Danner Workman Boots Review

Modern design, exceptional design and materials, Gore-tex waterproof technology are only some of the features that make the Danner Workman to stand out.  

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For a beautifully crafted work boot that works twice as hard to keep your foot protected, the Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boot comes in a classic silhouette that is just as welcome in a job site as it is for a night out with friends. 



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It was quite easy to forget that I had work boots on when I was using the Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boots. It has a superbly casual (yet still classy) profile that is stylish enough to be offered in clothing stores instead of exclusively in workwear outlets. The premium materials and sturdy construction resulted in boots that weighed just as much as I expected them to weigh – not extremely heavy but not exactly lightweight, either. This boot also comes in an alloy toe version that brings an increased level of protection against heavy things that can fall on the foot and cause severe injuries. From the same brand, the Danner Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Boot is a waterproof hiking boot that is comfortable and supportive enough to be used as a work boot, especially if you are looking for a more affordable alternative to the Workman. The Rockrooster Men’s Woodland 6-Inch Soft Toe Work Boot is another remarkable alternative, with waterproof construction and anti-fatigue technology to keep you moving as efficiently as possible in all weather conditions. Meanwhile, the Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s Waterproof Work Boot comes in soft leather that requires zero to very minimal breaking in to allow you to immediately enjoy the boot’s benefits. Finally, the Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6-Inch Insulated Work Boot has a composite safety toe to keep the foot protected and is fitted with an Ortholite cushioned footbed for superb foot comfort that lasts the entire day. 

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The Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boot is a reincarnation of the original Workman Boot that was first introduced in 2004. This new version has been improved with a few enhancements that made the boot even more comfortable and supportive and is not remarkably lighter by 13% compared to the original Workman. The boot stands out with a GORE-TEX liner that guarantees a waterproof barrier to stop water from entering while maintaining a breathable environment to keep the foot comfortable. The midsole, lasting board, and shank are incorporated into one piece to significantly reduce the total weight of the boot without compromising the high-level support.  The premium look and feel of these boots make them very enjoyable to use in the workplace and for other errands as well, although their snug fit may prove to be a bit uncomfortable for some people. Below we will go into even more detail about the features that stand out the most in this boot, as well as the qualities that we feel can still be enhanced further. 

Ideal For

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  • Working in wet conditions indoors and outdoors. 
  • Those who prefer a sturdy work boot that is stylish as well. 
  • People who want a snug-fitting work boot. 

Going In-Depth with the Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boots

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The Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boot is fitted with a GORE-TEX liner that not only acts as a protective barrier to keep the wetness out but also improves the comfort level within the boots by dissipating excess heat before it can turn into full-blown overheating. This liner helped me avoid uncomfortably sweaty feet by wicking away moisture and preventing it from building up inside the boot, even with all-day boot-wearing. I especially liked the Ortholite footbed that was thickly cushioned so that my feet felt comfortably snuggled inside the boot as I went through the day’s tasks. This generous padding also felt extremely supportive as it embraced the shape of my foot, although I can imagine that the thickness of the footbed may bring discomfort for some people if the boot starts to feel too tight inside. The footbed is made with open-cell PU that also helps air to circulate better inside the boot to keep the foot feeling comfortable and cool for long hours of work. Even the Vibram midsole comes with the same impressive cushioning and provides the rebound I needed to be able to move more quickly and continuously throughout the day while maintaining long-lasting strength and durability that can be counted on for heavy-duty performance. I liked how the cushioned collar fit snugly around my calf so there was a feeling of security that made it easier for me to walk around without worrying that a simple misstep would cause me to twist my ankle. The strong traction outsoles also contributed to the comfortable experience that allowed me to walk with confidence on wet floors without drastically slowing down and worrying too much about slipping accidents. 

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These boots weighed just as much as I expected them to be. They cannot be considered lightweight, but they are not overly heavy as well. This newer version of the Workman came with some enhancement that had the goal of lightening the load, so to speak. The lasting board, shank, and midsole were all joined together to create one piece that molds to the shape of the boot. This resulted in a total weight that is lighter than the original Workman by 13% while ensuring that the same outstanding level of support and comfort was not compromised in any way. 


The Vibram Workman outsole comes in a sturdy yet low-key profile that fits right into the classy aesthetic of the boot. The low-lug pattern offers strong traction that will work well in wet and slippery indoor surfaces, although the strong grip on the ground can also be beneficial in some outdoor ground conditions that do not involve deep mud or waterlogged areas. Walking on slippery floors while using these boots was a breeze, and I did not need to move extremely slowly just to be able to avoid slipping on the challenging surfaces. 

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Fit and Sizing

With all the generous cushioning fitted into the Workman, it is no surprise that it comes with a very snug fit. This worked wonderfully for me because I appreciated the secure feeling that the snugness brought, which also ensured that my feet did not feel wobbly and unstable while using the boots. However, I am thinking that this can be a problem for people with wide feet, or for those who prefer boots that have a more relaxed fit that allows more space for the toes to budge a bit. The snug fit of these boots may cause painful pinching and overall discomfort for some people who are not used to tight-fitting boots.  


