Top 10 Best Moc Toe Boots In 2021 - A Detailed Guide

For dependable foot protection without compromising comfort and functionality, moc toe work boots are designed with a distinctive structure that makes them suitable for staying on your feet all day long.

For dependable foot protection without compromising comfort and functionality, moc toe work boots are designed with a distinctive structure that makes them suitable for staying on your feet all day long.

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Work boots cater to different needs both in and out of the workplace. Moc toe work boots are easily distinguishable from other work boots because of their unique U-shaped stitching on the toe box that resembles the construction of the traditional moccasin, from which the term “moc toe” is derived. This design results in a roomier toe box that can deliver superb comfort that will be extremely beneficial for those who spend long hours of the day working on their feet. The additional space allows the toes to move a bit to prevent cramping and foot fatigue from building up, which can be an issue when using work boots with narrow and rounded toe boxes that can pinch the toes. With more room vertically and horizontally in the toe box, the moc toe work boot offers enhanced comfort without compromising efficiency and safety in the work area. High-quality moc toe work boots are further enhanced with features that aim to keep the feet protected from various safety hazards in the workplace. Moc toe work boots may also be preferred by those who are looking for more stylishness in their footwear. Compared to the bulky profile that other work boot designs come in, the moc toe work boot comes in a more casual style that will work well somewhere like a construction site and can just as easily round out an outfit in a more relaxed setting – such as a social gathering – without looking out of place.

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Top 10 Moc Toe Boots In 2021

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Moc Toe Boot

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Moc Toe Boot

The Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Moc Toe Boot is one of the brand’s most popular styles and is designed by union workers. The proprietary MAXWEAR outsole was developed in collaboration with safety directors, boilermakers, electricians, and ironworkers with the goal of formulating an outsole that will be suitable for all job sites. The result is an outsole that is approximately 30% stronger compared to the ones used by competing brands, making it possible for you to fully enjoy this premium moc toe work boots’ benefits for a long time. This exclusive outsole is slip-resistant, helping maintain complete stability in slippery conditions and when working in areas with uneven surfaces that may otherwise lead to falling or slipping accidents when using non-slip-resistant footwear. The heels and soles of the boots are resistant to electric shock and are capable of protecting the feet against up to 18,000 volts for one minute under dry conditions, providing an extra barrier against this type of safety hazard that may be present in the workplace.

We love that the tobacco oil-tanned leather offers superior breathability to keep the feet comfortable inside the boots no matter how long they are worn for work or other purposes. This prevents an overheated feeling from occurring, as air is allowed to pass through the boot, so that heat accumulation can be prevented. The footbed delivers outstanding shock absorption that works to keep foot pain from developing when walking or standing for long hours. The generously cushioned insole offers the padding needed by the foot to function without pain all day long. The insole is removable for convenient washing, so the interior of the boot can be maintained properly without too much effort. This moc toe work boot is built with a composite fiberglass shank that provides the support required for the foot to enjoy hours of stability, which can enhance overall efficiency, especially when walking on challenging surfaces and ground conditions. The Goodyear storm welt construction keeps the outsoles firmly attached to the uppers for dependable and long-term use across the most challenging terrain and work environments.

With all the excellent features packed into these moc toe work boots, it’s not that surprising they’re a bit heavier than the other options with less than stellar features. The additional weight may be a small price to pay for the outstanding characteristics of the boot but may be an issue for those who find it difficult to move with heavy boots.


  • Oil-tanned leather is breathable to prevent overheating
  • Exclusive MAXWEAR outsoles are slip-resistant and around 30% stronger compared to other brands
  • Shock-absorbing footbed promotes long-lasting comfort to prevent foot fatigue


  • Can feel too heavy

2. Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch Boot

Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch Boot

The Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch Work Boot is constructed with premium full-grain leather that almost feels like nubuck with a velvety texture but is still tough enough to be able to withstand demanding work environments. This leather provides the long-lasting strength and durability that can be expected from such high-quality footwear. It also has a higher resistance to water and other liquids to prevent damage from exposure. It will require minimal maintenance even with long-term use. We especially liked that it doesn’t come with a lining, allowing the material to follow the shape of the foot more closely for a more customized fit that brings nonstop comfort, even with long hours of boot wearing. This unlined structure gives the upper a lightweight construction compared to unlined boots and is an excellent choice for working in hot conditions or warm temperatures since it can retain a comfortably cool interior for longer periods.

