Carhartt Men’s CMF6066 Work Boots Review 2022

Carhartt is an esteemed brand and their line of products in the space of work clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. are Carhartt Men's CMF6066 6 Inch Soft Toe Boot 2020extremely popular with the users. This pair of soft toe boots from them is a product that you can select for yourself or as a gift to someone close to you. These boots come in a stylish appearance and also bring to you superior comfort, quality, and safety features.


This pair of boots is designed for men and it scores high on style and aesthetic factors. The boots come in a rich brown oil-tanned color with subtle highlights of black. It has the style number of CMF606. The logo of Carhartt is embossed in the back and front of the boot in the contrasting colors of white, black, and orange. There are two smaller imprints of Carhartt in lower heel and on the underside of the boots.

These boots are 12 x 8 x 4 inches in dimensions. The heel height is 1 ½ inches and the platform height is 3/4th  of an inch. The boots weigh 1 pound 14 ounces and are easy to put on. The shaft is 6 inches from the arch in measurement and looks great with almost any kind of outfit.

The traditional lace design looks good and also helps you to fit your feet into the boots with much ease. This pair of boots come in a wide variety of sizes from 8 to 15. For each size, you can get a regular pair of boots with normal fittings or a wide pair of boots with wide fittings. So, no matter whether your feet are wide or narrow, you can expect to get a size that fits your feet perfectly. It comes with rugged and fashionable construction and the soft toe design feels comfortable though it does not provide protection against some environmental hazards.

Comfort and Materials

This pair of boots is made of 100% leather of superior quality and the soles are made of rubber. The oil-tanned Carhartt Men's CMF6066 6 Inch Soft Toe Boot 2020leather upper gives the boots excellent longevity as well as comfort to the wearer. It comes with padded collar and tongue for long-lasting comfort. The cement construction along with Ortholite insole provides five layers of cushioning and flexibility. This makes sure that your feet never tire out from long hours of walking or working.

The EVA midsole with PU Strobel pad gives additional support so that your feet does not feel the fatigue and stays fresh even after long hours. The outer sole is made of toughened rubber and it is equipped with anti-slip, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant properties due to which you can expect good grip and traction on all types of terrains.

The non-safety soft toe is not designed typically to protect you against electrical shocks or other physical shocks and impacts. However, the non-safety toe meets or exceeds ASTM 2413-11, EH standards so if you do not work at a hazardous job, it is ok to wear this pair of boots. The Work-Flex move-with-you fabric offers the freedom of movement and no matter what job you are doing, these will give speed and agility.


Carhartt Men’s CMF6066 work boots are highly durable due to the choice of materials and rugged design for demanding working environments. Not only are the parts made of quality materials, the intelligent design and engineering of the boots also help in ensuring the longevity of the boots. On your part, you have to take good care of them to make sure that they stay in ideal condition.

When you get the pair, do not start to wear them to work right away. Give the boots about a week or two in order to break in the pair at home and to allow the boots to grow around your feet and to adapt to the shape of your feet.

Do not use water or heat to soften the new pair as that can destroy the structural integrity of the boots. Also do not insert heavy objects into the boots in an attempt to break them in. You can wear them at home and allow the boots to naturally stretch and fit you properly. Using some conditioner might help in this process.

Once you are using the boots, make sure that you are cleaning them, conditioning them, and waterproofing them properly. Use quality cleaning agents, a good cream conditioner, and a waterproofing agent to maintain the boots. Always allow the boots to dry out fully after you clean and rinse them. Apply conditioner on dry boots and waterproof them next. With adequate maintenance and care your boots are going to give you good service without Carhartt Men's CMF6066 6 Inch Soft Toe Boot 2020any hassle or issue.

Carhartt provides excellent customer service and support from their end. They also provide a 60 days complete product replacement policy in case you are dissatisfied with the product and can take it back to them in the original condition.


This pair of boots come armed with good style, comfort, and durability so you can use them as your work boots or wear them for casual occasions and outings. The padded collar and the tongue ensure extra comfort for the wearer. With the traditional lace finish, it is easy for you to put on the boots.

The soft toe of the boot is not equipped with protective features to deal with special incidents like electric shocks or fall of heavy or sharp objects. However, that does not mean that these shoes have no safety factor at all. They are compliant to industry standards of ASTM-2413-11, EH standards so if your job does not entail any typical environmental hazard, then you can certainly wear them to work.

Due to the anti-fatigue qualities of the insole, your feet will not tire out when you walk around in these boots for long. So, you can use them for hiking or day trips as well. The outsoles have no-skid property and good traction which will help you to walk over various types of terrains.

Additional Features

These boots are equipped with facilities to offer secondary protection against incidental contacts with electrical circuits up to 18000 volts but under dry conditions. The soft toe identifies as a typical non-safety toe which is to be used in environments where specialized protection is not required.

The inner lining of the boots come with fast-dry lining which wicks away sweat or moisture, keeping your feet cool Carhartt Men's CMF6066 6 Inch Soft Toe Boot 2020and dry. Due to proper ventilation, your feet will stay comfortable.

The boots are heat-resistant, slip-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. So, they are very comfortable for you to wear under hot and dry circumstances.

The shallow lugs in the boots allow fast release of mud and dirt, keeping them in good condition for longer.

There is a cement constructed rugged rubber outsole with is strong yet flexible for your convenience. The outsole also has ladder-lock grips which helps you a lot in case you have to do any climbing activity on your job.


  • Pure leather construction, rubber soles
  • Traditional lacing and padding
  • Superior anti-fatigue comfort
  • Soft toe boots with basic safety
  • Ideal ventilation and heat-resistance
  • Rugged construction and aesthetic appeal


There are various brands in the space of work boots but Carhartt is one of the most reputed brands which has made its mark in this line by displaying consistency in the quality of their products.

This pair of boots from Carhartt is equipped with style, comfort, durability, safety, and longevity which makes it an ideal product for you to select for yourself. You can also choose it to gift it to a loved one or to close friends. Right from work to adventure trips, this pair of boots will easily suit many occasions.

About Carhartt

Carhartt is an iconic brand in the US which was founded by Hamilton Carhartt in the year 1889. It has been manufacturing work gear of excellent quality since them. Right from jackets, coveralls to footwear, their products have always been a big hit with the users. The company has seen many economic ups and downs in the past but Carhartt Men's CMF6066 6 Inch Soft Toe Boot 2020with resilience and hard work, it has managed to stay ahead of others by offering a combination of innovation and dedication to its customers.

Carhartt is headquartered at Dearborn, Michigan. They are a dedicated and patriotic company that supports American firms in their endeavors. This brand uses the highest quality materials and use the best of designs and technology to manufacture excellent footwear for you. These boots conform to industrial standards of safety without compromising on style or comfort.

It is a family-owned company steeped in tradition and values. They are passionate about dishing out the best in class products and they are proud to serve farmers, construction workers, ranch workers as well as adventure lovers, hikers, and sports enthusiasts. When you choose a pair of boots from this brand, you choose to give yourself a product with unmatched quality, features, and comfort.