Top 15 Best Boot Dryers – Reviews & Guide for 2022

Wet shoes are no fun to wear. They create odor, and the grown mold and mildew inside can cause various health Top 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020problems. Besides, water damages almost all shoe types, unless they are made of plastic.

Not all work boots are waterproof or insulated. Also, it’s hard to keep the boots dry when you work in rain and snow. Think about skiing and skateboarding where you literally glide on snow, which makes your shoes soaking wet. Here comes the necessity of boot and shoe dryers.

A boot dryer keeps you and your work boots in good health. It speeds up the drying process and makes the wet shoes ready to wear as soon as possible. Some dryers eliminate odors and have antimicrobial agents to prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold in wet footwear.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for boot dryers. Most of them are multi-functional and you will find various portable models.

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Types of Boot Dryers

Depending on how they operate, there are several types of boot dryers available:Top 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020

1# PTC Boot Dryers

The positive temperature coefficient (PTC) generates heat from a ceramic element. The ceramic produces heat to a maximum temperature that can efficiently dry up wet footwear. Compared to other types, these devices take a longer time, but they are inexpensive.

2# UV Boot Dryers

As the name suggests, these devices use ultraviolet light to dry off shoes. These budget-friendly devices can also reduce unpleasant odor and sanitize the shoes by killing off bacteria and mold. However, they take more time than PTC dryers.

3# Thermal Convection Dryers

By using the principle of convective heat transfer, these dryers circulate warm air around your shoes. With an internal heating element, their drying process is quicker than other types of boot dryers. Their quiet operation is another advantage, and they need little electrical power.Top 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020

4# Gel Boot Dryers

Gel boot dryers are filled with silica gel that effectively absorbs moisture. They don’t need any power to operate, so they’re ideal for camping trips. But they also take a long time to dry your boots, and the gel can reach a point where it’s absorbed all the moisture it can and must be dried itself to work again.

5# Propane Boot Dryers

They are great for using outdoors where you don’t have access to electricity. A propane dryer draws power from a propane tank and operates as a thermal convection device. These expensive dryers are suitable during camping, RV-ing, and hiking.

6# Forced Air Boot Dryers

Using the same principle of thermal convection dryers, this device quickens the process by blowing warm air over the shoes with the help of a fan. The negative sides are the higher sticker price and noise during operation.

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Advantages of Boot DryersTop 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020

A boot dryer is a must-have device for people working outdoors. It also comes handy when you go camping, hiking, or hunting. People living in wet and cold regions can also use this for protecting their feet and footwear.

The advantages  are:

Reducing foul smell.

Wearing wet boots creates a rancid odor, which doesn’t go away even if you wash the shoes later. A dryer dries off the shoes quickly, giving no time to develop a foul smell.

Getting rid of bacteria and fungus.

Boot dryers also help with preventing the growth of these harmful microorganisms. These things are not only bad for the shoes but also cause various foot-related conditions, such as athlete’s foot. Also, wet shoes create a lot of friction, which is not good for your feet.

Increasing the footwear’s lifespan.

By eliminating harmful microorganisms and keeping the shoes dry, a boot dryer also increases the durability and lifespan of your footwear. Some models are equipped with some advanced features, such as heat detectors, cold and hot airflow, and an automatic shutdown system, which provides the best care for a pair of shoes.

Lowering the risk of slipping.

It’s hard to keep balance by wearing a pair of wet shoes. A boot drying device not only minimizes the risk of Top 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020slipping and falling but also getting blisters and other problems. A quality machine makes sure that you can wear a pair of safe and comfortable shoes.

Working as boot storage.

A boot dryer can also work as storage for shoes when not in use. Just hang the boots on the dryer, and they will be ready to use for your next adventure.

