KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Boots

Whether you are looking for all-day foot comfort while at work or while on outdoor adventures, the lightweight KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot is more than up for the challenge. 

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Lightweight, well-designed and rugged, the Keen Pyrenees are top-notch soft toe work boots for all weather conditions.  



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Hiking boots are often used for work because of their comfort and safety features, and the KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot is no exception to this practice. These boots come with pretty good construction and design that make them suitable for workplace conditions as well as for outdoor settings for leisure purposes, such as hiking. The maximum cushioning and lightweight construction worked marvelously to ensure that my feet stayed comfortable for long days at work and for navigating challenging trails, while the waterproofing kept my feet dry in wet conditions. However, the absence of toe protection makes this boot unsuitable for hazardous work environments. For a more rugged looking alternative, the KEEN Men’s Targhee III Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot offers increased stability with a special heel capture system. The Anchorage III Waterproof Boot, also from KEEN, is another fantastic option that comes in a stylish profile and the added benefit of an insulated interior for high-performance use in cold weather. For a more reasonably priced option, check out the Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot that comes in incredibly lightweight yet waterproof construction. The LA Police Gear Terrain Coyote Mid Hiking Boot is a good and affordable hiking boot option if waterproofing is not one of your main requirements. The Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Insulated Hiking Boot is another insulated alternative with advanced waterproofing that comes at a budget-friendly price. 

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The KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot is built to be enjoyed both for work and for play. This hiking boot features waterproof nubuck leather to guarantee long-lasting foot dryness in wet conditions while promoting continuous breathability to keep the foot cool and comfortable inside. The metatomical footbeds are shaped to deliver maximum arch support and cushioning to ease foot pain throughout the day. An exclusive heel support system keeps the ankle protected from being twisted and also disperses shock with repeated impact. I think this is a pretty good choice for a work boot, but I find it to be a bit pricey, especially given the other alternatives that are just as comfortable and protective but are offered at lower price points. We will take a deeper look into the Pyrenees’ features so we can determine the features that make it a great choice against all the competitors, and which qualities will need to be improved on to increase its overall value. 

Ideal For

  • Working in wet conditions for exploring the outdoors. 
  • Environments with no impact and compression threats.
  • People who prefer a lightweight and comfortable hiking boot for work. 

Going In-Depth with the KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Boots

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The KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot is constructed with nubuck leather that made movements much easier to do, without any stiff material getting in the way of efficient walking or moving around while at work or while enjoying the outdoors. The proprietary waterproof membrane kept my feet dry in wet surroundings, at the same time worked to keep perspiration dissipated so I did not have to worry about getting my feet soaked in sweat all day long. I found these boots to be quite comfortable and I fully appreciated the EVA footbeds that were already shaped to allow my feet to take full advantage of the generous cushioning and strong arch support. This helped to prevent discomfort even when I had to stay on my feet for the better part of the day. The footbeds are removable and I had no trouble keeping them clean on a regular basis to prolong the freshness and hygiene of the boot interior. Even the midsoles are padded to provide the cushioning and shock absorption I needed to be able to fight foot fatigue, which can be a huge problem for working long hours without rest periods to ease the pressure off the feet. A special heel support structure also aids in dissipating the shock that results from repeated impact throughout the day and provides more stability by protecting the ankle from being twisted with movements. The padded collar aided with the snug fit for a more stable walking experience while hugging my calf comfortably throughout the day. 

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The lightweight structure of the Pyrenees Hiking Boot is something I fully welcomed when hiking for almost the entire day and when there is no time to rest while at work all day. This reduced weight helped to ease discomfort so that could keep going to face the required tasks for the rest of the day. Without too much weight to drag my feet down, I easily maintained my efficiency throughout the day while feeling relatively comfortable with the boots in place. 


The thick rubber outsoles of this boot enabled me to walk confidently over wet and slippery surfaces. These outsoles came with aggressive treads that powerfully gripped the ground, so I did not worry too much about falling or slipping on challenging terrains. Walking on slippery floors and on uneven outdoor conditions were not a problem so I was able to continue my activities safely without sacrificing my productivity in the process. 

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Fit and Sizing

These boots run small, and the manufacturer suggests that half a size larger should be chosen to be able to achieve the most comfortable fit. Otherwise, the boot may bring discomfort because the tight structure can result in pinching and chafing, especially with long hours of use. Adjusting the boot’s fit was not a problem with the lace-up design that allowed me to tighten or loosen the boot as needed without too much fuss involved. 

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The KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot comes with the proprietary KEEN waterproof membrane that creates a protective barrier against water and other liquids. Even when I needed to work in wet surroundings, my feet stayed dry inside the boot for the rest of the day. Walking on puddles and muddy outdoor settings were also not a problem because I had the boots to keep my feet protected for the duration of my outdoor adventure. 


The same membrane system that stops wetness from seeping into the boot interior also works to keep the air flowing generously throughout the boot. This breathable membrane permits moisture to be dissipated before it can cause discomfort in the form of excessive foot sweatiness. With continuous ventilation in place, my feet did not feel too warm even when I used the boots for the entire day without taking them off for rest periods. This breathability also helped maintain a fresh feeling for my feet for all-day comfort. 

