Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2022

Premium work gloves for women are not just about making a style statement; they are an absolute necessity forTop 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020 safety and protection.

The right material and design of protective work gloves can prevent skin’s absorption of harmful substances, as well as cuts, bites, and lacerations, chemical and thermal burns, and also punctures and abrasions.

Many workplaces make it mandatory to wear the best work gloves for women and they have to adhere to strict safety standards made mandatory by OSHA and ASTM.

If you are looking for the best work gloves for women for specific occupations or simply to gift to the woman in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will present the best work gloves reviews to make your selection a lot easier.

We will also discuss some of the benefits of using high-quality work gloves for women and enlist the different types available in these protective work accessories. Later on, we will talk about the features to consider when selecting the best work gloves which is also what we have considered in our top-rated work glove reviews. Finally, we will cover a few frequently asked questions about the topic.

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Benefits of Using the Best Work Gloves for Women

Hard work in industrial applications, construction jobs, and other rough conditions are no longer a man’s forte. Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020More and more women are working jobs in construction, factories, and other labor-intensive areas. For these applications, PPE or personal protection equipment is a must. And an important part of a PPE kit is high-quality work gloves.

The best work gloves have the following benefits:

They protect the hands and wrists from occupational hazards

High-quality hand-gloves can help prevent burns (chemical and thermal), bite and puncture marks, abrasion, gases, hot liquids, etc. They also prevent electrical shocks, and insulate the wearer from extreme heat and cold. Premium work gloves for women also prevent dirt and debris from entering inside.

They provide a firm grip on slippery objects

Depending on the material as well as the texture of the work gloves, the high-quality work gloves with smooth texture or embossed or raised texture can help provide superior grip on hot, cold, wet, oily, slippery objects. Gloves with keystone thumb design promote dexterity and comfort.

They meet various safety standards

The existing standards laid down for physical protection are:Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020

  • ANSI/ISEA 105 for hand protection
  • EN 388- protective gloves against mechanical hazards
  • EN 420 – general requirements for protective gloves
  • EN 10819 – protection against vibration.

They provide environmental protection

Whether it is high heat or humidity, or extreme cold and freezing temperatures, high-quality work gloves can protect against both. They have breathable fabrics to allow moisture transport. They are also water-resistant to prevent rain and snow from entering inside. The best work gloves of high-quality materials work to keep your hands dry, soft, and comfortable all day long.

They are versatile

Top-rated work gloves for women can be used for a wide range of applications including farm and ranch work, for trekking/hiking, in factories, for working with animals, in industrial and construction work, etc.

Types of Work Gloves for Women

Work gloves for women can be classified on the basis of the following features:Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020

Type of construction

Clute cut

In this type, there are no seams in the palm, but seams between each finger extending down on the backside of the glove. This type of construction can provide more comfort.

Gunn cut

This type of construction is more durable. It consists of seams along the periphery of the glove.

Type of cuff ends

Safety cuffs

These allow quicker donning.Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020

Closure ends

Uses straps at glove end to secure the glove more securely. This type of work glove is more secure and doesn’t fall off easily.


Other cuff types in unsupported gloves include straight, rolled, or pinked and serrated.

Type of protection

Full five-fingered gloves

This type of glove provides full hand and full wrist protection and also allow full hand function. Select this type when you want barrier protection against hazardous liquids or gases.

Two-fingered gloves/mitts

Select this style when you need thermal/ambient cold protection and can sacrifice some hand function.

Partial/finger-less gloves

These are allowed for certain applications where hazards are moderate or slight and you need the exposed part of hands for function.

Type of gripTop 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020

This could be smooth or textured. Embossed texture can provide better grip on oily or slippery materials.

Type of material

Work gloves for women can be made from rubber, neoprene, leather, PVC or PVA, polymer and combinations thereof. Some jobs can also allow fabric gloves made from cotton, canvas, para-aramid, high-density polyethylene, liquid crystal polymer, steel mesh, etc.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Work Gloves for Women

Here are the factors to consider when selecting a pair of working gloves. These are also the parameters we have considered for our top work gloves for women reviews.

Size and materials used

Based on the kind of work you do, go in for high-quality rubber, neoprene, metal-support gloves, or leather gloves.

They should fit your hand well and also allow easy on/easy off flexibility. Too tight, and your hand may experience fatigue. Too loose, and the gloves might fall off.

For sizing of the glove, measure the widest part of your palm not including the thumb. You can select the glove accordingly. Women’s work gloves in leather usually come in the size range of 6 to 8 ½ inches or typically sizes Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020like medium and large.

The material should be durable and waterproof and also protect your hands and wrists from injuries, abrasion, cuts, burns, bites, and chemical hazards.

If you work in areas where there is static charge build up or electrical hazards, you can select unsupported gloves, or gloves with metallic elements, conductive fabrics, and topical antistatic treatments.

For protection against animal bites, select thick and heavy work gloves or combination pair of gloves with one disposable pair and another heavily coated work glove.

For protection from chemical or thermal burns, you may want to consider multi-layer gloves with several insulating materials that can resist degradation.


The gloves you select should be useful in a wide range of applications like construction, farm or ranch work, demolition, pets, wild animals, maintenance, repair, etc.

Type of cuff

Decide carefully whether you need an elastic wrist or an open-ended glove. For jobs where your skin cannot be exposed to occupational hazards, select a glove with closure straps.

