Keen Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Boots 2022

The Men’s Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boot from KEEN Utility (Soft Toe) has been designed as a low-profile and Men's Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boots 2020lightweight work boot, which boasts a high level of breathability to keep the wearer’s feet cool. It is targeted at light duty-related work. The work boots are stylish and will suit any casual dress as well. However, despite the emphasis on the styling, the men’s work boots are quite rugged and provide the workmen with the protection they need at the workplace from various hazards around them. The work boots are available in Forest Green/Cascade Brown colors. The work boots are electrostatic dissipative or ESD. This means that they have been designed to protect the workmen against static electricity hazards from the equipment in the workplace. The work boots are also protected against accidental electrical shocks as well.  ESD is a surface protection substance that is applied to the work boot material. It is in the form of coatings and helps to dissipate charges from different surfaces. The coating prevents electric current flow and can drain the static electricity in a matter of seconds. The coating also increases the aesthetic appearance of the work boots. It also protects against Ultra-violet (UV) radiation. This feature enables the work boots to preserve their color as well as appearance.

Design and Materials

The work boots are made out of 100% leather as well as high-quality synthetic materials. Leather is breathable and allows for an air current through the work boots. This air current wicks away sweat and moisture and keeps the feet cool and dry as evaporation produces cooling. The upper in the work boots is a mesh upper and aids in enhancing the breathability of these work boots. The work boots are waterproof as well. This means that outside water will not get into thMen's Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boots 2020e work boots. However, the sweat and moisture from inside will be wicked away from the boots. The design of the work boots is such that it can be easily be used for after-work activities as well because it looks good on casual attire as well. It is lightweight and, therefore, does not burden the wearer’s feet at all. The use of these work boots for long hours does not lead to any foot fatigue.

These are the standard specifications for soft toe performance requirements.  These standards serve the part of the industry where a strong impact or toe compression protection is not required. Therefore, these ASTM standards have been developed for non-safety soft toe or toe cap. Work boot manufacturers are, therefore, able to demonstrate the performance level of the soft toe work boots. The specification also contains requirements for proper performance, which protect the workmen’s feet against puncture as well as electrical charge-based hazards. The work boots also provide ESD protection, i.e., as a part of the ASTM standards. They provide Electro Static dissipative properties (ESD) and reduce the hazards that are related to the low footwear electrical resistance. ESD products, however, are designed to protect the footwear and do not classify as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). ESD protection is very important in industries where very sensitive equipment or microchips are worked upon.  If a static discharge occurs, the equipment under consideration might get damaged, so using the ESD work boots is highly recommended. The ESD protection is also provided on the underfoot of the work boots. The ESD characteristic enables the work boots to conduct static electricity through the lining, insole as well as the outsole of these work boots and takes it to the ground. This way, no electrical charge builds up in the wearer’s body.

The midsole in these work boots is made out of compression molded and double-density EVA. This midsole allows protection against impact resulting from such activities as jumps, etc. which might be required at the workplace as part of the work duties. The midsole provides shock absorption and keeps the wearer’s feet properly cushioned. The footbed is removable and has got a metatomical design. The outsole is made out of rubber, and it is non-marking. This allows the worker to have a firm grip on the ground.  The work boots have got oil and slip-resistance. However, the workmen are required to exercise maximum caution on oily and wet floors to avoid slippage and falls. The work boots help to free the workmen’s minds of undue worries and fears on such stories. Men's Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boots 2020However, due to caution is imperative.

The Secure Fit Lace Capture system employed in these work boots is similar to the bungee laces that many triathletes, as well as runners, use.  The process of tightening the laces becomes a lot simpler in this case.  The feet are slipped in easily, and they can be taken out easily as well. The shoelaces do not get untied, and this way, even those people who are otherwise accustomed to using Wellingtons without laces can use these work boots without any worries. This leads to tied laces at all times as well as peace of mind knowing that there will be no tripping due to untied laces.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort level provided by these work boots is indisputable.  The boots keep the feet perfectly dry even if the workman has to stay ion these work boots throughout the day and also spend after-work time in them as well. The air current through the breathable rubber and textile lining wicks away the sweat and moisture and ensures perfectly odor-free, dry, and cool feet throughout the time these are worn. The worker may even carry out medium level rigors as a part of the duties at the workplace.  The peace of mind provided by the work boots due to the light impact protection in the toe cap as well as the ESD characteristic in thew insole, lining, and the outsole of the boots enables the individual to stay comfortable throughout the day knowing well that he is protected against static electricity build-up.

