Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots Review 2022

Work boots are an important part of every workman’s life, and they are not just a need but a long-term investment KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot Reviewas well. A good work bot needs to fit; however, most of the people in the world do not have the exact standard sizes and the medium-width that is usually common with all the standard boots. It is, therefore, important to choose brands that one can rely on at all times. Work boots need to be both comfortable and sturdy. However, there has to be a balance between the two. A work boot that is too sturdy will stop being comfortable while one that is also comfortable might start to fall apart while working as it might not be able to bear the rigors of work. This could even lead to injury to the worker. Apart from this balance, the work boots need to be fulfilling the professional needs of the workmen as well. Finally, one does not want the work boots to take a very long time to break in. The Work Boot scores high on all aspects mentioned above. It is an over-the-ankle work boot with a very good reputation and provides both comforts as well as safety to the worker.

Design & Materials

Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh have been designed as lightweight work boots intended for use in middle-level work.  While the exact weight depends upon the sizes, on average, it is 1 pound and 9 ounces. It is, therefore, quite easy to walk around in the workbook and not feel burdened in any way. The design is such that while it goes perfectly well with work clothes, the work boot can always be worn casually as well. The work boot stays dry at all times, as it is designed as a waterproof work boot. It contains a proprietary membrane liner that is breathable and allows the sweat and moisture from inside the work boot to be wicked out but does not let the outside rain and water to get inside the work boot. This way, the wearer stays dry at all times. The work boot has got mesh liner, which perfectly integrates with the waterproof membrane.

The work boots are constructed out of Nubuck leather.  The use of leather ensures that the boots will be very sturdy, robust, and strong and also last for a very long time. The work boots are also breathable as they allow an air current through them, which dries out the sweat and moisture, keeping the feet of the wearer cool and dry. In KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot Reviewthe absence of sweat and moisture in the feet, the workman can stand or walk around for a very long time and not feel uncomfortable at all. The work boot is equipped with locking metal hooks as well as lacing eyelets. They are very nicely designed and give a very pleasant and aesthetic look to the work boot. The work boots boast a metatomical footbed design.  This internal support mechanism is intended to be an anatomically engineered system that contours the feet and provides perfect support as it cradles the natural shape of the wearer’s feet. This footbed is made of molded EVA and PU with dual density compression and, as such, has got perfect cushioning and shock-absorbing capabilities. This feature allows the workman to stay protected when he has to jump occasionally while on duty.

The outsole is made out of rubber, which allows the work boot to provide stability not just on dry floors but also on oily and slippery floors. The rubber provides for a very firm grip on the ground. As such, the worker stays stable and balanced on workplace floors, which might be oily or wet. The workmen can carry on their duties without worrying about slippage or falls. However, despite this protective feature of the work boots, workers are advised to exercise m, maximum caution while working on oily and slippery floors as most industrial accidents are related to falls and slippage, in general.  The work boots, nonetheless, provide the workmen with peace of mind in such workplace environments. With a combination of the soft toe protection as well as the oil and slip resistance, the work boots offer a perfect way for then to work to prepare themselves for a hectic day at work.

Comfort and Fit

The soft toe work boots are very comfortable to wear as the leather material as well as the molded EVA and PU with dual density compression midsole make the work boots very cozy to wear. The work boots keep the feet of the workmen protected from harm in many different ways. Not only does the work boot protect against bruises from stones and other hard objects in the field or at the workplace, but they also ensure protection against electrical hazards. Thus, in case, the workman trips over an electrical wire in the outdoors or at the workplace, the work boots have got the necessary protection built-in. The work boots are compliant with the ASTM F2892-11 EH Standards.

The compliance with this standard means that the work boots are protected against static electricity build-up near the work at the workplace. It also protects the action against accidental contact with a live electrical wire at the KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot Reviewworkplace or in the field. The same certification also ensures that the work boots are puncture resistant. The standards are governed by independent third-party laboratories, and the work boots either meet or even exceed these standards. These standards are the minimum safety standards that need to be adhered to at the workplace; however, that does not mean that this protection is valid for all sorts of situations at the workplace, which the workmen could get exposed to. With this protection available in the work boots, the worker can comfortably carry on his work without worrying about the possibility of minor electrical hazards harming him.

