Chippewa 55058 Aldarion Loggers Boots Review

To keep up with extremely harsh work environments without compromising comfortable warmth, the Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot has a ruggedly strong construction in an insulated profile that can withstand regular exposure to various challenges around the job site.

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The Chippewa 55058 logger boots are super-durable and waterproof – they are truly made for extremely harsh work environments.   



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After using the Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot, I came to the quick but definitive conclusion that these were the most rugged boots I have ever seen and used. From the thick leather upper to the massive outsoles, this boot was built to last for a long time while taking on extremely tough surroundings, such as those that loggers are regularly exposed to. The waterproof construction makes this an ideal choice for working in wet or waterlogged areas where nothing less than complete waterproof protection will do. This boot comes in two colorways: chocolate brown and black. For an even burlier outsole that delivers outstanding traction, check out the Ellicott Waterproof Steel Toe Logger Boot from the same brand with its Vibram rubber outsole. Still from Chippewa, the Paladin Steel Toe Boot delivers superior protection and performance with the addition of 3M Thinsulate for dependable foot warmth and moisture resistance that guarantees maximum comfort. The Danner Men’s Lookout EMS/CSA Side-Zip Composite Toe Boot is a great choice for tough outdoor work and can also be used for tactical or military duty needs without the heaviness of other options. For a low-heeled option, the Georgia Boot AMP LT Low Heel Waterproof Logger Boot comes with the same protective features that will withstand harsh settings without the high heel that may bring discomfort to some. Lastly, the Carhartt Men’s 8-Inch Waterproof Composite Toe Logger Boot is a noteworthy alternative with its ankle and heel reinforcements plus strong ladder lock tread for powerful grip on uneven ground and ladders.

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The Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot is equipped with strong and durable features that can make it much easier to deal with tasks while surrounded by the elements or a challenging environment. This 8-inch-tall lace-up boot comes with a thick leather upper that is sturdy enough to keep up with demanding physical activities without falling apart. WIt also provides a waterproof membrane for superior protection from wetness without sacrificing breathability. The boot is fitted with a composite safety toe cap that guards the foot against tools, equipment, and other objects that may accidentally fall from a significantly high area. With such a rugged and sturdy construction, it was not surprising that this boot is heavy and caused a bit of discomfort, especially when I used it for a long time. However, the considerable level of protection and durability more than make up for the heaviness. Below, we’ll get into a more thorough exploration of the boot’s features to see which ones are the most remarkable and which attributes can still be improved.

Ideal For

  • Jobs with extremely harsh surroundings such as loggers, linemen, and other professions with tough outdoor settings.
  • Work areas that are wet, muddy, or waterlogged and will benefit from complete waterproofness.
  • Providing long-lasting foot warmth when working in cold and wet outdoor conditions.

Going In-Depth with the Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot


The Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot is fitted with a triple-density foam footbed that embraces the foot with ample cushioning to prevent pain from developing while working in extremely harsh environments. The padding with the contoured arch support helped me get through the most physically demanding tasks by ensuring that my foot didn’t fall completely flat into the hardness of the boot’s outsoles with every step. The insole is removable for convenient cleaning and maintenance purposes so it won’t be a challenge to keep the interior of the boot clean for long-term benefits. The padded boot opening hugged my calf for a snug fit that didn’t cause painful chafing, which was a huge benefit when I used this boot for the entire day. Given the heavy-duty construction of the boot, I was not surprised with how heavy it was – although I did appreciate that the composite toe provided enhanced foot protection without adding to the already considerable weight. The waterproof bootie kept the wetness out while preventing the buildup of heat and sweat. The insulation layer maintained a comfortable warmth for my foot when I had to work outdoors when the temperature started to turn cold.

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This boot is heavy, which isn’t really a surprise given the extended shaft height and all its protective features. If you are unused to wearing heavy footwear, this boot will take some getting used to – although this will not be a problem if you often wear similarly rugged logger boots. I liked the composite safety toe that provided the assurance of continuous foot protection against impact and compression, without the heaviness of its steel toe counterpart. The heavy and bulky structure of the boot worked well to increase my stability when walking over uneven ground and other challenging terrains. The weight kept my feet firmly on the ground – something that more lightweight boots may not be able to do well.


The thick outsole of this boot comes with prominent treads that deliver outstanding traction. Working in wet conditions wasn’t a problem, because I had strong traction rubber outsoles to keep me stable on such challenging surfaces. The high traction outsoles also made it easier for me to walk on terrains with unexpected elevations and loose soil without slipping or falling, so I was able to continue working efficiently even in these tough surroundings. The 2-inch heel proved to be beneficial during those times when I needed to go up and down uneven ground conditions and made my footing more stable on waterlogged areas.

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Fit and Sizing

This boot comes in huge sizes – I wear a size 10 US and I think a 9 would have worked just as nicely. The spaciousness within the boot can be resolved by using thick socks to achieve a tighter fit that can feel more secure. The tall shaft adds to the security that I enjoyed while using these boots, as it provided enhanced ankle support that enabled me to walk confidently and safely through difficult surface conditions. However, the tall shaft may not feel very comfortable and easy to put on if you aren’t that used to using tall boots. The lace-up profile made the adjustments effortless, and I only needed a few moments to tighten or loosen the laces before getting to the perfect fit. The round toe area felt roomy even with the composite safety toe fitted into place, allowing my toes to move as needed to stop painful cramping from getting in the way of my productivity.


The thick black leather upper of the boot comes with an exclusive waterproof membrane system to stop water, mud, mulch, and other substances from entering the boot. With the strong waterproofing system in place, it’s easy to see that this boot is highly suitable for working in wet conditions such as outdoors when it is raining. The boot can also be depended on to keep the feet dry and comfortable while working in waterlogged conditions that may regularly be encountered by loggers and other professions with equally demanding tasks.


