The Best Work Boots For Women in 2022 – Top 10 List and Reviews

The long list of potential hazards in the work place demands serious protective gear, which is why work bootsare womens_work_boots_listnon-negotiable dress code requirement in most industrial areas for both men and women.  Ladies who work on the field or on a wide industrial floor are not exempted from these safety policies, regardless of their roles on site.

If you are a woman building a career in tough environments, you need the best work boots for a variety of reasons.

Why Work Boots Matter…

Workplace Safety

Work boots keep your feet protected from many things that could harm you in a work place, including falling objects, protruding edges, sharp tools, and hazardous chemicals.   Wearing the proper footwear to work will significantly lower the risk of accidental electric shocks, injuries, and foot trauma.

Secure Footing

Many work boots are made with non-slip outsoles that easily grip slippery and uneven surfaces. In many fast paced workplaces with large spaces, this helps increase employee productivity and also prevents workers from falling over and getting injured on the job.

Foot and Leg Support

Most jobs that require sturdy boots often involve rigorous or repeated physical exertions. Eventually, the legs and feet become exhausted and vulnerable when there is no proper support for the lower body. Most work boots are The Best Work Boots For Women in 2019 - Top 10 List and Reviewsespecially designed with additional heel, ankle and arch support to minimize the stress applied to these body parts on a regular basis.

All-day Comfort

Let’s face it, it sucks to work when you are not comfortable. It lowers your productivity and makes a whole work day feel like eternity. You are dragging yourself by the end of your shift and more than ready to punch out and get those pinched toes a rest. Choosing the work boot that complements your foot size and shape will eliminate half of this dilemma. Most discomforts come from ordering the wrong shoe size and the rest is usually due to the habit of skimping a few dollars to get a cheaper, ill-cushioned and unbreathable pair.

Looks Good with your Hard Hat and Cover-All’s

And lastly, hardly anything else looks as good with your favorite work clothes. Work boots are hardy and look hardy, which makes a perfect match for your coveralls or whatever apparel you have to wear for tough work. After all, girls work happier in a perfect work day ensemble, tough job or not.

Types of Work Boots

While work boots provide the same basic safety features, they also come in different specialized types that are designed for different working functions.

Function-driven designs

Steel-Toed Safety Boots

Steel-toed safety boots are the most common type of work-boots. It is often required by regulations in construction sites or manufacturing facilities. This variety comes with steel plating implanted in the toe cap to ensure that your toes are not left exposed to falling debris, sharp tools, harmful chemicals and burns, among others. When it comes to style, steel boots come in comfortable and functional sneaker types but are also popular in the traditional leather clog design.

Puncture-Plated Outsole BootsThe Best Work Boots For Women in 2019 - Top 10 List and Reviews

Construction and industrial workers are not the only ones in dire need of protective footwear. Law enforcement officers, demolition teams, miners, rescuers and foresters are constantly in danger of treading over sharp objects or hazardous items while on the field. Puncture-Plated Outsole Boots must pass rigorous standards before they can be labelled as such, including corrosion-resistant outsole plating that withstands at least 270 pounds of pressure plus outsole material that shows no sign of cracking after being used and flexed more than 1.5 million times.

High-Grip Outsole Boots

Boots with heavy grip outsoles are designed to keep you from slipping or falling from difficult terrains and surfaces. Folks who work constantly on icy and slippery planes, or have to work on heights and difficult paths, need to wear this kind of specialized work boot. The outsole is often made of non-slip material and designed with efficient lug patterns.

Weather-proof Boots

Weather-proof work boots are created for enduring hostile weather conditions, and are often insulated and waterproof. The insulation and water-proofing materials are often balanced in varying degrees to accommodate users who work in warmer or dry climates. Some waterproof boots use mesh materials to keep water out while maintaining a comfortable level of warmth, while others are thicker and intended to keep not just water but cold temperatures out.

