Caterpillar Pelton Boots Review

For a hardworking work boot that will keep you comfortable and protected from workplace hazards, the Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot is engineered to help you move effortlessly without compromising your safety. 

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Durable and with strong yet comfortable construction, this composite toe boot is an excellent choice for keeping your feet protected while working in various working conditions.



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The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot may look better suited with casual wear at first glance, but I quickly discovered that the features for comfort and protection are even more impressive. What stood out the most was the midsole that delivered excellent shock absorption that kept me protected from feeling foot pain with the long hours of nonstop work. The steel toe features along with a slip-resistant outsole helped cement the deal when it came to protection in the workplace. If your job does not require you to have steel toe boots, the Pelton Work Boot comes with the same protective and comfortable attributes in a slightly more lightweight structure for better functionality to serve your needs. Still from Caterpillar, the Men’s Inherit Pull-On Steel Toe Work Boot features a shorter height in a Chelsea-style boot for easier on and off while delivering enhanced protection with steel toes and a static dissipating feature. The Rockrooster 6-Inch Steel Toe Slip-On Safety Shoe is another static dissipating choice that uses an exclusive technology that regulates the temperature within the boot to maintain foot comfort regardless of the temperature setting in and around the workplace. If you prefer a work boot with laces, the NORTIV 8 Men’s Soft Toe Leather Work Boot gets the job done with dependable arch support and a shock-absorbing insole to maintain foot comfort in lightweight construction. For working in wet conditions, the Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is another heavy-duty work boot alternative that also comes with insulation. s

The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot is created to deliver long-lasting comfort while ensuring foot safety while in the workplace. It features a specially designed EVA midsole that offers strong shock absorption for energy return that keeps you going strong and productive for the rest of the day. A slip-resistant outsole works to maintain stability, especially when walking on uneven or slippery surfaces as part of the job. The slip-on design provided the ultimate convenience when putting on and removing the boot, shaving off precious moments for prep time that could be spent on more pressing tasks. The protection brought by the steel toe guarantees that this boot can protect the toe from falling or rolling objects that can cause serious injuries. However, as it is not waterproof, the Pelton Steel Toe boot is not suitable for use in wet surroundings or outdoors in extreme weather conditions. We will check out the boot’s details even further below to determine the features that are most impressive and which ones still need to be enhanced. 

Ideal For

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  • Protecting the foot from injuries that can be caused by falling objects. 
  • Providing long-lasting comfort with the boot’s ample cushioning and shock-absorbing features. 
  • People who prefer a roomy pull-on boot for work. 

Going In-Depth with the Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boots

The Details


The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boots are really comfortable pull-on work boots that, at first glance, looked like a pair of casual boots that are built more for fashion than functionality. An EVA midsole absorbs most of the shock that is caused by continuous and repetitive movements all throughout the day, which can lead to a great deal of foot pain without the required cushioning and support. This midsole offers enough rebound and energy return to make movements easier to do and maintain for long periods while keeping discomfort at bay. This allowed me to continue with my tasks for the better part of the day without suffering from extreme foot pain. A dual-density sock liner helped with the impact absorption that also protected my calves and knees from feeling pain after staying on my feet all day long. I liked that the full-grain leather had a premium texture that felt comfortingly sturdy to take on the challenges of my job but still maintained pliability that made moving and walking around more effortless since there was no stiff material to interfere with my natural movements. A nylon shank adds a supportive structure that helps maintains stability while navigating challenging terrains or while going up and down ladders to complete the required tasks. The slight curve on the front of the outsole made walking easier with just the right amount of rocking needed to maintain long-lasting agility. 

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These boots are in the middle of the weight spectrum – they are not exactly lightweight, but they are not considered too heavy as well. Given the protective features in place and how they looked, I would say that the boots weighed as much as I expected them to be. The steel toe contributed to the weight of the boot, as did the strong rubber outsole with the aggressive lugs. I felt that the weight on the top and bottom of the boot balanced things out and even helped deliver increase stability that made the boot feel more secure compared to a more lightweight boot. 


The durable rubber outsole is built with aggressive lugs that deliver strong traction to preserve steady footing while walking on wet or slippery surfaces, and even on uneven ground conditions outdoors. Walking quickly and efficiently over these difficult surface conditions did not pose problems because I was confident that the soles will not slip and will keep me protected from slipping accidents in and around the workplace. The mild curve at the front of the outsole brought out a rocking motion that made walking easier, with every step coming with a launch and rebound for increased agility. 

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Fit and Sizing

The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot has a relaxed fit that resulted in more space for my foot to shift as needed. The extra roominess inside the boot gave my toes extra wiggle space so it was not hard for me to fight foot pain, especially when I have been staying on my feet for the better part of the day. The relaxed fit of the boot makes it an ideal choice for wide feet or those who prefer this spaciousness over snug fit. However, some people may not appreciate the relaxed fit because the boot can feel unstable when there is a bit of room for the foot to shift inside. Without laces to be used for adjustments, it can also be difficult to achieve a perfectly comfortable fit that will feel completely secure and will not cause painful rubbing with the repetitive movements all day long. The boot has elastic panels on the sides of the opening which helps in easy on and off along with the pull-on design. These panels also adapt accordingly to the calf for a more comfortable fit. 