Dexterity, grip, and comfort

Gloves that have a very loose fit, usually interfere with wearer tactile perception or Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020with dexterous functions. Select a glove which fits well but also has a dexterous thumb that lets you grip slippery objects with ease. High-quality gloves undergo tanning and other processes that make it water-proof and also keep the hands comfortable, dry, breathable, and soft all day long.

Meets different safety standards

There are different ASTM, OSHA, NFPA, and ISEA standards for different professional hazards:

  • ANSI/ISEA 105 – standard for hand protection
  • EN 388 for mechanical hazards
  • EN 420 – for general glove protection
  • EB 10819 for vibration hazards
  • NFPA 1992 – emergency liquid protection
  • NFPA 1992 – emergency liquid-splash protection
  • NFPA 1993 – for hazardous chemical operations
  • ASTM D 5250- PVC gloves for medical applications
  • NFPA 1951, 1971, 1976,1977 – respectively for technical rescue, fire, proximity firefighting, wildland firefighting etc.
  • ASTM D 120 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.137 for electrical shock protection.

Best Work Gloves for Women – Our Top 15 Picks

Picture Name Feature



Name Feature


Wells Lamont – Style 1167 M Breathable and Moisture-Resistant Gloves 1. Wells Lamont – Style 1167 M Breathable and Moisture-Resistant Gloves
Stylish and comfortable 4.5
Carhartt Insulated High-Dexterity Gloves 2. Carhartt Insulated High-Dexterity Gloves
Elastic cuff with hook and loop closure 4.5
HANDLANDY Padded Unisex Work Gloves 3. HANDLANDY Padded Unisex Work Gloves
Easy sweat wiping terry cloth 4.4
Wells Lamont 3204 Spandex Work Gloves for Her 4. Wells Lamont 3204 Spandex Work Gloves for Her
Water-resistant leather 4.4
Wells Lamont 4113S Women’s Gloves with Protective Cuff 5. Wells Lamont 4113S Women’s Gloves with Protective Cuff
High abrasion & puncture resistance 4.4
DEX FIT FN330 Lightweight Versatile CE Qualified Gloves 6. DEX FIT FN330 Lightweight Versatile CE Qualified Gloves
Stylish & tight stretchy knit wrist cuff 4.4
HandLandy Easy On/Off Mechanic Gloves for Her 7. HandLandy Easy On/Off Mechanic Gloves for Her
Padded foam on knuckles 4.3
OZERO Gunn Cut Style Flexible & Durable Gloves for Men & Women 8. OZERO Gunn Cut Style Flexible & Durable Gloves for Men & Women
Cotton,TPU lining 4.3
KAYGO KG11PB CE Compliant Safety Work Gloves 9. KAYGO KG11PB CE Compliant Safety Work Gloves
Good abrasion protection 4.2
Amazing Stuff for You Unisex Yard-Work Gloves 10. Amazing Stuff for You Unisex Yard-Work Gloves
Innovative coating technology 4.1
Ironclad Women’s Work Gloves with Engineered Fit 11. Ironclad Women’s Work Gloves with Engineered Fit
Thermoplastic and leather reinforcements
Mechanix Ethel Washable Working Gloves for Her 12. Mechanix Ethel Washable Working Gloves for Her
Water-resistant 4.1
Vgo NB7581 Versatile Washable & Lightweight Gloves 13. Vgo NB7581 Versatile Washable & Lightweight Gloves
Touch-screen compatible 3.9
SAFEAT Safest Strongest & Most Dexterous Workers Gloves 14. SAFEAT Safest Strongest & Most Dexterous Workers Gloves
Meet ASTM ANSI level 5 cut/abrasion resistance; also, CE compliant 3.9
West Chester John Deere Fourchette-Style Utility Gloves for Her 15. West Chester John Deere Fourchette-Style Utility Gloves for Her
Flexible, durable, and stylish work gloves 3.9

1. Wells Lamont – Style 1167 M Breathable and Moisture-Resistant Gloves

The Wells Lamont 1167M style gloves undergo a special tanning process- the company’s patented HydraHyde® Wells Lamont – Style 1167 M Breathable and Moisture-Resistant Glovestechnology – which keeps your hands cool, sweat-free, and comfortable in summers and humid conditions but also warm and dry in winters and chilling temperatures. The stylish gloves are also very functional in that; they can be used in a wide range of professional settings.

Materials, style, and size

The Wells Lamont 1167 M women’s work gloves are made from grain cowhide full leather which renders the gloves versatile while also imparting superior abrasion resistance to the wearer. The patented HydraHyde technology mentioned earlier also keeps the gloves water-resistant as well as breathable – a quality that isn’t seen in most leather products.

The slip-on Gunn-cut style glove comes with an elastic, shirred wrist and a Keystone thumb design with split cowhide palm patch.


Wells Lamont 1167 M has a dexterous thumb (keystone thumb design) which ensures that you can safely and easily grip slippery or hot materials or objects with ease.


Thanks to the gloves’ superior quality materials, innovative construction, and versatility, you can use this pair for all kinds of tasks: ranch, construction, farming, electrical, demolition, pets, wild animals, driving, riding, and more.

The Wells Lamont 1167 M gloves also have an easy-on and easy-off design due to its elastic shirred wrist which keeps things flexible for the wearer.

Protection and comfort

Wells Lamont 1167 M gloves undergo special process to keep them comfortable all-year round. They are water-resistant and breathable. The water-resistant does not wear off thanks to the sturdy construction as well as the HydraHyde process of tanning.