Electric Hazard Boots

Electric hazard boots use special sole and upper material that inhibit the flow of electricity from the shoe to the ground. This special feature protects the user from accidental electrocution and is crucial for men and women who deal constantly with artificial or natural electricity in their line of work. To earn this designation, a work boot should be able to provide ample protection from up to 600 volts of electric charge.The Best Work Boots For Women in 2019 - Top 10 List and Reviews

Features to Consider


The first thing you need to determine when you are choosing a pair of work boot is the kind of work that  you do and what you need them for. A weather-proof boot looks basically the same as a puncture-plated boot and could seem just as good as the other but both would not serve their purpose if worn in the wrong working context.

Aside from the specialized features that match your working needs, the height of the boot – as a high-cut or low-ankle boot – also affects its functionality. For instance, low-cut boots provides you more mobility when you are required to do much walking around, while high-cut boots are better at keeping cold and moisture out.

Material and Construction

The quality of a work boot’s material is crucial to the amount of safety that the boot can offer. So another important element to check is the type of material used for the upper, midsole and outsole. Different boots use different materials for the upper, including premium leather, textile, mesh and aluminum for safety toes.

Efficient and durable outsoles are often crafted from high-quality leather, although some labels create their own synthetic sole for specialized boots.  Other features like insulation, electricity and water resistance, and puncture-proofing require additional special materials.

The durability of the lacing system is also based largely on the quality of the lace and hooks, and greatly affects the wearer’s long-term comfort and performance in the work place.

Fit and Comfort

Lastly, the boot has to provide a comfortable fit for you. Feet sized and width differ from user to user and it is important to choose a pair that not only gives you the protection and functionality that you need for your job but also keeps your feet well-supported and comfortable during your work hours.

As a general rule, the fit for women is 2 sizes smaller than men’s sizes.  There are however, a handful of labels that require just a size down to allow room for toe movement and thicker socks. Some of these boots are also suited for wider feet, while some are better for users with narrower feet. The shoe width is often designated D for narrow size while EE for wider size.



Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


  1. Timberland PRO Women’s TiTAN Waterproof Boot  Slip-resistant traction rubber outsole $$ 4.5 
  2. KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot  Waterproof; Slip Resistant $$  4.4
  3. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot  Moisture-transfer lining $$ 4.4 
  4. ADTEC WOMEN’S 9″ LOGGER BROWN WORK BOOT  Oil resistant lug sole $$ 4.4 
  5. KEEN UTILITY WOMEN’S CANBY AT WP INDUSTRIAL AND CONSTRUCTION SHOE  Compression Molded EVA Midsole for Cushioning Comfort $$$  4.4
  6. SKECHERS WOMEN’S WORKSHIRE – FITTON BOOT  Removable comfort insole is cushioned with Memory Foam $$ 4.3 
  7. THOROGOOD WOMEN’S 6-INCH MO WORK BOOT  Removable Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption Footbed $$$ 4.1 
  10. CATERPILLAR WOMEN’S KENZIE STEEL TOE WORK BOOT  Full-Grain Leather Upper $$ 4.1 


  1. Timberland PRO Women’s TiTAN Waterproof Boot

On top of the list of the best women work boots is Timberland’s Pro Women’s TiTAN Waterproof Boot. This all-weather, high-traction boot is excellent for heavy duty working days without the taxing weight of average working boots. And yes, it looks good too.


The Timberland PRO TiTAN is a classic all-leather women’s boot that has an attractive slender profile and a rather misleading heavy-set appeal. The contours are just right to provide a secure footing without being too squat or bulky for women’s feet. The shaft is mid-high and reaches well above the ankle up front to provide it ample support while walking but dips a few inches lower at the back to allow for comfortable ankle movement.

The leather upper is water-resistant and easy to clean, with a durable form that is supported by TiTAN alloy at the toe cap to provide the most fundamental safety work boot feature. The outsole is equally reliable, with slip resistant and oil resistant rubber material reinforced by efficient high-traction lug pattern.

This mid-high work boot lets you brave extreme weather conditions, keeps you safe from electrical hazards and provides you excellent traction.


The full-grain leather is cured to form a strong and firm upper, stitched with precision to keep the pair in excellent condition when subjected to extreme weather and environment. It also sports the TiTAN speed-lacing hardware, with sturdy round laces in fish eye hooks, that keeps the chore of tying shoe laces easy, fast, and secure.

