Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe Boots Review

Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe Boots Review

When you need robustly constructed footwear that won’t compromise your comfort, this work boot will match your functional requirements in a good-looking package.

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With its moc toe construction and steel toe protection, the Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot is built to deliver reliable workplace safety without sacrificing your comfort and fashion sense.


Oiled full-grain leather

Safety Toe

Yes (steel)


3.5lbs./1.59 kgs



Shaft Size

6 inches


Danner Wedge outsole




Overall Score

Comfort & Fit
Design & Built Quality
Sole & Traction
Safety Toe
Water resistant
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Having used both the Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot and the regular Bull Run boot with the lace-up structure, it was easy for me to say that the two choices had pretty much the same features. However, the moc toe version stood out when it comes to delivering a comfortable experience – because the upper material is more flexible compared to the lace-up Bull Run that felt too stiff, especially on the toe and instep areas. The outsole also worked to give the boot the required cushioning and support to be able to sustain comfort throughout the workday. The safety toe protection is another component that gave the moc toe version an edge over the regular Bull Run, as it provided a higher level of protection against impact and compression threats that can cause serious injuries.

The Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot is crafted with 100% full-grain leather that gives a robust and premium look that can be maintained without too much effort and time involved. It comes with steel toe caps that guard the foot against being seriously injured if something heavy or blunt falls or rolls on the boot from an elevated position. It also features electrical hazard protection that can enhance safety against electrocution when there is exposure to live currents in dry conditions. The brand’s celebrated stitch-down construction results in enhanced stability and strength while enabling the boot to be re-soled as necessary to deliver long-lasting benefits without compromising the quality of the boot’s structure. We will delve deeper into the components that make this moc toe boot a great choice and what features can benefit from some tweaks and enhancements.

Ideal For

danner moc toe bull run v10
  • People who prefer moc toe work boots that are flexible
  • Working in settings that don’t require waterproof footwear
  • Professions that require toe protection for safety against impact and compression hazards

Exploring In-depth the Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot

danner moc toe bull run v5


The Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot is constructed with the same unlined leather that was used in the original lace-up version. However, Danner managed to make this moc toe version much more comfortable by changing the tongue’s construction. The upper material is softer and more pliable, allowing the foot to enter the boot in a much easier manner without discomfort and too much effort. This was my worry – because I had a problem with the regular Bull Run’s stiff instep and toe area that resulted in an uncomfortable experience. This moc toe version’s upper was flexible enough to make putting on and taking off the boot almost effortless, and the material didn’t bite into my foot with every movement, so I was able to walk around naturally without being bothered with pain. I was able to appreciate the unlined leather feature more fully with this version because it easily followed the shape of my foot – even on the instep portion – since the material was pliable enough to adapt to my foot’s contours. The wedge outsole featuring an exclusive rubber compound delivers superior cushioning to prevent foot pain and works to absorb most of the impact of continuous movements throughout the day while keeping the foot supported in the process. The moc toe design added a bit of space for the toes to shift as needed, which was a huge benefit when I felt cramps starting to set in after working nonstop on my feet for the better part of the day. However, the inside still managed to feel secure since the steel toe caps took up some of the room for a comforting snugness. I loved the remarkable cushioning offered by the Ortholite footbed, as it kept my feet padded for the entire day, easing most of my pressure points to prevent blisters from forming.

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This boot felt just as I expected it to, as far as weight is concerned. Given its rugged structure, I was expecting it to be slightly heavier than its actual weight, since the moc toe construction consisted of more stitching and material at the front portion. However, the unlined leather material worked to balance the bulk of the moc toe style, making it possible for the boot to have more of a lightweight feeling while still maintaining a heavy-duty silhouette that can take on challenging activities and surroundings.


This moc toe boot is built with an oil-resistant Danner Wedge outsole designed to deliver strong traction on smooth indoor surfaces. However, when I used this boot, I felt that the traction that the outsole delivered was only to a medium level. I didn’t feel totally confident when moving over slippery floors and I was worried that the slightest misstep would result in slipping or falling. I was also concerned about walking on uneven surfaces, because the outsole was almost flat and didn’t have strong lugs that could have had gripped the floor more firmly.

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Fit and Sizing

The moc toe design of this boot resulted in a more spacious construction that felt a lot more comfortable compared to the regular Bull Run version. This gave my foot and toes a bit of room to wiggle when necessary, such as when I felt that cramps were starting to set in when I had been standing for long hours. However, the steel toe caps prevented the fit from becoming too loose, since the metal components took up a bit of space as well at the tip of the boot. The flexible upper material helped with the comfortable experience because it didn’t pinch the instep and top portion of the foot and instead adapted with the foot’s natural movements. The manufacturer recommends that people with wide feet choose the wide or “EE” size option for a more comfortable boot-wearing experience.


The leather and lining of this boot aren’t waterproof, so they won’t keep your feet protected from becoming wet when you’re working in the rain or walking through deep puddles. This boot is suitable for use in dry, indoor conditions where there’s minimal risk of exposure to water, snow, mud, and other liquid substances that can quickly seep into the non-waterproof structure.