The tanning process also renders that ‘broken-in’ feeling which keeps the gloves very soft, plush, and comfortable on the skin. Its grain cowhide construction also keeps the glove flexible and the keystone thumb’s dexterous design means that you get a range of motion to handle various tasks.

Wells Lamont 1167 M glove is also powerfully abrasion-resistant making it extremely safe to use in many applications. They have been rated No.51 in Top safety Work Gloves.


Several manufacturing processes and standards ensure keeping the Wells Lamont 1167 M pair of gloves long-lasting and durable. In fact; we won’t be exaggerating to call this a work glove for the lifetime. Its split cowhide makes the glove very durable and abrasion-resistant. It lasts long and its HydraHyde tanning process keeps it water-resistant for years.


  • Superior durability
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Versatile

2. Carhartt Insulated High-Dexterity Gloves

When you work in extreme cold environment, you need superior insulation. And that is where the full-coverage Carhartt Insulated High-Dexterity Glovesgloves from Carhartt C-grip series come in! Check out the other features of this high-quality glove pair:

Material, size, and style

Carhartt insulated pair of women’s gloves in the C-grip series comes with durable seamless knit liner. The palm features a direct injection molded C-grip TPR (thermoplastic) coating which insulates and also keeps your skin dry and comfortable all day long.

The cuff-style is stretch knit and you can get this pair in Small, Medium, or Large sizes. The fabric/materials used in Carhartt insulated women’s C-grip gloves are cotton, nylon, spandex, and rubber.


There is no compromise on dexterity with the Carhartt C-grip TPR coated women’s gloves. Its reinforced seamless overlay from palm to fingers and thumb keeps the gloves durable and also easy-to-move the fingers in. The pull-on closure and addition of rubber and spandex provide extreme dexterity and grip even in wet and cold conditions.


Protect your hands while you work with hot or cold materials, on farms, in the garden, or simply anywhere where you need insulation and protection while also keeping your fingers dexterous and mobile.

Protection and comfort

No matter how cold the conditions get, the Carhartt insulated gloves will keep your fingers and hands warm and dry. The superior materials combined with the seamless design give you the same protection, durability, accuracy, and functionality of a bare hand but with the warmth and comfort of a gloved hand.

These vibration-dampening gloves also keep your bones safe while working mechanical jobs. Spandex, rubber, and nylon materials keep the gloves waterproof so that your hands remain protected from chemicals, hot/cold liquids, and other hazardous materials.


The mix of 100% rubber, 50% cotton, 42% nylon, and 8% spandex all combined with a thermoplastic rubber coating keep the Carhartt knit gloves very durable, wear resistant, puncture-proof, and long-lasting. Its reinforced seamless overlay also prevents rips and tears.


  • Stretchable
  • Ultra-comfortable even for women with wider/larger hands.
  • True to size.

3. HANDLANDY Padded Unisex Work Gloves

Use the HANDLANDY work gloves for gardening, yardwork, mechanical tasks, utility, or pretty much anywhere HANDLANDY Padded Unisex Work Gloveswhere you need your hands protected yet mobile. The superior unisex gloves are flexible and breathable and also let you use the touchscreen of your hand-held device.

Materials, size, and style

The HANDLANDY features a breathable spandex back and foam-backed padded knuckles that absorb shocks and vibrations. Synthetic finger and palms keep the fingers dexterous and you can even use your computer or Smartphone’s touchscreen with this pair. The gloves also have terry cloth lining around the palm area for you to wipe your face off sweat. Superior-quality neoprene cuffs with hook-loop design keep the gloves snug, secure, and comfortable and prevent them from falling off.

Stylish, comfortable, and functional, the HANDLANDY utility work gloves with extra padding provide all day comfort while their easy-pull tabs ensure quick removal.

Sizes: HANDLANDY versatile gloves come in 5 sizes from S to XXL for men and women.


With HANDLANDY gloves, you won’t compromise on the movement of your fingers. You can easily use the pair for yard work, using the computer in the cold environment, or even for those hard, sweaty tasks. Touchscreen fingertips let you work your tabs, phones, or computer screens without having to remove the gloves.


Use the HANDLANDY gloves anywhere where your hands need protection. Use it for typing, yard work, driving, gardening, during shopping, for your daily errands, or even in work environments which need stringent protection from abrasive tools, chemicals, heat, vibrations etc. Men and women can both use these stylish and functional gloves with ease.

Protection and comfort

HANDLANDY gloves come with foam padding to protect your knuckles from shocks, impacts, punctures, vibrations, and other elements. At the same time, the gloves use breathable mesh and Spandex materials which are moisture-wicking and also allow air-circulation to keep the fingers and palms seat-free. The user-friendly work glove even features a soft terry cloth which lets you wipe sweat off your face while working.


Hook and loop closure combined with sturdy and durable materials keep the working gloves snug and also prevent them from falling off. The materials used- spandex, neoprene, and terry are all high-quality and long lasting.


  • Touch-screen fingers
  • Unisex design with 5 size options
  • Easy sweat wiping terry cloth.

4. Wells Lamont 3204 Spandex Work Gloves for Her

The Wells Lamont 3204 style of feminine gloves features the HydraHyde technology that seals out moisture but Wells Lamont 3204 Spandex Work Gloves for Heralso keeps the skin cool and sweat-free in summers.

