Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Work Boots Review 2022

Imagine the power of a grizzly on your feet – the Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzly Shows are fiercely Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzlyprotective and keep your feet safe and relaxed even when you have to stay on your feet for hours. With all the protection that only good research and excellent design can offer, these industrial shoes combine comfort with security – a rare combination as you know; make your workday a lot more comfortable with these Docs.

Made of high-quality leather, the Ironbridges are equipped with plenty of safety features that help you face hazards at work, and yet look smart and can easily double up as a pair of shoes that you can wear right from work to the pub. The shoes offer ample protection with their slip-resistant soles, water-resistant build and insulation from electrical shocks – so, when you wear these to work, especially when you are in a high-risk work environment, you can forget about the hazards around you and focus on your job. After all, the shoes come from the house of Dr Martens, a brand known for its excellence in safety footwear. Let us look at the features of Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzly Shoes for men and women –


While the uppers are made of 100% tough leather, synthetic rubber has been used for the soles for superior traction. The industrial-grade Grizzly upper is crafted using well-oiled, water-resistant leather that keeps the shoes protective and durable. The interiors of these work shoes are lined with Cosmo moisture-wicking lining while the insole is cushioned with Smartmask padding. Dr Martens’ signature air-cushioning makes these shoes light and all the more comfortable. Trans PVC has been used for the outsole for a steady grip.


Designed to protect, and yet incredibly stylish, the Dr Martens Ironbridge Grizzlys are charismatic with their classic full-grained black leather uppers, emphasized stitch details, the contrasting Dr Martens logo and cool metal eyelets. The shoes have a mid-top design with a shaft that measures 6 inches from the arch; the 1.5-inch Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzlyheels offer further protection and durability. With a traditional lace closure and padded tongue and collars, the shoes offer a perfect fit and are also available in wide variants for people who prefer it. The Ironbridge shoes are available in Men and women sizes.


Comfort has always been a priority for the Dr Martens brand ever since their first air-soled shoe was designed. Hence, the Ironbridge Industrial Grizzlys too, are equipped with plenty of comfort features like the soft Cosmo lining that absorbs moisture from your feet and keeps them dry, the iconic air-cushioned soles that first launched Dr Martens shoes, the Smartmask footbed cushioning and padded tongue and collars that keep your warm and at ease throughout the day. The insole also offers excellent arch support that boosts your gait and keeps your feet pain-free. So, even as you stay protected with the safety features of these work shoes, you can be assured of the fact that your comfort is given utmost importance.


Full-grained leather uppers and strong PVC soles have been used to make the Ironbridge Industrial Grizzlys – this is further fortified with the strong Goodyear welt construction that keeps the shoes extremely durable and good to use for years together.

Safety features

Workplaces such as construction sites, large kitchens or tanneries are fraught with risks that can harm us, especially our feet. The Dr Martens industrial shoes are designed to keep your feet protected from such hazards – that is why you have insulated protection from electrical hazards, water and chemical-resistant uppers, the PVC air-cushioned sole that keeps your feet protected from oil, fat, petrol and alkali, the welted build of the shoes that boosts your stability, and a slip-resistant outsole that keeps you safe from falls even when you walk over slipper surfaces.

Additional Features

Depending on the needs of your work environment, you can opt for safety shoes with steel toe, another variant Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzlyavailable in the Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzly range, or extra wide shoes to suit your feet. The shoes have a lace-to-toe design that makes it perfect for industrial work since it boosts stability and offers a closer fit. The shoes weigh 2 lb 3 oz and have a shaft measuring 5 ½ inches. The industrial shoes are certified to meet safety standards ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH.


  • Strong and well-oiled leather uppers – durable material for enhanced protection
  • Synthetic PVC outsole – the outsole is made of tough PVC material with traction grooves that keep up your grip and prevents falls even when you have to constantly walk on slippery surfaces
  • Air-cushioned insole – keep the shoes light and protective
  • Moisture-wicking Cosmo lining, and padded tongue and collar – keeps your feet dry and comfortably padded throughout the day
  • Lace-to-toe design – for a firm fit and improved stability
  • Smart design – classic black leather shoes that you can wear to work and to informal gatherings
  • Smartmask footbed cushioning – adequate padding and shock absorption for your feet; the material also has anti-bacterial properties that keep your feet odor-free
  • Arch support – helps hold your posture as you walk and offer ergonomic support for your feet
  • Goodyear welt construction – proclaimed design that keeps the shoes durable and bolsters your balance
  • Meets safety standards – when your job requires it, you have the satisfaction of wearing shoes that meet safety requirements ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH
  • Mid-top design – the shoes protects your ankle without covering too much and suffocating your feet
  • Traction soles – traction grooves in the sole protect you when you walk on uneven or slippery surfaces
  • Easy to maintain – just wipe the dust off from your shoes with a wet cloth to keep them clean


Coming from a brand that specializes in safety shoes, the Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial Grizzly shoes offer a smart solution to workplace footwear that keep you protected and comfortable, and yet look cool.

About the company

Better known by their moniker – Docs, the Dr Martens brand is an English footwear and apparel manufacturer. Dr Martens Ironbridge Industrial GrizzlyTheir footwear range is identified by its air-cushioned soles, welted construction, and iconic yellow stitches. The brand was first started when Dr. Klaus Maertens, in an attempt to design shoes that would ease the pain in his recuperating ankles, tested air-cushioned soles by using old rubber tyres. An idea was born, and he found the footwear so constructed to be extremely comfortable and stable. He, along with his friend Dr Herbert Funck created a brand out of this invention called Dr Maertens. The first work boots under this brand was sold in 1960; later the brand anglicized its name to Dr Martens. This range of footwear was called AirWair and includes shoes, sandals, and work shoes. The shoes came to be a favorite with workmen like construction workers and miners, and musicians, cyclists, and youngsters; women clients especially, loved the arch support and heel comfort provided by the shoes.

Caring for your Docs

Your Dr Martens shoes can last for years together if you just take a few minutes to maintain them after each time you wear the shoes. Clean off any dust or mud using a brush or cloth dipped in warm water. Let the shoes air dry; then, polish the shoes with a leather conditioner or Dr Martens’ Wonder Balsam. Then, sit back and admire your docs!