The Ironbridge Steel IM Boot comes in two colours, black and teak. Made of leather, the insole is made of felt. It offers protection both from…
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The Ironbridge Steel IM Boot comes in two colours, black and teak. Made of leather, the insole is made of felt. It offers protection both from physical threats and electrical ones, thanks to its careful design. Furthermore, it also offers you a certain amount of protection from the elements. Read on to find out what makes these work boots such a great fit.


  • You can count being protected from any accidental electrical discharge. This is because these boots come with additional insulation.
  • The well made toe-cap offers unprecedented impact protection (a minimum of 200 joules) and resistance to compression force of up to 15kn.
  • Properties of shock and absorption are provided by the cushioned soles.
  • It is water resistant throughout, offering you safety from the weather as well. Furthermore, it has great traction: there’s no chance of a fall on a dangerous surface.


  • As with many work boots, you will need to give these ones a chance to break in. After a period of about three days, they should be absolutely fine.
  • To make them even more comfortable, you can change out the factory insert with one of slightly better quality.
  • If you feel some pressure across the top, you can wear them slightly loose. The tightness is due to the metatarsal guard, which is inserted internally.

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 Detailed Review of Ironbridge Steel IM Boot

The Steel IM Boot is somewhat different from other work boots from Dr. Martens. This is because it looks more like the classic Dr. Martens, and less like other safety boots. They last quite a long time, just like the good old classic pieces. If you are more used to external inserts, do make sure you give your feet a chance to get used to the internal metatarsal guards.

One problem that you may notice is that these boots do not have a heel strap. This is a fairly notable omission on such a beautifully designed and carefully featured boot. However, that really isn’t such a big deal. As far as fit and comfort are concerned, the Steel IM is unbeatable.


Don’t be fooled by the fact that these boots look just like the casual Docs you wear with jeans. These are probably the best safety work boots on the market, and are worth a buy.

Brendan Fullerton

Brendan Fullerton

As a former foreman on many construction sites, Brendan knows how important safety is. After seeing countless foot injuries that could have been avoided with the right pair of work boots, he decided that it was time to start education his fellow construction workers. Since then he has dedicated himself to finding the best safety footwear for his crew, and we are thrilled to be able to include his expertise on our website. When Brendan isn't searching for safe work boots you can find him indulging his true passion, fishing.
Brendan Fullerton