Top 10 Best Western Work Boots - Outmost Comfort & Style in 2022

For top-quality footwear that can keep up with your job’s demands while adding a Western flair, we bring you the year’s top Western work boots, which provide outmost comfort and style.

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Western work boots can instantly jazz up your outfit, but their stylishness is not the only thing that makes them worth your while. The top choices are packed with features that make them great as work footwear that will easily take on the challenges of your job site. It is important to check out the features of these boots to determine if they are appropriate for your workplace activities and requirements so you can fully enjoy that cowboy look and still be able to move efficiently throughout the day at work. High-quality Western work boots are made with premium materials that deliver superior comfort so you can move with ease while in different job environments without feeling pain even with long hours of use. Depending on their materials and features, the boots can be used indoors or outdoors – or both – without being damaged, which is especially beneficial if your job involves heavy physical labor. These boots can also come with enhanced features such as safety toe and slip-resistant soles that will work hard to keep your feet protected from accidents that you may encounter while working. We love how these Western work boots work can effortlessly elevate the appearance of your work outfit, so it becomes more interesting to look at and much more enjoyable for you to wear on a daily basis. As you’ll see from our top picks, the market is dominated by Ariat that brings forth two out of the top three choices (and another one down the line), and Wolverine that has two representatives in the top 10 list.

Pressed for Time? Here are Our Quick Picks

Top 10 Western Work Boots In 2022

1. Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

The Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot’ 100% full-grain upper with suede is enhanced with multiple rows of stitching for that Western styling that will look terrific while you work in a ranch, in an indoor setting, and even for sprucing up your outfit when it is time to socialize and take a break from work. The boots come with thickly cushioned insoles that cradle the feet so they can stay comfortable for a long time while you tackle the day’s most pressing tasks. We like that the square toe structure provides more space for the toes to wiggle and move around a bit to prevent foot strain from setting in when you need to work for long hours without getting off your feet. The four-layer rebound technology used in these boots work overtime to keep your feet comfortable and fully supported as you do various activities in and around the job site, while the 90-degree heel is structured for increased stability that you can rely on for the duration of the day. The breathable mesh lining helps keep excessive heat and sweat from building up within the boots so your feet will not suffer from the discomfort of staying in an overheated space for extended periods.

We were pleasantly surprised that even with the full-grain leather uppers, these boots stayed breathable and cool inside for hours. These boots provide great arch support that will help keep foot pain at bay, while the heel bed can be relied on to stop your foot from sliding back and forth inside the footwear. We also found these Western work boots to be fairly flexible considering the durable and supportive features they have, so it is easy to move around in a comfortable ad natural manner without stiff footwear that can interfere with natural movement.

These boots are fully packed with supportive and comfortable features that will make your work-related activities much easier to manage. 


  • Thickly cushioned insoles with four-layer rebound technology
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Square-toed structure for better comfort


  • Not waterproof

2. Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 Marshall 11-Inch Work Boot

Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 Marshall 11-Inch Work Boot

The Irish Setter Work Men’s Marshall Work Boot is made with a 100% full-grain leather upper that is waterproof to ensure that you can work nonstop on your tasks without being bothered by wet surroundings. These boots can be used in work conditions that are constantly exposed to puddles or sprays of water and can also be your trusted footwear for working while outdoors. The inner lining ensures that the foot stays completely dry throughout the duration of the day even when the boot exterior is exposed to wetness. Along with the waterproof construction, the electrical hazard protection offers increased safety, especially with exposure to electrically energized components that may be present in and around the job site and elsewhere. The steel safety toes provide maximum protection against objects that can fall on the feet while you are busy in the workplace. This pull-on Western work boot does away with laces so putting it on at the start of the workday and removing them after work does not take up too much time and effort. A structured ankle area ensures the perfect fit that will stay throughout the day to keep you comfortable and moving as naturally as possible.

