Carhartt Men’s CMW6610 Work Boots Review 2022

Are you someone who has to work in a hazardous environment? Do you have to deal with heavy machinery or Carhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot 2020dangerous equipment on a daily basis? If your job exposes you to various industrial or environmental hazards then you must wear appropriate work boots that guard you against the probable dangers. This pair of work boots from the brand of Carhartt brings to you a combination of comfort, aesthetics, safety and durability. You can select the pair for yourself or gift it to someone close to you.


Carhartt Men’s CMW6610 work boots come in an exclusive design and give the user a professional and rugged look. It comes in a shiny oil-tanned black color and is offered in various sizes from 8 to 15. There can be wide as well as regular varieties in each size. This enables you to get a pair that fits your feet perfectly, regardless of the shape of your feet.

The logo of the brand Carhartt is embossed in the white-background patch with black and yellow colors on the front part of the boots. The brand symbol is also found under the boots and close to the heels. The firm and strong stitching comes in a matching color. These boots are laced with traditional black laces and the excellent finishing gives this pair an appealing appearance.

This pair of boots is 12.8 x 12.5 x 5.3 inches in dimensions. The boots come with the trusty Met-Guard label and protection. The heel and the platform are well-constructed for a heavy-duty finish. The shaft is 6 inches from the arch and the collars of the boots are padded. These boots are well-crafted and add a bit of personal style statement for the user.

Comfort and Materials

These boots are made of 100% premium quality leather and come with high-quality rubber soles. The black oil-tanned leather ensures durability and also gives you sufficient comfort. The waterproof outer membrane is designed to ensure that your feet are dry and protected against wet conditions. This pair can be a good choice for rainy as well as hot weathers due to the water-proofing. Also, the insides are lined with moisture-wicking fabric Carhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot 2020which prevents your feet from getting sweaty. The ventilation lets your feet breathe and prevents discomfort.

The Goodyear welt construction along with the heavy-duty Carhartt rubber outsole ensure good grip and traction for your boots. The outsoles are also slip-resistant and hold out well against chemical and oil. Due to the textured construction you can expect to tread well in all kinds of terrain and even climb without trouble.

The steel toe is there to protect your feet against compression and hard impacts. When you work in hazardous industries there is always a risk of heavy or sharp objects falling on your feet and injuring you badly. The OrthoLite and TPU comfort metatarsal guard protects the most injury-prone part of your feet from getting hurt. Also, despite the reinforced construction, the boots are flexible enough to not impede your movement. The PU Strobel pad along with the PU cushion insoles provide ample support and comfort to your feet. Even after long hours of work, the spongy and cushiony footbed makes sure that your feet are not fatigued.


Made of chosen leather, rubber and other material this pair of boots is extremely durable and robust in construction. The waterproofing enhances the longevity of the boots and you can expect adequate protection and comfort for long years.

The brand offers limited period warranty on these boots against defects in manufacturing, materials and craftsmanship. They do not cover issues like physical damages caused due to wrong handling of the boots. Also, you must apply the manufacturer recommended products only to maintain your boots in order to not void the warranty.

On your part you have to make sure that you are taking good care of your boots. Being made of leather they require special care and attention in order to remain as good as new for a long time. When you get a pair for yourself, make sure you are buying the correct size. Also set aside a week or two to break in the boots at home. The best way to break in new boots is by wearing them at home for a couple of hours each day. This will give the boots enough time to adjust to the exact shape of your feet. Do not use heat or water to soften the leather as this might ruin the material.

Always, use a cleaning gel and a soft cloth to clean the accumulated dirt from your shoes. After you rinse off your boots, allow them to dry completely. Then you have to apply conditioning gel and the waterproofing spray to condition and waterproof your boots. This will make sure that your boots last for a long time in perfect condition.Carhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot 2020


These boots are ideal for a man who works in the construction industry, railroad industry, warehouses or in any other job that entails him to work around heavy machinery or other hazards.

The reinforced steel toe gives your feet protection from injuries and accidental impacts. The Meta guard on the top of the boots are meant to give you safety from compression or cuts by other tools or objects.

The waterproof membrane is there to guard the boots against rainy and wet days. You can expect to work in peace even when it is soggy outside.

This pair is not meant for exposure to typical electrical hazards. However, the boots are equipped to deal with shocks up to 18000 volts under dry conditions.

Additional Features

The trademarked Storm Defender membrane works along with the Fast Dry lining to keep your feet cool and dry even during wet or moist weather conditions.

The cushioned polyurethane insole keeps your feet protected by absorbing shocks while Goodyear welt constructed rubber outsole gives you superior traction and anti-skid properties to help you walk across any kind of tavern.

Though this pair is not meant to give you protection from electrical shocks, it is compliant to industry regulated standards of ASTM 2413-18 EH. Under dry conditions these boots will give you protection against incidental electric shocks too.

The heavy-duty steel toe will protect your feet from accidents and grave injuries.

HighlightsCarhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot 2020

  • Stylish and aesthetic look
  • Reinforced steel toe
  • Strong and cushioned insoles
  • Textured and anti-slip outsoles
  • Oil-tanned leather and lace closure
  • Comfort and superior safety


Even though there are various brands in the market manufacturing boots in the space of work gear, Carhartt is an esteemed brand that gives you tradition as well as innovation. This pair of work boots from them is an excellent blend of appearance, comfort, protection and longevity. If you are someone who has to work in hazardous industries, then you can select this pair for yourself.

About Carhartt

Carhartt is a reputed American company that was founded in the year 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt. It is headquartered at Dearborn, Michigan. Though it started out as a small company that manufactured work gear for manual laborers to ensure additional safety for them, the brand has grown immensely over the years and now it is a multi-million dollar brand that deals with work clothes and boots that offer protection from electrical hazards, fire hazards, environmental hazards, etc.

At Carhartt the employees are dedicated to follow the company’s vision of catering quality, performance and craftsmanship through all their products. Right from selecting the materials to the detailing of the final product they pay close attention to each step and quality-check every part as well. This is to ensure that only the finest quality work gear is delivered to you, the user.

Carhartt is a brand that has tradition, history and goodwill to back its products, yet the company has never slackened its pace and has made it a point to innovate and to incorporate technology in a way so that their loyal Carhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot 2020customers can enjoy the best of protection and comfort from the same product. The heavy-duty materials chosen are abrasion resistant and hold out well against the elements to bring to you good durability and reliability. When it comes to protection, it is their prime objective to make work a safe place for the workers. Their workwear can effectively guard you against flames, rain, electrical and other dangers. So, no matter how risky your job might be, Carhartt will always have the specialized work gear that can keep you safe every day.

The friendly and polite customer service team is always willing to listen to your queries or issues and will make an honest effort to resolve them for you. The products come with limited period warranty from the manufacturer and they replace for any defect found in materials, quality or craftsmanship. However, physical damage or wearing due to wrong or continuous usage will not be under warranty. If you follow their instructions on maintenance then there would be no problem and the work gear will stay in perfect condition for a long time.