Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Boots Review

Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Boots Review

When you need superior footwear protection and cushioning, this hiking boot will keep up with your requirements on and off the trails.

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Featuring waterproof construction and a rubberized Vibram SPE midsole, the Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot delivers maximum functionality without the additional weight.


Full-grain leather

Safety Toe



2.31 lbs./1.05 kgs



Shaft Size

4.5 inches


Vibram Fuga




Overall Score

Comfort & Fit
Design & Built Quality
Sole & Traction
Water resistant
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The lightweight structure and cushioned sole of the Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot helped walking all day long for work or leisure more enjoyable. Without the extra weight to carry around, it was much easier to finish the day’s chores and activities with minimal discomfort, so staying on my feet for long hours didn’t pose too many problems. The sole felt soft and flexible, so this boot didn’t get in the way of my movements no matter how hard I worked and played. I had the chance to use a pair of Mountain 600 in black full-grain leather with the white soles that stood out even more when I used the blue laces. When I wanted a more low-key look, I simply swapped the blue laces for the black ones. The presence of the alternate laces gave me another style option, ensuring that I can get the most out of the functionality and aesthetics of the boot’s laces.

The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot is built with the proprietary Danner Dry waterproof barrier that prevents water and other liquids from seeping in, so you can be sure that your feet will remain dry when you need to go over wet ground conditions. The boot is equipped with an Ortholite footbed for excellent cushioning that can stop discomfort from ruining your day’s productivity as well as dissipate heat by allowing air to continuously move throughout the boot’s interior. The rubberized midsole is designed to deliver maximum cushioning too while offering the support and rebound needed to be able to move freely no matter how challenging the job turns out to be. This hiking boot showcases remarkable features that can be depended on for long-lasting performance but comes at a price that is higher than other options. However, it can be argued that you’ll be getting your money’s worth given the boot’s superior attributes. Below, we’ll take a peek at the features that make this boot a worthwhile pick, along with the components that can be enhanced for improved performance.

Ideal For

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  • Hiking trails or work settings that need waterproof boots
  • Those who prefer lightweight footwear
  • People who appreciate soft and flexible boots for hiking and work purposes

Exploring In-Depth the Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot

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The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot is built with an Ortholite footbed that provided ample cushioning, allowing me to keep on moving and working for the better part of the day. All without suffering from serious discomfort, as my feet were cradled in a welcoming environment. The footbed also eased pressure points on my foot so I was spared from painful blisters that might have posed serious problems if I used footwear that did not offer the same level of cushioning and support. The midsole of the boot is made with rubberized EVA that helped elevate the cushioning underfoot while delivering increased rebound that more easily returned the energy with every step, enabling me to walk and move continuously throughout the busy workdays with a little help from my footwear. The sole felt soft and flexible, so it adapted to my actions, allowing me to move as freely and as agilely as possible with nothing to interfere. I appreciated the sole’s flexibility and softness even more when I needed to walk quickly or run, which I managed to do effortlessly since there were no stiff parts on the boot to get in the way of my natural mobility.


The exceptionally lightweight construction of this footwear made it seem like I was wearing athletic shoes instead of hiking boots. This was a huge advantage when I needed to stay on my feet or walk around for long hours because I was able to enjoy a more comfortable experience without weighty shoes dragging on my feet. Moving was pretty much effortless, since the boots felt like they were naturally part of my feet instead of being bulky components slowing me down considerably throughout the day. The lightweight structure worked with the maximum cushioning inside to make this one of the most comfortable boots for hiking and work that I have ever used.


The hiking boot is fitted with a Vibram Fuga outsole that is made with a special compound designed to grip floors and other ground conditions strongly. This means it can deliver a higher level of safety when it comes to working on a variety of surfaces, preventing accidental slipping. However, it should be noted that even with the pronounced lugs of this outsole, I still felt the boot only managed to deliver a medium level of traction, especially compared to other hiking boots I previously tried. This medium traction won’t be an issue when working on dry floors and non-problematic surfaces but can pose problems when you need to walk over extremely slippery or uneven conditions that will require a stronger grip on the ground for your increased safety.

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Fit and Sizing

The manufacturer states that these hiking boots tend to have a slightly larger than usual fit and there is even a recommendation to choose an option that is half a size smaller than your usual. However, in my experience, the boot felt true to size and even came with a snug fit that may require going up half a size for enhanced comfort. With that said, I believe it wouldn’t be an ideal choice for those who are looking for a more relaxed fit. The snug fit of the boot may also be uncomfortable for those who have wide feet, as the snug structure can feel too constrictive and may cause pain, especially with long hours of continuous use.


This boot is built with the exclusive Danner Dry waterproof barrier that stops water and other liquid substances from entering the boot. This will give you the assurance that your feet will remain cocooned in a dry environment even when you’re hiking or working in an area that is wet or waterlogged. With liquids prevented from seeping into the boot, the interior components are also protected from being damaged by the elements when you’re facing extreme weather conditions and challenging settings in indoor workplaces.

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The Ortholite footbed is made with an open-cell PU material that dissipates heat before it can build up considerably within the boot. This allows the heat to escape so the foot can enjoy a comfortable and cool feeling throughout the day even when there’s no chance to take off the boot for rest periods. The footbed material also encourages a cool environment by allowing air to move freely within the boot so that excess heat can be dispersed before it can bring extreme discomfort. Meanwhile, the Danner Dry waterproof barrier also allows perspiration to escape along with any built-up warmth inside, making it possible for your feet to stay dry and relaxed for the better part of the day regardless of how tiring your activities can be on the trails or within the worksite.

