Muck Boots Derwent 2 Boots Review

Comfortable, highly waterproof and insulated, the Derwent 2 are definitely one of the top rubber Wellington style boots, we’ve ever worn.  

Muck Derwent 2 v1

For powering through the outdoors in wet or muddy terrain, the Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot effortlessly keeps up with challenging conditions while keeping feet comfortable.



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Muck Derwent 2 v1


We enjoyed effortless functionality with the Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot, which made the overall boot-wearing experience a pleasant one. The pull-on structure of the boot is made even more convenient with the neoprene upper that delivers superior flexibility, making it possible to put on and remove the boot with great ease, especially since there are no shoelaces to deal with. The rubber overlay offers the reinforcement that the boot needs to be able to navigate tough outdoor environments without being easily damaged, while the reinforced ankle and toe support guarantee all-day stability. If you are looking for more coverage, check out the Edgewater II Tall Boot from the same company, with similar features in a 16-inch height that delivers increased protection to suit your needs. On the other hand, you may want to check out the Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Outpost Tall Work Boot or the Obcursco Waterproof 6mm Neoprene Rubber Boot if you prefer your boots tall. These provide continuous warmth and insulation to be able to withstand the extreme cold. For maximum durability, a better option would be the Men’s Chore Classic Tall Boots from the same brand, as it features triple reinforcement on the toe and heel areas. Another would be the Hisea Insulated Rubber Neoprene Work Boot that offers unbeatable affordability as it falls just below $50.

Muck Derwent 2 v10

The Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot is a mid-height wellington boot that works doubly hard to keep the feet protected throughout the day. The guaranteed waterproof structure does not allow water, mud, mulch, and similar materials to penetrate, so working around these substances didn’t pose problems. We had the chance to enjoy the convenience of using these boots that were effortless to put on and remove, with the help of the neoprene material on the upper that made the boot structure superbly flexible. Without shoelaces to deal with, preparation time with the boots was a breeze – although the lack of shoelaces did mean that there was no chance to make adjustments for a perfect fit, which can be an issue if you prefer your footwear to deliver more of a snug or tight feel. We will delve deeper into the details of our experience while using the Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot to show you which features are most beneficial, and which ones should be further improved, in our opinion.

Ideal For

Muck Derwent 2 v12
  • People who prefer a pull-on boot design with no laces.
  • Those who work in wet or muddy environments and need waterproof boots.
  • People who want boots that are easy to clean and maintain after use.

Going In-Depth with the Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot

Muck Derwent 2 v13


The Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot felt comfortable out of the box with no break-in period needed. The component that played the most crucial role in delivering the enhanced comfort was the 4mm neoprene upper that was flexible enough to quickly adapt to the foot and calf’s movements. This meant that I enjoyed moving effortlessly and naturally because I didn’t have to deal with a stiff boot material getting in the way of easy movements. Another benefit that the neoprene material provided was the convenient placement and removal of the boot – I did not spend a lot of time with these tasks because the flexible upper was so easy to deal with and lent a comfortable feeling as soon as I put on the boot. The opening easily adjusts as soon as the boot is worn to hug the leg, keeping moisture out and preventing the cold exterior temperature from seeping into the boot so that the foot can stay warm and dry all day long. However, without laces, there is no way to adjust the fit of the boot so it feels perfectly comfortable – and this may be an issue if you prefer your feet to have a locked-in feeling. While the upper material greatly contributed to the comfort level of the boot, the outsole should also be mentioned, as it also played a key role in the boot’s overall comfort level. This is mainly due to the outsole’s sturdiness that made me feel confident walking on slippery and wet ground. Also, the boots were not heavy, so I felt no discomfort when I used them for hours. Finally, the reinforced ankle and toe areas not only make the boots more durable but also provide enhanced support to promote comfortable stability with every activity.


I found this boot’s weight to be at the middle of the scale – they are neither heavy nor light. They didn’t feel too bulky even with the high shaft height, mainly because the neoprene material has a lightweight structure that doesn’t lend too much heaviness to the boot’s overall profile. Walking around with these boots on feels natural and comfortable and didn’t cause a dragging feeling. Even with the thick outsoles in place, the weight stayed just right, with a pleasant amount of solid feel that made every step feel more stable. The solid weight of these boots becomes even more beneficial when working on muddy surfaces, as the structure adds more stability to maintain steady footing in such challenging conditions.


The Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot comes with a durable rubber outsole that features pronounced treads. This outsole is designed to easily take on the challenges of working in wet and muddy conditions so that a high level of stability can be enjoyed while gardening, working on the farm, or doing other chores in slippery surroundings. I managed to confidently walk around muddy areas because the outsoles had a strong grip on the ground that prevented me from slipping. The outsole has a solid construction that delivered superior stability, keeping me fully supported while I navigated various terrain with ease.

