When you first hear the phrase “cheap work boots” the first thing you probably think of is low quality and poorly made. When we are talking about cheap work boots, we are talking about high quality, durable, and comfortable shoes that are inexpensive.

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Work boots can cost well over 100 dollars, which can take a large part of your much needed pay check. To help you stay on your budget, we have found some of the best inexpensive pairs of work boots. You will still get the protection your feet need for your demanding job, plus the comfort you need to make it through your long days. All at a fraction of the cost of other work boots.

See what we have found in work boots that are easy on both your wallet and your feet.

The Best Cheap Work Boots

Rugged Blue RB2 1800 Leather Steel Toe Waterproof Men’s Work Boo

Waterproof leather helps to keep your feet dry in any weather condition, while the steel toe plating gives you the protection you need in hazardous job sites. Thick tread on the rubber soles gives you plenty of traction on slick surfaces, while the raised heel gives you the power you need to lift heavy objects.

Rugged Blue RB3 Embossed Leather Steel Toe Non-Waterproof Mens Work Boot, Size 11.5M, Brown

These economical work boots were designed to be worn indoors, and are ideal for factories and machine shops. The embossed leather looks professional and is also comfortable. The raised toe also includes protective steel plating, while giving your toes plenty of room to move around. A front lace up design makes them easy to put on, the thick rubber sole gives you plenty of traction on slippery surfaces.

Rugged Blue RB2 1400 Leather Steel Toe Waterproof Men’s Work Boot

Made from soft leather for maximum comfort, these waterproof boots can be worn indoors and out. The thick rubber sole and tread gives you plenty of traction, whether you are trudging through mud or on slick concrete surfaces. A padded ankle collar gives you additional support, and the front lacing closure makes it easy to slip on. A protective steel plating keeps your toes safe from protruding or falling objects, and the raised heel gives you additional stability when you are lifting heavy objects.

Safety Girl Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boots

Constructed from soft nubuck leather these steel toe work boots are comfortable and waterproof. With thick rubber soles and grooved traction, you can handle almost any terrain. The padded ankle collar also helps to give you support, and the pretty pink color reminds everyone you are a woman. The steel toe plating keeps your toes protected without causing any painful rubbing.

About Rugged Blue

Since most of the inexpensive work boots are manufactured by Rugged Blue, we thought we should include a few facts about the company. This manufacturer of safety and work boots is proud to be able to produce durable and comfortable protective footwear at a price that everyone can afford. With steel toe plating and a waterproof design in most of their work boots, you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality work boot for a fraction of the cost of other protective footwear.

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