The insole is layered with rebound heel inserts that provide durable cushioning and extra support to the heel and ankles. The polyurethane midsole contains a solid shaft that extends 6 inches from the arch and adds much needed sole and arch support.

The outsole is made of special Timberland PRO rubber-based material that has slip-resistant and oil-resistant consistency, which creates maximum traction and firm footing in difficult surfaces. In addition, the sole is certified to protect again electrical hazards such as open circuits in dry environments.


On the downside, this serious working boot weighs a little heavy with 6 pounds of solidly built material. While this could be a little too much for workers who must be on foot covering long distances, the weight also provides better bearing and is not half as inconvenient to wear as an ill-fitting one with very low safety qualities.

Functionality is matched with Pro TiTAN’s comfortable weight and interior. The inner is lined with mesh and textile cushion for whole day comfort. Though made of rubber and leather, the boot is lighter than most heavy-duty work boots at 6 lbs. the soft leather and lined interior makes it easier and faster to break in.

The lining also contains Agion antimicrobial treatment that controls odor and Outlast Adaptive Comfort temperature sock cover that prevents moisture build-up inside.

Soft leather minimizes the break-in time TiTAN alloy safety toe for a roomy fit Mesh comfort lining with Agion antimicrobial treatment for odor control Polyurethane midsole for durable cushioning


  • Water-proof leather design
  • Mid-high shaft provides upfront support and rear mobility
  • TiTAN alloy toe cap
  • Oil and slip resistant TiTAN rubber outsole
  • High-grip traction outsole
  • Electric hazard protection
  • Easy and secure lacing hardware
  • Lightweight leather upper
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Temperature-adaptive cushioning keeps feet dry


  • Feels quite stiff until you break it in
  • Solid weight not suitable for hiking jobs


  1. KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

Another hardworking boot for hardworking women is Keen’s Utility Women’s Detroit Steel Toe Work Boot. Like the PRO TiTAN, The Keen Detroit stays tough under heavy rains, provides excellent traction, and toe protection. But this one with a hardy look that pairs well with your favorite outdoor work clothes.


The Keen Utility Women’s Detroit Steel Toe Work Boot is a hardy low-cut boot that combines the comfort and fit of a hiking boot and the functionality and safety of a work boot. A leader in designing and reliable hikers, Keen brings the winning features of its beloved hiking boots into the work place – natural and snug fit, spacious toe caps and high-traction soles.

Detroit combines these features with a sturdy molded steel reinforcement in the toe cap to protect your feet from minor impacts, abrasions and other harmful elements out in the field. While the heel enjoys additional support from its snug fit, the toe box is asymmetrically shaped to follow the feet’s natural contour, allowing your extremities ample room to breathe and move around.

While the boot is waterproof, its low-cut cuff makes it easier for pouring water to penetrate the interior which may be a little problematic in long thunderstorms. Otherwise, the boot stands true to its water-resistance claims during short dips in shallow water or quick hikes in the rain.


Like most of its hiking boots and active footwear, Keen’s Detroit work boots has a combination of leather and textile upper. The leather ensures water-proofing and sufficient foot protection from injuries, while the mesh textile keeps the boot breathable and comfortable for long hauls of usage.

The steel toe cap is integrated into Keen’s sturdy slip-resistant rubber outsole which sports an aggressive lug pattern for strong grip in slippery or unsteady terrains. The arch is supported by a solid shaft that extends a decent 5.25 inches from the shaft.

The Detroit also sports the Keen Dry Technology in its special mesh fabric that keeps moisture out but allows air to circulate around your feet and keep them warm and dry.


When it comes to support and comfort, Keen Detroit has a clear advantage with its hiking work boot combination design. While the upper has much stronger protective toe cap and sturdier form, it remains a lightweight 2 pounds, 3 times much lighter than Timberland’s PRO TiTAN. The weight itself makes it much more comfortable for jobs that require a lot of walking, otherwise the difference is not easily perceptible.

The lightness and hike-worthy interior layering makes this work boot a convenient all-around pair for working in the streets, beach, or mountainous terrain.


