Georgia G7313 Work Boots Review

Designed to be as tough as the industrious workers who wear them, the Georgia Loggers G7313 work boots areGeorgia G7313 Work Boots Review incredibly safe and durable – these are the essential work boots you need when your working conditions are challenging. These logger boots have a high profile and are crafted up to the minutest detail to make workers feel safe and comfortable when working in demanding working conditions like in fields, mines, or tanneries.

Made of 100% waterproof material, and yet designed to allow air inside for ventilation, the boots are equipped with steel toes for safety and a scalloped heel rubber outsole for excellent traction even in highly slippery places. A goodyear welt construction ensures a robust built while a steel shank and a removable PU insert takes care of the comfort factor. Being safety boots does not make the Georgia G7313 dull though – the rich reddish-brown hue of the boots makes them looks stately, enjoy a dash of style even in the toughest of work environments.


The upper is made of high-quality full grain leather which is completely waterproof. The boots have steel shanks for strong support, eyelets and studs made of steel that are rust-proof and strongly fixed. The Georgia outsole is made of durable rubber that is abrasion resistant. The insoles are made of soft PU material that offers adequate padding and shock absorption. Protective steel toes keep your feet protected from impact injuries.


The Georgia G7313 boots are not ordinary work boots – they are logger boots. Logger boots are designed for workers who may have to work in water-logged conditions and who need to keep their feet dry even in such places. Accordingly, the boots have an 8-inch high shaft that keeps the water out and yet allows air in for circulation – the boots have a trademarked Georgia waterproof design that keeps your feet dry always. The high shaft also keeps your feet protected from external elements present outdoors where you work. The boots have a Georgia G7313 Work Boots Reviewdetachable brush-guard kiltie for easy maintenance. The boots have safety steel toes and scalloped heels that allow you to do tasks such as climbing or walking on marshy land easily. The boots are solidly built with a Goodyear welt construction. The boots have protection against electrical hazards and a steel shank that provides for excellent arch support. The shaft measures 8 inches and the boots have a traditional lacing closure with sturdy laces.


These logger boots are designed to keep your feet dry even when you work in wet conditions. The boots have cushioned insoles that help in dissipation of energy and shock absorption. Feel comfortable throughout the day even when you have been standing for long, thanks to the removable orthotic insert. The boots allow for air circulation while the cushioned insoles as well as soft textile lining absorb sweat moisture.


Made of full-grain leather, the Georgia G7313 has strong and sturdy uppers that are firmly affixed to the equally tough rubber outsole with the binding of Goodyear Welt construction. The boots are further strengthened by steel toe insets and a steel shank. The completely waterproof construction of the boots makes them extremely durable and resilient.

Safety Features

The steel protective toe has passed through several levels of testing; the boots are I75/C75 compliant. The boots are also resistant to electrical hazards with a safety compliance that meets and exceed ASTM standards. Traction grooves in the outsole and the enhanced heel make it easy for you to walk or climb on different terrains and surface types. The rubber sole is slip-proof and resistant to oil and abrasion. The high shaft ensures protection from insects and natural elements.

Additional Features

These safety boots have pull tags to make them easy to wear. Georgia’s logo forms a pleasing contrast against the Georgia G7313 Work Boots Reviewlush rust color of the boots, making them look appealing. The logger laces are made of sturdy material and help you customize your fit. The hooks and eyelets are set on steel washers that are rust-proof and not prone to easy damage. The boots weigh about 6.1 lbs. and are available in Medium and Wide size variants. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for these safety boots.

Who are these boots for?

The Georgia Logger G7313 boots are a boon for workers in industries such as farming, logging, fishing, mining, construction and iron and steel – these workplaces are prone to hazards and conditions like waterlogging. Safety boots such as these are designed not only for your safety, but also to keep you comfortable even after long hours on the job.


  • Logger design – waterproof construction especially for workers in jobs that involve wet working conditions
  • High shaft – 8-inch high shaft that protects your feet from water and other elements, keeps you warm
  • First-rate leather uppers – full-grain leather for flexibility, durability, and resilience
  • Georgia-rubber outsole – sturdy rubber outsoles that are abrasion-proof and resistant to slips and falls
  • Georgia-waterproof design – Trademarked boot construction that keep the boots completely moisture-free while allowing air inside for circulation
  • Soft textile lining – wicks moisture and keeps feet dry and padded
  • Removable cushioned insoles – ergonomic insoles for shock absorption and dissipation of energy
  • Goodyear Welt Construction – sturdy build with strong binding
  • ASTM F2413 protective toe classificationsafety steel toe protects your feet from impact and compression-related injuries
  • Removable brush guard kiltie – can be removed to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance of boots
  • ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard – the boots offer protection from electric shocks
  • High-quality steel washers – steel washers have been used for hooks and eyelets to provide a strong, rust-proof base
  • Scalloped heels – better traction and grip especially while climbing
  • One-year warranty


Crafted to last for long even when constantly exposed to tough wear, the Georgia G7313 is an essential work bootGeorgia G7313 Work Boots Review to own when your work involves spending a lot of time outdoors. Equipped with a high protective shaft and steel toes, these logger boots are completely waterproof – an especially important requirement for worker who are constantly exposed to wet conditions in work.

About the brand

Starting from its origin in 1937, the Georgia boots brand has been endowing workers with the confidence to tackle their tasks without having to fear the hazards that constantly surround them. This brand offers versatile safety boots for different occupation types to keep workers safe from various dangers – the brand also focuses on the comfort aspect to maintain feet health in the long run. Especially designed for occupations such as farming, logging, mining, construction work and factory work, the Georgia boots are robust to withstand tough conditions and add value to your everyday routine by keeping you safe and relaxed.