Materials, size, and style

Wells Lamont 3204 women’s work gloves are made with water resistant, grain leather which is ultra-pliable and soft. The Spandex gloves are also flexible and let you work easily in the garden or in environments that deal with chemicals, heat, sharp tools, etc.

You can select the 3204 women’s gloves in three sizes: small, medium, large. The style of glove comes with an adjustable wrist which ensures a snug fit no matter what size of hands you have. The lightly padded knuckles keep your hands and bones protected from sharp objects, shocks, and impacts.


Thanks to the stretch Spandex, your fingers can easily grip tools or objects with ease. The leather used in the construction of the Wells Lamon 3204 women’s work gloves is soft and pliable and allow a range of motion required during a variety of rough tasks.


Sturdy design and robust construction combined with superior HydraHyde technology allow a wide range of uses with the Wells Lamont 3204. It can be used in gardening, for factory or industry work, dealing with animals in the ranch or farm, or even areas with sharp objects, tools, etc.

Protection and comfort

Wells Lamont’s patented HydraHyde technology keeps the gloves waterproof and your hands and skin safe from chemicals, hot liquids, spills, etc. The aqua-Spandex material further enhances the water-resistance of the gloves. Its high-quality grain cowhide leather also is reinforced for further protection from punctures and tears. The lightly padded neoprene inserts in the knuckle region keeps your fingers safe from impacts.

As the wrist comes with a strap with Velcro, you can tighten or loosen it as you like, further enhancing comfort. This style of wrist enclosure also prevents debris, fine dust, and other hazardous materials from entering inside the glove. 3204 Wells Lamont gloves ensures 100% abrasion and puncture resistance.


HydraHyde technology and reinforced cowhide grain leather, combined with full leather palm ensures long-lasting durability of the work glove.


  • Superior comfort
  • True to size, great fit
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Waterproof gloves.

5. Wells Lamont 4113S Women’s Gloves with Protective Cuff

Wells Lamont women’s style gloves 4113 features a heavy-duty split cowhide grain leather on the palm that Wells Lamont 4113S Women’s Gloves with Protective Cuffenhances durability and also keeps the glove versatile. Its protective cuff design stabilizes the wrist.

Materials, size, and style

The 4113 women’s work gloves from Wells Lamont comes in 3 sizes- S, M, and L. Its material is sturdy yet soft and pliable cowhide grain leather with reinforcements at the knuckle area.

Style: 4113 features a protective, rubberized cuff that stabilizes the wrist and keeps it safe. The material used in the cuff area is sturdy and resistant to sweat. There is no strap and the open cuff design allows easy on/easy off flexibility to the wearer. Materials used in the 4113 Wells Lamont is 80% polyester and 20% cotton.


Wells Lamont sturdy women’s work gloves style 4113 S is suitable for a wide range of tasks including construction, gardening, farming, fencing, ranch-work, landscaping, etc. It is suitable for use anywhere where you need safety and protection to the wrists. It is ideal for demolition, handling stones and sharp tools, and pretty much all applications where there is risk of abrasion, etc.


The glove materials are very flexible and allow you to easily perform gardening tasks, picking stones, gripping small and large objects, etc. Users also report ease of puling out weeds and roots with these gloves.

Protection and comfort

High-abrasion resistant, fair water resistance, and best puncture resistance is what you can expect from this cuff-style 4113 Wells Lamont work glove. Its split cowhide construction with heavy-duty rubberized safety cuff keeps your wrist safe from impacts.

The open cuff design also eases removal and keeps the hands sweat-free. The addition or a knuckle strap keeps the gloves safe in wide range of applications.


Full, reinforced leather construction with knuckle strap and safety rubberized cuff design enhances the longevity of the 4113 work gloves.


  • Ideal for rough and tough jobs like demolition
  • Safety cuff protects wrists from shocks and impacts.

6. DEX FIT FN330 Lightweight Versatile CE Qualified Gloves

There are many features that make the DEX FIT FN 330 Nitrile stretchable gloves one of the best work gloves for DEX FIT FN330 Lightweight Versatile CE Qualified Gloveswomen, men, and children. These include thin, lightweight material, safe CE compliance, 3D comfort stretch, and smart touch-screen compliance as well.

Materials, size, and style

DEX FIT silicone-free work gloves for women ensure a comfortable and snug fit owing to lightweight materials. They consist of 15- gauge nylon combined with spandex.

These highly professional work gloves come in six different sizes ranging from small to XX-large. They ensure an ergonomic and snug fit and you will absolutely feel like they are your second skin! This feature makes them suitable for use on phones and computer screens.

Water-based foam nitrile material keeps the DEX FIT FN 330 non-slip even in oil and watery conditions. Their stylish tight stretchy wrist cuff keeps debris from entering these gloves.


The unique styling and shape of the DEX FIT FN 330 work gloves makes it suitable for men and women of all ages. Their ergonomically designed shape, snug fit, and superior materials allow these gloves to be used in oily work conditions, underwater, for smartphone touchscreens, gardening, woodworking, hobbies, dishwashing, and all other indoor and outdoor activities which require dexterity, insulation, and protection for hands.

Protection and comfort

These high-quality gloves are Safe CE compliant and ANSI qualified as well. So you can rest assured to keep your hands and skin safe and free from abrasion, punctures, burns, and other hazards. The smart and stylish gloves can be useful in a wide range of applications including electrical, HVAC, gardening, computing, and so on.