We were impressed that these boots can deliver superior durability and comfort without feeling too heavy, thanks to the RPM composite technology that keeps the weight reduced. With an advanced composite material, these boots are designed to deliver increased strength and durability to keep up with the demands of tough environments without weighing you down in the process. Our feet thank the square-toed construction that prevents toes from feeling crammed and cramped – a great benefit for those long days of nonstop work without getting off our feet. The polyurethane footbed can be removed for more convenience when it is time to clean the interior of the boots. We found the stitched under toe area a noteworthy enhancement that works to increase the durability of the footwear for long-term enjoyment of the product’s fantastic features. The rubber outsoles provide great traction and are heat-resistant to melting when used on high-heat surfaces. The Western-style stitching on the upper portion enhances the overall look of the boot, making it a welcome addition to your fashionable outfit as much as its presence is extremely beneficial in challenging surroundings for your work-related or leisure activities.

These waterproof Western work boots will keep your feet dry and protected but the quality of the material may compromise your comfort. The leather upper can feel too stiff and may get in the way of your natural movement, which can lead to an uncomfortable experience.


  • Advanced waterproofing system
  • Composite materials offer strength and durability without the excessive weight
  • Rubber soles are heat-resistant to melting at high heat conditions


  • Leather upper can feel extremely stiff and uncomfortable

3. Ariat Men’s Hiking Western Boot

Ariat Men’s Hiking Western Boot

The Ariat Men’s Hiking Western Boot uses the proprietary Waterproof Pro technology that works to keep the feet completely protected and dry so you can work or have an outdoor adventure without worrying about uncomfortable wetness or moisture seeping into the footwear. These boots are ideal for use in work environments where you may be exposed to puddles or water sources, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand as your feet are kept comfortably dry. We are thrilled with the shock-absorbing EVA midsole that guarantees outstanding balance and support for more vigorous activities that may involve running, fast walking or even standing for long periods of time. This type of stability helps stop discomfort from setting in to make it easier to concentrate on the tasks that need to be done for the rest of the day. The insoles are generously cushioned to cradle the feet, keeping them comfortable and supported throughout the entire day.

These boots are created with a breathable structure that prevents an overheated feeling from developing and bringing discomfort to a busy workday. The pull-on structure offers effortless boot use that will only take a few seconds to put on and take off so we can focus on more important tasks that need our time and attention, with the pull-on tabs making the task even easier to manage. We like that these Western work boots have no fancy stitching running up and down the structure, so the appearance does not look too busy. Instead, these boots exude an understated Western aesthetic that is rugged enough to take on the toughest indoor and outdoor surroundings yet is still classy enough to be worn in an office or in more casual settings. The Duratread outsole is resistant to acids, slipping, and oil to maintain stable footing in a variety of surface and floor conditions to prevent accidents from happening. The flexible outsoles adapt accordingly to movements, making it easier to walk, run, or climb without being hampered by unbending soles that also contribute to a great deal of discomfort with long hours of use.

These all-terrain Western work boots are reliable partners for working in various conditions to ensure your long-lasting protection and comfort. However, they can turn uncomfortably warm when you are working in hot conditions.


  • Shock-absorbing midsole and generously cushioned insoles for outstanding comfort
  • Long-wearing Duratread outsole is resistant to slipping, acids, and oil
  • Waterproof Pro technology offers superior protection


  • Can turn uncomfortably warm when used in hot environments

4. Durango Ultra-Lite Western Boot

Durango Ultra-Lite Western Boot

The Durango Ultra-Lite Western Boot is our favorite lightweight Western work boot because it does not cause discomfort due to excessive weight – something that is often an issue with the majority of work boots that are available in the market today. The boot is 25% more lightweight compared to the usual work boot that has similar features. Instead of dragging heavy footwear and exerting too much effort on the task, these boots deliver superior comfort thanks to the exclusive Ultra-Lite footbed system. This system includes a fiberglass shank that keeps your footing stable and fully supported throughout the long hours of work that you may need to finish without getting off your feet. We especially liked the EVA forefront that works to keep the boot flexible so that it bends in response to the foot’s movements, enabling greater efficiency for doing various chores in and out of the workplace. The soft mesh lining adds to a comfortable experience as it allows air to move through the boot to keep heat from building up and developing an overheated feeling, especially with long hours of continuous boot-wearing.