This moc toe work boot offers secondary protection with heels and soles that are resistant to electrical shocks, adding another safety barrier against electrical hazards that may be encountered in the workplace and elsewhere. The Danner Wedge outsole offers strong traction to maintain steady footing on uneven or slippery surfaces so serious slipping accidents can be avoided. This outsole also provides lightweight support, cushioning, and shock absorption to promote increased comfort no matter how long you need to stay on your feet. The toe box comes with a roomier structure that makes it possible for the toes to be wiggled from time to time to prevent severe discomfort from setting in, especially with long hours of boot wearing without rest. We find the footbed impressive because it is made with open-cell Ortholite that not only provides ample cushioning but also works to provide increased breathability within the boot so that heat can be dissipated before it has a chance to build up.

This moc toe work boot is a great choice for those looking for supreme comfort and shock absorption. However, the stitch down construction can be an issue in the long run, because the boot will be more difficult or more expensive to re-sole when the time comes.


  • Features unlined leather that more easily follows the shape of the foot
  • Ortholite footbed is breathable and dissipates heat
  • Oil- and slip-resistant outsole offers secondary electrical shock protection


  • Difficult and/or expensive to re-sole

3. Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Boot

Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Boot

The Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Boot is created to provide superior protection in wet environments, particularly those that can be encountered on construction sites and in various warehouse settings. The premium leather upper is enhanced with a waterproof coating that will keep the feet dry and comfortable even when submerged or when you need to work outdoors in the rain. We love that even with the waterproof coating on the exterior, this boot manages to maintain a breathable structure. It keeps the air passing through freely so that excess heat can be dispersed outwards before the interior can feel overheated. This breathable membrane also makes it possible for perspiration to be dissipated, so the foot remains dry and comfortable even with extended wearing while in warm conditions such as a humid workplace or when working outdoors under the scorching sun.

The interior of the boot features a thick insole that surrounds the foot with generous cushioning that absorbs shock superbly so that foot fatigue can be stopped before it can fully develop throughout a long day at work. This cushioned insole also works to provide additional support for the foot and will help relieve pressure points in the process. We like the FastDry lining that fights unwanted odors from developing inside the boot so feet can feel and smell fresh. This lining also wicks away sweat and dries quickly so that molds will not have a chance to build up within the boots. The strong rubber outsole is made with dual-density rubber for remarkable strength and durability that can take on challenging environments and activities, allowing you to take full advantage of the moc toe work boot’s high-quality features for long-term use. This outsole is slip-resistant, providing excellent traction to prevent slipping accidents on various ground and floor conditions. The moc toe profile has a versatile aesthetic that will look equally great at a construction site or a more casual setting that may involve socializing with others.

This moc toe work boot will easily keep the feet dry in wet conditions but may not be the most suitable choice for people with wide feet. The upper has a structure that can feel too narrow, so it may pinch in some instances.


  • Proprietary waterproof and breathable membrane prevents water from penetrating the boot
  • FastDry lining fights bad odors and wicks away sweat
  • Cushioned insole delivers superior shock absorption and support


  • Structure may be too narrow and uncomfortable for wide feet

4. Wolverine Men’s Loader 8-Inch Steel Toe Wedge Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Loader 8-Inch Steel Toe Wedge Work Boot

The Wolverine Men’s Loader 8-Inch Steel Toe Wedge Work Boot is designed to provide all-day comfort in challenging working conditions to help increase workers’ productivity. We especially liked that the top-quality leather upper is unlined and instantly molds to the contours of the foot for unbeatable comfort, making it seem like the boot is customized to follow the specific foot shape of the wearer. Without the lining, the interior of the boot remains comfortably cool, allowing air to move through freely. This stops excessive heat and moisture from building up, preventing overheating. This feature makes this moc toe work boot a fantastic choice for working in hot conditions, such as in humid job sites or outdoors with the sun beating down mercilessly. A padded collar is fitted into the interior of the boot to further enhance the comfort level even with long hours of use. The steel toe feature forms a barrier that protects the foot from items that may fall from a great height, such as tools or equipment that may be present in the work area on a regular basis.

