Chippewa Super Logger Boots – Complete Review for 2022

As a footwear company, Chippewa is renowned in the USA for making top quality footwear designed by extremely Chippewa Super Logger Boots Review for 2020competent craftsmen. Among the variety of boots the company boasts, it has a notable line of premium quality work boots that are designed for work in high pressure and high risk working environments. The product under focus in this guide checks all the boxes of an excellent boot for work. The average work boot has four primary considerations that need to be taken into account when you are making the purchase. These include external materials, the outsoles, the internal materials, and the protective elements.

The Chippewa Super Logger Steel-toe Work Boots are part of the steel toe boot line up, amongst others. The boots combine a variety of additional protective elements to elevate the level of protection provided by the boot.

Design and Materials

This boot has been constructed using high-quality leather. The main body of the boot is made using 100%, full-grain leather which is strong, yet extremely soft to touch. The leather utilized in the making is flexible and made to last. This boot has premium quality materials used in its construction to make sure it lasts. The boot is a logger style boot, which is very different from a standard work boot. The design reflects this with a higher heel and a higher cut. The materials of choice make them tougher as well as more durable. The boot looks like a sturdy work boot, with its all-brown outlook, and high heel and reinforced stitching. The lace-up shaft is also reinforced with non-tarnish eyelets. The hardware featured is speed-lace. The brown of the shoe has been offset with deeper reds and oranges at the sole. It ties the whole look together, making the boot nice to look at. The company’s logo is featured at the left side, stitched in a yellow thread in a legible and prominent size. The stitching of the leather appears on the surface enhancing the stylish look of the shoe.

The outsole of the boot is made up of sturdy rubber which is meant to last. This outsole is also ergonomic, which Chippewa Super Logger Boots Review for 2020means that it has been made to cater to the natural curve of human feet. The outsole also adds a cushioned and padded feel to the boots. In addition, it is in a logger style, which means that it features heavy-duty rubber lugs which are meant to provide a consistent level of traction on outdoor terrains and environments. The toe features steel in its construction, while the shank is made up of triple ribbed steel. The shank is the load-bearing structure between the insole and the outsole.  The uppers are made up of waterproof material.

Comfort and Fit

These boots are extremely comfortable. The break-in period is extremely minimal. These boots are comfortable to wear after 4-5 hours of light wear. The boots have a heavy-duty heel which is 2 inches in size. The heel is meant for tackling a terrain that is uneven and rocky. The heel provides an ample amount of traction and stability, which makes them comfortable to wear. The sole, which is synthetic and slip-resistant further enhance these factors. The internal construction features enough padding to make the wear of the boots comfortable. In addition, the choice of adding a triple ribbed steel shank with speed hooks for easy lace-up lends comfortable support to the wearer. The waterproof upper and technology also ensure that in extreme winter conditions, these boots are comfortable to wear.

The company states that their boots run nearly half a size bigger than the normal shoe. Thus, this guide for fitting is an important factor to consider when choosing the size.


These boots feature Goodyear welt construction. Welt construction is the best way to build a boot that must last. In addition, there are a number of triple-stitched seams which further enhances the durability.

These boots have been made to have long-lasting durability. The materials utilized in its construction and the way it has been made ensures that the boots can go through significant wear and tear without breaking down. From the outsole to the leather in the main construction, the materials are tough and have significant strength. The leather is resistant to abrasion as well, which means any brushes with elements that can damage shoes are of little consequence.

Additional FeaturesChippewa Super Logger Boots Review for 2020

The boots have a number of additional features. These have been discussed in detail below.

Two variations: These boots come in two different variations. Chippewa also has a non-insulated version of the boot that is suited for work in hotter environments or the summer season. These boots can also make do in some places where winter conditions are not extreme. In addition, there are variations of the boot in soft-toe, which is suited for work that does not have a high risk of injury from falling elements, but still requires a high degree of stability on the terrain.

Slip-resistant: Regardless of whether the shoe is soft toe or steel toe, the sole of the shoe is logger style, which means that it has been designed to provide traction and stability, preventing you from falling over when you are navigating terrains which are not smooth. The outsole in question is Vibram Tacoma logger outsole, each lug incorporated in the design has been placed for kick-off, traction, braking, oil resistance, and slip resistance The exclusion compound is made for the highest possible level of traction in different terrains. The outsole also retains its properties in the winter season.

Electrical Hazard Protection: The shoe has also been designed to provide electrical hazard protection. If you work on a plant where the possibility of getting a shock is high, then these boots can provide the protection you need.

Insulation and Waterproofing: The boots have been equipped with 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate ultra insulation. This is thicker and loftier than the other variations that have incorporated Thinsulate. The boots are thus designed to provide warmth and comfort in extreme winter conditions. However, they are thin enough to ensure that mobility is not hindered.

The boots feature an upper which is waterproof. Thus, they have been designed to keep feet dry in rain. Encounters with 3-inch puddles will not make your feet wet, as water will be kept out adequately. The boots have an additional feature that enhances waterproofing. This is the Chip-A-Tex technology. The technology is essentially a waterproof membrane system which makes the logger boots much more breathable. The technology locks the water out of the boot through a membrane shield, and air passes through the foot easily for circulation. An additional technology featured in the boots is the dri-lex, which is an important feature that works with the Chip-A-Tex technology. The two deliver on a superior level of comfort via the moisture management lining system which ensures that moisture within the shoes dries down quickly. This also enhances the breathability of the shoe by a large measure.

HighlightsChippewa Super Logger Boots Review for 2020

There are a number of highlights in this product:

  • These boots have been designed to withstand all kinds of weather, from heavy rain, snow, sleet, or mud. They will counteract each of these elements and keep your feet warm and dry due to the technologies housed in the boots.
  • The traction of these boots is unmatched due to the choice of outsole used in the construction. The boots will remain firmly planted on the ground regardless of where you are working whether it is on rocky terrain or on snow.
  • The boots have been designed to be extremely comfortable to wear. This is an important feature because the nature of extreme work conditions requires footwear that is comfortable on the feet.

About the Company

 Chippewa Boots is an American company which was founded in 1901, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The company made a name for itself creating premium quality footwear made by skilled craftsmen. The company utilizes the highest quality materials in its outdoor products which pay home to authenticity and heritage. The company treasures high quality above everything and strives to put out only the best of the best in the market. A company that has made a mark of its own in the boot industry, Chippewa is a force to be reckoned with.


This super logger boot is a high-quality boot made up of the finest materials. It combines the elements of comfort, safety, waterproofing, insulation, and traction neatly in a sturdy brown package. This boot is made for work in environments that have a high risk of injury as well as terrains that are rocky and require boots that will provide traction. The boots check all the boxes in terms of what a good quality work boot should be, from the external materials to the outsoles. They are bound to provide adequate comfort to the wearer.