Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boots Review 2022

Keen Footwear is renowned in America for making quality footwear in demanding working environments. The Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Bootscompany has a wide range of boots which cater to these work situations, and the product under focus in this guide checks all the boxes. This work boot has four main elements that need to be taken into consideration when you are making the purchase: protective elements, external materials, internal materials, and the outsoles. These have been discussed in the various headings provided below.

The Kenn Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boot is part of the steel toe boot lineup, which combines other protective elements to enhance the protection provided.

Design and Materials

These boots have been crafted with a high-quality leader. The primary construction of the Milwaukee work boot has been done using full-grain, nubuck leather. The material in question is strong but soft to touch. It feels like suede. Nubuck leather is longlasting and flexible. The design of the shoe features a solid steel toe in its construction. This construction is soft but definitely hard-wearing, so it is bound to last long.  It also has additional molding and use of a variety of other materials that have been used, performing different functions.

The boots look exactly like what one would expect a work boot to look. It looks practical in its design but has several features that elevate the vibe of the shoe. The primary feature is the casual tanned leather look which has been combined with yellow linings that Keen is well-known for. The stitching of the leather appears on the surface, and the brown is broken up with patches of black lacing eyelets that give it a stylish look. The Keen logo is placed in the center of the boot, in a small patch. In addition, the books have metal hooks that embellish the lacing system.

The shoes feature a thick double outsole which is ergonomic, catering to the natural arch of the human feet. The outsole has been designed to provide a cushioned and padded feel to the shoes.

Comfort and Fit

The materials used in the external and internal construction of the boot ensure that the fit and the comfort level of Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Bootsthe boots are high. The choice of leather has ensured that the boot is flexible, which enhances the comfort level of the boots. The inner construction features EVA foam and molding. The EVA foam provides an enhanced grip, padding, and footing to the shoe, making the shoe soft yet durable and extremely comfortable to wear. The molding, on the other hand, has been added to provide warmth to the feet especially during winters, when it is much needed. The molding also provides the wearer support. The leather and the steel toe boot fits easily and molds to your foot relatively quickly after a practically non-existent break-in period. The shoes have a snug fit, which is further complimented bu the EVA footbed which is dual in density and easily removable. This has been made to mold to and hug the sole of your feet in order to provide protection from any and all kinds of impact.


These shoes have long-lasting durability. They can go through a lot of wear and tear without breaking down. This is primarily because of the choice of materials used, from the outsole to the leather in the main construction. The leather is resistant to abrasion. In addition, the construction features GoodWelt stitches, which have been used to add strength to the shoes. The GoodWelt stitches also maintain the high quality of the product.

Additional Features

  1. Two variations: the Milwaukee Men’s utility boots come in two variations, the soft toe and the steel toe. The steel toe is on the heavier side and offers protection from all sorts of elements that pose harm to your feet at a construction site or a mine or whichever high pressure and risk situation you work in. The soft toe is more suited for a place that does not pose a risk of material/debris falling on your foot and injuring something.
  2. Slip resistant: Regardless of whether the shoe is steel or soft toe, the sole of the shoe is resistant to slippage, thus protecting you from falling over should you step in some grease or on a slippery surface. In addition, the shoes feature full electrical hazard protection, thus adding another layer to the basic level of protection they provide.
  3. Insulation and Waterproofing: In addition, the shoes have the highly beneficial features of insulation Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Bootsas well as waterproofing. This means that you can work with ease in bad weather or when it starts to rain during a shift. The boots look like they were designed for bad weather too. The shoes feature tough tech, which comes up high. The shoes can be worn during rainy days and they will keep your feet bone dry. In addition, the padding and the materials used provides high levels of insulation, which makes the experience of wearing them in winters great. They keep the wearer’s feet warm in colder temperatures at all times. In some cases, they can be a little too warm for the indoors, but a pair of light socks can solve this non-issue.
  4. Removable soles and Air circulation: the outsoles are slip-resistant to oil and water, they also absorb shock. The soles are also removable. Which means that air circulation is enhanced. The feet remain free from moisture. This also prevents the build-up of bacteria, thereby keeping infections which make the feet smell at bay. However, it is to be noted that the boots weigh in at 2.6 pounds, which means that they are not exactly the lighted pair of footwear. Thus, it is important to keep this in mind when deciding upon the shoe and making the purchase for yourself.


There are a number of pros that come with the Milwaukee Utility Men’s Work Boot. These have been summed up below to help you get a clear picture of the benefits that the boot offers to the worker.

  • The shoes have been constructed with durable leather which lends it comfort and flexibility while also increasing the lifespan of the boot.
  • The boot’s construction features high-quality rubber soles and materials on the inside layer which lend it further sturdiness, and enhance the appeal of the shoe.
  • In addition, the construction features modifications at the outer sole and front which provides stability to the wearer as they make them slip-resistant
  • The boots have been engineered to be resistant to water, abrasion, and stains.
  • The boots feature additional elements that lend them strength such as lacing eyelets and metallic hooks.
  • The internal materials feature EVA and thick soles for enhanced grip and easier footing.
  • The soles of the boot are removable, which means that air circulation is enhanced.

Keen Footwear – About the Company

Keen Footwear is an American footwear company which is based in Portland, Oregon. The founders of the Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Bootscompany are Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst. This company was founded in 2003 and has a reach worldwide. The products put out by the company are sold in various retail locations dotting the entire US and Canada. Their products are also distributed all over the world.

The company has grown very swiftly ever since it was founded. After it’s launch in 2003, Keen Footwear was named the Launch of the Year by Footwear news. The company had an estimate of 130-140 million dollar sales, which grew exponentially to 240 million dollars by 2011.

In addition to putting out quality footwear, the company is driven by its values. Since the company dabbles in products that deal with the outside world, they feel that it is their responsibility to protect the places where humankind works and lives. They have donated over 15 million dollars to the nonprofit organization since they were incubated, and there is no looking back. The company is deeply concerned with giving back, taking action, and reducing their impact on the environment.

Verdict – A purchase that must be made

These shoes have been designed to emulate the perfect combination of warmth, support, comfort, and protection. They house the qualities of a good work boot in abundance. The shoes check all the boxes in terms of protection, internal materials, external materials, as well as outsoles. The Milwaukee Men’s Utility boots have been designed to cater specifically to any kind of working environment that harbors a high chance of an accident for the employees on site. The shoes will definitely provide the wearer comfort, protection, shielding, and an overall great performance to the wearer for a long period of time. The shoes will protect the feet and the ankles from all kinds of elements. The strength of these shoes is retained in the sole, which will protect the wearer from fatigue and hard-hitting impacts. The shoes ease up the tension on the worker’s tired feet with the comfort they provide.