Tips for Using a Boot Dryer: Things You Should Never Do

To make the most out of a boot dryer, you should avoid doing these things:

  • Don’t put soaking wet shoes on a dryer. It’s an electric device, and water is bad for everything running on electricity. These shoes may cause a short circuit. Wipe the shoes with a paper towel before putting them on the dryer.
  • Never place the dryer around a source of heat. Try to use it at the recommended room temperature. This device generates heat, so placing it beside another heat source will cause overheating, which is harmful to both the device and the footwear.
  • Some dryers have attachments for drying off gloves, helmets, and small shoes. You should always use the designated attachments for these small accessories to get the best result.Top 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020

Features to Look for in a High-Quality Boot Dryer

Decided to invest in a boot dryer? Keep these factors in mind when making a purchase to make sure that the device is of high quality.

Design and Quality

The design refers to the size and capacity of a boot dryer. It’s necessary to understand these two variables to know whether the machine will meet your requirements and how much space it will take in your home.

The size of a boot dryer is important to know how much space it will take in your house. If your foyer is cramped for space, buying a small portable unit will be the right decision. In case of a big porch or entrance hall, a full-fledged drying station will be a better choice, given that you have the budget and need. Always check the product dimensions to be sure about it.

Capacity is another factor to focus on. Do you need to dry off only a single pair of boots or there are more pairs and other items?

A mini portable unit can dehumidify only two shoes at a time. But a full-fledged drying station has multiple arms Top 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020and tubes for two pairs of footwear and other accessories, such as gloves and hats. Your buying decision should depend on your needs.  Most dryers are made for ankle-length or shorter shoes. For taller, knee-high boots, extension tubes are needed.

Another thing that you cannot compromise with is quality. Any electronic device should be made with top-grade materials and assembled carefully so it doesn’t cause any electrical hazards. As a boot dryer will come in contact with water and moisture, it should be completely safe.

Power and Functions

These two variables depend on the size and capacity of the device. For example, a portable dryer has less function than a drying station. You can move it from one place to another easily, but it will take more time for drying off a pair of boots. A larger unit will be less transportable, but it will be quicker in drying up shoes.

The heating time depends on how the dryer operates. Some machines just use the surrounding warm air and blow it through the shoes from every direction, which is a slower process. Others have their own heating source and blow hot air through the shoes to remove water and moisture as soon as possible.

A high-quality model should have temperature settings, so you can set between hot and cold air drying. The highest temperature that can be set up is 122 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, it will take just an hour to dry up a pair of shoes. This feature makes the drying process safe for boots made of various materials and for various degrees of dampness.

Some more functions include a timer setting, a drip tray, and a reservoir. A timer makes the drying process more convenient as you can set it anywhere between one and a half and three hours.

A drip tray and reservoir are great for collecting dripping water from soaking wet shoes. It ensures safety, as electrical appliances are not safe around water, and saves from the hazard of wet floors.

FAQs about Boot DryersTop 15 Best Boot Dryers - Reviews & Guide for 2020

Q: What’s the best way to use a boot dryer?

A: It depends on the design of the dryer. Most units have upright arms and tubes where you have to place the footwear and other accessories. Some machines may have the function of slipping the drying mechanism inside the shoes.

Q: Does a boot dryer require maintenance?

A: A dryer doesn’t need much upkeep. Just wipe the arms and tubes with a damp cloth when they look dirty. Examine the air intake vents from time to time to see if they are blocked with dirt.

Q: Can I leave a running boot dryer unattended?

A: Yes. You can leave the dryer alone if it has a timer option. The machine will shut off automatically when the time is up. To ensure the ultimate safety, read the user manual and operate it accordingly.

Q: What are the usual price ranges of boot dryers?

A: The price could be from $20 to $100 for a single unit. Basic dryers are inexpensive, but forced-air models could be over $100. However, some top-of-the-line products could be around $200.

If you have decided to buy a boot dryer, this curated list will help you make an informed decision. We have included the best products from various price ranges to cater to the needs of all consumers.

