Top 40 Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis in 2019 – Complete Guide

Plantar fasciitis is one the most common causes of pain on the bottom of the heel. It is the inflammation and irritation in the strong band of tissue (plantar fascia) that supports the arch of the foot – tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects heel bone to toes. One in 10 people suffer from this during their lifetime. Under normal conditions, the plantar fascia tissue […]

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Top 15 Best Shoes for Roofing in 2019

While you can find hundreds of roofing shoes on the market, picking the best shoes for roofing that meet all your needs isn’t easy.

Since roofs are made from various materials such as clay, metal, concrete, asphalt, wood, etc. these different types of roofs need different types of shoes.

Some roofs are more slippery than most which can be dangerous for you!

When looking for the best shoes for roofing, it is essential […]

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Top 15 Best Garden Clogs in 2019

Gardening can be a fun activity, but like any hobby, it’s best to go in equipped with the proper tools to ensure that your experience is a safe and enjoyable one. This is because gardens are often littered with everything from stray tools and rocks to sharp twigs and thorns – as well as chemicals such as pesticide, pests and venomous insects.

A good pair of gardening clogs will provide some […]

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Top 15 Best Rockport Shoes in 2019

There was a time that people either used to wear dress shoes with a formal dress and sneakers when they engaged in sporty activities. However, these are two extremes as far as the world of shoes is concerned. There is a large grey area in between. Rockport has drawn on generations of shoemaking experience and has been successfully able to merge the elegant and sophisticated looks of the dress shoes […]

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Top 15 Most Comfortable Women Work Shoes in 2019

Ever heard of the phrase ‘women rule the world’? The importance of women and their contribution to almost every department whether it be general life, relationships, work, and many more cannot be neglected. Women have been standing and working with men for ages because of their capability and strong will.

Therefore, many companies in the market have dedicated themselves to making the most comfortable women work shoes. This type of shoes […]

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Top 15 Best Black Work Shoes in 2019

Finding the right finishing touch for your work outfit can be challenging. There are many things you need to consider, such as the type of establishment you work at and the color of your uniform. If in doubt, you can always go with black work shoes. They look great with almost anything, except brown suits or pants.

Black shoes for work are very versatile, and are also classy and dressy. They […]

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Top 15 Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women in 2019

Given the comforts provided by shoes, there is an expanding nature in the development of different needs. Not only they are available in various sizes and colors, but also come with protection and are slip resistant. It is common to come across different terminology for the same – anti-slip shoes, slip-proof shoes, non-slip shoes, and more.

The foremost thing to remember is that there is no slip resistant shoe that gives […]

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Top 15 Best Kitchen Shoes in 2019

People love food—we have a natural passion for flavors and we love to experiment with ingredients for the pursuit of the best recipes we can share to others. Humans are creative enough to innovate and create great tasting food, and a lot of businessmen have seen this opportunity as a profitable market to earn.

Restaurants and diners have been established ever since, and natural cooks continue to make magic in the […]

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Top 15 Best Shoes for Servers in 2019

Servers, also known as waiters and waitresses, are the primary point of contact with a restaurant’s customers. They are responsible for ensuring that diners enjoy their dining experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 2,600,500 restaurant servers in 2016. They work in various types of restaurants, from the pop-up lunch counters to fancy white cloth fine dining establishments.

The primary duties of servers are to take customers’ orders […]

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Top 15 Best Chef Shoes in 2019

We are discussing chef shoes. But why are we discussing them? To understand what attire a professional requires, you need to understand their working conditions. So, let us study a chefs working conditions. They always work indoors and wear uniforms such as jackets or aprons. They are exposed to high heat and sharp knives.

They may face other hazardous conditions such as slips, cuts, burns, etc. They have to carry weight […]

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