The level of comfort is further enhanced by the use of the dual-density as well as compression-molded EVA midsole. This midsole is the main element behind the shock-absorbing capability of the work boots, which is especially useful if the workman has to make occasional jumps or has to go through motions that cause stress due to impact. The EVA midsole absorbs the shocks and keeps the feet fully protected. The safety and peace of mind, as well as the comfort level, are further enhanced due to the slip-resistant outsole, which provides a very firm group on the ground e ern if the floor is wet, oily or slippery.          However, as slippages and falls are a major source of concern in the workplace, the workmen are required to exercise due to cation and ensure that they are Men's Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boots 2020exceptionally careful while treading on slippery, oily, and wet floors.

The secure fit system in the work boots ensures that the lacers will not get untied once they are tied up. This enhances the comfort level as well. No worker will want to face the risk of tripping or falling due to untied laces, and this system ensures perfect protection against such possibilities. With the lace-up design as well as the secure fit system, the work boots provide a comfortably snug fit enabling the workmen to carry out their activities with calm and poise. The work boots have been designed to fit perfectly according to the standard sizes. The work boots are available in sizes from 7 to 14 wide. For anyone wanting to order these, the usual shoe size can be used. During the break-in period, the wearer might face some discomfort around the backside of the collar around the ankle and the Achilles area. However, this is a part of the transitionary break-in process. It can be facilitated by using socks that cover the ankle area as well. Once the workman decides to use the socks in the initial break-in period, the breaking-in comes quickly and will not take long.


The work boots are made out of 100% leather as well as textiles. Both these materials, along with the materials used in the midsole, outsole and the footbed, are high-quality as well.  The compression-molded and dual-density EVA makes the midsole is a long-lasting material, and so is the material used to make the odor-free footbed. The outsole of the work boots is rather larger and is heavier than the ones seen in sneakers. It is highly durable and resists slippage. It allows the boots to perform very well for a very long time.

The durability of these multifunctional and versatile work boots, which can be used by any workman in any industry performing light-duty and where light impact protection, as well as Electrostatic light protection, is required, can be enhanced even more by making sure that the boots remain clean and that they are maintained very well. The work boots can be gently brushed with a soft bristle brush or even with a simple hand towel. This removes the loose dirt as well as debris from the work boots. In case there are stains on these work boots, they can easily be treated by rubbing a gum eraser very lightly in a circular pattern over the part where the dye has occurred. Afterward, it can be brushed away lightly.  In case the stains are tough and need to be treated, a little vinegar, along with some water, can be used by soaking a damp cloth with this mixture and applying over the Men's Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boots 2020stained surface. However, one must be aware that due to such treatment on tough stains, slight discoloration might follow suit.


  • The work boots provide light impact protection as well as protection against electrostatic discharge.
  • The work boots are equipped with a soft toe.
  • The work boots are highly breathable.
  • The work boots boast the secure fit lace-up design.
  • The work boots are made out of Nubuck leather and durable textiles.
  • The product meets or exceeds the ASTM F2892-11 M SD standards.
  • Natural odor control is provided in the work boots through the employment of Cleansport NXT™.


The work boots are ideal for use in workplaces where the workmen are confronted with light impacts as well as electrostatic discharge possibilities. They are meant for light-duty work. The work boots boast ESD and meet or exceed ASTM F2892-11 M SD standards for light-duty work. The work boots have got odor control, and employ shock-absorbing compression-molded and dual-density EVA midsole as well as a removable and washable footbed. They are highly durable and have a high outsole made out of slip-resistant rubber. The high breathability in these work boots allows these to be worn for long hours without any foot fatigue. They can be worn casually in the after-work hours as well as their looks are appealing. The slip-resistant outsole, as well as the secure fit lace-up design, give peace of mind to the workman.

About the Company

Founded in 2003 by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst in Alameda, CA, the company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon since 2006. Products are retailed in both the United States and Canada and are distributed in the rest of the world. The company focuses heavily on conservation, advocacy, and follows a consciously created approach. It prioritizes the physical and social environment and, as such, endeavors to be a sustainable company as much as possible. It is well-reputed in terms of offering funds for disaster relief and partners with many relief Men's Atlanta Cool ESD Work Boots 2020organizations throughout the world.

The company prefers not to use Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) in its footwear as these compounds are suspected of being carcinogenic. As such, 95% of its products are PFC-free. It sources its hides from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group. These tanneries use processes that minimize the use of chemicals and thus the impact on the watersheds. Biocides and pesticides have been eliminated in their processes and footbeds used in KEEN footwear use probiotic technology. This technology allows the footwear to break down the odor naturally without the use of hazardous chemicals or heavy metals.