Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Boots Review

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus are lightweight and waterproof boots and are ideal for a wide range of outdoor work, where safety toe is not required.  

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To keep you moving as efficiently as possible without sacrificing your comfort in work or leisure settings, the incredibly lightweight Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Hiking Boot is an excellent choice that combines great value with a high-performance structure.  







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The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Hiking Boot delivers dependable functionality for both work and leisure purposes. I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight these boots were – I expected them to be much heavier because of the thickness of the rubber outsoles with the aggressive treads. The lightweight midsole contributed to the reduced weight of the boot while delivering remarkable cushioning and support. The waterproof construction and seam-sealed construction ensured total foot dryness for continuous freshness that lasted until all the tasks of the day have been completed. The Columbia Men’s 100MW Titanium OutDry Hiking Boot is a great alternative with an exclusive waterproof and breathable construction that comes fully supported by the Vibram outsole. For an even more lightweight option alternative with a sporty look, the Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Mid Waterproof Shoe fits the bill while offering responsive cushioning and excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces. The RockRooster Walland 6-Inch Waterproof Hiking Boot is an affordable choice that has the rugged features built to withstand the outdoors and demanding work environments with a stylish appearance that will work just as well with more casual outfits. Meanwhile, the NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Mid Ankle Work Boot delivers high-traction grip and waterproofing while offering great value for money, priced just below $40. Lastly, the GRITION Men’s Hiking Work Boot is worth considering if you want waterproof protection in a structure that marries the look of an athletic sneaker and a hiking boot. 

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The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot comes with an incredibly lightweight structure that helps prolong the comfortable experience all day long while allowing a free range of movement to aid in overall efficiency. This waterproof boot is reinforced with seam-sealed construction to stop water and other liquids from getting into the interior to ensure long-lasting foot dryness and comfort. A proprietary lightweight midsole absorbs most of the shock and provides the cushioning needed to prevent foot pain from developing with long hours of boot-wearing. This comfortable hiking boot offers more than the basics in a competitively priced package, but I am a bit concerned that the affordability sacrificed some components, such as the weak-looking lace hooks. We will go into the details of what makes this boot a worthwhile pick, and what features can still be improved for enhanced quality. 

Ideal For

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  • Those who are looking for the most affordable waterproof hiking boot. 
  • People who prefer an extremely lightweight boot for hiking or for work. 
  • Working conditions where waterproofing is required, but toe protection is not necessary. 

The Details


The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot stands out with almost unbelievably lightweight construction. I often forgot that I had hiking boots and not sneakers on because of how light they felt on my feet. The significantly reduced weight of the boots made walking and moving around all day effortless since I did not have the extra weight to carry while I did my lineup of activities. The lightweight midsole offered superior cushioning that hugged my foot from within and helped fight off foot fatigue even when I was working all day long without resting in between the numerous tasks. This midsole delivered high rebound that helped stave off discomfort and provided considerable energy return that kept me going, without anything to interfere with my movements. I appreciated that the footbed is amply cushioned as well because it gave my foot the much-needed support without chafing even with the repetitive movements. The combination of suede leather and mesh resulted in the upper having a flexible structure that moved with my foot accordingly for effortless movements without discomfort. The mesh components of the upper also contributed to the cool feeling inside the boot even when working in warm surroundings. 

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The extremely lightweight structure made this hiking boot truly comfortable to wear. Without the extra weight in and around the boot, moving around was made effortless. This was a huge benefit during those times when I had to deal with physically demanding tasks that would have been a lot more difficult if my boots were bulky and heavy. It was a pleasant surprise to discover just how lightweight the boots are because they had such thick outsoles, which usually meant that the boots would weigh considerably more. 


The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot is equipped with a special multi-terrain traction structure to ensure that the boots will deliver outstanding traction in a variety of surface conditions. The boot has a winter tread pattern that helps ensure continuous stability when walking over ice or snow, providing you with the reassurance of a safe experience on these challenging surfaces. The rubber outsoles have aggressive treads to keep up with water puddles and mud to enable all-day hikes in comfortable safety no matter what weather changes you may encounter while exploring the outdoors.  

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Fit and Sizing

These boots came in a regular fit – not relaxed but definitely not too tight. The break-in period only took a short while, so I was able to fully enjoy the benefits of this boot’s superb features without waiting for a long time for the experience. The lace-up closure made it quite easy for me to make the adjustments needed so I can get to the most comfortable and secure fit, which enabled me to do work efficiently without compromising my safety. 

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These boots are created with a waterproof and seam-sealed structure to ensure that liquids will not be able to get into the boot interior. This means that the feet can enjoy continuous dryness and comfort within the boot even when hiking while it is raining, or when working in wet conditions for long hours at a time. The waterproof construction also contributes to the prolonged durability of the boot, since the interior of the boot is protected from being exposed to water and other liquid substances. 


