Rocky Mobilite Steel Toe Work Boots Review 2022

An active lifestyle will benefit from an equally rugged pair of boots to keep you comfortable and protected in Rocky Men's Mobilite 2020various environments. The Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot is built to keep up with a demanding work or leisure environment so you can focus on the things that you need to do while worrying less about your comfort and safety. These boots are guaranteed to be waterproof so you can rest assured that your feet will stay as dry and comfortable as possible even when you need to work in wet or cold weather conditions. They allow you to move around without the added bulk so you do not have the extra weight to carry around while you work on your feet for the whole day.

Design & Materials

This Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot is made from 100% leather with the proprietary Rocky guaranteed waterproof construction that keeps wetness and excess moisture from seeing through to your feet.

It features the widest oblique toe box in the industry for enhanced comfort that can help you stay comfortable throughout a long day of working while standing or walking around.

It comes with a polyurethane footbed for cushioning that will keep your feet protected from feeling discomfort.

These boots have an oil- and slip-resistant outsole to help you maintain stability when you need to work on slippery floors.

They come with a TPU torsion stabilizer that works to keep your feet in a stable position throughout the day.

The high-abrasion heel counter will keep your heel firmly in place for stability and to maintain comfort for hours.

The boots come with a steel toe feature that offers protection against electrical hazards, compression, and impact Rocky Men's Mobilite 2020for up to 75 lbs.

Comfort & Fit

These boots feature a lace-up design that will allow you to customize the footwear’s fit according to your personal preference and comfort level, so you can work all day long with your feet snug and comfortable inside the shoes, exactly the way you like them to be.

They come with a wide toe box that prevents the uncomfortable cramped feeling that comes from wearing footwear with a too-narrow toe box. This extra space makes it possible for your toes to wiggle just enough to maintain a comfortable condition throughout the day to prevent a strained feeling.

The heel counter works to ensure that heel stays in its proper place while you move continuously, preventing your feet from shifting that can negatively affect your stability and movement. This heel counter also offers reinforced support to protect your feet from feeling strained when they are forced to repeatedly adjust to maintain a stable position.

The boots are fitted with the proprietary polyurethane footbed that keeps your feet properly cushioned so they will remain snug and comfortable for long hours at a time, enabling you to work more efficiently without needing to deal with the pain that comes with uncomfortable footwear.

The waterproof construction of these boots ensures that your feet will remain dry and comfortable even when you are required to work in wet conditions indoors or outdoors, providing you with the reassurance that your feet will not be exposed to health risks associated with excessive wetness for long periods.

DurabilityRocky Men's Mobilite 2020

These boots have a 1-year warranty.

The rubber outsoles are designed for heavy-duty use that will benefit you in various surface conditions, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy these boots’ high-quality features and service for a long time.

Additional Features

These work boots are built to withstand up to 75 lbs. of compression and impact, providing you with another layer of protection against heavy or blunts that might accidentally fall on your feet while you are in the worksite.

The boots are built without using nails for a profile that can help keep you insulated from the ground so that electrical conduction can be slowed down. However, it should be noted that this footwear does not offer primary protection against electrical shock.

Who are these Work Boots for?

These work boots are ideal for those who want to make sure that their feet will stay completely dry while working. They are made with the proprietary Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction that will keep your feet dry and protected from excessive moisture especially when you need to work in wet conditions.

The work boots are for people who prefer to have a steel toe feature for superior protection. The steel toe on these boots keeps your feet protected from up to 75 lbs. of compression and impact, so you can stay safe from being seriously injured especially when there are blunt or heavy objects that are at risk of falling in your workplace.

These work boots are for those who want to keep their feet properly cushioned for enhanced comfort. They come with a polyurethane footbed that keeps your feet in a snug and comfortable condition so you can focus on working all day long without being bothered by pain on your feet.


  • Built with the proprietary Rocky guaranteed waterproof protection to keep your feet completely dryRocky Men's Mobilite 2020
  • Features the industry’s widest toe box to give your toes space to wiggle to prevent discomfort with long hours of use
  • Can withstand up to 75 lbs. of compression and impact to protect your feet from injuries from falling objects
  • Equipped with a proprietary polyurethane footbed that offers great cushioning for enhanced comfort
  • Offers secondary protection from electrical hazards provided that the leather boots are in a dry condition


These are exemplary boots that are designed to provide impressive stability for your long-term comfort. They are fitted with a high-abrasion heel counter that works to keep your heel securely in place while you move so you can be protected from feeling the discomfort that can come from your heel constantly shifting inside the boot while you walk.

These are outstanding work boots if you want to have a customized fit. They come with a lace-up design that will make it easy for you to tighten or loosen the boots as you please until you achieve the fit that you are most comfortable with so you can tackle the day’s activities in an efficient manner.

These work boots are awesome if you prefer a wider toe box to prevent discomfort. They are equipped with the widest toe box feature in the industry so your toes can have the space that they need to be able to wiggle and shift Rocky Men's Mobilite 2020from time to time. This helps prevent foot strain so you can stay comfortably on your feet for the rest of the day.

About the Company

Rocky started out as a shoe factory that was founded by brothers F.M. and William Brooks in Southeastern Ohio in 1932, with the Rocky brand being created in 1979 when the company was at a crossroads in its rich history. Since then, the company has evolved into a leading name in the design and production of premium footwear for various industries and purposes including the military, outdoor, Western, work, and public service. Rocky products are designed and manufactured in Nelsonville, Ohio using the most innovative technologies and top-quality materials to ensure that you will have lightweight, protective, comfortable, and supportive footwear to enjoy for a long time.