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This boot is crafted using unlined leather that allows enough air to pass through to combat overheating, especially when you’re in a warm environment. The excess heat can quickly dissipate without additional material lining the leather, making it possible for the feet to continue enjoying the cool interior for long periods of time. The footbed features an open-cell PU material that allows air to move continuously while dispersing excess moisture so your feet can stay dry no matter how hot the day turns out to be.

Quality and Durability

The full-grain leather material is tanned and oiled before it goes through painstaking tests to guarantee that the boot that will be manufactured can deliver long-lasting strength and durability. The result is a material that is highly resistant to damage that can come from exposure to water and other liquid substances, so you can rest assured that even without the waterproofness, this boot still works hard to maintain a strong construction when exposed to liquids. The boot features a stitch-down construction that delivers superior stability to keep you supported, especially when you need to work on uneven ground or floor conditions. This stitch-down construction makes it possible for the boot to be recrafted, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy the boot’s notable features for a long time even when the soles have already been damaged. The Danner Wedge outsole is designed to keep your feet cushioned without adding too much bulk and weight in the process, so you can reap the benefits of supportive cushioning without the need to drag around a heavy pair of work boots all day. This outsole is designed to provide comfortable support when used in smooth indoor ground conditions, such as wood and concrete – it is not suitable for regular or long-term use on asphalt. The steel toe cap in place will keep the foot protected from being crushed when heavy or blunt items accidentally fall on the boot. The moc toe design is a superb choice for those who are looking for a tough-looking yet stylish boot that also offers enhanced comfort as it comes with more space for the foot to shift inside when needed.

Other Versions

The Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot is available in black and brown. There are also soft-toe versions of this 6-inch moc-toe design, as well as an 8-inch soft toe version that offers more coverage (for those whose jobs and activities require the enhanced protection). This boot can be purchased in regular and wide to fit varying sizing requirements.

The Challengers

danner moc toe bull run - challengers

The Danner Men’s Bull Run Lux Work Boot is a fantastic alternative to the Moc Toe Bull Run if you want your work boot to have a more luxurious aesthetic. This boot is crafted with nubuck leather for a more decadent look and feel that can immediately inject a touch of class into your work outfit or casual attire. The leather is also unlined — just like the Moc Toe Bull Run – so the boot stays as lightweight as possible and maintains a breathable profile so that working in hot environments won’t lead to extreme warmth for your feet. The Ortholite footbed keeps the feet embraced in a padded cocoon so you can continue to work for long hours without developing foot pain. This pair comes with two pairs of laces so you can mix up the look of your boots as you see fit and can have an alternate pair to prolong the overall use of the laces.

The Danner Men’s Workman Alloy Toe Work Boot is a hardworking boot that can provide you with the enhanced protection you need to keep up with demanding work environments. The waterproof GORE-TEX lining stops water and other liquids from getting inside the boot to guarantee long-lasting foot dryness no matter how wet the surrounding area may be. This boot is fitted with alloy toes to protect your feet against compression and impact threats that you may suddenly be exposed to at your worksite. It is built with heels and soles that are shock-resistant so you can have the assurance of being safe from electrical hazards in and around the work area. The open-celled PU footbed keeps the interior of the boot generously ventilated so that heat and moisture won’t have a chance to build up even when you have been working for long hours.

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The Thorogood American Heritage Safety Toe 6-Inch Moc Toe Boot can almost be considered as a Bull Run lookalike because they share the same rugged moc toe design and steel toe protection that keeps the foot safe from being severely injured by rolling or falling objects within the workplace. The Heritage boot also comes with a wedge outsole that provides strong traction to prevent slipping on wet and uneven surfaces. The Goodyear welt construction ensures a reliable connection between the upper and the sole while maintaining flexibility to enable you to continue moving naturally throughout the busy workday, without anything to interfere with your efficient foot movements. In this product face-off, the Moc Toe Bull Run wins when it comes to affordability and great value.

The Georgia Boot 6-Inch Athens Moc Toe/Steel Toe Boot is packed with the heavy-duty features that are needed to withstand tough environments. The waterproof leather upper and the exclusive Georgia Waterproof System work together to keep water from seeping into the boot while promoting a breathable interior by allowing air to move freely within. The advanced footbed features a PU layer for excellent cushioning along with a memory foam layer on top that molds to the contours of the foot. This gives you a customized feel that brings comfort all day long. This boot is fitted with a built-in shank and TPU stabilizer to deliver strong support and shock absorption to prevent foot fatigue from setting in.

If you’re looking for a great value option that won’t put a significant dent in your budget, the Golden Fox Steel Toe 6-Inch Moc Toe Work Boot is worth considering. The full-grain leather is treated to make the upper resistant to stains and water so your feet can stay dry when the boots are exposed to wetness and occasional liquid splashes. The steel toe protection guards your feet against tools and heavy items that may fall around the worksite. A steel shank enhances stability while increasing arch support so you can stay steady on your feet without compromising your comfort. With a price that falls right on the $100 average mark, this is an excellent value option that offers remarkable functionality.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-Inch ST Work Boot is a superb alternative to the original Bull Run if you are looking for a more comfortable option. The moc toe design adds a bit of space within the boot so your toes can shift when needed, while the steel toe component keeps the foot protected against severe injuries that can be caused by impact and compression threats. This boot comes with a soft upper that adapts to your foot’s movements, but this flexibility may have compromised some of the boot’s durability, especially when compared to the regular Bull Run work boot.

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