Justin Men’s J-Max Steel Work Boots – Complete Review 2022

Do you work in the construction sector or in the power industry? Does your job need you to wear protective gear Justin Original Work Boots Men's J-Max Steel Work Boot 2020in order to keep yourself safe from environmental hazards and other accidents? Are you someone who is always surrounded by heavy equipment or sharp objects that have the potential to cause grave injuries? If the answer to these questions are yes then you definitely need to wear protective work boots when you go out every morning to work. This pair of steel toe boots from the house of Justin Original is something that you can select for yourself.


The J-Max Steel Work boots come in a sophisticated design and adds some style statement and a dash of elegance and professionalism to your overall appearance. The boots come in a rich color and matte finish with traditional lace-up design. The rugged tan gaucho color with matching laces make the boots appear aesthetic and elegant to the onlooker. The stitching is done in a robust manner to add some subtle effects to the look and feel of the boots.

These boots come with a thick heel and a sturdy platform to provide ample support to your feet. The shaft is 8 inches from the arch and styled in a manner that it becomes easier for you to get your feet into the boots. The brand name is embossed in a patch of yellow color with contrasting colors on the top part of the boots. The company logo is also found under the boots and close to the laces.

Despite the reinforced construction, these boots are lightweight and extremely flexible for your ease and convenience. You can get the boots in various sizes from 6 to 15. There are two options in each size, regular or wide shapes to choose from when you select your size. So, no matter what your feet is shaped like, you can expect to get a size that fits you perfectly.

CoJustin Original Work Boots Men's J-Max Steel Work Boot 2020mfort and Materials

Made of 100% superior leather and handcrafted in the US, these boots are of excellent quality and brings to the user premium comfort and durability. The soles are made of rubber, giving extreme flexibility and traction at the same time.

These boots are made in the US and bring much convenience to the user. The trademarked J-Max Double Comfort System of the pair improves the comfort for the user and also enhances the longevity and lifespan of the boots. The Justin Jel removable insoles are dense and equipped with shock-absorbing qualities. There are strategically placed polyurethane gel pads in the heel arch and the ball area to ease away fatigue. You can wear these boots for hours without causing any injury to your feet.

The trademarked J-Flex Flexible Comfort System footbed being spongy and cushiony will give your feet much comfort. You can take out the insoles and attach medicated soles or any other sole of your own choice to the footbed of the boots. The inside is lined with fabric that wicks away moisture or sweat and keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

The robust outsole is extremely durable and comes with anti-slip and oil-resistance properties. The outsoles are textured for superior traction and you will be able to walk on any kind of surface without trouble. These are boots which you can wear on long shifts as no sprain or strain is caused to your feet.


This pair of boots are extremely durable as the choicest of the materials are used to construct the boots. You can expect them to last you for a long time without putting you through any kind of trouble.

Since these are made of pure leather and consists of a reinforced steel toe, do not wear them to work while they are still new. Otherwise, your feet will be full of shoe bites and blisters, making you hate the new boots. Always buy the right size that fits your feet well and allow some time to break in the boots at home.

Never use heat or soak the boots in water trying to soften them. These might seem to be effective steps but in the long run, they are going to damage the material and make the boots rot from within. Also, refrain from putting any hard or heavy object inside the boots in an attempt to stretch them. The only safe way to break in the boots is to wear them at home with a little bit of conditioning gel. Do this for one or two weeks and the leather will stretch and adapt to the right size and shape of your feet.

Always use a cleaning agent and a soft cloth pad to clean these boots. Wash off the residual soap by rinsing in plain water. Dry the boots and then apply conditioning cream well. In the final step finish off by waterproofing the Justin Original Work Boots Men's J-Max Steel Work Boot 2020boots. With good maintenance and upkeep, these boots will stay in shape for longer.


These are comfortable and useful boots which you can wear if you are someone working in a hazardous work environment.

The steel toe of the boots guard against compression and sudden physical impacts. If there are heavy or sharp equipment all around you at work, then wearing these boots will protect your feet from accidents and grave injuries.

The rubber outsole is resistant against oil or chemicals. It comes with anti-skid features and thus you can expect to walk on any kind of surface without the risk of slipping. You can even climb wearing these boots due to superior traction.

The padded collar and tongue give comfort along with the ease of getting your feet easily into the boots. If you are working in an electrical company, you can count on these boots to save you from incidental electrical shocks or hazards. The boots meet the ASTM F2413-11, I75, C75 EH standards.

Additional Features

These boots do not only look good but also come with heavy-duty construction. The boots are flexible and help you to walk around in comfort.

The inner lining of the boots is made of such fabric that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry even when it is moist and humid outside. The trademarked Dri-Lex cooling system keeps your feet cool and the mesh insides give superior feeling to your feet. The boots come with steel toe and protection from electrical hazards but do not come Justin Original Work Boots Men's J-Max Steel Work Boot 2020in a typical insulation. So, you can expect protection from electric shocks under dry conditions.

These boots are not waterproof by nature but if you apply waterproofing gel then these boots will be water-resistant to some extent.

The insoles are removable. Though they are comfortable yet if you need special soles then you can take those out and place your soles inside to keep your feet aptly guarded. The layered leather construction along with superior stitching make the boots durable, hardy without compromising on the comfort of the wearer.


  • Rugged construction and appealing appearance
  • Protection against electrical hazards
  • Protective steel toe
  • Superior stitching and durable leather
  • Removable insole
  • Polyurethane outsole
  • Made in USA


There are several brands in the market manufacturing and selling work boots for men and women working in the field of construction and electricals. Justin Original is one of the best brands in this space and if you need a pair of sturdy work boots that protect you from the environmental hazards and electrical shocks then this pair would be ideal for you. You would appreciate the comfort, the look and feel and the longevity of this pair of leather work boots.

About Justin Original

Justin Original Workboots is a branch of Justin Boots which is an iconic American brand manufacturing and selling western boots, work boots and another similar footwear. It was founded in the year 1879 in Gainesville, Florida. H J Justin was the founder of the company and currently the headquarters are located at Fort Worth, Texas at USA.Justin Original Work Boots Men's J-Max Steel Work Boot 2020

With the history and tradition of more than one century the brand of Justin Original is now much loved and popular among the users. They have always blended technology with tradition in order to keep up with the changing requirements of the customers. The employees at Justin Original are passionate about their work and are committed to delivering only the finest quality footwear to the customers. The boots manufactured by Justin originals are made for men, women and kids and they are comfortable as well as fashionable without compromising on the safety factor.

Justin Original is a brand that has never been complacent with their name and fame. They constantly innovate and reinvent their technologies. Their boots feature J-Max, J-Flex, Dri-Lex and other technologies which offer premium comfort to the users and also keep their feet safe from various hazards. No matter which industry you are employed in, Justin Original can give you a pair of boots that is well-suited for you. The customer care team of the brand is a warm and friendly bunch of people who are always to ready to help the users out.