Muck Derwent 2 v4

Fit and Sizing

This boot has a relaxed fit that tends to feel a bit large. I am a size 10 but the size 9 fits me well, so this is something that should be considered when buying these boots. A larger size can be made more comfortable, however, by using thick socks. Another thing to note is the relaxed fit has the distinct advantage of offering more room for the toes to be able to move a bit when needed, so they won’t experience painful cramping that may result when tight boots are worn for a long period of time. The pull-on design of this boot means there’s no need to deal with laces when putting on and removing the boots. However, without the laces, it can be difficult to achieve a perfectly snug fit that may be preferred by those who want the feeling that their feet and calves are tucked tightly into their boots.

Muck Derwent 2 v9


These Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boots are made with a waterproof upper that stops water, mud, and other substances from getting inside the boot. This ensures the feet will remain comfortable and dry for hours even when you work in muddy or wet environments. With reliable waterproofing in place, the exterior and interior structures of the boot can be protected from extensive damage that may result from water exposure. I felt confident moving around muddy and waterlogged areas while using these boots because I was certain that my feet wouldn’t get wet, and that my boots wouldn’t be damaged.


The boot’s interior is equipped with a mesh lining that promotes continuous breathability. This lining allows air to pass freely into the boot so that excess heat and perspiration can be dissipated. With proper ventilation in place, I didn’t need to deal with extreme sweating or overheating even when I wore the boots for hours. This breathability helped make the overall experience more comfortable, allowing me to focus on the tasks that need to be done without being distracted by overwhelming discomfort.

Muck Derwent 2 v19

Quality and Durability

This boot is constructed with high-quality neoprene and a rubber overlay that work to provide superior waterproofing while maintaining a flexible profile. A reinforced ankle and toe protect these areas from abrasion so that the boot’s structural integrity can be preserved. This will enable you to fully maximize the benefits of the boot’s premium features for a long time. The strong rubber outsole delivers strong traction in a durable structure that can withstand challenging tasks and environments. This boot is designed for easy cleaning, so there won’t be difficulties in removing the mud and dirt after a hard day at work.

Other Versions of the Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot

The Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot is available in the following colors: black, moss green, bark, and brown bark real tree xtra. It doesn’t have other versions, but there are a few products that come with similar features from the same brand. The Edgewater II Tall Boot is also ideal for working in wet and muddy environments but features a higher rubber coverage to deliver increased support and protection as well as an angled boot opening for a more comfortable fit on the calf area. Meanwhile, the Muckmaster Tall Boot comes with an even more extended rubber coverage to ensure enhanced protection, along with a thermal foam underlay that ensures continuous foot warmth in cold weather conditions.

The Challengers

Muck Derwent 2 v18

One of the best alternatives to the Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot comes from the same brand and is named Edgewater II Tall Boot. It has a structure that is similar to the Derwent II but has a higher rubber coverage that delivers increased support and protection for working in muddy or wet conditions. This boot also has enhanced features such as the Achilles reinforcement and angled boot opening, which you can fully enjoy for a difference of roughly $10 more compared to the price of the Derwent II.

The second challenger from the same brand is the Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Outpost Tall Boot that comes with the same neoprene and rubber material combination for the upper, but in this boot’s case, the rubber shell is further extended to provide even greater support and coverage while working in extremely wet surroundings. A soft fleece lining offers superior warmth and comfort that makes this boot a more suitable option for working in extremely cold environments, which the Derwent II may not be able to take on efficiently.

Muck Derwent 2 - challengers

Another product that delivers reliable insulation is the Obcursco Waterproof 6mm Neoprene Rubber Boot. It features a neoprene and rubber upper that prevents water from seeping into the boot to maintain comfortably dry feet in wet surroundings. The insulation layer prevents body heat from escaping so that the feet will remain comfortably warm when you are working in cold climates or outdoors when it is raining. This boot also has the added benefit of delivering superior shock absorption to fight foot fatigue, especially with long hours of boot use.

Another noteworthy boot from the same brand is the Men’s Chore Classic Tall Boot. It has the same upper that combines neoprene and rubber overlays to deliver strong waterproof protection and comfortable flexibility. However, the Chore Classic is made with triple toe reinforcement and quadruple heel reinforcement to deliver outstanding durability that will easily keep up with a tough work environment without succumbing to early damage, even with heavy or constant use. The interior of this boot is also enhanced with moisture management and odor control features that work to maintain foot freshness for long hours.

The Hisea Insulated Rubber Neoprene Work Boot is your best bet if you are looking for the most affordable work boots that can be used in wet and muddy conditions. At just under $50, this boot comes in at a very attractive price point while delivering 100% waterproofing, along with a lightweight and flexible construction that will bring long-lasting comfort. The rubber outsoles can take on hot surfaces, while the triple rubber layers on the toe and heel areas deliver additional protection and durability.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Muck Boot Derwent II Wellington Boot is a great choice for working in muddy and wet conditions, as it comes with a completely waterproof structure to keep the feet dry. It offers the extreme convenience of a lace-free construction that makes putting on and taking off the boot a breeze while featuring a sturdy rubber outsole that will protect you from slipping on muddy or waterlogged ground conditions. However, it may not be suitable for those who prefer a locked-in feeling, since the pull-on design means there are no laces that can be used to adjust the fit. These boots are also not recommended for environments with extreme temperatures because they don’t have the proper insulation.

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