Maximum durability is guaranteed with the help of the double-row welt stitch to keep the sole securely attached to the upper no matter how tough the environment or the activities can get. Deep flex grooves on the outsole made it easier for the boot to move effortlessly, which is extremely beneficial for those times when quick reactions and movements are necessary both in and out of the job site. We found the rubber pods to be noteworthy additions to the Western work boots as these pods deliver superior abrasion resistance in a lightweight way, allowing you to move in an almost weightless manner without heavy footwear to drag you down. Our toes are kept comfortable with the square-toed design that offers a bit more space to move around so that painful cramping and a crammed feeling can be avoided even with extended boot use. The Western-style stitching adds an eye-catching dimension to the boot that will work to add a distinctive flair to an otherwise boring uniform or work outfit to make your workdays more interesting, fashion-wise.

This lightweight Western work boot is one of the most comfortable footwear options we have used. However, the boot lacks protective features such as waterproofing and safety toe, which may be important in certain working environments where safety hazards may be present.


  • Lightweight structure – 25% lighter than Western work boots with similar features
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Double-row stitching on the soles for superior durability


  • Lacks safety features

5. Ariat WorkHog Composite Toe Work Boots

Ariat WorkHog Composite Toe Work Boots

The Ariat WorkHog Composite Toe Work Boot is a superb choice for boosting the stylishness of any work outfit. We especially love that the crocodile print has the attention-grabbing appearance worthy of any fashion magazine cover, yet still works hard to provide protection with a Waterproof Pro construction. This structure makes the boot ideal for use in wet environments while ensuring that feet will stay dry and comfortably warm inside even with long hours of use. The contrast stitching adds a Western flair that further elevates the aesthetics of the footwear, setting them apart from other pairs that do not the dramatic presence of these crocodile-print work boots. The composite safety toe works to provide a protective barrier against compression hazards that may be encountered in certain workplaces. We enjoyed complete stability while using these boots with the help of the Duratread outsole that is resistant to oil, barnyard acids, and slipping, especially when traversing challenging surfaces and floor conditions on the way to finishing numerous tasks in and around the work area. The outsoles offer excellent flexibility for effortless movements no matter how challenging and physically taxing the tasks are in the course of a workday.

The boot comes with an EVA midsole that offers enhanced cushioning for continuous comfort throughout long hours of standing up, walking around, and even running to and from one work area to another just to complete the tasks at hand. All of these features are offered in a lightweight package that does not cause foot fatigue, which can be a problem when we used some work boots that have similar protective features but are too heavy and uncomfortable to use. Ariat’s exclusive U-Turn entry system makes it possible for the boot to be put on with remarkable ease regardless of the shape and size of the foot, while a close fit is achieved immediately after putting the boot on for a comfortable experience. The wide square toe allowed our toes to shift and wiggle a bit, so it became easier to battle discomfort even when we were wearing the boots for the better part of the day while at work.

The crocodile print Western work boots will instantly jazz up your outfit, but there may be some issues with the way they fit. Their structure can feel too tight on the arch and heel areas, depending on the foot anatomy of the person.


  • Crocodile print lends an elegant and stylish touch to any outfit
  • Waterproof Pro construction delivers excellent protection in wet surroundings
  • Continuous comfort with generous cushioning


  • Arch and heel areas can be too tight

6. Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10-Inch Square Toe Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10-Inch Square Toe Work Boot

The Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10-Inch Square Toe Work Boot is constructed with a high-quality full-grain leather upper that features Western-style contrast stitching. This gives the boot a striking look that we believe works great to add a bit of stylishness to a plain-looking work outfit and can also be a great addition to any ensemble that can be used in and out of the workplace. The rubber lug outsoles are slip-resistant, allowing us to move around the work area confidently without worrying that different surfaces and floor conditions may lead to accidental slipping. These outsoles are also beneficial in keeping footing stable in outdoor conditions that are challenging to go over, such as areas with loose soil or pebbles. We find the Goodyear welt construction extremely appealing since it offers enhanced strength and durability that enables the boots to take on demanding surroundings and activities with ease, without being damaged prematurely in the process.

