Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Square Toe Work Boots Review

The Justin Original Men’s Stampede Work boots have been designed and crafted with high shaft measures. The Justin Original Men's Stampede Work Boot 2020Work Boot has been designed not just to protect the feet from contamination or soil but also ensures health and safety for the workman. The work boot is highly functional and does not serve merely as an accessory. It contributes to the well-being and health of the individual who wears it. This work bot is especially useful for those people who have to work very long hours in a day or for those whose work environment is not very safe, and it can result in damage to not just their feet but also to their lower part of the legs. As such, it is well-suited for such unsafe work environments where it is important to protect the legs in the shin and the calf area from any possible harm or damage. There are many companies all over the world who have such unsafe environments and who have made these work boots mandatory for their employees, and they have to wear this kind of work boots. The American Safety Guidelines also mention these work boots and consider these to be necessary and obligatory. These work boots have been designed for those workers who carry out extensive work for long hours and whose work requires a lot of power and boisterous weight on their feet. The design of the work boots is such that it does not let the knees and the joints of the workman suffer any agony or pain.

Design and Materials

The work boots have been constructed out of 100% leather. The upper in these work boots are made out of full-grain leather, and this material allows these work boots to be very tough and stable. The full-grain leather is also breathable and allows an air current to develop within the work boot that wicks away sweat and moisture away from the work boots. This enables the feet of the workmen to remain cool and dry, and the environment inside the work boots keeps him very comfortable. The shaft is approx. 10-inches from the arch, and as such, the work boots are quite tall, and they provide perfect protection to the ankles of the workman as well. The inner part of these work boots has been designed to include a steel shank, which results in a great amount of strength to the worker’s footing. The soles of these work boots are also made out of very high-quality materials. The soles are made out of rubber, which allows the work boots to have a firm grip on the ground. This enables the workman to be balanced Justin Original Men's Stampede Work Boot 2020and stable while working. It also provides confidence to the workers while they work as they are not worried about slipping or falling as a result. Falls and slippage cause a lot of injuries to workers throughout the United States every year, and this feature helps to prevent such damage and harm. The work boots have a firm grip, and the sole provides very good traction on the ground as well.

The soles are also removable. This design property helps to keep the work boots odor-free as air circulation is enhanced, and there is no bacterial build-up inside the work boots.  Both bad odors, as well as the possibility of infections, are thus prevented from happening and the workman also feels neat and clean at all times inside these work boots. The outer sole is very thick, and there are flexible grooves in the front of the feet. This feature enhances the firmness of the grip on oily or wet floors. While the work boots allow for good traction and a firm grip on such stories, the workman is nonetheless required to exercise maximum caution on such oily and wet floors. The work boots have been designed with the J-flex system, which is responsible for making these very comfortable and flexible.

Comfort and Fit

The work boots boast the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System®, which is a patented system developed by the manufacturer of these work boots. This system allows the work boots to become highly comfortable, and the workman will feel that it is the most comfortable work boot ever worn by him. The work boots return the energy to the wearer in an incredible way, and this high level of performance is produced by the use of the leather-covered insole, which is also cushioned. It contains a triple density insole board as well. This insole board gives the feeling to the workman that the manufacturer has already broken the boots in for him. The J-flex system varies in terms of components in different Justin work boots according to the design and the intended use. However, in each of the work boots designs, it provides a high level of comfort, regardless of the differences in the designs.

The high level of breathability also ensures perfect comfort as the use of full-grain leather enables the swat and moisture to be wicked away. The resulting evaporation produces a cooling, and the worker’s feet stay in a very serene and dry environment. This way, foot fatigue or any other type of discomfort is avoided. The comfort level resulting from both excellent cushioning as well as high breathability enables the worker to spend long working hours at the workplace without his feet getting tired. The work boots are also water-resistant; however, the waterline should not go above the ankles. As such, they are not 100% waterproof.

The work boots fit snugly and securely to the worker’s feet. They are available in a range of sizes from 7 to 14 wide. Half, as well as, wide sizes are available. The high shaft measures enable very easy and stress-free pulling as they Justin Original Men's Stampede Work Boot 2020have got pulling straps as well. The straps provide support to both the feet as well as the ankles and, as such, enhance the comfort level. The shape of the toe is square, and as such, the comfort level is very high as well due to this design, especially for people with wide feet. The square toe, combined with the softness of the leather, enables a high degree of comfort.


The work boots are durable as a result of the materials employed in their construction. The quality and the longevity of the work boots are interrelated, and both go hand in hand. As these work boots have been made out of 100% leather, they are not just comfortable and soft, but they are also very robust and durable as well.

The work boots also contain a soft mesh fabric linen, which allows for a cozy feeling when the work boots are worn.  The metal shank being solid gives a sense of strength and also enhances durability. Thus, the durability does not come at the cost of comfort and vice versa. The work boots are both durable and comfortable.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the work boots with the help of a leather cleaner also increase the lifespan of the work boots. The leather cleaner can be bought from any leather shoe shop.


  • The work boots boast the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System® for comfort.
  • The work boots protect6 the ankles and the feet.
  • They have tall shaft measures and are water-resistant as well.
  • The work boots are soft but very durable.
  • The rubber sole enables a firm grip and very good traction.


The work boots are well-suited for an unsafe work environment where the lower part of the legs, like shin and calf, are prone to damage or harm.  The use of 100% leather in the work boots and full-grain leather in the upper Justin Original Men's Stampede Work Boot 2020ensure softness, breathability, and toughness. The manufacturer’s patented comfort system ensures that the worker will not get foot-fatigue even if he spends very long hours working in these work boots. The sole gives a good grip on wet and oily surfaces and protects the worker from slippages and falls.  The singles are al; so removable, so the work boot stays odor-free, and the feet remain infection-free.

About the Company

Justin Boots was founded by H.J. Justin, who had initially moved to Spanish Fort, Texas as a boot repairman in 1879. His son started Justin Boots and started serving cowboys. Later, he moved to Nocona, Texas. By 1908, the company was a true family company as his two sons Earl and Avis, joined him. By 1910, the company was selling in 26 states in the United States and also in other countries such as Canada, Cuba, and Mexico. In 1918, when H.J. Justin died, the company moved to Fort Worth, Texas. The company manufactures original work boots even 130 years after its founding and portrays the hard work, authenticity, and independence of the cowboys. The company has been named ‘Standard of The West Since 1879’. Its work boots are renowned for the comfort they provide as a result of having the patented J-Flex Flexible Comfort System®. The components of this system are different in the different work boot designs and vary according to the requirements of the work boots.