A cushioned footbed is fitted into the interior of the boot to keep the area padded so that the foot will not feel discomfort when you need to walk or stand for the better part of the day. This footbed is designed to be removable to make the cleaning process much easier to manage. A steel shank is put in place for increased support, especially on challenging surface conditions, to ensure you’ll maintain steady footing and a stable gait for nonstop productivity. We find the PU wedge outsole with its slight rocker structure to be an impressive feature, as it not only grips the ground with superior traction to prevent slipping on uneven surfaces but also makes moving quickly quite effortless. Lace-up uppers allow for easy adjustment so it won’t be difficult to get the fit that feels most comfortable. The Goodyear welt construction guarantees a strong build that will keep the outsole and upper firmly attached for long-lasting durability and strength that will withstand more than the usual wear and tear.

These moc toe work boots are best suited for those who work outdoors, such as farmers, landscapers, carpenters, ironworkers, or those who have hot working conditions. The sizes tend to run big, but this issue can be resolved by wearing thick socks.


  • Unlined interior molds to the foot shape and delivers breathability for superior comfort
  • Steel safety toe protects the foot from being crushed by falling objects
  • PU wedge outsoles offer strong traction and promote effortless movements


  • Sizes tend to run big

5. Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Steel Toe 8-Inch Work Boot

Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Steel Toe 8-Inch Work Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Steel Toe 8-Inch Work Boot is packed with features that aim to protect the user from safety hazards that may be encountered in and around various workplace settings. We are impressed with the sole that is made from a heat-resistant material, as it guarantees superior protection in demanding and hot working environments. The soles can be used on high heat surfaces and will resist melting when exposed to a maximum temperature of 475°F. The leather upper offers superior waterproofing so the foot remains comfortable and dry even with long hours of working in a puddle or outdoors when it is raining. The lining wicks away moisture to stop the buildup of sweat and excessive heat so the feet won’t feel discomfort even with extended boot wearing. The U-shaped stitching consistent with the moc toe design provides ample wiggle room for the toes to prevent a cramped and painful feeling from developing over the course of a demanding workday.

We liked the extra protection provided by the non-metallic safety toe that offers a dependable barrier against tools, equipment, and other items in the work area that may accidentally fall on the foot. This safety toe feature prevents serious injuries. The electrical hazard protection in place offers secondary protection when exposed to open electrical circuits in dry conditions, so this will be one less thing to worry about while at the worksite. A removable PU footbed can quickly be cleaned when necessary to prevent premature damage, especially when the boot has been subjected to more than the usual use and abuse for a long period of time. This footbed supports and cushions the foot to prevent extreme discomfort from developing. Meanwhile, the Goodyear leather welt construction provides the assurance of the boot being able to withstand continuous and heavy use without breaking apart, with the leather upper and outsole remaining firmly attached even with a tough performance output. A wide pull tab on the boot opening makes putting on the boot effortless and quick.

This moc toe work boot is packed with features promoting enhanced comfort and safety for tough work environments but is found to be a bit lacking in the durability department. After only several months of use, the waterproof membrane starts to let some water seep through the interior and some stitches have come undone.


  • Soles are heat-resistant for additional protection in challenging work environments
  • Waterproof leather upper keeps the foot dry
  • Non-composite safety toe provides a protective barrier against falling objects


  • Lacks long-term durability

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks Moc Soft Toe Industrial Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks Moc Soft Toe Industrial Boot

The Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks Moc Soft Toe Industrial Boot is built with top-quality leather that is waterproof and a waterproof membrane to keep water and other liquids that may be present in the work area from penetrating the interior. These ensure the feet will stay comfortably dry, especially when working in wet conditions for long periods cannot be avoided. We were impressed with the TPU outsoles that are created to maintain a flexible structure in different weather conditions so that moving around in both hot and cold climates will not be a problem. The outsoles are also heat-resistant up to a maximum of 248°F, allowing you to work in high heat surroundings with the confidence that your feet will still be protected. These outsoles are built to deliver powerful traction on slippery areas, including frosted surfaces that may otherwise be a challenge to walk on, especially while carrying heavy items that may be required for the tasks on the job site. Electrical hazard protection offers secondary protection against live circuits that may be encountered in and around the workplace in dry conditions.