The full-grain leather upper is water-resistant and prevents liquid damage that can be a problem when working in wet conditions, especially when a non-waterproof boot is used. What literally seals the deal within is the GORE-TEX liner that forms a waterproof barrier to prevent water and other liquid substances from coming into the boot’s interior. This way, you can be sure that your feet will stay comfortably dry for the duration of the workday, even when you are surrounded by a puddle or other wetness sources. 

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The GORE-TEX liner works doubly hard by maintaining a ventilated boot interior while preventing excessive sweatiness. It encourages air to flow freely into the boot so that any built-up warmth and moisture can be dissipated before they can cause a great deal of discomfort due to overheating. The liner also wicks away sweat to keep the foot dry and comfortable even with extended boot use while completing the most demanding tasks of the day. 

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Quality and Durability

The full-grain leather used for the Workman’s upper is oiled before undergoing meticulous tests to guarantee its long-lasting strength, quality, and durability. This leather needs minimal maintenance so you can enjoy its full benefits with less effort as time goes by. It is also more resistant to damage caused by exposure to water and other liquid substances, allowing you to maximize the full potential of the boot without worrying about the material breaking down with heavy usage over time. The GORE-TEX liners are also created to deliver long-lasting waterproofness and breathability and are durable enough to withstand the daily use and abuse that work boots are expected to experience over their lifetime. A nylon shank creates a supportive structure to aid in stability, especially when walking over uneven ground and while climbing up or going down ladders. The boot is created with a stitch-down construction to enhance the stability and to provide a wider platform that works to increase the stability over various floor conditions. These boots can be recrafted or re-soled so you can look forward to a long time of enjoying their premium material and craftsmanship. 

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Other Versions

The Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boot is available in a brown color that gives it a slightly worn yet classy look. It also has a version with an alloy toe that delivers increased protection from tools, equipment, and a variety of other items that can cause serious injuries when they fall or roll on the foot accidentally. There are also 8-inch-high versions of the Workman boot that can be enjoyed in a soft toe or alloy toe profile. 

The Challengers

danner workman - challengers

The Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Alloy Toe Work Boot is the first challenger to the soft toe Workman boot. This boot also comes with the GORE-TEX liner for superior waterproofing and breathability to ensure complete foot dryness regardless of the weather condition on the job site. The alloy safety toe guards the foot against compression and impact sources that can cause serious harm when they fall on the foot while in the work area. With a metal-free construction, the protective toe feature provides enhanced safety without adding significant weight to the boot. This resulted in a boot that is more protective yet weighs the same compared to the soft toe Workman. With just a $10 difference between the two options, it might be a good idea to go for the alloy toe choice that delivers increased protection. 

danner workman - challengers

The Danner Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Boot is another waterproof boot made with premium materials from the same brand. This hiking boot has protective and comfortable features that make it a great work boot alternative for certain professions. It has the same Ortholite footbed for ample cushioning that also maintains a well-ventilated boot interior to keep extreme warmth prevented. A Vibram Fuga outsole uses Megagrip technology that delivers outstanding traction on a variety of dry and wet surfaces for superior protection against slipping accidents. The boot is equipped with a TPU heel frame to keep the heel stabilized and secure no matter how challenging the ground conditions can be. This suede boot is a great alternative if you are looking for a more lightweight hiking boot or work boot than the Workman and also comes with a lower price tag. 

The Rockrooster Men’s Woodland 6-Inch Soft Toe Work Boot is another superb choice that delivers exceptional waterproofing to keep up with the activities that you need to do in wet conditions.  The upper material is resistant to bloodborne pathogens to keep you safe from these hazards that may be encountered in your line of work. The boot is built with a shock-absorbent insole to stop foot fatigue from developing over the course of the workday and comes with ample cushioning that cradles the foot for lasting comfort and support that can keep up with the tough activities that need to be done. Offered at just below $120, this is another reasonably priced choice that does not skimp on functionality.  

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The Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s Waterproof Work Boot is a strong contender when it comes to noteworthy features and affordability. This boot is created with a completely waterproof upper, outsole, stitching, laces, and lining as well as a seal-direct attachment to deliver absolute protection against wetness in any workplace setting. The outsoles are built to absorb the impact resulting from the demanding physical activities as part of the job, so you can easily avoid foot pain even with long hours of nonstop work. The lightweight structure is made with soft leather that needs a very short break-in period for you to immediately reap the rewards of using the boot. With a price that is just under the $80 range, this boot offers fantastic value without the need for you to give up the most important features. 

The Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6-Inch Composite Toe Insulated Work Boot comes with a non-metallic safety toe that offers superior protection against impact and compression dangers in the workplace. The top-notch leather upper is reinforced with an abrasion-resistant toe to prolong the structural strength of the boot for your long-term benefit. The Contour welt construction provides a stable and flexible base to keep you moving as efficiently as possible without anything getting in the way of your activities. It is also an insulated boot that will keep the foot warm in cold weather conditions. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Danner Workman 6-Inch Brown Work Boots are genuinely nice boots that are made with the highest quality materials using outstanding craftmanship. They have a casual silhouette that makes them a welcome addition to any outfit, even as they work twice as hard to deliver high-performance benefits as a work boot. The snug fit kept me feeling secure and comfortable as I worked throughout the day, but this fit will not be suitable for those who prefer a relaxed, more spacious boot fit.  

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