Top 15 Best Boot Dryers in 2022

Picture Name Feature



Name Feature


1. OdorStop OSOBSDD Boot and Shoe Dryer
Heater On/Off Switch 4.5
2. PEET M06-GDP Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer
25-Year Warranty 4.5
3. DryGuy 2129 DX Forced Air Boot Dryer
Power – 120 Volt AC Household 4.4
4. PEET M97-FSB The Original 2-Shoe Shoe and Boot Dryer
Safe to use 4.4
5. DryGuy Force 2207 Dry Boot Dryer
Forced air heats to 105-degrees 4.4
6. MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer
6-foot power cord 4.4
7. LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer, Boot Deodorizer

ETL certified


8. Prepare DTDS-150W-0N1 Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer
Quick Drying 4.3
9. TRUSTECH Boot Dryer – Shoe Dryer
Quick Heat & Energy Saving 4.2
10. JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer
2 Year Warranty 4.1
11. MaxxDry Boot Dry Silent Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer
Weighs 2.7 pounds
12. Manledio Portable Electric Shoe Glove Boot Dryer
Portable, fold up design 4.1
13. LiveFine Boot Dryer
Super Quiet 3.9
14. FORWIT Shoe Boot Dryer
200 watts high powered air circulation 3.9
15. WOIYOU Electric Ozone Shoe Boot Glove Dryer
7.28″ wide 3.9

1. OdorStop OSOBSDD Boot and Shoe Dryer

Looking for a top-grade shoe dryer that can do it all? Look no further than this OdorStop model. With an easy OdorStop OSOBSDD Boot and Shoe Dryersetup option, this machine works as both dryer and deodorizer. It’s expensive at around $150 but works like a charm in making sure you get to wear fresh, dry, and odor-free shoes every day.

Design and Quality

With eight ventilation tubes, this machine has space for drying up two pairs of shoes or one pair of shoes along with two other accessories like hats, gloves, or helmets.

It can accommodate boots of any size since you can increase the length of boot brackets by adding the ventilation tubes. Besides, there are two air outlet caps and two switches for turning on/off the heating and ozone functions.

For any confusion regarding the setup and use, check the user manual that has a step-by-step guide for your convenience. Take advantage of the 3-year warranty for any mechanical problems.

On the whole, the base of this machine is sturdy enough to not trip over. The plastic holders for shoes appear to be a little cheap, but they are unlikely to break down under extensive use.

Power and Functions

This unit dries up boots with the help of a high output fan, which circulates hot air throughout the boots and other accessories. There is a countdown timer with a maximum of 3 hours of limit. So, you can just put the wet shoes on the brackets, set the timer, and leave it up to the machine to do the rest. It will automatically shut off when the time is up.

The temperature does not get too hot to affect high-end shoes and sports equipment.

The dryer does a great job of killing bacteria and removing mold and fungus from your footwear. You no longer have to suffer from athlete’s foot or any other foot-related problems, stemming from continuously wearing wet shoes.

The ozone feature is definitely the highlight of this dryer. Ozone kills bacteria and removes awful smell altogether. Whether you use sports kits, such as hockey skates and gloves, or wear heavy-leather work boots, they are supposed to stink, which becomes worse if your hands and feet sweat. The ozone feature will solve that odor problem.

However, be careful about not running the ozone feature in a closed space and breathing in that environment. The ozone concentration is unsafe for human health and some other delicate materials.


  • Four shoe brackets
  • Extension tubes for long boots
  • Does not get too hot
  • Kills bacteria and fungus
  • Eliminates stink completely


  • Ozone has a smell
  • Breathing in ozone is harmful to health
  • Expensive

2. PEET M06-GDP Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

PEET is a popular name as a maker of high-quality shoe and boot dryers. This M06-GDP model, priced at slightly PEET M06-GDP Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryermore than $100, is an excellent choice if you want a multifunctional machine that can dry your boots and kill the foul smell. Another plus point of this model is its high energy efficiency.

Design and Quality

This dryer is compatible with all types of footwear, gloves, and sports accessories. With four heating tubes, it can dry up two pairs of shoes or one pair of shoes and two gloves. You can also use it for drying off sports accessories, such as cleats, helmets, shin guards, knee caps, and more.

The good news is the dryer’s temperature is safe for various materials. You can put on any accessories made of leather, canvas, synthetic, rubber, microfiber, or anything else. Purchase PEET DryPort accessories to customize the dryer according to your needs.