A removable Ortholite footbed offers nonstop comfort with ample cushioning that will hug and cradle the foot so that it can be protected from feeling fatigued even with long hours of standing up or walking around the job site. Inside, a mesh lining works to continuously wick away moisture before it can fully build up and cause discomfort with extreme heat accumulation. The square toe design makes it possible for toes to shift from time to time to prevent serious cramping that can lead to a great deal of pain, especially when the boot is used for an extended period. The steel safety toe offers an extra layer of protection against compression and crushing hazards that may be encountered while working on the most important tasks of the day. We especially liked that the boots are fitted with lightweight yet advanced features that deliver strong protection and durability yet still manage to keep a lightweight structure that does not feel heavy and bulky so all-day comfort can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

While these boots offer superb protection and durability in the workplace, there may be issues to be encountered with regards to sizing. As the sizes tend to run bigger, you may want to double-check if you will need to go half a size smaller for a better fit.


  • Slip-resistant rubber outsoles
  • Goodyear welt construction for excellent durability and strength
  • Lightweight structure


  • Sizes tend to run bigger than usual

7. Rocky Men’s Fq0001108 Western Boot

Rocky Men’s Fq0001108 Western Boot

The Rocky Men’s Fq0001108 Western Boot’s Western flair is not as obvious compared to other boots with similar features. The boot comes with an understated stylishness, with the accent stitching done in the same color as the leather upper to deliver an interesting enhancement without being too bold about it. We like that it has the rugged features of a durable rubber-soled boot that works well in a job site or in a ranch but comes with an elegance that makes it a perfect outfit companion for more social settings and gatherings. The rubber outsole maintains stability even in tough surfaces and floor conditions, allowing you to move around with ease without accidentally slipping in the process. The round toe adds a more formal look that makes the boot a great choice for office attires and for more formal situations that call for a dressier look. We are impressed with the proprietary 8-layer comfort system that offers excellent support and cushioning to make the workday more comfortable to go through even with long hours of continuous standing or walking around to be able to complete the required tasks.

The welt construction all around the boot guarantees remarkable strength and durability that can effortlessly withstand more than the usual wear and tear than a normal work boot can expect on a regular basis, without suffering premature and permanent damage. The dual-density PU footbed is fitted with a heel stabilizer that prevents the heel from slipping back and forth inside the boot throughout the day to ensure that foot stability can be enjoyed no matter how challenging the physical labor may be. The boot comes with a tempered steel shank that offers superior foot protection from being pierced by sharp objects that may be left lying around the work area. These pull-on boots are designed for comfort and convenience to help you achieve your goals in and out of your workplace.

These rugged Western work boots are designed for maximum enjoyment in various settings. However, they may take a little more time for breaking in. They may stay stiff for longer, so you may need to spend more time breaking them in before they can become more comfortable to wear.


  • Rugged rubber outsoles prevent accidental slipping
  • Stylish Western look with stitching the same color as the leather upper
  • Proprietary 8-layer comfort system


  • May take a longer time to break-in

8. Twisted X Men’s Pull-On Work Boots

Twisted X Men’s Pull-On Work Boots

The Twisted X Men’s Pull-On Work Boots are engineered to provide the highest level of versatility and comfortability. The 100% oiled leather is handcrafted to feature a Western-style aesthetic that is rugged enough to take on the most challenging work environments, while at the same time maintaining a fashionable profile that will not look out of place in an office or a more relaxed setting. We especially liked the casual air that these boots have, making it convenient to go straight from the job site to a social gathering without needing to change into footwear that is more appropriate for this purpose. These boots are fitted with an air mesh lining that encourages continuous air circulation within the footwear so that heat will not be able to build up even with long hours of use, keeping the interior dry and cool for a comfortable experience all day long. We like that the SD footbed is removable and is machine washable so keeping it clean and well-maintained for a long time will not take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Superior durability is enhanced with the stitch reinforced heel and toe to guarantee that these parts of the sole will stay firmly attached to the rest of the boot no matter how tough the activities can be. We found it notable that the interior seams are properly taped so that these areas do not cause chafing to ensure nonstop comfort can be taken advantage of for the duration of a long workday. The handcrafted boot is equipped with an insole and outsole that work in tandem to maintain remarkable stability and support to help prevent foot fatigue from setting in early in the day and to keep you moving in the most efficient way possible. A spur ridge is integrated into the molded rubber outsole to deliver the slip resistance needed for enhanced safety while working on different surface conditions, and also to increase the boot’s durability so it can withstand the use and abuse of facing the most demanding physical activities.