This moc toe work boot uses anti-fatigue technology that absorbs the shock resulting from continuous walking and other movements throughout the day to prevent discomfort from building up. This technology also works to return energy to the foot for continuous support and comfort that can stop foot fatigue in the long run. The interior of the boot comes with antimicrobial treatment to keep foul odors from forming. The moc toe design gives the toes the spaciousness to wiggle from time to time so that severe cramping can be avoided. We like the soft toe profile that does not force the toes to be squashed together in a tight and stiff space, so wearing these boots is a comfortable experience that makes working nonstop more bearable. The boot opening is lined with padded leather to ensure maximum comfort that will not be disturbed by painful chafing with every movement. Structural support is provided by the steel shank to make sure that walking on all terrain and surfaces can be done without compromising stability and comfort in the process. A customized fit can quickly be achieved with the lace-up feature that can easily be adjusted to suit personal preference and specific work requirements for safety.

This moc toe work boot is a reliable companion for working in any weather condition, but the light and flat tread of the outsoles can be a bit of a problem in muddy areas. Thick, heavy mud tends to stick easily to the outsoles, and you may need to stop once in a while to scrape it off to prevent the boot from being too heavy.


  • Oil- and heat-resistant outsoles will prevent slipping in any weather condition
  • Mesh lining features an antimicrobial treatment that controls odor
  • Waterproof leather upper prevents water from penetrating the boot interior


  • Flat, light tread can accumulate thick mud

7. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6-Inch Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6-Inch Boot

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6-Inch Boot is built with premium oiled leather that delivers an elegant touch to the sturdy aesthetic, making the boot a welcome addition to uniforms or overalls and will also look great with a casual outfit for more relaxed settings. The moc toe design exudes a rugged appeal that has long been preferred by professionals from a variety of industries, as the traditional moccasin toe stitching design allows more space for the toes to wiggle freely from time to time so that they can be saved from long hours of painful cramping. The leather upper is built to resist water so that the feet can remain dry and comfortable even when you need to stay in wet workplace conditions. We especially liked that all the components of the boot work together to follow the shape of the feet so a customized fit can be achieved easily, making it much easier to work for long hours at a time while enjoying continuous comfort in the process.

These work boots are equipped with Traction Tred rubber outsoles that strongly grip the ground to prevent slipping accidents, especially on floors that have water, oil, and other substances that can make the surface slippery. The Poron footbed works to provide reliable cushioning to prevent foot fatigue. Additional storm welts ensure that water and other liquids won’t seep through the boot to maintain the warmth and dryness needed for long-lasting comfort. The Goodyear welt construction ensures remarkable durability that can take on heavy and continuous use so you can look forward to making the most out of the footwear for years to come.

These moc toe work boots come with a stylishness that can be enjoyed in various settings. However, you need to be prepared to wait before being able to fully enjoy that aesthetic in complete comfort because the boots take quite a while before they’re broken in.


  • Classic style that will work well at work and in more casual settings
  • Leather upper is water- and stain-resistant for superior protection and enhanced durability
  • Goodyear welt construction improves boot strength and allows for convenient resoling when needed


  • A long break-in period may be needed

8. Eastland Men’s Lumber Up Lace-Up Boot

Eastland Men’s Lumber Up Lace-Up Boot

The Eastland Men’s Lumber Up Lace Up Boot is designed for all-day comfort but does not scrimp on the essential components that make a high-quality work boot. The leather is smooth and easy to care for so there will be no need to allot a great deal of effort and time to keep the boot looking clean and well-maintained for a long time. The two-tone laces deliver a striking look against the dark leather upper material but also work to increase the functionality by aiding in the quick putting on and removal of the boot. The laces also make it possible for the right fit to be achieved easily with the slightest adjustments so that the boot can be used in the most comfortable manner throughout the day. We admire the insole that is fully lined and cushioned to deliver continuous cradling and support to the foot so it can fight fatigue, which is especially beneficial during those days when it’s not possible to take a break from walking around or standing in place for long hours at a time. Crucial stress points on the boot are strengthened with triple hand-stitching to ensure that these areas will be able to withstand the heavy beating they may encounter as part of normal activities on and off the job site.