You will love the DEX FIT FN330 which feels like the second skin! Easily hold pencils and screwdrivers while wearing these gloves and it won’t lead to tools slipping from your hand despite being oily or wet!


High-quality Spandex and nylon materials ensure that these gloves remain dexterous as well as long-lasting. Their CE and ANSI standards compliance further ensure that you will be wearing these gloves for a long time to come. You can machine-wash these gloves without worrying about damage.


  • CE and ANSI compliant work gloves
  • Silicone free
  • Machine-washable

7. HandLandy Easy On/Off Mechanic Gloves for Her

HANDLANDY work gloves for women come with efficient touch-screen fingertips so you need not remove the HandLandy Easy On/Off Mechanic Gloves for Hergloves when texting or using the Smartphone. These mechanic gloves also have an easy on/easy off design.

Size, materials, and style

HANDLANDY stylish utility gloves make a great gift for the women in your life. She can use it for gardening or even those rough and tough jobs that are hard on the hands.

This model of HANDLANDY gloves is made with flexible, breathable, and stretchable Spandex material. There is also a terry cloth sweat-wipe area provided so you can wipe your sweat without using other towels or fabrics. Worry not! These gloves are easy to wash as well.

The knuckle region is foam padded with superior-quality padding to protect the delicate bones while you work with tools. The finger area has touch-screen points which means you need not remove the gloves when sending a text or using the GPS.

The style of the HANDLANDY glove comes with easy-on/easy-off fit with neoprene cuff to prevent debris entering the glove while also ensuring a snug fit. It is available in three sizes from small to large varying between 6.5 and 8.3 inches.


With so many features provided on the HANDLANDY, you can easily use these tools for gardening, whilst driving, and operating machinery. You can use it for painting, using the computer or hand-held devices, for packing/unpacking boxes, and other harsh working conditions which hands may get exposed to.

Protection and comfort

The foam padded knuckle area protects user’ hands from vibrations, mechanical impacts, and shocks. HANDLANDY work gloves also feature cool and comfortable breathable materials which protect the skin from breaking into a sweat and also keep the hands warm in chilly winters.

Easy pull-on tabs not only ensure a snug fit but also keep the glove from falling off.


The HANDLANDY gloves come with touchscreen points so you need not remove them when using handheld devices, phones etc. Also, the snug fitting style, comfortable tabs, and superior stretchable Spandex keeps things from slipping and falling.


Superior Spandex materials with extra padding on knuckles, and double stitch synthetic palm ensures higher durability and better quality than most work gloves for women.


  • Touchscreen points
  • Breathable mesh
  • Padded foam on knuckles
  • Easy sweat-wiping terry cloth
  • Easy on/off closure tabs

8. OZERO Gunn Cut Style Flexible & Durable Gloves for Men & Women

OZERO Gunn cut style of working gloves provides maximum resistance to wear and tear as well as complete OZERO Gunn Cut Style Flexible & Durable Gloves for Men & Womensafety and protection to the user. Its 100% flexible and stretchable cowhide leather construction ensures long-lasting durability, dexterity, and safety to the users.

Materials, size, and style

The materials used in the construction of the OZERO Gunn cut style is 100% cowhide leather. This type of leather does not shrink easily no matter what you subject it to. The OZERO work gloves for women are cut in the Gunn style with an elastic wrist which ensures a snug fit as well as long-lasting durability.

The glove’s reinforced palm patch helps you grip objects with ease. The leather also has a thickness of 1-2.0 mm which prevents punctures, tears, and abrasion. OZERO gloves also feature Keystone thumb design. The unique feature of this design is that there is less stress on the seams of the gloves which again enhances the longevity of the glove.

You can buy the OZERO gloves in medium, large, and extra-large sizes.


Perfect for men and women, the OZERO Gunn-cut style work gloves can be used for any job you want: gardening, driving, digging, landscaping, for stylish protection from cold, for repairs, and pretty much anywhere where you need insulation and protection to your hands.


The Keystone thumb style combined with the flexible and stretchable cowhide grain leather makes this one of the most dexterous working gloves for the hardworking individuals.

Comfort and protection

Users need not wear any separate lining inside the gloves because the material is so soft, pliable, and also breathable! The glove’s special styling also makes it easy to wear and take off as desired. Their soft inner lining absorbs sweat to guarantee comfort all day long, no matter what the weather outside!


With proper care and maintenance, your OZERO work gloves can last you years. Avoid washing or wiping these gloves with water as they tend to become stiff. The superior cowhide leather is resistant to wear-and-tear and also prevents sharp objects and tools from puncturing through. Reinforced palm, elastic wrists, and keystone thumb all reduce the strain on the seams making this a long-lasting working glove pair.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Sturdy

9. KAYGO KG11PB CE Compliant Safety Work Gloves

The KAYGO work glove pair comes with CE EN388 3131 which is one of the highest standards in work gloves for KAYGO KG11PB CE Compliant Safety Work Glovesmechanical protection.

Materials, size, and style

KAYGO KG11PB work gloves are made with a 15G seamless knit polyester shell that prevents debris, sharp tools, and hot liquids from injuring the wearer. The gloves are available in a wide range of sizes. The gloves also feature a polyurethane coating on the fingers and palm regions which enhance comfort, dexterity, and also allow your skin to breathe.

The gloves feature knit wrist style which prevents gaps, ensures a snug fit, and keeps debris or chemicals from entering in.


