Dickies Medway Boots - Complete Review

For walking all day on uneven or slippery ground conditions, the Dickies Medway Boot delivers great protection in a waterproof package that will not take a lot out of your budget.  

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Durable and with strong yet comfortable construction, this composite toe boot is an excellent choice for keeping your feet protected while working in various working conditions.



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The Dickies Medway Boot has rugged construction and safety features that will work well on the job site and for hiking purposes. It came with a significant heaviness that reduced the overall comfort of wearing the boot but it was not entirely uncomfortable. The bulkiness of the boot may be an issue for some who are used to more streamlined styles, but this bulk can add to the overall stability of the footwear and will just need a little adjustment period to get used to. For a more lightweight work boot with an upgraded stylishness, the Dickies Men’s Wrecker 6-Inch Steel Toe Industrial Boot is an alternative worth looking into. If you prefer a low-cut structure, the Dickies Men’s Solo Steel Toe Work Shoe with its suede leather and generous cushioning will provide the comfort you crave at an affordable price. The Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot comes in an attractive moc-toe design that works to keep the foot comfortable while keeping it protected from the wetness of the environment. Another remarkable alternative is the KEEN Utility Men’s Red Hook Mid Composite Toe Work Boot that features a composite safety toe and a waterproof, breathable lining in a trendy design that looks more like basketball shoes. Lastly, the Fila Men’s Hail Storm 3 Mid Composite Toe Work Shoes is a great bet for work shoes that work just as well for hitting the trails with composite toe protection and EVA foam cushioning that provides all-day comfort. 

The Dickies Medway Boot are safety work shoes that can double as hiking shoes as necessary. It comes with a steel toe cap to protect the foot from severe injuries that can result from compression and impact hazards in and out of the job site. The Thinsulate layer within the boot provides much-needed insulation to keep the foot warm when working outdoors, or in extremely cold environments, cannot be avoided. The rugged construction of the thick outsoles is designed to offer strong traction that can protect against slipping or falling accidents while in the workplace or in tough outdoor conditions. On the other hand, the waterproof construction acts as a barrier that does not permit water and other liquids from penetrating the boot, so the foot is guaranteed to enjoy long-lasting dryness. I would say that comfort-wise, this boot is in the middle of the spectrum and may need some more enhancements for increased long-term comfort. We will go into more detail below to see which features stand out the most on these boots, and what qualities can still be improved for better performance. 

Ideal For

  • Walking all day on uneven or slippery surfaces 
  • Working environments that are cold and will benefit from the boot’s insulation layer.
  • Jobs that encounter compression and impact hazards in the workplace. 

Going In-Depth with the Dickies Medway Boots

Dickies Medway work boots v6

The Details


The Thinsulate lining within the Dickies Medway Boot is designed to deliver superior warmth continuously even when the workplace and surrounding area are cold. In my experience, the insulation layer worked to keep my feet comfortable when working in cold outdoor conditions, so I had no difficulties concentrating on the jobs that needed to be done because I did not suffer from literally cold feet. The shock-absorbing heel bears most of the brunt of the repetitive tasks that are done throughout the workday so it was easier to finish the tasks without experiencing extreme pain that can come from foot fatigue. I needed to adjust to the feel of the slightly heavy boots, but it was not something that brought total discomfort and was only a bit of a compromise given the protective features offered by the Medway. The rugged outsoles of the boots made it much easier to work on challenging surfaces without worrying that a single misstep could lead to a slipping accident. The waterproof membrane kept my feet dry inside the boot so that was one less thing to worry about when the workplace was wet all around. The boot opening comes with plenty of padding that worked not only to prevent chafing but also to secure the fit for a more stable way of walking and moving around.  

Dickies Medway work boots v8


The boots felt a bit heavy mainly because of the thick outsoles with their prominent treads but were not entirely uncomfortable. After using the boots a few times, I got used to the bulk and weight of the boots, which turned out to be beneficial for stabilizing my footing when walking on uneven and slippery surfaces. The steel toe cap also contributed to the weighty feel of the boot, which seemed a small compromise for the protection that the safety toe provides all day long.  


The Dickies Medway Boot is equipped with thick rubber outsoles that at first felt strange and out of place with the rest of the boot. While it was not completely uncomfortable, the outsoles provided strong traction that helped me walk more surely across wet, slippery, and uneven ground conditions without accidentally slipping or falling in the process. The powerful grip on the ground makes this boot a suitable choice for working on your feet on challenging surfaces, allowing you to work continuously without compromising your safety as you aim to increase your productivity in the workplace.

Dickies Medway work boots v9

Fit and Sizing

The boots have a snug fit and are true to size. I went for my usual size and was not disappointed with the way it fit straight out of the box. Without the guesswork that comes with deciding on whether to get the usual size or go one size lower or higher, I was able to immediately enjoy the benefits of this boot’s features. The snug fit made for a more secure feeling, which was also enhanced with the comforting bulk of the thick outsoles. Walking around the work area did not bring a lot of discomforts, especially since I did not deal with chafing that can be caused by footwear that is too loose or too tight. 

