Justin Women’s Gypsy Waterproof Work Boots Review 2022

Justin Boots is an excellent brand and this pair of work boots by them comes with various desirable qualities. Justin Women's Gypsy Work Boots 2020Women and girls are going to love this set of boots to wear to work. If you are a woman who is looking for a good pair that combines style, comfort, quality, and durability then look no further and get these boots for yourself. If you are a man then you can select these and gift them to a friend or a loved one.


This pair of boots comes in a sophisticated and trendy design that looks good on all women. The color of the shoes is a combination various shades of brown which gives it a delightful effect. There is a beautiful pattern of ornate leaves drawn in dotted lines at the sides of the boots to lend a decorative and feminine touch to the boots.

The boots come with padded collars and fancy stitching on the shaft. The traditional lace-up design makes it look good and it is also convenient for you to get into the boots. The brown and yellow colored laces have a contrasting appearance that goes well with this style.

The boots measure 13.19 x 11.81 x 4.81 inches in dimensions. And the shaft measures 6 inches from the arch. Despite the strong protective factors, these boots come with gypsy style fashion and women with a sense of personal style would love to sport them to work. The robust and high heel along with a strong platform gives a nice edge to the boots.

Comfort and Materials

Justin Women’s Gypsy work boots are made of premium quality durable leather and the soles are made of high-quality leather too. The patented J-Flex insoles are made of flexible material and they offer sufficient cushioning to the bottom of your feet. Endowed with anti-fatigue technology, the insoles absorb the shocks and bumps, offering a high level of comfort to your feet. Even when you wear the boots for long shifts, you can expect to feel no sprain or strain due Justin Women's Gypsy Work Boots 2020to the spongy cushioning effect of the insoles.

The waterproof leather construction of the boots ensure that your feet remain dry and cool even during wet and rainy conditions. The superior ventilation of the insides of the boots make sure that your feet are not getting too sweaty and can remain dry and cool in warm and humid climates.

The leather outsole has anti-slip properties and is resistant to chemicals, grease, and oil. Due to such properties, you can expect good grip and traction so you will be able to tread steadily on any surface. The toe is made of reinforced steel which makes it strong and protective but it does not impede the flexibility of the boots and you can put them on at ease.


All the materials used to manufacture this set of boots are of excellent quality and are specially chosen to ensure superior durability and reliability for the user. The boots are going to last you for a long time and you would love to flaunt them as they are highly fashionable apart from being useful.

Since these boots are made of pure leather, they will require a certain amount of special care and upkeep from your end in order to stay in good condition. Set aside some time to break in the new pair at home before you begin to wear them to work. This step is very important as wearing new boots for long hours can give you painful blisters and hot spots all over your feet.

The brand offers the boots in various sizes so select a pair that perfectly fits your feet and do not go for a smaller or bigger size. Also, do not use water or heat to soften the new boots as that can damage the structural integrity of the leather and lead to long-term issues with your boots. Some people might suggest you to stuff the boots with heavy or hard objects but that can ruin the boots so refrain from poking your shoes with any object. Wear your boots at home for a few days to 2 weeks which will allow the leather to stretch gradually and to fit properly to the shape of your feet.

When you clean your boots, use a good quality cleaning gel to remove the accumulated grime and dirt. Then after rinsing off the pair, allow them to dry out properly before you condition them with a conditioning gel. Finally, you must apply a waterproofing coat to maintain the boots dry. With proper care from your end, you can expect the Justin Women's Gypsy Work Boots 2020boots to last for a long time in good condition.


These work boots come with superior protection against electrical hazards which means you can wear them safely to work even if your work entails dealing with environmental hazards or electrical dangers. The boots are compliant to industry regulated safety standards so you can expect 100% protection against shocks and incidental electrical hazards.

The hard steel toe is there to protect your toes against compression and impacts. While working with sharp and heavy objects be assured that your toes are safe and no sudden falls or hits can cause grave injuries to your feet.

These boots are completely waterproof so you will be protected against the elements with these on. It would not matter if it is raining hard; your feet will stay dry. Also, due to good traction coming from the hard and textured outsole, you can walk, tread, and climb with these boots on. There is no risk of you slipping accidentally.

Additional Features

This pair of boots, though fashionable is also very hardworking. The shaft is 6 inches from the arch and putting on the shoes is pretty easy and convenient for you. The fabric lining of the boots makes sure that your feet can breathe and that there is adequate ventilation, keeping your feet feeling cool, dry, and comfortable even when it is sweltering hot outside.

The single stitched welt and the brown lug makes the pair durable and also resistant to weathering. The sole sheds mud and stones actively to keep the boots light and clean.

The round steel toe is robust and strong and it protects your feet from hazards and injuries. If you are a woman working in the line of construction, electrical wiring, or any other field that can expose you to physical or electrical hazards, then these boots will be ideal for you.

HighlightsJustin Women's Gypsy Work Boots 2020

  • Sophisticated look and feel
  • Pure leather construction
  • Steel toe for ultimate protection
  • Protection against electrical shocks
  • Flexible and thick insoles for comfort
  • Strong and structured outsoles for good traction
  • Trendy lace-up design


There are many brands in the market manufacturing work boots for women but these gypsy boots with steel toe from the brand of Justin stands out due to the excellent features and qualities that it has to offer. It combines elegance and style with safety, comfort, and durability, much to the delight of the users. If you are a woman who has to work at a job that requires you to deal with electrical and environmental hazards then you can choose a pair for yourself. You are certainly going to like the way your feet feel and how it adds a style quotient to your appearance.

About Justin Boots

Justin Boots is an American brand manufacturing specialized work boots, equestrian boots and other types of western footwear. The company was founded in the year 1879 by H. J. Justin in Gainesville, Texas. Currently, the company is headquartered at Fort Worth, Texas in the US.

Justin Boots is an iconic brand and they have been crafting unique and stylish boots for men and women for more than a century. Mixing tradition with technology, their boots are a delight for the users. At Justin Boots, the makers take special pride in choosing premium leather to craft their boots and in paying close attention to ensure perfection and detailing down to every individual stitch.Justin Women's Gypsy Work Boots 2020

Even though they have years of goodwill and tradition to back up their work, they have never slipped into complacence. In fact, they strive hard to innovate and to incorporate new designs to make sure that their users are getting the best in class experience while wearing their boots. The J-Flex technology, Comfort System, and Grip-on-Demand technique are their patented processes to deliver extra comfort without compromising on durability to the users. They manufacture riding boots, work boots, and other specialized western footwear of authentic quality for men, women and children.

At Justin Boots, the employees are passionate and committed to delivering to you boots that score high on fashion and yet are dependable, comfortable, safe and ultra-durable. Their customer service team is a polite and friendly team of people who will always be willing to listen to your doubts and issues with their products. If you pick a pair from them for yourself or as a gift, be assured of getting complete satisfaction.