Thanks to the KAYGO KG11PB glove’s superior construction, CE compliance, and durable materials, you can use them in a wide range of light-duty application from landscaping, gardening, parts assembly, yard work, minor repairs, and warehouse packaging, etc. KAYGO advises use of the KG11PB general purpose work gloves in dry and semi-wet or mildly oily conditions only.


The PU coating on the fingers and palms ensures a secure grip. It is best to use the gloves in dry conditions or slightly oily and wet conditions.

Comfort and protection

Users can rest assured that the KAYGO KG11PB work gloves with its 15G seamless polyester shell keeps the hands and skin well-protected and safe. Its CE compliance meets the highest standards of protection against mechanical vibrations, shocks, and impacts.  At the same time, the lightweight and flexible PU fiber allows the skin to breathe. So, you won’t experience hot spots or sweating while wearing them all day.


You can call the KAYGO KG11PB work gloves your work accessory for life. With proper care and maintenance, there is no reason why these gloves won’t last several years. Care and maintenance is easy: simply wash them with mild detergent and warm water and rinse in cold water. The glove’s 13 Gauge seamless PU construction enhances wear and abrasion resistance to make the pair last years.


  • CE Compliant (EN 388 31 31)
  • Washable
  • Good abrasion protection.

10. Amazing Stuff for You Unisex Yard-Work Gloves

Avid gardeners love these gloves from Amazing Stuff for You! You can easily work in the yard or garden and these Amazing Stuff for You Unisex Yard-Work Glovesgloves will keep your hands and skin safe from dirt and debris!

Materials, size, style

Most of the gloves available for gardening do not let you grip things, tools, and plants easily. This won’t happen with the Amazing Stuff for You Gardening gloves. They are made with superior water and liquid-resistant nitrile material that help you grip tools and materials easily while protecting your hands from the dirt and debris.

Also, their nylon shell prevents your skin from scratches, abrasion, punctures, bites and stings of insects and bugs you normally encounter during yard work. These stylish gloves feature the latest technology in glove coatings that can keep your fingers dexterous and at the same time safe and protected.

These unisex working gloves are available in three sizes.


You will definitely find many uses for this pair of gloves from Amazing Stuff for You. And since the come in pairs – you get two pairs for the price of one- you can also gift one to a friend or a fellow gardener. These versatile gloves are most suited for yard work, gardening, landscaping, warehouse work, small repairs, dishwashing, and other household cleaning tasks. They are even great to wear at the gun range and will protect your hands from extreme cold and also help you grip the trigger better. Their superior grip even helps you change incandescent bulbs with ease.


The gloves feature innovative surface coating combined with top-of-the-line materials that enhance their flexibility and also keep your fingers dexterous. You can easily grip yard tools, garden tools, power tools, shovels, pruners, etc. with ease when wearing these gloves.

Protection and comfort

Most gardening tasks can be safely conducted when wearing these gloves. Avoid using them for transferring cacti with sharp thorns. However, you can easily handle most garden tools with these with ease. These gloves will protect your skin and hands from cuts, punctures, friction, abrasion, dirt, debris, and bugs. Being water resistant, they can even offer some protection against hot liquids.


The top-of-the-line strong materials with nitrile coating ensure long-lasting durability for these gloves.


  • Strong
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Innovative coating technology

11. Ironclad Women’s Work Gloves with Engineered Fit

Ironclad Tuff Chix women’s work gloves undergo 16 points of measurement applications to ensure the snuggest Ironclad Women’s Work Gloves with Engineered Fitand most comfortable fit.

Materials, size, and style

Ironclad Tuff Chix work gloves for women use a patented double layer protective material with reinforced finger nail guards to prevent nails from chipping and breaking when working under tough conditions. The gloves also feature neoprene padding in the knuckle area to keep the delicate bones guarded from shocks and impacts. Also, there are leather reinforcements in critical areas to enhance durability and protection for the user.

Ironclad Tuff Chix work gloves also come with a terry cloth lining on the backside of the thumb to help wipe off sweat when working hard. So, you need not pause from what you’re doing!

These stylish gloves have an elastic wrist gather closure and come in attractive pink color with 4-different sizing options.


The Ironclad Tuff Chix work gloves with their patented rolltop seamless fingers keep the movements dexterous and nimble. You can easily operate machinery, tools, or drive while wearing these gloves.


It is recommended that you use the Ironclad Tuff Chix work gloves for women for home maintenance, gardening, landscaping, for operating power tools, driving, painting, equipment operation, etc.

Protection and comfort

Finger-guard reinforcements, knuckle-area padding, plus leather reinforcements in palm region all make the Ironclad Tuff Chix work gloves extremely safe and protective for users. Besides these safety features, the Ironclad Tuff Chix logo is made with thermoplastic and features on the backside of the hand. This can offer some more protection as well. The gloves 16-point engineered fit specification are especially made for the female hands for a snug and comfortable fit.


You can easily enhance the durability of these superior-quality and long-lasting gloves by washing them regularly in cool water without bleach. Avoid machine drying and hang them out to dry instead. The superior patented-material and added reinforcements make this a sturdy and long-lasting glove pair.


  • 16-point engineered fit
  • Patented palm design made especially for the feminine hands
  • Rolltop fingertips
  • Padded knuckles
  • Thermoplastic and leather reinforcements.