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The boots are unfortunately not waterproof so they are not ideal for use in work areas that are surrounded by water and other liquids, since these substances will then be able to easily penetrate the boot and cause the foot to be soaked for the duration of the workday. The boots are also not recommended for use outdoors when it is raining or for waterlogged ground conditions. 


This boot comes with a nylon mesh lining that permits air to freely move within so that heat cannot build up and cause extreme warmth and discomfort, even when the boot is worn for long hours at a time. This mesh lining helped me get through the day without suffering from hot and sweaty feet as it wicked away moisture and dispersed it before it can make the interior of the boot overheat. 

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Quality and Durability

The full-grain leather material of this boot offers superior durability that can keep up with the demands of your worksite without breaking down prematurely after only a few uses. This leather also comes with flexibility that made walking and working all day more comfortable because there are no unyielding materials to deal with. The steel toe protection guards against items that may suddenly fall or roll on the foot from around the work area, so that grave crushing injuries can always be prevented while working on the required duties and responsibilities. The slip-resistant rubber outsole is tough enough to withstand heavy use and abuse within the workplace while maintaining stability, especially when moving over wet or slippery floors. The boot’s silhouette sits somewhere between a casual and an industrial look, making it easier for you to maximize the boot’s use and versatility as you please in a variety of settings and for different purposes. Electrical hazard protection offers another safety layer against open circuits in dry conditions. The high-quality material and strong construction deliver an overall premium look and feel to this boot while ensuring comfort and protection that you can count on for a long time. 

Other Versions

The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot is available in a dark brown color. It is also available in a non-safety toe version that has the same full-grain leather upper, mesh lining for breathability, and EVA midsole for continuous shock absorption to ease discomfort with long hours of use. The soft toe Pelton version is also fitted with the rugged outsole that keeps you protected from slipping accidents on various surfaces. 

The Challengers

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The Challengers

The first competitor to be considered is the Pelton Work Bot without the safety toe feature. This work boot comes in the same 5-inch height and is also made with full-grain leather that offers long-lasting strength and durability to keep up with your job’s demands. The outsole delivers dependable traction to reduce the risks of injuries from slipping or falling on low traction ground conditions. This soft toe version is a great alternative if your job does not involve impact and compression threats, although with a price difference of roughly $5 is quite literally a small price to pay for the added safety offered by the steel toe protection.  

If you are looking for a casual-looking work boot with a lower shaft height, check out the Caterpillar Men’s Inherit Pull-On Steel Toe Work Boot. It has a shorter height compared to the Pelton and the outsole looks a lot less rugged, although it can still be depended on to deliver strong traction to help prevent falling and slipping on challenging surfaces. This boot is enhanced with a specially designed sock liner that wicks away moisture to keep the foot comfortably dry with long hours of work. It also comes with static dissipation capabilities that will be beneficial for workplaces where static electricity buildup is likely to occur. 

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The Rockrooster 6-Inch Steel Toe Slip-On Safety Leather Shoes also have static dissipating capabilities and is fitted with steel toe caps to protect the foot from being severely injured by falling objects. The anatomically shaped footbed follows the shape of the foot for maximum cradling and comfort that will help ease discomfort with long-term use. The boot uses the exclusive CoolMax technology to keep the interior temperature regulated to adapt to changing needs. The thin inner lining provides insulation to keep the foot warm in cold environments and dissipates excessive heat and sweat on warm days to keep the foot cool. The same technology is used to fight foot fatigue that can easily set in during long days without rest periods in between the tasks. 

The NORTIV 8 Men’s Soft Toe Leather Work Boot is a noteworthy contender with its genuine leather upper that maintains long-lasting durability in a soft structure that allows freedom of movement without discomfort. This boot offers reliable arch support to prevent pain from setting in, especially when the work needs to be completed without too much resting in between the chores. If you are looking for a reliable lace-up work boot that will not break the bank, this boot is a fantastic choice that is priced at just under $50.

The Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot is another lace-up work boot option that comes with all the safety essentials. This waterproof boot can take on the challenge of keeping your foot protected when working in wet indoor conditions or outdoors in the rain. It comes with a Contour Welt construction that adapts to movements by flexing and bending accordingly for more effortless movements without anything getting in the way. An abrasion-resistant reinforcement works with the composite toe to keep the foot protected from items that can damage the boot and those that can cause severe injuries. The 3M insulation within guarantees that the foot will stay dry and comfortable regardless of the working environments that you need to work in. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Steel Toe Work Boot has a versatile appearance that works superbly in and out of the worksite. It is casual enough to be paired handsomely with jeans while maintaining a ruggedness that looks at home on a job site. The relaxed fit delivers the spaciousness that can enhance comfort for long hours of use but is not suited for professions that require a snugger fit for complete stability and security. The steel toe protection in place acts as a barrier against objects that can fall on the foot and cause severe injuries, but the absence of waterproof features limits the use of this boot to dry working conditions. 

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