Rain or water from outside, getting into the work boots, can be a source of severe discomfort to the workman. Similarly, the sweat and moisture inside the work boots resulting from hard labor could also make the feet wet and cause additional pain. These boots are waterproof, and as such, the water from outside does not seep inside the shoes. The liner is a membrane which carries patented Keen technology. It does not allow the water from outside to get in but will allow the sweat and moisture to be wicked away from insider the boots by an air current, which is enabled because of the breathability of the leather as well as that of the membrane. The leather material is tough but breathable, and this contributes to a lot of dry comfort for the wearer/. In mild winter, the work boots will remain warm and dry as a result of keeping the water out and letting the sweat and moisture to be wicked away while in the summers, the feet will be cool and dry.

The fit of the work boots is quite snug, and the work boots are equipped with eyelets and laces. Different colored laces are available for the two different colored work boots. The colors are Cascade Brown/Bombay Brown and Slate Black. Black and Black and Yellow synthetic laces are available for these work boots. The work boots fit perfectly snugly as a result of the lace design. They are also true to size. The sizes available for this work boot range from 7 to 15 Wide. The work boots are also available in half-sizes as well as in wide sizes. The width is available as D (medium) or wide (E) sizes. However, it must be noted here that T is not the only category in wide KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot Reviewsizes. There are EE and EEE categories as well, and as such, this work boot is not available in the EE or EEE categories, which are for people with very wide feet. The manufacturer recommends, ends that customers chose the size the same as one’s street shoe size as these work boots are designed to be true to dimensions.

For many people, the work boots will fit the right pout of the box. The work boots also provide perfect comfort in terms of cushioning and shock absorption as a result of having the metatomical dual-density EVA footbed which is also removable and thus, washable. This feature allows the workman to keep the footbed clean at all times. The midsole is very useful when the work boots are required to absorb the shocks of occasional jumping while at work. The work boots also break-in very easily and thus, start providing comfort to the worker despite being used for very long days at work.  The tongue of the work boots is quite soft and comforts the feet as well. All of these factors contribute towards a foot fatigue-free workday at the workplace or out in the field.


The work boots are made out of the durable Nubuck leather, which tends to last for a long time. Al the other materials used in the work boots are also durable, including the hardware used.  The midsole is made out of EVA and PU and has been doubly compressed and molded. It is of very high strength and lasts for a long time. The boots have got a very durable soft toe as well, which enjoys double protection as the outsole rolls over it. The outsole is made out of rubber, another natural, and highly durable material. Thus, all the materials used in these work boots tend to last for a very long time. The life of the work boots can be enhanced by keeping them well maintained and clean. For this purpose, the workman can get a leather cleaner from any shoe store and use it to ensure that the work boots stay clean and well maintained.

The metal hooks, the eyelets, as well as the Dry-Lex footwear lining, which is a special membrane technology from the manufacturer and provides hydrophobic/hydrophilic 2-zone comfort to the wearer, is also durable and performs well for a long time. The outsole made out of durable rubber is built according to standards. It complies with the F1677-96 MARK II non-slip testing standards and not only provides the required slippage protection but also stays intact for long.


  • The work boots have got soft toe protection.
  • The work boots are made out of Nubuck leather.
  • The work boots are waterproof but still breathable.
  • The work boots comply or exceed the ASTM F2892-11 Electrical Hazards (EH) Standards.
  • The work boots protect against slippage according to the F1677-96 MARK II non-slip testing standards.
  • The work boots come true to size and for snugly.KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot Review
  • They do not cause foot fatigue and are durable.


The Pittsburgh Soft Toe Work Boots are designed for medium-duty work. They are equipped with a soft toe and are lightweight. They provide protection against electrical hazards as well as against slippage on wet and oily surfaces. However, then workers are required to exercise maximum caution on damp and slippery floors and also note that electrical hazards protection has its limits and will not work in all types of situations at the workplace.  The work boots are comfortable to wear for a long workday and do not cause foot fatigue. They are aesthetically designed and have got exquisite looking colored laces as well as eyelets and hooks. They serve as a good investment for medium-duty work.

About the Company

KEEN was founded in 2003 by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst in Alameda, CA; however, since 2006, it is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. It started with a sandal and has now diversified to a range of footwear for men, women, and kids. It has a dedicated following for work boots and produces its products in the United States, although, in the past, produced abroad as well for a while. The company prides itself on keeping people safe and comfortable at their workplaces and enables a high level of performance with the help of its footwear. The company was quick to provide a disaster relief of $1 million to Tsunami relief in 2004, only one year after its inception.  It continues to partner with help programs along with various relief organizations. KEEN prioritizes sustainability and endeavors to lower environmental and social impact.