12. Mechanix Ethel Washable Working Gloves for Her

The Mechanix Ethel working gloves are made for the constant work-wash-repeat cycle. Wear them, work them, Mechanix Ethel Washable Working Gloves for Herwash them, and have fun in them!

Size, style, and materials

Mechanix brand Ethel gloves are made with carbon-infused materials that allow you to comfortably touch the screen and work your hand-held smart devices with ease.

These utility working gloves also feature the form-fitting-yet-breathable TrekDry material which prevents sweating inside the glove. Ethel’s 2-piece palm design is not only stylish and attractive; it is also functional and prevents bunching up when working hard under tough conditions.

Ethel gardening gloves also come with an extended cuff and built-in elastic for style and also for preventing debris from entering inside the gloves. They are available in limited sizes and for some women, they ran a bit short.


The rugged and washable Mechanix Ethel working gloves are suitable for a wide range of tasks. Being touch-screen enabled, you can continue using your phone or handheld devices. Thus, the Ethel working glove is useful when gardening, shoveling, landscaping, minor repair-works, driving, or operating power tools.

Protection and comfort

You will love the snug fit offered by the Ethel working gloves. Their plush interiors, extended wrist with secure elastic cuff protect your hands from debris. At the same time, the TrekDry material allows your skin to breathe and prevents sweating inside the gloves.


The synthetic palm material with touchscreen enabling keeps the gloves functional no matter what task they are put to. You will love their flexible and stretchable material which helps you grasp tools with ease and without having to remove the gloves.


Ethel work gloves from Mechanix have a double-stitching that enhances their long-lasting durability and longevity. These washable gloves are also easy to care for so you know they will be your daily work companion for life.


  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

13. Vgo NB7581 Versatile Washable & Lightweight Gloves

The Vgo NB7581 general purpose work gloves can be used for a variety of light-duty work. They are also washableVgo NB7581 Versatile Washable & Lightweight Gloves and very light for all day use. You also get 3 pairs of gloves in one package.

Materials, size, and specifications

The Vgo NB7581 consists of a synthetic leather palm filled with 5mm foam padding. This helps absorb shocks and impacts. The 5mm foam padding also releases pressure on the palms and its stretch spandex lining also keeps the glove suitable for a wide variety of tasks. The gloves are touchscreen compliant too

Style: The synthetic leather gloves come with a safety cuff and elastic attachment which prevent debris from entering inside. The 3D curved finger enhances the glove’s dexterity while the safety cuff allows easy on/easy off convenience.

Sizes: choose from nearly 5 sizes varying between XS to XXL.


Synthetic materials and Spandex combined with the 3D curved finger keep these gloves super dexterous. It further helps that the gloves are super lightweight which reduce fatigue on hands and increase work efficiency. The gloves are certified EN420 level 5 dexterous.


Use these high-quality gloves from Vgo for work, gardening, and outdoor use. You can also operate the smartphone or any of your hand-held devices while wearing these gloves as they are touchscreen enabled. The Vgo NB7581 is comfortable for driving, gardening and landscaping, mechanical tasks, warehouse management, packaging, construction, logistics, etc.

Protection and comfort for users

The Vgo multi-functional, gardening, training, crafting gloves are slip resistant. Their elastic cuff offers protection from dirt and debris. Also, they feature superior Spandex and synthetic materials with a 5mm-foam padding that offers impact-protection.


You get long-lasting durability with this 3-pack glove from Vgo NB7581. Their Spandex and synthetic material with 5mm-padding prevents punctures, tears, and wears. This quality comes in handy when you want to work in the garden, handle sharp tools, or lift hot or heavy objects. You can easily and safely wash the Vgo gloves in the washer and air-dry them for regular maintenance.


  • Versatile applications
  • Superior abrasion-resistance
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • 3D curved finger for added dexterity. EN420 dexterity level 5 compliant.

14. SAFEAT Safest Strongest & Most Dexterous Workers Gloves

There’s a reason why SAFEAT brand of glove claims to be the safest, strongest, and most dexterous work gloves SAFEAT Safest Strongest & Most Dexterous Workers Glovesout there. They have the highest cut resistance and even the sharpest of knives cannot puncture these gloves! They even comply with EN 388 level of cut resistance!

Materials, size, and styling

SAFEAT has come up with the best woodworking gloves! The pair is made with superior, dexterous, yet breathable material and a 5HPPE lining which has a cut resistance of EN 388. This makes them ideal for use in all kinds of tasks which involve handling sharp tools and objects.

These technologically advanced gloves feature an innovative material called Doyentrontex which itself is very resistant to cuts and punctures. Additionally, it is reinforced with tough PU or polyurethane coating on the palm area and together these materials give the SAFEAT gloves puncture-resistance level of 2 and EN 388 level 4 of cut resistance plus CE compliance. These gloves are even designed to meet the ANSI ASTM level 5 cut resistance.

Style- Coated palm, knitted back, sweatband, and secure cuff style all keep these gloves stylish, durable, and protective for all kinds of tasks.

Size- You get to choose from 4 different sizes in the SAFEAT workers gloves.


Thanks to SAFEAT gloves durability, puncture resistance, water-resistance, superior grip, and long lifespan, you can use them for a variety of tasks including HVAC, electrical repairs, auto or mechanical repairs, yard work, woodcutting, sawing, plumbing, dishwashing, and other household maintenance tasks.