  • Steel protective toe cap
  • Snug heel fit
  • Asymmetrical toe box follows feet’s natural contour
  • Weather-proof upper
  • High-traction sole
  • Comfortable fit and interior
  • Flexible work boot for outdoor, urban and mountainous terrain
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Low-cut boot provides less support for ankle and
  • Low-cut cuff may not keep flowing water or heavy downpours out as effectively as midcut boots


  1. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot

The White Ledge Women’s Hiking Boot by Timberland is functional like PRO TiTAN in a much lighter scale.


Timberland’s White Ledge was actually designed to be a hiking boot, just like Keen’s Detroit. But this one has a wider, lighter build at 4.2 pounds which makes it a reliable footwear for outdoor errands.

This weather-proof, heavy-grip boot is ideal for making long rounds in challenging fields during rainy seasons. The boot’s high-traction sole with its strategic lugs keeps mud from caking over and prevents accidental slipping and falling.

The ankle-length cuff provides just enough vertical support for the ankles and legs without hampering your gait, so you stay comfortable and in control during hikes.

What is noticeably missing is the usual steel toe protector, which could be a deal breaker for folks who are in the construction and production business. The wide and solid toe box does provide an acceptable layer of toe protection for less critical circumstances.


Unlike the Detroit hiking work boot, the mesh textile on the White Ledge upper is limited to the cuffs and tongue edges, which covers the boot nearly entirely with hardy water-proof leather. This pair also sports expertly constructed and water-sealed seams. Although you cannot really wade in deep pools of water in this, it handles rain showers and quick crossings pretty well. Generally, it is a reliable all-weather, year-round boot.

The gusseted tongue and padded interior balances the stiffness of the outer covering, so your feet are protected from blisters especially on the first couple of weeks before you give these boots a total break in.

And if you take efficiency seriously, you will love how quick and easy it is to keep your knots secure with Timberland’s D-ring and speed hook lacing hardware.

The outsole is heavy duty rubber rigged with Timberland’s Motion Efficiency System, which the label uses to create unique, secure grip for its hiking and work boots.


Like other hiking-ready work boot, the Women’s White Ledge boot is designed to provide long-lasting comfort on active work days. The padded collar and gusseted tongue, along with a trim heel design keeps the fit snug and easy on the arches. Then the insole is layered with a removable, Dual-density EVA footbed for additional heel and arch support.


  • Medium-weight 4.2 pounds
  • Waterproof leather and water-sealed seams
  • D-ring and speed hook lacing hardware
  • Padded interior and gusseted tongue
  • Heavy-duty rubber with motion-efficient lug system
  • Dual-density EVA footbed
  • Long-lasting comfort


  • no steel reinforcement for toe box
  • heavier than most hiking work boot but is a good trade-off for the comfortable and solid feel for long hours of work



So far, the list had been all about low-cut and mid-cut ankle boots, which are all fine unless you are looking for high-cut heavy-traction options like the Adtec Women’s 9-inch Logger Brown Work Boot.


Unlike most hybrid women’s work boots that attempt to provide a little of everything that one needs in a workboot, the Adtec Logger Work Boot is made especially for intensive yard work or and getting things done in slippery or difficult terrain.

The high cuff length provides ample ankle and leg support in demanding outdoor work. It also serves as protection from heat, hazardous tools and dangerous animals like snakes. Aside from that, the long cuffs are more likely to keep your feet warm and dry on rainy weather.

The Adtec Logger Work Boot is a high-traction work boot that sports oil-resistant synthetic sole with lugs that run deep into its 0.5-inch platform and 1.5-inch heels. This kind of traction makes walking on snowy paths, rough farm land and yards much more manageable and comfortable.


In addition, the crazy horse leather upper is water-resistant and made using Goodyear’s welt construction technology. The toe is plain and soft, without any steel plating underneath, which is acceptable for its use in the outdoor where the fashioned imported leather upper is deemed enough protection generally speaking.

The imported synthetic sole is crafted as sturdily as the leather upper, with the midsole supported by a 7.75-inch shaft to give you comfortable arch support. As previously highlighted, the lugs on this pair are topnotch – deep, strategically positioned and reliable for rugged wear in any weather.