Quality and Durability

The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot is made with premium full-grain leather that has gone through six separate tests to ensure outstanding strength and durability. The material is designed to withstand challenging environments for work and play, providing you with the confidence to move as freely and as efficiently as possible without worries that your activities will result in the boots breaking down in the process. The full-grain leather used is the strongest type of leather so you can look forward to fully maximizing the functionality and aesthetics of this boot for a long time. Two lace options provide you with the chance to mix up the look of your footwear as you please. I had the chance to use the black leather boots with the white soles that came with black and blue laces. I used the black laces when I wanted a classic look to go with any uniform or outfit, but I also had the opportunity to enjoy the blue laces that gave the boots a more striking look. Alternating between the two sets helped prolong the life of the laces so I was able to get the most out of them. The boot’s lace hooks and eyelets are built to last through constant use and abuse and look better constructed compared to other hiking boot options. I appreciated the EVA midsole that worked to deliver maximum cushioning along with the footbed, while also offering much-needed rebound and flexibility that kept me moving effortlessly throughout the day. The lightweight construction of the boot contributed to a comfortable experience that still managed to deliver the required support and padding without the heavy feeling. I just wished the outsoles had a stronger grip on the ground so I could feel more confident while walking on wet or uneven ground conditions without worrying about slipping.

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Other Versions

The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot is offered in either full-grain leather or suede options for the upper material.  The full-grain leather choice is available in black and saddle tan (both with two lace options and light-colored soles) and in the following additional color combinations: walnut/green, carbon black (all-black), and rich brown. On the other hand, the suede option is available in the following colors: brown/red, dark earth/woodthrush, brown/red, and java/bossa nova. The Mountain 600 hiking boots series also comes with insulated versions for superior temperature regulation in extreme settings, as well as Chelsea styles for lace-free convenience that works wonderfully when paired with casual clothes. These selections for the Mountain 600 also come in women’s versions.

The Challengers

danner mountain 600 - challengers

The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Insulated Boot features the same premium full-grain leather as the non-insulated option so you can be sure of enjoying the maximum strength and durability. This boot will be able to keep up with the challenging environments that you may encounter on the trails and in various workplaces. It also has the Danner Dry barrier that ensures foot protection from wetness when you are navigating waterlogged areas outdoors and when you need to work in wet conditions indoors, providing you with the assurance of comfortable dryness all day long. This boot comes enhanced with 200 grams of PrimaLoft Gold Insulation for outstanding insulation to keep your feet warm when you encounter cold conditions and works to provide a layer of protection from compression that you may encounter in the course of your workday or while going on adventures. The outsole of this insulated boot delivers advanced traction that can take on wet and icy surfaces to keep you safe from accidental slipping.

The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Chelsea Boot might be a better option if you’re looking for an even more lightweight hiking boot that can keep your feet as comfortable as possible throughout your outdoor adventures. This boot is equipped with a Vibram SPE midsole that offers outstanding cushioning to ease foot discomfort even with long hours of walking or moving. The footbed features open-cell PU that allows air to circulate within the boot to promote a cool environment that fights overheating even with continuous boot-wearing. The Chelsea style offers superior convenience, as the boot can be put on and kicked off easily without the need to deal with laces that can take up too much time and effort. The upper is fitted with a flexible collar for effortless on and off that will keep you going quickly when the need arises.

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The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot is another great choice that can keep up with the demands of the trails and job sites without the high price tag of the Mountain 600 boots. It’s built with a waterproof structure that is seam-sealed to guarantee that water and other liquids won’t be able to penetrate the interior. This means dryness will be maintained inside the boot throughout the day’s activities. The rubber outsoles are designed to grip the ground strongly to give you the confidence to move unhindered through indoor and outdoor settings without worrying too much about slipping on challenging surfaces. This is another lightweight pair of boots that come with superior cushioning and rebound to keep you moving agilely so you can tackle the most important tasks without tiring easily due to heavy footwear dragging you down. With a price that is less than half of the Mountain 600’s, the Newton Ridge Plus II offers great value without compromising superior functionality.

The Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Hiking Boot is built using leather produced with responsible waste management, energy, and water practices. It comes with a footbed that offers ample cushioning to prevent discomfort during long hours of staying on your feet. The lightweight structure does its job to support and cushion your feet without the extra weight that can result in a dragging feeling, especially when this boot is used for a long time. The waterproof construction keeps wetness from entering the boot, while the fully gusseted tongue works hard to prevent debris from getting inside to maintain comfort and cleanliness within. The aggressive outsole lugs help maintain your steady footing when walking over uneven or slippery ground conditions for enhanced safety.

The KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is anatomically designed to support and follow the natural shape of the foot to enable you to maximize your movements without sacrificing your efficiency in the process. It comes with a waterproof membrane that won’t allow water and other liquids to penetrate while ensuring that excess heat and moisture can freely move outwards to maintain a comfortable environment within the boot. An external support shank keeps your foot supported when walking on uneven surfaces so you can confidently maintain your steady footing, while the contoured heel keeps the heel in place for added comfort and stability throughout the day. This boot features aggressive lugs that offer a firm grip on various surfaces to prevent slipping while you work.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5-Inch Hiking Boot will easily keep up with challenging activities that you may encounter on your worksite or during outdoor adventures. The waterproof structure ensures foot dryness in wet environments while the soft and flexible outsoles provide maximum cushioning and support to keep discomfort at bay for long hours. Overall, this is a great choice, although the high price tag can be a downside, especially if you are looking for a more affordable pair of hiking boots.

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