used to and may even feel a bit uncomfortable if you prefer a snug fit – but this can quickly be solved by using thick socks. The looseness of the boot on the ankle portion and beyond can also feel a little challenging to deal with when going uphill and downhill. This is because the boot can feel like it lacks the complete support usually expected from an ankle-height boot that comes with a snugger fit. In this case, an adjustment period may be needed before being completely comfortable with using this garden boot for more challenging or uneven terrain.


This boot is waterproof, so you can be assured your feet will remain dry and feeling fresh even when you are working in wet or muddy areas. The boot’s construction reaches until the lower calf area, which is much better compared to the Muck Boot Muckster Low that only offers waterproof coverage until below the ankle bone.


The boot’s interior is fitted with an air mesh lining that encourages proper ventilation to disperse sweatiness and heat before they can build up and cause discomfort. With this breathable lining in place, the foot can maintain a comfortable dryness even with all-day boot-wearing. The feet can smell and feel fresh for long hours even when work needs to be done in warm weather or with hot surroundings.

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Quality and Durability

The Muck Boot Muckster II Ankle-Height Garden Boot is constructed with 4mm neoprene that delivers remarkable flexibility and insulation to keep you moving as freely and comfortably as possible. The rubber overlay forms a strong barrier against water and abrasive materials so that the boot can remain strong and durable for long-term use. This rubber material is easy to clean, making maintenance effortless so it will be easier to preserve the aesthetics and functionality of the boot for a long time. The outsoles are made from high-quality rubber that provides reliable traction and a strong structure to withstand heavy and constant use.

muckster 2 boots v3

Other Versions

The Muckster II Ankle-Height Men’s Rubber Garden Boot has a low-profile version – the Muckster Low that is built like regular shoes or sneakers. This low-profile version similarly comes with neoprene insulation for reliable temperature regulation and the breathable lining to keep the interior of the boot properly ventilated at all times. Both versions have a rubber outsole that delivers strong traction in wet conditions. The Muckster Low is more suitable for working in areas where you will not encounter deep puddles of water or mud, since the construction only provides coverage until the top of the heel. The Muckster II Garden Boot is available in the following colors: black & black, moss & green, and bark & otter.

The Challengers

The first product that can closely compete with the Muckster II is its own low-profile version, the Muckster Low. This version looks and feels more like a shoe rather than a boot, with a structure that provides coverage to just above the heel area – just like a regular sneaker. With the same attributes including the flexible neoprene for heat retention, breathable lining, and rubber outsoles, the only thing that sets these two versions apart is the boot height. The Muckster Low may be more comfortable for people who dislike the slightly loose ankle area of the Muckster II. However, with the price difference of roughly $20, you can enjoy increased coverage and water protection from the Muckster II.

The second competitor is the Muck Boot Men’s Chore Classic Chelsea Boot. It offers more coverage than the Muckster II with its slightly higher shaft and comes with reinforcements that make it the more suitable choice for working in wet and tough conditions. Multiple layers of rubber enhancements are placed on the heel and toe areas to protect these crucial portions against damage. A steel shank is placed on the boot to provide enhanced durability and to increase stability that is beneficial when going over challenging terrain.

muckster 2 - challengers

Another excellent alternative from the same brand is the Muck Boot Arctic Excursion Ankle Boot. It’s perfect for working in weather conditions that are too cold for the Muckster II. The Arctic Excursion comes with a fleece lining that delivers outstanding insulation to maintain a comfortable warmth when the outdoor temperature drops. The full rubber and neoprene upper create a waterproof shell to prevent water, slush, or mud from getting into the boot.

The Men’s Excursion Pro Mid, still from the Muck Boot company, comes with a slightly higher shaft and can bring about a more comfortable experience for working in warm weather. The boot features a special fabric lining that wicks away moisture to keep the foot dry and cool, with a comfort rating for temperatures ranging from 40°F to 95°F. It’s also equipped with a lightweight EVA outsole that is resistant to chemicals, mud, and oils while maintaining a lightweight structure for effortless use.

For a no-frills option that comes at an affordable price, the Bogs Men’s Urban Farmer Low Rain Boot is a high-quality product that is worth considering, especially for those who are not too keen on wearing boots. It’s 100% waterproof and feels like an effortlessly comfortable lightweight sneaker. It has an insulation layer to regulate temperature, along with a moisture-wicking lining that promotes proper ventilation. Priced at just above $80, this boot offers an unbeatable value for money.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Muck Boot Muckster II is a versatile boot that can extend its functionality way beyond the garden. It is designed for convenient wearing and maintenance, with a structure that can effortlessly be put on and slipped off without affecting range of motion in the process. While the lightweight construction and relaxed fit can deliver a comfortable experience, the boot can also feel too loose and unstable for some who may prefer the snugness of a laced boot for increased stability. This boot also lacks the ruggedness and strength that can take on tougher work conditions, for which more heavy-duty boot styles will work well.

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