While the proprietary Chip-A-Tex membrane prevents wetness from seeping into the boot’s interior, it works doubly hard to maintain a breathable structure for the entire boot as well. This membrane allows air to pass through the boot for continuous ventilation that disperses heat before it can accumulate and cause extreme foot discomfort due to overheating. The breathable membrane also keeps moisture away from the skin and encourages sweat to dissipate so the foot can be saved from an uncomfortably damp and clammy feeling.

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Quality and Durability

The Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot’s heavy-duty features make it an excellent choice for some of the harshest work environments. The thick leather upper is strong and durable enough to take on tough outdoor conditions without breaking apart easily, so you can look forward to enjoying the boot’s premium aesthetic and strength for a long time. For added durability, the heel and toe areas are reinforced with rubber panels that protect these crucial areas from being damaged when they are exposed to abrasive objects. The resilient nylon laces are designed to keep up with repeated adjustments for long-lasting use that won’t give in to premature damage. The silver eyelets and hooks are resistant to tarnishing to ensure the boot will maintain its top-quality appearance even with constant exposure to the elements. The composite safety toe works to keep the foot safe from serious injuries in case something heavy falls on it while at work, and does not add considerable weight since it’s approximately 35% lighter than a steel toe cap. This composite toe doesn’t transfer coldness or heat, so the exterior temperature won’t affect the overall comfort of the foot. A steel shank provides extra durability while enhancing foot support, making it easier to navigate challenging surfaces. Meanwhile, the thick rubber outsoles are constructed for long-term use and powerful traction to prevent slipping on wet, slippery, muddy, and uneven ground conditions. The Thinsulate insulation provides much-needed warmth in a cold environment, or for instances when a job needs to be done outdoors while it is raining.

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Other Versions

The Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot is available in two colors – black and chocolate brown. There are no other versions of the boot currently, but there are several options to consider from Chippewa’s logger boots arsenal, including the Ellicott Waterproof Steel Toe Logger Boot with the extremely tough Vibram outsole, and the Paladin Steel Toe Boot with its cushioned insoles, moisture resistance, and enhanced insulation to guarantee long-lasting foot comfort.

The Challengers

The first great alternative to the Aldarion logger boot comes from the same brand – the Chippewa Ellicott Waterproof Steel Toe Logger Boot. It’s a waterproof boot that can take on the challenges that come with working in wet conditions to guarantee long-lasting foot dryness. Like the Aldarion, the Ellicott is also insulated to keep the foot comfortable and warm even when the weather outside turns cold. This boot is equipped with a Vibram Tacoma logger outsole that is resistant to slipping, oil, and abrasion to deliver maximum traction in different and difficult terrains. This boot is heavier than the Aldarion but will be a wonderfully upgraded choice if you prefer the security brought by the high-performance Vibram outsole.

The second challenger is another high-quality boot from Chippewa – the Paladin Steel Toe Logger Boot. It has steel safety toes to keep the feet protected from serious injuries when a heavy object accidentally falls on the boot. This boot comes with enhanced moisture-wicking and insulation properties, with 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra that delivers remarkable warmth. For working in cold environments where extra insulation is extremely beneficial, the Paladin will fit the bill.

For tough work boots that can take on tough environments and tactical duty requirements, the Danner Men’s Lookout EMS/CSA Side-Zip Composite Toe Boot is a superb choice. The waterproof leather can easily be polished, so it’s easy to maintain the classy appearance of the boot even with heavy usage. The composite toe meets or exceeds safety standards set for impact and compression in a lightweight construction that doesn’t add too much weight to the boot. This Danner logger boot can be a great alternative to the Chippewa Aldarion if you’re looking for waterproof work boots with safety toes that are more lightweight and overall more comfortable to use for long hours.

The Georgia Boot AMP LT Low Heel Waterproof Logger Boot is a low-heeled version that may be more comfortable for those who aren’t used to the high heels found in most logger boots. It features the proprietary Georgia waterproof system and a composite protective toe to maintain foot safety while surrounded by workplace hazards and harsh outdoor conditions. The insole comes with memory foam for customized comfort that lasts all day long, while the padded collar and boot opening work to embrace the ankle and calf with ample cushioning to prevent chafing and ankle instability. With a price that is just below $200, this is a more budget-friendly logger boot that doesn’t compromise on premium-quality protection and comfort.

The Carhartt Men’s 8-Inch Waterproof Composite Toe Logger Boot CML8360 is an all-weather work boot that comes with structural enhancements to guarantee long-lasting durability. The proprietary Storm Defender waterproof membrane won’t allow liquids to penetrate the boot to ensure the foot will remain dry and comfortable within. A composite toe protects against dangers from compression and impact sources, while a TPU heel guard works to increase ankle stability on various terrains. The rugged rubber outsole features prominent ladder lock treads that keep a strong hold on slippery ladder runs and uneven ground conditions for additional safety. This Carhartt logger boot is a fantastic choice for work environments involving a significant amount of climbing on ladders and elevated areas.

Conclusion & Verdict

The heavy-duty construction of the Chippewa Men’s 8-Inch Aldarion Waterproof Comp Toe Logger Boot makes it a perfect choice for extremely tough work surroundings and equally tough physical activities. The ruggedness of this logger boot can easily keep up with the demands of the job with its waterproof and safety toe features to ensure continuous foot protection throughout the entire workday. While it’s not the most comfortable boot – mainly because of the enhanced features in place – this may be a small compromise considering the level of protection and durability that this logger boot delivers.

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