While some brands require you to get an upsize on work boots to give you enough space for air and thick socks, the Adtec Logger Work Boot is constructed just right for standard size and leaves enough space for keeping your toes from getting squished.

When it comes to comfort, the boot is admittedly tough and needs a lot of breaking in. It feels warm and snug all day and good for rigorous hard work. However, it is not the best for hiking at any pace, because new leather often rub roughly against your heels and ankles. The long cuffs are also a little uncomfortable for long hikes, which are less flexible and hamper strides. But if you do mostly yardwork in intermittent weather and rough terrain, this pair gives just the right traction and protection.


  • high cuffs provide leg support and protection
  • high-traction lug sole
  • water resistant crazy horse leather
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • 75-inch shaft
  • Warm and snug for wide and narrow feet
  • Wide toe box to protect toes


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • Not electric hazard protection
  • Not good for long hikes
  • Tough upper leather takes time to break in



If you are looking for something more comfortable to walk in, Keen’s Utility Women’s Canby AT WP Industrial and Construction Shoe is another option.


Like many of Keen’s Utility boots, The Canby AT WP Women’s Industrial and Construction Shoe is designed to give your feet more room for unhampered fast-paced movement. The shoe is basically a high-grip, all-weather safety shoe.

The shoe has a well-designed lug pattern on its oil resistant, non-marking rubber outsole that provides excellent traction. Its upper material is the typical water-proof breathable membrane that Keen so often use in its selection of trustworthy working and hiking shoes. Its toe box comes with an aluminum support which is lighter than most steel toe reinforcements.

The mid-cut boot provides a combination of ankle support and free movement with a high front cuffs that dip lower at the rear. A hardy lacing hardware, with triangle D-rings and rear grip keeps the knots securely in place.


The upper material is a combination of gray leather and breathable textile. The leather keeps the shoe sturdy and waterproof, while the membrane makes sure your feet can breathe despite long hours at the work site.

The midsole is a compression-molded EVA, which provides a snug and comfortable layer for the soles while protecting from the tough outsole with a 90-degree heel for good arch support.


The Keen Utility Women’s Canby AT WP is a lightweight, comfortable work boot which is good for both hiking tasks and heavy grind in industrial and construction sites. The fit is also good for folks with flat or wide feet, although the extra room will not hurt users with narrow feet either.

While this boot is comfortable and provides ample toe protection from debris and pointed items on the floor, it does not pass electrical protection requirements, which is also a big consideration in many workplaces that involve electricity-operated machines. Nor does it have enough sole protection for sharp object you might step on accidentally, so you have to consider whether the economy and comfort are enough trade-off for more rigid safety features.


  • Lightweight aluminum toe support
  • Water-resistant and breathable leather and mesh upper
  • Mid-cut cuffs provide ankle protection and free movement
  • High-grip, slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Strategic lug pattern
  • Secure and sturdy lacing hardware
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole


  • Not electric hazard certification
  • Water-resistant but not water-proof
  • Synthetic upper materials less durable than pure leather
  • Less lower leg support



Skecher’s Workshire Fit-on Women’s Boot is a mixture of durability and comfort. It may not have a lot of the necessary work boot features but if you are looking for comfortable wear that lasts a long time, this pair is definitely worth checking out. There are also Skechers Work Boots for Men to choose from.


The Workshire is a leather ankle boot with cuffs reaching up to 5 inches above your ankles. That means you get enough foot and leg support for long and taxing work days.

The rubber outsole has pretty decent traction. The lugs do not run as deep as the Adtec Logger boot or Timberland’s Pro TiTAN, but they do well enough for gripping level and rough surfaces and give you a balanced enough footing. The leather upper is also water-resistant up to some extent. It is thick enough and tough enough to keep your feet warm and dry under unexpected showers. Sustained rain showers or large pools of water is another story, though.

The lacing hardware composes of metal eyelets and thick round laces, which secures the boot comfortably in place. The toe box is roomy enough for the toes but does not have steel-plated reinforcement.