Made of hard plastic, the wide sturdy base of this dryer does not trip over even when you put large, heavy boots on it. Running on electricity, it’s compatible with any standard 110- to 120-volt outlets found in US households.

The use of black plastic gives this M06-GDP model a sharp, solid look. The company offers a 25-year warranty for this product if you register it within 10 days of purchase.

Power and Functions

This is probably the best non-motorized dryer in the market right now. Sure, the drying time is not as fast as a motorized unit, but the passive air-blowing function ensures some unique advantages. As there is no motor, it has no moving parts to break down, and the operation is completely quiet. The only problem is it does not have a light indicator to show whether the machine is running or not.

Considering the functions, you will simply love the drying capacity of this machine. Even when your favorite sneakers get caught in a downpour or your boots get soaked when you are working outdoors, this dryer will make them fresh and dry the next morning.

Using a thermal convection system, this machine dries your footwear at a natural temperature. Deodorizing is much faster, as it takes only a few hours. You can just leave the unit plugged in all the time since it uses less electricity than a standard light bulb. Just put the shoes or gloves on the tubes and have them ready to wear after a few hours.


  • Operates quietly
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Dries and deodorizes
  • Sturdy base
  • 25-year of warranty


  • Low heat
  • No on/off indicator

3. DryGuy 2129 DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

At slightly more than $50, this DryGuy 2129 is a budget-friendly option. This is an overnight dryer that provides DryGuy 2129 DX Forced Air Boot Dryeran excellent performance considering its price. DryGuy offers a versatile unit with some impressive features.

Design and Quality

By using a forced air drying system, this DryGuy model can work on four accessories at the same time. So, you can dry up either two pairs of boots or mix up shoes, helmets, and gloves.

With a 15-inch wide base, this machine has two detachable extension tubes, which can accommodate shoes up to 16-inch tall. There is a rotary blower for the quick action and a 3-hour timer allows you to leave the boots on the machine. A switch is there for turning on or off the heating option.

This could be your go-to drying station for multiple garments at once. With a one-year warranty, you can expect it to work for a long time.

Power and Functions

Think about working an entire day outside in the winter or a rainy day. Snow can melt in your boots and gloves or rainwater can make them wet, leaving you soggy and cold at the end of the day. This dryer works like magic for having fresh and dry shoes and gloves the next morning.

The machine blows air at a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is safe for shoes made of any materials, clothes, and liners. A gently forced airflow spreads this heat across the body of the garments, helping them to dry up quickly. It can dry a pair of wet boots within an hour or two.

The heat range is also great for preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus. Just plug it into a 120-volt power outlet, set the timer, and the machine will do the rest. It uses less power than a regular unit, but the forced-air technology produces a great amount of noise. The loud noise of air blowing from the fan is annoying, so set it up somewhere out of your sight.


  • Ensures a quick drying time
  • Safe for all types of materials
  • Can accommodate multiple garments at once
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • On/Off heating switch


  • Noisy motor

4. PEET M97-FSB The Original 2-Shoe Shoe and Boot Dryer

The M97-FSB is one of PEET’s best-selling shoe dryers. It helps in keeping your feet dry, healthy, and comfortable PEET M97-FSB The Original 2-Shoe Shoe and Boot Dryerby removing wetness, sweat, and odors from your footwear. This is a wonderful option in a mid-price range.

Design and Quality

This dryer is a smaller version of the brand’s M06-GDP model, as it can accommodate only one pair of shoes at a time. Featuring a non-motorized mechanism, it works by producing gentle heat. As there is no fan to blow up hot air, it’ll take overnight to dry up a pair of boots.

The dryer works silently because of having no motor to create noises. Just plug it into a 110 or 120-volt power outlet (available for 220-volt electrical configurations too) and it will do the rest. An on/off switch or an indicator light that the machine is running would be great though.

The size of the dryer is versatile as you can use it for the shoes of both adults and children. For example, it can fit a size 6 or a size 2. It’s a great dryer for everything from tennis shoes to cleats, and from work shoes to Ugg boots. Plus, it’s safe on all materials, so you can rest easy knowing that your shoes are safe.