The outsole is created with a combination of rubber and EVA for a lightweight and flexible structure that will not interfere with efficient movements. This is especially helpful when moving fast is a necessity to increase productivity and safety in the workplace. Without a heavy outsole, this boot is more comfortable to use. A rigid shank works as a supportive structure that helps maintain stability and overall safety, especially when going over challenging terrain. The shearling lining provides additional warmth to keep the feet comfortable inside the boot when the surrounding area starts to become too cold. The classic moc toe design offers more room for the toes to move slightly for continuous comfort throughout long hours of working and also creates a rugged yet classy appeal that can be used in different job and social settings.

While these moc toe work boots are equipped with outsoles that are designed for lightweight comfort, they are not the best choices for slippery surfaces. The traction of the outsoles is not that strong, and the tread pattern easily wears out.


  • Lightweight and flexible outsole for efficient and comfortable movement
  • Smooth leather material is easy to clean and care for
  • Triple hand-stitching in high-stress areas for enhanced durability


  • The outsoles have poor traction and wear down easily

9. Golden Fox 6-Inch Men’s Moc Toe Work Boot

Golden Fox 6-Inch Men’s Moc Toe Work Boot

The Golden Fox 6-Inch Men’s Moc Toe Work Boot comes with a full-grain leather upper that’s water-repellent to guarantee that water, liquids, and excessive moisture won’t have a chance to enter the boot’s interior. This material has a suppleness that requires a short break-in period, so you can take full advantage of the boot’s premium qualities without the long wait. We like the PU-cushioned insole that keeps the foot cradled and supported so it can be quite easy to go through a hard day at work while preventing extreme discomfort from developing over time. This insole also provides dependable shock absorption that can help relieve discomfort in the legs and lower back. The mesh lining works to keep moisture away from the skin, helping promote a comfortably dry feeling for the feet by dissipating excess sweat before it can build up. This lining also works to insulate the boot to keep the foot warm and comfortable when working in cold environments or outdoors while it’s raining.

The outsole is created with a special tread pattern to provide a powerful grip on the ground so that navigating slippery surfaces will be a cinch. The tread design also works to prevent mud from sticking to the outsole so you won’t need to stop often just to scrape off your boots, and it won’t be able to weigh them down either! We find it remarkable that this rubber outsole is also resistant to chemical erosion so the boots can maintain their structural integrity for long-term functionality. Even better, this sturdy outsole keeps a lightweight structure that promotes comfortable use without the extra weight to drag the feet down and make moving difficult to manage. A steel shank acts as a supportive presence on the arch of the foot, relieving pressure to fight discomfort, especially when walking on uneven surfaces. This shank also protects the foot from being pierced by sharp objects that may be left lying on the ground. The Goodyear welt construction keeps the sole strongly attached to the leather upper for maximum durability while allowing resoling to be done when the need arises in the future.

These moc toe work boots are strong enough to withstand the heavy work of construction sites, but the outsoles leave a lot to be desired in terms of durability. They tend to break down easily after only a few months of use.


  • Supple leather material requires only a short break-in period
  • Oil- and chemical-resistant outsole is lightweight
  • PU-cushioned insole embraces the foot and offers powerful shock absorption


  • Outsoles get easily damaged

10. Rockrooster Men’s Work Boot

Rockrooster Men’s Work Boot

The Rockrooster Men’s Work Boot is made with a water-resistant leather upper that stops water and other liquids from entering to ensure that the feet enjoy comfortable dryness. A breathable membrane allows air to move through the interior of the boot so that overheating can be avoided. We love how the special Coolmax fabric within the boot works to wick away moisture much better than any other natural material, allowing the body to do its own temperature regulation as needed without too much energy exerted. This means that the Coolmax technology helps the feet to stay dry and cool when the surrounding area gets too hot and maintains an insulated structure that will keep the feet comfortably warm during cold days. The footbed is contoured to follow the natural shape of the foot so that it can be cradled in a supportive manner all day long. This supportive structure also offers maximum stability and comfort by providing just the right amount of rebound to return the energy back to the foot, preventing foot fatigue when standing or walking for long hours at a time. Nanotechnology is used to enable the footbed to deliver a massaging motion to the foot so that pain and fatigue can be prevented by promoting better blood circulation.

The non-slip PU outsole comes in a lightweight structure that won’t get in the way of natural movement, making it possible for you to move confidently and quickly over uneven or challenging terrain while preventing slipping accidents in the process. We especially liked the memory foam insole that protects the heel and ball of the foot from experiencing pain as a result of the repeated impact from the hours of walking on the job site. A composite shank enhances the structural integrity of the boot and delivers improved stability that will help keep your steady footing when climbing ladders or when going over challenging ground conditions. The U-shaped moc toe design gives the toes the space needed for slight wiggling that can stop foot cramps from developing.