Comfort and protection

The knit backed gloves from SAFEAT along with the PU coated palm keep the gloves breathable as well as water-resistant. This helps you wear these gloves all year round. Their adaptive stretchability, lightweight texture, and sweatband keeps your skin comfortable, cool, and safe at the same time. SAFEAT gloves PU coating also gives superior abrasion and cut resistance, puncture and water resistance, and a superior grip on sharp, hot, wet, or slippery objects.


Because of the high-quality PU coating, SAFEAT HPPE high-performance gloves can be depended upon to grip and hold hot, greasy, or sharp objects with ease. The polyethylene gloves keep the fingers dexterous for a variety of tasks that rely on dexterity and stretchability of the fingers.


SAFEAT high-performance gloves feature high-quality PU coating material, knit back, high-tech, and sturdy Doyentrontex lining. All these materials are easy to maintain, resist cuts and tears, prevent debris, and are also easily washable. This enhances long-lasting durability in these gloves.


  • Lightweight yet thick
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Meet ASTM ANSI level 5 cut/abrasion resistance; also, CE compliant

15. West Chester John Deere Fourchette-Style Utility Gloves for Her

The West Chester John Deere gloves for women feature an attractive pink and grey combination of colors. These West Chester John Deere Fourchette-Style Utility Gloves for Herstylish gloves are also known to offer superior protection from cuts, tears, and abrasion.

Materials, size, style

John Deere work gloves utilize synthetic plus cowhide leather. These materials combine together to offer a snug fit. You can choose the West Chester John deer gloves from two sizes – small and large. The cowhide leather used in the gloves keeps your hands safe from cold, hot, sharp, greasy, or wet objects and conditions.

Style- West Chester- John Deere fourchettes style women’s work gloves feature a keystone thumb style which enhances dexterity and also offer long-lasting durability. The tractor tread thumb also comes with added reinforcements while the cowhide split palm with breathable spandex and shirred elastic wrist ensure a snug fit whilst also preventing debris from entering in. Their attractive pink and grey color combo is sure to complement many dress/clothing styles as well.


These gloves are suitable for a wide range of tasks: HVAC, driving, handling hot/cold objects, doing light yard work, regular household cleaning, or even outdoors during trekking, hiking etc. They are also delicate enough to handle plants or agriculture-related tasks.

Protection and comfort

As the gloves are made with cowhide leather, they offer the utmost abrasion, puncture, and water resistance. At the same time, the synthetic material keeps the gloves breathable and lightweight for all day long comfort.


Owing to the cowhide plush and pliable leather combined with Spandex material on the backside and shirred elastic wrist you can rest assure that West Chester John Deere gloves feel like second skin!


Split cowhide leather palm with reinforced tractor tread thumb and washable Spandex back all keep these gloves easy to maintain and long-lasting as well.


  • Ergonomically designed for a snug fit
  • Flexible, durable, and stylish work gloves.

FAQs on Women’s Work Gloves

Can work gloves prevent static?

If you work in an environment having static charge hazard, you may want to consider special antistatic gloves. These are designed to prevent an ESD discharge between you and the devices. They are also good for moving, Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020packing, and unpacking sensitive equipment.

However, many of these gloves tend to be bulky and you cannot wear them while repairing laptops, computers, or other electronics. In such cases, antistatic bracelets can be used in place of antistatic work gloves.

You might wonder, rightly, if wearing disposable or rubber or latex gloves can prevent static charge. The answer, in short, is no. Latex and rubber gloves do not always discharge the built-up static energy and can still lead to shocks. So, the use of proper anti-static gloves or straps is mandatory.

Should work gloves be tight or loose?

To be comfortable, a working glove must fit nicely, but not tightly, and it certainly must not be loose. Loose gloves, especially under hazardous working circumstances, can expose your hands to chemicals, fires, shocks, debris, dirt, sharp tools, etc. A snugly fitting glove can prevent or at least limit your exposure to these hazards.

How long should work gloves ideally last?

The answer to this question depends on the materials used in the glove’s construction as well as the uses they are put to. A good pair of work gloves can last anywhere between 1 and 3 years. Leather gloves which have undergone stringent tanning processes can last longer; more than 3 years.

If gloves have to be worn continuously, skin irritation and skin discharges can occur. As a preventative measure, you may want to wear lined work gloves or disposable or cotton gloves inside the protective outer work gloves.

The more prolonged and repeated contact with chemicals, the more durable and impermeable gloves you need. Top 15 Best Work Gloves for Women in 2020Since all materials absorb chemicals, if you have to work for prolonged duration with hazardous chemicals, you may want to consider using disposable gloves. Gloves made with PVC or poly vinyl chloride, natural rubber, and neoprene fabrics are highly impermeable to most organic liquids.

How do I keep my fingers warm inside the working gloves?

There are several options to help keep your fingers warm inside working gloves. You can wear removable mittens, which you can remove when you want more finger dexterity. You can also use polypropylene glove liners. These can keep your fingers warm inside work gloves and also keep fingers dexterous.


The best work gloves for women help limit or prevent exposure to heat, chemicals, sharp objects, cold, fires, abrasive materials, bodily fluids, electrical/static discharge, dirt, debris, etc. They also last long, are sturdy and durable, and meet the different safety standards as laid down by ASTM, OSHA, and EH.

We recommend the Wells Lamont 1167 M gloves for women which use a special tanning process that enhances their longevity, water resistance, and durability. It’s definitely worth checking out our other recommendations in the list above.