If you are still doubtful, a 25-year warranty will definitely ease your mind. To avail of this advantage, all you have to do is register the product within 10 days of purchase.

Power and Functions

M97-FSB Is ideal for shoes of all times. You can use it for athletic, hunting, hiking, and outdoor footwear, as well as for sports gear.

By using a convection technology that pushes gentle warm air through DryPorts and AirChambers, this machine dries up most footwear overnight.

Of course, the drying time depends on the materials of the shoes and how wet they are, but you can expect them to be fresh and ready the next morning.

You can leave the machine plugged in 24/7. It is highly energy-efficient and consumes less electricity than a low-watt light bulb.


  • Thermal convection heating technology
  • Non-motorized quiet operation
  • Prevents over-drying
  • Energy efficient
  • 25-year warranty


  • No on/off switch
  • No indicator light

5. DryGuy Force 2207 Dry Boot Dryer

If you need to work outside regularly, you will love this boot drying machine for its quick-drying ability. Being safe DryGuy Force 2207 Dry Boot Dryerfor almost all materials, it can work on multiple items at the same time. At around $50, this is a great dryer at a mid-range price.

Design and Quality

Outdoor enthusiasts will just love this drying unit because the folding design collapses it into a compact unit that you can carry within your suitcase or backpack.

It has two dry ports that rotate from 0 to 180-degree angle. However, rotating them from “up” to “down” or vice versa is a challenge. The joints feel stiff and you have to apply much pressure for the rotation.

The base lies flat on the ground, but the ports need to be set at 180-degree for heavy ski boots, or it will trip over. You can adjust the length of the dry ports to accommodate shoes up to 10 inches.

There is a built-in three-hour timer for setting up the drying time. Just turn the dial to fix the time between 10 to 180 minutes, and the machine will stop after that period.

DryGuy offers a one-year warranty for this product.

Power and Functions

Stepping in puddles or wading through tall wet grass will not be a problem anymore because this portable boot drying machine will keep your feet dry and fresh every day.

Just extend the arms, put the wet shoes on, and set the timer. You can even put soaking shoes into it because excess water will roll down the channel safely. However, the drying time will vary according to the level of saturation.

The machine blows forced air at 105 degrees that can dry out almost any shoe type within two hours. The quick-drying time is also helpful for preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus. Your footwear remains fresh and your feet stay healthy.


  • Portable compact design
  • Rotating, adjustable dry ports
  • Good for drying shoes and other accessories
  • Safe for delicate materials
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus


  • Rotating the ports is tough

6. MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer

This unit from MaxxDry is a good-looking drying station with four drying ports. At more than $50, it’s not the MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryercheapest out there, but the machine is quite handy. It could be an essential household item if you go out regularly.

Design and Quality

It’s a forced-air boot dryer, which means a fan in the middle blows hot air all across the wet shoes and accessories. It has four shoe brackets with two detachable extension tubes, which are highly suitable for taller boots.

The dryer doesn’t have an on/off switch to activate the heating option. There is a 6-foot power cord that you need to plug into an outlet to run the machine.

A 3-hour timer makes it easier to handle. Just set the time and leave it to do the work automatically. As it has a fan, there’s no way to muffle the noise during operation.

MaxxDry offers a one-year warranty for this product so you can return or get a refund if faced with any problem within this period.

Power and Functions

Love to hit the trails no matter what the weather conditions? Well, this heavy-duty drying unit from MaxxDry is here to take care of your boots and gloves.

This powerful machine uses heated air to dry out shoes and other accessories as fast as possible. The maximum temperature it produces is 105-degrees F, which is safe for a variety of clothing materials. So, there is no risk of shrinking or warping your gloves or boot liners.

Due to the forced-air mechanism, the unit dries up accessories quickly within 1 to 2 hours. You can choose between “heat” or “no heat” option, and the first setting does not produce enough heat to damage any materials.