These handcrafted Western work boots with their casual look can easily be your go-to footwear for a variety of settings and requirements. However, the thread on the pull holes tends to fray and loosen easily, which would not be the case if stronger pull tabs were used instead.


  • Handcrafted using high-quality full-grain oiled leather
  • Air mesh lining enhances breathability and wicks away moisture
  • The casual look is designed for maximum versatility


  • The pull holes’ thread easily loosens and frays

9. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10-Inch Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10-Inch Work Boot

The Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 10-Inch Work Boot brings about the Western aesthetic in a low-key manner that will not clash with your outfit or uniform. We liked the absence of colorful and fancy stitching on the full-grain leather upper because it gives the boot a more elegant appeal while still retaining the cowboy silhouette in the process. This boot can easily be worn in more relaxed surroundings straight from the job site without the need to change into more appropriate footwear in between. The leather upper is waterproof to keep the feet dry and comfortable when you need to work on tasks while in a wet environment. Inside, the mesh lining works to dissipate excess heat and moisture, so the foot stays dry and comfortable for the rest of the day. We love the stable feeling provided by the rubber lug outsoles that allow effortless moving and walking around over the most challenging surfaces indoors and outdoors. These rugged soles offer superior traction that will help maintain stability on slippery floors and can prevent slipping on loose soil when you are outdoors.

The lightweight cement construction enhances the overall durability of the boot, keeping it strong enough to withstand the most demanding physical labor that you may need to do in order to complete certain tasks. We find these boots impressive because of their lightweight structure that allows effortless and efficient movements without the additional weight, which can weigh down other work boots and make them uncomfortable to wear especially for long hours at a time. A durable nylon shank reinforces the boot and adds an extra layer of protection to prevent sharp objects on the ground from piercing and severely injuring the foot. A fully cushioned footbed follows the contours of the foot for customized comfort that can be enjoyed continuously to prevent foot fatigue from developing throughout the day.

This soft toe boot offers superior protection and comfort but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sole durability. The sole gets damaged after being used for only a few months, and the footbed also tends to disintegrate easily.


  • Elegant Western style without the colorful stitching
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Lightweight construction


  • Outsole and footbed are easily damaged

10. Toro Bravo Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots

Toro Bravo Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots

The Toro Bravo Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots come with a striking appearance that matches the footwear’s superior qualities. The triple-density sole is created using three different materials with the goal of developing an outsole that delivers excellent strength and durability while being able to maintain a comfortable feel. This sole is designed to offer remarkable flexibility to make walking, running, climbing, and other movements effortless for increased productivity in the job site. Extra padding is fitted across the heel and the sole to offer phenomenal traction that will maintain your steady footing when walking across slippery floors or on areas where there are loose patches of soil or pebble that can result in slipping. The heel and toe are reinforced with the exclusive Rubber Shield technology that creates a buffer to protect the leather from being damaged when it accidentally scrapes against rough surfaces that can be found in your work area. These rubber reinforcements can help prolong the structural integrity of the boot and keep it looking new for a long time – even with regular use. The steel safety toe provides extra protection from serious injuries that may be caused by heavy or blunt objects falling accidentally on the foot.