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Quality and Durability

The nubuck leather used for the boot’s upper has a premium feel that also translates to excellent functionality. It works to prevent water from penetrating the boot and is flexible enough to make movements effortless without unwelcome stiffness getting in the way. Rubber toe guards are put in place to protect this critical point from abrasion and impact threats that may be encountered around the worksite or while exploring the outdoors. However, the lack of a safety toe component within the boot reduces the amount of foot protection that this boot can provide and makes this hiking boot unsuitable for environments where there are impact and compression dangers that can lead to foot injuries. The thick rubber outsoles deliver reliable strength and durability to withstand challenging surface conditions while providing strong traction to prevent slipping and falling on different terrains. An external shank provides all-day support to increase stability and agility, especially when walking on uneven ground conditions. 

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Other Versions

The KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot does not come in other versions and is available in two colors – syrup (light brown) and forest night (black). The boot offers high-performance functionality and benefits for different work conditions and for leisure purposes while exploring the outdoors. There are some alternatives from the same brand, such as the Targhee III Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot and the Anchorage III Waterproof Boot that come with similar features with their own enhancements and advantages. 

The Challengers

keen pyrenees - challengers

The first competitor for the Pyrenees comes from the same brand. The Targhee III Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot is another bestselling product from KEEN that comes with superior waterproofing that makes it a good choice for all-terrain adventures as well as for working in wet conditions. The rubber outsole delivers powerful traction to keep you moving confidently over various ground conditions without slipping or falling easily. This boot also comes with an exclusive odor control feature to ensure long-lasting foot freshness no matter how tough the activities and environment can be. The Targhee III is a great alternative if you want your hiking or work boots to have the rugged look to match the heavy-duty functionality. 

The KEEN Men’s Anchorage III Waterproof Boot comes in a stylish profile that will work great in the worksite and will be just as welcome in more casual settings. Without the extremely rugged look that usually comes with traditional work boots, the Anchorage III can be enjoyed straight from the job site to a night out with friends without the need to change to more appropriate footwear. The full-grain leather upper is waterproof to keep the feet protected from being soaked in wet conditions. This boot comes with 200 grams of insulation and a thermal shield footbed, making it an outstanding choice for working in cold environments. Another enhancement that makes this boot a great buy for its price is the rubber outsoles that are designed to deliver a powerful grip on snow and ice, which may not be something that can be enjoyed when using regular hiking boots or work boots in challenging outdoor conditions.

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot is a fantastic choice when you are looking for a lightweight work or hiking boot that comes packed with all the essential features. The waterproof material is further enhanced with a seam-sealed construction so that your foot will be comfortably dry for the entire day while you explore or work in wet or muddy surroundings. The breathable structure allows built-up heat and moisture to disperse outwards to keep the foot comfortably dry within the boot even with long hours of working or enjoying the outdoors. The rubber outsoles are designed for all-terrain use, working double-time to maintain your steady footing on uneven ground as well as on ice or snow to protect you from slipping accidentally as you go about your tasks or adventures. This boot comes in a wide variety of colors so you will have no difficulties getting the color that matches your personal preference and your outfit (or uniform) of choice. 

The LA Police Gear Terrain Coyote Mid Hiking Boot stands out on this list when it comes to affordability. This boot offers dependable functionality that can be maximized in outdoor conditions as well as in an office setting. Anti-fatigue insoles work to provide the right amount of cushioning to prevent foot pain from setting in during a long day at work. The reinforced lace eyelets are designed to keep up with frequent lace adjustments without breaking down prematurely for long-lasting performance. The boot’s gusseted tongue works to deliver a snug fit for increased ankle stability, at the same time creates a barrier to prevent pebbles, small branches, and other debris from entering the boot to maintain a comfortable and secure feeling, especially when working outdoors. The outsoles feature aggressive treads for superior traction to prevent slipping and are rope ready to take on the adventures and tasks that need to be done. Priced at the $50 range, this boot offers great value without compromising the important features. 

The Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Insulated Hiking Boot is another competitively priced alternative that is packed with the essentials to keep you moving as efficiently and as comfortably as possible in various settings. These boots come with advanced waterproofing to ensure absolute foot dryness while working in or exploring wet environments. The Vibram outsole stands out by delivering outstanding traction to maintain stability on wet or dry terrains, allowing you to move confidently without worrying about accidentally slipping on challenging surfaces. Inside, the thick midsole and padded footbed provide more than the required cushioning to prevent foot discomfort with long hours of boot-wearing. Strong arch support helps keep the feet comfortable and protected from foot fatigue to keep you going for the rest of the day. The nubuck leather upper allows air to get into the boot to provide ventilation so the interior – and the feet – can stay fresh and cool for a long time. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The KEEN Men’s Pyrenees Mid-Height Hiking Boot offers a high level of comfort, with a lightweight construction that can be fully maximized in work settings and will be equally beneficial for outdoor leisure activities. The waterproof structure ensures all-day foot dryness, although the lack of toe protection reduces the functionality of the boot and makes it an unsuitable choice for harsh environments where there may be compression and impact hazards. Overall, the boot’s design and construction are good but this product seems a bit too pricey, especially considering the number of high-quality work or hiking boot alternatives with similar features that are offered at lower price points. 

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