Your boots, clothes, and hats will stay fresh and dry every day without any stiffness or shrinkage.


  • Four drying ports
  • Extension tubes
  • Forced-air drying system
  • Fast drying time
  • Safe for clothes and liners
  • 1-year warranty


  • A bit noisy

7. LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer, Boot Deodorizer

Some dryers take a long time to dry up shoes, gloves, and other accessories. If you want a quick-working machine LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer, Boot Deodorizerat a reasonable price, this unit from Lavieair could just be the right one. It costs less than $50 and comes with a quick-drying option.

Design and Quality

This is a small boot dryer with two drying ports and two extension tubes, which is perfect for a single person.

Due to having no motor or fan, it works silently when drying footwear or other accessories. There is no on/off switch. You need to plug it into a power outlet and it will start running.

The temperature it creates is warm but not hot, which helps protect your shoes and gear. It’s safe for a wide range of materials so you can put on rubber, vinyl, nylon, or leather items without fearing damage.

The ETL-certified product comes with a 2-year warranty, giving more confidence to the consumers.

Power and Functions

When you are a soccer player, work outdoors all day long, or do bicycling for long hours, you know how bad your shoes smell when coming off the feet. Also, bad weather means wet shoes not properly dried up the next morning.

This shoe dryer solves all of these problems. It does not blow heat; just circulates hot air that rises out of the tubes. So, damp shoes will dry up in a few hours while soaking wet boots will take overnight.

In the process of removing excess moisture and sweat, the machine also neutralizes unpleasant smell, so you get to wear smell-free fresh shoes every day.

You can leave the dryer plugged in because the 36-watt machine is energy-efficient and consumes less power than a standard light bulb.


  • Accommodates a pair of shoes
  • Safe for all materials
  • Runs quietly
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly energy efficient


  • Does not blow hot air
  • No on/off switch
  • No timer

8. Prepare DTDS-150W-0N1 Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer

Too much moisture is detrimental to shoes. It’s not good for your foot health too if you keep wearing wet shoes Prepare DTDS-150W-0N1 Boot Dryer Shoe Dryerevery day. A boot dryer can solve these problems by drying up moist and soggy footwear within a few hours. This unit from Dr. Prepare seems to be a budget-friendly option for those who work outdoors regularly.

Design and Quality

The DTDS-150W-0N1 The perfect machine if you care about both your footwear and your feet. This portable unit is compact enough to carry in your luggage when going on a vacation for skiing or hiking. It can be a solution to your wet gloves, outdoor gear, and other accessories when you are on the trail or camping.

Due to having a wide, flat base, the unit nicely sits on any surface. Two shoe brackets have a 90° folding design, making it easy for storing and transporting. The telescopic arms are stretchable, but they are not strong enough to hold heavy-duty boots.

Run the machine by plugging it into a 110-volt power outlet. There is a timer that you can set up to 99 minutes, according to the dampness of the shoes. There is a ‘reservation’ timer too that works as a delay timer. Set it between 30 minutes and 24 hours and the machine will start working after that designated period.

Whether you wear sneakers, cleats, workbooks, or ski shoes, this dryer is compatible with all the types. Its maximum temperature is also not damaging to common shoe materials, such as cotton, leather, and synthetic elements.

This dryer does not have any on/off button. You have to remove the plug from the outlet after the drying is finished.

Power and Functions

Got caught in the rain or had to step on puddles? No worries. This dryer will make your soggy shoes dry and comfortable to wear. Its optimum heat circulation removes moisture and dampness. With quick drying time, it eliminates the awful odor of sweat from the shoes.

The machine maintains temperatures between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which the heat blower circulates quickly across the boots or other accessories you want to dry out. It works quickly and can dry items within a short time.

The timer option is excellent for different kinds of shoes and their wetness level. For example, a pair of sneakers will take more time than wet rubber shoes. You can set the timer depending on how wet the shoes are and what they are made of.