The combination of suede, leather, and mesh created an upper structure that is not only flexible and durable but breathable as well. This helped maintain a comfortably cool sensation for my feet for the entire day, which was a wonderful advantage when the surrounding area started to turn too warm. The breathable material prevented the insides of the boot from feeling too hot, so my feet stayed comfortable while I dealt with the day’s tasks. The mesh material allowed moisture to be dissipated so that I did not have to suffer from sweaty feet even when I used the boot nonstop for the better part of the day. 

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Quality and Durability

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot offers reliable waterproofing protection without compromising long-lasting comfort. The special combination of materials made the upper lightweight and flexible, making it more convenient to move effortlessly without the extra weight to bring discomfort. The upper is built to withstand tough conditions that can be found in different worksites and in outdoors settings, although the lack of toe protection is a disadvantage that reduces the functionality of the boot, especially in instances when impact and compression hazards are present. However, the Newton Ridge Plus II remains a worthwhile choice for exploring the outdoors or for professions where there are no immediate threats from heavy objects that can fall on the foot. The rugged rubber outsoles are built to deliver maximum traction to prevent slipping on a variety of surfaces and terrains while staying durable for long-term performance that will not easily fall apart in challenging conditions. The seam-sealed construction also contributes to the overall durability of this hiking boot, providing an impenetrable barrier that keeps the interior parts protected from exposure to water and other liquid substances, for prolonged strength and quality. With such a lightweight construction offered an extremely competitive price, it is inevitable that some features may be sacrificed – in this case, the lack of toe protection may be the most obvious answer, but there is another feature that got me caught my attention. I noticed that the lace hooks at the tops of the boots look a bit weak, which led me to conclude that they may not hold up to frequent lace adjustments in the long run. 

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Other Versions

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot is available in the following color combinations: collegiate navy & voltage, ti grey steel & rocket, hiker green & marsala red, cordovan & squash, light brown & red velvet, curry & red jasper, and all-black. There are no other versions of this hiking boot, although there are some other products from the same brand with similar features. 

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The Challengers

columbia newton ridge plus - challengers

The first noteworthy competitor comes from the same brand – the Columbia Men’s 100MW Titanium OutDry Hiking Boot. It is equipped with a full-grain leather upper that delivers superior waterproofing to protect the feet from getting wet while staying outdoors in inclement weather, or when working in wet settings. An ultra-plush midsole delivers a high rebound for maximum impact absorption to keep discomfort at bay throughout the entire day while providing the high level of cushioning needed to prevent discomfort. Vibram outsoles with multidirectional lugs offer maximum traction to prevent slipping on challenging surfaces. With a considerable price difference of almost $60 from the Newton Ridge Plus II to the Titanium OutDry boot, the enhancements on the latter option should be well justified. 

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The next contender is still from Columbia – the Trailstorm Mid Waterproof Shoe. This shoe is hard to beat when it comes to a lightweight profile because it weighs even less than the Newton Ridge Plus II, making it an extremely lightweight shoe that will almost feel like nothing when worn. It has a waterproof construction that is breathable as well to keep moisture and excess warmth dissipated before the can bother you with an overheated feeling, especially with long hours of boot use. This show is a great alternative if you prefer the most lightweight option possible that also comes in a sporty profile to keep things casual for optimum versatility without compromising comfort.

The RockRooster Walland 6-Inch Waterproof Hiking Boot features a non-slip sole to maintain steady footing in a variety of ground conditions. This hiking boot also has ruggedly strong features that make it a remarkable choice for tactical duties. The lightweight construction makes moving around effortless, which would be a huge benefit for tactical or law enforcement duties when rapid movements are crucial for safety purposes. The waterproof lining offers long-lasting protection in wet and muddy ground conditions, keeping the foot dry throughout the day for superior comfort. Rubber reinforcements keep the boot protected from abrasions and helps maintain the structural integrity for a long time. 

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The NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Mid Ankle Work Boot is the reasonably priced option on this list, coming in at just below the $40 mark. The rubber outsole offers superior traction to prevent slipping when navigating uneven or slippery terrains. This boot comes with an impact-absorbing midsole that helps prevent foot fatigue, which will be extremely beneficial when there is a need to wear the boots continuously for long hours at a time. The waterproof membrane prevents water and other liquids from seeping into the boot interior to make sure that the foot will be kept dry and comfortable throughout the day. 

Meanwhile, the GRITION Men’s Hiking Work Boot is a superb choice if you want your work boot to veer away from the traditional rugged appearance. This boot looks like a hiking boot and a sports sneaker rolled into one so you can get the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and aesthetics. A padded ankle collar delivers superior cushioning to prevent chafing on this part while enhancing ankle stability while navigating challenging surfaces. The cushioned tongue increases foot comfort, at the same time prevents debris from entering the boot when going over tough outdoor settings. This is also a waterproof boot so you can be sure that your feet will enjoy comfortable dryness all day long. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot comes with a waterproof profile that makes it an ideal choice for wet working conditions. It is an extremely lightweight boot that offers a comfortable experience with superior cushioning to further sweeten the deal. This reasonably priced boot offers great value given the enhanced comfort and waterproofing that it offers. However, the lack of toe protection makes it unsuitable for more hazardous settings where impact and compression dangers may cause severe injuries to the foot.

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