The upper is covered in authentic leather, which is tough and durable especially when given enough care after every use. The rubber outsole is tough and slightly flexible under the arch so it stays comfortable for hikes while providing sole protection despite not being a puncture-plated shoe.

The interior is overlaid with soft cushion and breathable textile to keep your feet comfortable and breathing beneath the tough leather exterior.


Workshire’s roomy features is anchored on Skechers’ Relaxed Fit design, which the label came up to give hardworking women a pair of heavy-duty boots that also keep them comfortable and productive at work.

The tongue is padded with thick cushion and so is the collar to ease the tension that often builds up on the ankle and lower leg. The interior cushioning and the removable insole are made of Memory Foam so the fit gets even better the longer the boot is used. To top it off, the heel panel comes with a pull-on tab for easy entry.


  • ankle and leg support
  • good traction for hikes and heavy-duty uses
  • water-resistant leather upper
  • excellent and secure lacing hardware
  • Relaxed Fit design
  • Memory foam interior cushion and insoles
  • Pull-on tab for easy entry


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • No slip-resistance or heavy traction
  • No electricity hazard protection



The Thorogood Women’s 6-inch MO Work Boot looks a little laid-back for a work boot, but proves hardworking when you take it to the worksite with you.


The US made mid-cut boot is roughly 6-inches high and provides good coverage for the heel, ankle and lower leg. The sole is flatter than most work boots, with the heel just a few millimeters higher than the platform, but is comfortable enough especially for wide or flat-footed workers.

The leather is supported at the toes but has no steel support, which may be insufficient for construction or busy industrial sites.

The midsole is inserted with Dual Density Shock Absorption Footbed to help you remain sure-footed and comfortable in unstable surfaces of constant floor vibrations.


The sleek upper is crafted primarily from Tobacco-oil tanned leather, which has a vibrant finish aside from being durable. The shoe uses Goodyear’s Storm Welt construction, which makes the boot weather-proof up to a certain degree.

The crepe sole is roughly half an inch under the arch and more than an inch thick around the heels. The lugs do not run deep but still have excellent grip for slippery and rough terrain. It is not rock solid though, unlike many of the work boots on the list that have reinforced rubber outsoles.


This Thorogood boot is comfortable for both wide-footed and narrow-footed ladies. The base is wide enough to accommodate flatter feet, while the lacing hardware installed provides a snug fit for either frame. The lace-up boot stays secure and comfortable while providing necessary ankle and leg support.


  • 6-inches high, provides ankle and leg support
  • Flat sole suitable for flat or wide feet
  • With Dual Density Shock Absorption Footbed
  • Tobacco-oil tanned leather
  • Goodyear Storm welt construction
  • Secure lacing hardware


  • Low water-resistance
  • Acceptable traction
  • Less sturdy outsoles
  • No electric hazard protection
  • Less arch support



The 7124 Water Proof and Slip Resistant Women’s Leather Boots is one of the trustworthy work shoes put out by Avengers Safety Footwear. This is a durable pair that provides sturdy frame and reliable outsole, despite the noticeable absence of many safety features of more upscale working shoes.


The 7124 looks simple yet hardy in its all-black leather and rubber components topped with secure round laces in round D-rings and upper cuff hooks. The tough leather keeps off water and provides a sturdy and supportive frame for the toes, arch, ankles and heels.

The contoured outsole is supposed to support strides during extensive hikes, although the tough leather does not make hiking in these boots a very good idea. The lugs do offer a good grip, which is good for working out of doors and on the yard. The slip-resistant rubber also makes 7124 an excellent choice for wet floors or slippery surfaces.


The upper is made from full-grain black leather with waterproof membrane. The mid-cut boot’s interior is cushioned by soft and breathable textile. The leather is hardly breathable though, which may feel a little uncomfortable under high temperatures. On the other hand, the thick leather keeps your feet warm, dry and relaxed under cold and damp environments.


The 5-inch cuff banks low at the rear to make strides and movement easier without sacrificing ankle support. The warm and dry feel also helps a great deal for workers who have to battle against getting wet and cold feet all day.