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This is a waterproof pair of work boots that will prove to be highly beneficial when working outdoors in the rain, or in wet or muddy surroundings. The waterproof membrane stops the liquids from seeping into the boot so you have the guarantee that your foot will maintain a comfortably dry condition for the entire day. Aside from protecting the feet from getting soaked by water and other liquids, the full waterproofing of the boot also works to prevent structural damage around and within the boot, allowing you to take advantage of the top-notch features of the boot for a long time without it easily breaking down due to water exposure. 


The Thinsulate lining inside the boot keeps the foot comfortably warm in cold weather environments, and it works just as well to keep the interior of the boot properly ventilated.  The material allows air to pass freely to the inside of the boot to draw out excess heat and disperse it before it can result in an overheated feeling. The lining also works to wick moisture away from the skin to prevent a clammy and uncomfortable sensation that comes from sweat buildup. I was able to work continuously for the better part of the day and my feet stayed comfortable and cool inside the boots. 

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Quality and Durability

The full-grain leather upper comes with a waterproof membrane to stop water from penetrating for long-lasting foot comfort and dryness. This boot is built with a steel safety toe cap that covers the toes to keep them safe from objects that can accidentally roll over or fall on the foot from a great height so serious injuries can be prevented in the workplace. The crucial points of the boot – the heel and toe – are fitted with reinforcement cuffs to prevent damage caused by abrasive substances that you may be exposed to in and around the job site. The boot has a midsole that is made of steel to resist penetration from underneath, keeping your foot safe from being pierced by sharp objects that may be left lying on the ground. The rubber outsole is heat resistant until 300°C, making the boot an ideal choice for working on hot surfaces. I was a bit concerned about the plastic lace hooks though because they do not look that sturdy and durable. You should be careful not to put too much force when tying up the shoelaces because the lace hooks may easily break with excessive force. I think sturdier lace hooks can be used instead to deliver more long-lasting durability for the boot.

Other Versions

The Dickies Medway Boot does not come in another version. It is available in two colors – brown and black. There are other Dickies work boots that have similar features to the Medway, and these are the Wrecker Steel Toe Industrial Boot and the low-cut Solo Steel Toe Work Shoe. However, both of these other options only have safety toe protection but do not have waterproof features. 

The Challengers

The first product to challenge the Medway is the Wrecker 6-Inch Steel Toe Industrial Boot, also from Dickies. Made with 100% leather, this boot is similarly fitted with a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric to keep the foot feeling cool and dry inside. If you find the outsole of the Medway too bulky and heavy, you will appreciate the Wreckers’ outsole with its flexible, lightweight structure that will not hinder natural movement for all-day efficiency in the workplace. The Wrecker also looks more stylish so it can be enjoyed in more casual settings after a hard day at work on the job site.

The Dickies Men’s Solo Steel Toe Work Shoe is an outstanding alternative if you prefer your work footwear to be low-cut. This shoe comes with breathable mesh overlays along with suede leather to promote breathability within the boot. A steel toe cap is fitted into the shoe to prevent severe injuries when something heavy falls on or rolls over the foot. This boot’s padded collar and tongue provide the generous padding needed to keep the foot cocooned safely and comfortably inside the boot even with long hours of continuous boot use. A moisture-wicking lining prevents sweat from accumulating inside the boot for long-lasting foot freshness and dryness. At a price that comes just under $50, this is a fantastic buy that does not scrimp on beneficial features.

The Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot combines stylishness and functionality without compromising comfort. The waterproof coating on the upper ensures that your feet will remain dry when you need to work under the rain. The exclusive FastDry lining draws away moisture while fighting odors in a quick-drying profile that can help you maintain a high level of productivity in any weather condition. The moc-toe design can jazz up your outfit, making your overall look more fashionable compared to wearing traditional work boots that can look overly rugged and bulky. However, the lack of toe protection may be a concern for those who are exposed to compression and impact dangers in the workplace. 

The KEEN Utility Men’s Red Hook Mid Composite Toe Work Boot comes with a trendy and casual look that seems like it belongs to the basketball court more than a worksite. The carbon fiber safety toes provide foot protection that does not come with the heaviness that is closely associated with steel toes. The boot is waterproof and comes with a breathable membrane to prevent heat and sweat buildup so that the foot can enjoy a fresh and dry feeling all day long. Some parts of the upper are enhanced with reflective webbing for increased visibility that will be especially beneficial when working at night or in dark surroundings. 

The Fila Men’s Hailstorm 3 Mid Composite Toe Work Shoe also looks more like athletic shoes without the plainness and bulk that can be expected from conventional work shoes. It comes with composite toe protection for safety against tools, equipment, and other items that can fall on the foot, without the extra weight. The interior is also fitted with an insulation layer to make it easy to maintain foot warmth in cold surroundings. This boot has a shock-absorbing EVA sole that prevents foot fatigue to keep you moving efficiently until the end of a long workday. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Dickies Medway Boot comes with the considerable weight and bulk that are expected from work boots but manages to deliver a reasonably comfortable experience. The thick outsoles’ strong traction is ideal for working on wet or uneven ground, while the steel toe cap offers reliable protection against objects that can fall on and injure the foot. The hooks made from plastic can still be improved to a more durable material to enhance the overall functionality and durability of the Medway work boot. 

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