We were pleasantly surprised that with all the reinforcements and enhancements in place, the boot maintains a lightweight structure that makes it quite enjoyable to use. Inside, the insole keeps the foot properly cushioned while allowing air to flow freely so that heat will be dissipated before it can cause extreme discomfort, especially when the boot is worn for a long time. The outsole is resistant to oil and acid to guarantee long-lasting durability while preventing these substances from seeping into the footwear and causing permanent damage. The Goodyear welt construction keeps the outsole securely attached to the uppers for heavy-duty, long-lasting use that take on the demands of tough working conditions. We like the square-toe design that gives more room for the toes to shift even slightly to prevent painful cramping that can interfere with job efficiency throughout the day.

These heavy-duty Western work boots will easily take on the most demanding work environments. However, the branding emblems and some stitches tend to pop out after several uses – but these do not affect the integrity and strength of the boots.


  • Triple-density outsole for superior durability, traction, and comfort
  • Rubber Shield technology acts as a buffer to protect the leather from rough surfaces
  • Oil- and acid-resistant outsole


  • Branding and stitches tend to get easily detached

How We Chose Our Products

We used a meticulous research and selection process to come up with the ranking for the top Western work boots based on the features that we concluded were the most important ones. These are the most important factors that you should consider when looking for an excellent Western work boot and are described in more detail below.

Features of Top Western Work Boots


Western work boots are designed for comfortable wearing even if they are a lot more stylish compared to conventional work boots. They should be made of high-quality materials that will work to keep discomfort at bay. Generously cushioned insoles will cradle the feet and help prevent foot fatigue. A breathable mesh lining works to wick away moisture and prevent overheating so that the foot stays cool and dry. Meanwhile, flexible outsoles will not interfere with natural movement so it will be easier to walk and move around without feeling discomfort. The weight of the boots will also play an important role in how comfortable the boot will be, with the lightweight options often preferable to their bulky, extremely heavy counterparts.


Protective features should be considered when choosing the best Western work boots. These features can protect the feet from serious injuries that can be caused by safety hazards in the workplace. Depending on the nature of your work, it is important to look for the safety features that correspond to your requirements while on the job site. Safety toes create a protective barrier against impact or compression hazards, such as heavy objects falling from a high place. Slip-resistant outsoles can keep you steady when walking on uneven surfaces or floors that are slippery with various substances. Waterproof Western work boots work to keep your feet dry when you need to work in wet areas.

Top 10 Best Western Work Boots - Outmost Comfort & Style in 2021


Stylishness is what sets Western work boots apart from regular work boots. The cowboy flair is often achieved by using elaborate stitching that works in tandem with the high-rise silhouette of the boots. Western work boots come in a wide variety of designs that will allow you to be as dramatic or as understated as you want to be when it comes to letting unleashing your inner cowboy through your choice of footwear.


Even with the fashionable side of these work boots, there is no doubt that they still need to be durable in order to keep up with the demands of the workplace. Goodyear welt construction on Western work boots guarantees the secure attachment of the uppers to the outsoles. Heavy-duty rubber outsoles provide superior traction that lasts for a long time without the lugs deteriorating rapidly in the process. Reinforced stitching throughout the boot will help enhance strength and durability so that that footwear’s use can be maximized for a long time.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways


Q: What materials are top-notch Western boots usually made of?

A: Top-quality Western work boots are usually made of full-grain leather that offers superior strength and durability to keep up with different work conditions. Embellishments such as colorful stitching or animal print textures can be used to give the boots their Western flair.

Q: What are the top brands that make Western work boots?

A: Based on our research, Ariat and Wolverine are the top brands that make Western work boots in the market today.

Q: What jobs or hobbies are Western boots recommended for?

A: Depending on their unique safety features and individual characteristics, Western boots are recommended for those who jobs in construction and other industrial work sites, for ranch work, and can also be used in the office if the dress code allows their use. They are also great for hobbies such as horseback riding, hiking, hunting, and other activities where the outdoors can be enjoyed more with boots that are comfortable and protective.

Q: Is a square-toed Western work boot better than one with a rounded toe?

A: It depends on personal preference. The square-toed option provides a roomier toe box that can feel more comfortable for those with wide feet, while some prefer a rounded toe that delivers just the right amount of snugness on the toe area.

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