The 7124’s build is rather bulky, and may feel a little wide for narrow-footed users. The extra space provides more room for the feet to breathe and also allows for an extra pair of thick warm socks to add a layer of comfort.


  • Water-proof
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Contoured sole
  • Full-grain leather with waterproof membrane
  • Ankle and heel support
  • Roomy toe box and wide profile


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • A little wide for narrow-footed users
  • Bulky and heavy build
  • No electric hazard protection



WAB0001 Women’s All Around Work Boots is an authentic cowboy style boots that’s ready to get down dirty on the yard and riding west-side style.


The 9-inch high multi-purpose boots for ladies is designed and offered by Twisted X, trusted maker of authentic leather cowboy style boots. The boot sports the traditional high-shaft, no lacing, square-toe look.

The high shaft is good for protecting the lower leg while on the saddle but also protects from insects and animals underfoot. The foot fit easily in most stirrups as well, making mounting and dismounting more manageable.

The heel is made of rubber and quite low, instead of the usual Cuban heel. The rubber outsole provides better grip and more secure footing, which is more suited for its utility purpose.

For a work boot, it gives ample protection, although it does not have a very strong outsole or reinforced toe.


The upper is comfortable and easy to maintain. It is made of mesh-supported leather that is machine washable and applied with anti-bacterial technology. The boot also has a moisture-wicking footbed that dries away moisture and keeps your feet dry. The flexible and insole underneath is in one piece and integrated with composite sandwich shank to achieve maximum stability.

The outsole is made of flexible rubber slab with low lugs. The traction is hardly comparable to other boots in the list like the Keen Detroit, but is still good enough for most level surfaces.


The Twisted X WAB0001 Woman’s All Around Boot is designed for multiple purposes, although it works best for yard work and cowboy tasks. The frame fits both wide and narrow feet comfortably, and the shaft is snug without being restrictive. The warm and dry footbed makes sweaty feet minimal and manageable, while the wide outsole design provides secure and balanced footing for a more confident cowgirl on the go.


  • 9-inch high cowboy boot
  • Leather upper
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • Moisture-wicking footbed
  • Flexible insole with composite sandwich shank
  • Flexible rubber outsole


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • Non-aggressive lugs
  • No slip resistance
  • No electric hazard protection
  • Not suitable for long hikes or indoor and industrial work sites



The last pair on the list is the Kenzie Steel Toe Women’s Workboot by Caterpillar. The work is all about utility and durability with enough regard for form.


The Kenzie is a mid-cut boot with a shaft that reaches 6-inches from the arch, far above the ankle. The upper is plain and simple but provides exactly what you need from a work boot – steel toe protection, reliable lacing hardware, cushioned cuffs, heel support, decent traction, and comfortable interior.

Kenzie incorporates all these features into a slender, no-nonsense package. The lugs provide a good grip although it holds no promise of slip resistance. The upper is also water-resistant for the most part. While the sole provides good enough support and protection, the boot is not approved for electric hazard protection nor as sturdy as a steel-plated outsole.


The upper is crafted from rough, full-grain water, resistant leather reinforced by steel plating at the toe box for basic workplace protection. The leather is lined with soft textile to keep the interior warm and dry.

The outsole is treated rubber which is tough and less flexible, molded with an effective and aggressive lug pattern.

The boot is constructed according to safety and quality standards and backed by ASTM certification.


Caterpillar boots often run a little larger than the size, so ordering a half-size smaller may be a good option if you want the usual snug fit. Otherwise, the extra space is good for extra thick socks or breathing room for your toes.

Aside from the fit, the Kenzie is moderately comfortable. The leather does start to bear down on the ankles and heels a little when you are putting in long hours, but is quite manageable and still better than most average work boots. At only 3 lbs, it is one of the most lightweight work boots out there.


  • 6-inch mid-cut boot
  • Provides ankle and heel support
  • Steel toe support
  • Good traction
  • Full-grain water-proof leather upper
  • Lightweight
  • ASTM certified


  • Tough leather upper
  • Warm for high temperature work places
  • Runs a little larger than size
  • No electric hazard protection