Advanced technology went into the creation of these moc toe work boots but there are some issues with regards to smaller details. Uneven trimming on the interior leather parts may be seen, while some pairs’ stitching may easily fall apart with only a few months of use.


  • Coolmax technology helps promote proper body temperature regulation
  • Nanotechnology on the footbed delivers a massaging motion for better blood circulation
  • Non-slip PU outsole is lightweight for easier and more comfortable movement


  • Uneven leather trimming and stitching durability

Comparison Table - Moc Toe Boots

Electrical Hazard Protection
Oil-tanned full-grain leather
6 inches
MAXWEAR Wedge outsole (slip-resistant)
100% oiled full-grain leather
6 inches
Oil- and slip-resistant Danner Wedge outsole
100% leather
6 inches
Dual-density rubber outsole
100% full-grain leather
8 inches
PU wedge outsole
Waterproof full-grain leather
8 inches
Heat-resistant rubber outsole
Waterproof full-grain leather
6 inches
All-weather TPU outsole
100% oiled and waxed full-grain leather
6 inches
Traction Tred rubber outsole
100% smooth leather
6 inches
Rubber/EVA outsole
Full-grain leather
6 inches
Oil- and chemical-resistant PU outsole
100% full-grain leather
6 inches
Non-slip PU outsole

How We Chose Our Products

moc toe boots v1

We went through a meticulous research and selection process before coming up with the ranking of the top moc toe work boots, based on the features that we deemed were the most important. These are the most crucial ones to be considered when picking a moc toe work boot and are described in more detail below.

Features of Top-Notch Moc Toe Work Boots

Premium Materials

Top-notch moc toe work boots are made with high-quality materials that will affect not only their appearance but also their functionality, especially for long-term use. The quality of the materials will also have an impact on the comfort level that the user will feel while wearing the boots for work or other purposes. Premium leather will deliver a classy look while offering superior comfort and durability. A durable outsole will be able to withstand heavy use in tough surroundings and will help maintain steady footing by providing strong traction.

Comfortable Fit

A comfortable fit is important for any footwear, but it’s even more essential when it comes to work boots. Cushioned insoles can prevent foot fatigue by cradling the foot and absorbing most of the shock from the repeated impact of walking for long hours. The wide toe box design of the moc toe work boot will offer increased space for the toes to wiggle when needed, so they won’t be cramped into a tight space.

Strength & Durability

Moc toe work boots need to be strong and durable to be able to take on the challenges of different workplaces. Triple-stitching patterns on heavy wear areas can reinforce the structure of the boot so it does not break apart easily even with continuous use. The strength of a premium leather upper enhances the durability of the boot without compromising functionality and aesthetics, and without succumbing to premature damage. Rugged rubber outsoles will not be damaged easily even with heavy use on challenging terrain and will be able to provide powerful traction for a long time.

Protective Features

Safety features work to keep the feet protected from hazards that may be in and around the area you work in. Electrical hazard protection is a must for jobs in which you may be exposed to live currents, to provide secondary protection up to certain voltages in dry conditions. Safety toe enhancements will protect the feet from being crushed when something sharp, blunt, or heavy falls on them. A waterproof coating will prevent water and other liquids from entering the boot to ensure that the foot will stay dry and comfortable in all working conditions.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways


Q: What materials are most often used for the best moc toe work boots?

A: The material that is most often used is premium, full-grain leather that delivers a comfortable fit while offering enhanced durability and resistance to water and other liquids.

Q: Why are they called “moc toe”?

A: This term comes from the word “moccasin,” which is a type of shoe made from a soft material that has distinctive stitching at the top. The moc toe work boot has the same U-shaped stitched portion at the top that results in a more spacious toe box.

Q: What are the top brands for moc toe work boots?

A: Based on our research, the top brands are Thorogood and Danner.

Q: Is a moc toe work boot wider than a round-toed one?

A: Not automatically. The roominess of the moc toe’s toe box comes from the increased vertical space resulting from the U-shaped stitch and not necessarily from a wider boot structure or outsole.

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