  • Foldable compact design
  • Quick-drying time
  • Compatible with all shoe types
  • Timer and delay timer


  • No on/off switch
  • Arms cannot hold up heavy work boots

9. TRUSTECH Boot Dryer – Shoe Dryer

This dryer from Trustech is a complete drying station with a powerful motor and a timer. At less than $50, It’s a TRUSTECH Boot Dryer – Shoe Dryerbudget-friendly unit suitable for a single person.

Design and Quality

With two shoe brackets, this dryer is easy to assemble. You can set it up without the help of anyone and don’t need to worry about its tripping off as it has a flat base. However, it cannot hold the weight of large boots around size 18 or 19.

Operating the machine is quite simple, as you just need to plug it into a 120-volt household electrical unit. There is an on/off switch, so you can turn on the power at your own discretion.

There is a timer too, so you can set the time according to the condition of the shoes. For example, a pair of work shoes will take more time to dry up than shoes that are just damp.

The detachable tubes in this dryer create a space-saving design, so storing is never a problem. Just place it in the foyer, so anyone coming from the outside can take off the shoes and put them into the dryer.

Power and Functions

The electric shoe dryer uses a thermal convection air blowing technology for drying shoes and other items. Due to the non-motorized design, it doesn’t create noise when operating.

It takes a longer time than other dryers that use a fan or motorized power. However, it’s highly energy efficient. Being a 36-watt machine, it doesn’t consume much electricity even after leaving plugged in for an entire day.

This drying machine ensures the complete safety of your shoes by dispersing heat at a moderate temperature. It never gets too hot to damage the linings or other materials of your footwear.

You can set the timer from 0 to 180 minutes based on the condition of the shoes. However, the gentle drying method makes sure that your favorite shoes remain unscathed even after leaving them on the drying port for hours.


  • Ideal for a single person
  • Does not damage footwear
  • Comes with a timer
  • Features detachable tubes


  • Works slowly
  • Cannot hold big shoes

10. JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer

Struggling to keep your boots and other accessories dry and warm in winter or rainy season? This boot dryer can JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryerhelp. JobSite has brought this pocket-friendly machine for those who have to go out every day and struggle to keep their shoes dry.

Design and Quality

Wet shoes are a health hazard. Wearing them creates a foul smell and causes various problems for your feet, such as fungal infections or an athlete’s foot.

This boot dryer uses convection heating technology to dry up wet shoes. Whether you love skiing or have to work outdoors every day, this machine makes sure that you always get to wear fresh and dry boots in the morning.

It draws heat from a small heater at the base, which sends thermal air through the heating ports. Due to the non-motorized design, its operation is completely silent.

You can use the dryer for tennis shoes, sports cleats, rain boots, winter boots, and more. However, it can accommodate only one pair at a time and is not strong enough to hold up heavy, large boots.

JobSite offers a two-year warranty for this product, so you can purchase without worrying much.

Power and Functions

This dryer efficiently circulates gentle heat to remove moisture, sweat, and terrible smell from your shoes. Warm thermal air rises through the drying ports and dries the footwear and other accessories safely without over-drying.

As it doesn’t use motorized power, the drying process is quite slow. It will take at least 8 hours for drying up damp shoes and overnight for the wet ones.

This slow drying process is safe for the items, making sure that they don’t shrink or get over-dried. There is no timer, so you have to remember to plug it out of the power outlet.


  • Suitable for shoes and other accessories
  • Gentle heat
  • Safe for all materials
  • Reduces foul smell


  • Slow drying process
  • Not designed for heavy-duty footwear
  • No timer

11. MaxxDry Boot Dry Silent Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer

If you work outdoors or a recreation enthusiast, this boot drying station from MaxxDry will come handy for you. MaxxDry Boot Dry Silent Boot, Shoe, and Glove DryerAt less than $50, you will get to wear dry, warm boots every day. No more suffering from a bad odor or other foot-related problems due to soggy shoes.

Design and Quality

This is a small drying station that can accommodate one pair of shoes at a time. It has fluted dry ports for better airflow and maximizing the heating efficiency. You can use it even for soggy shoes as there is a drip tray to catch the excess water.

With a simple motor-free design, this machine uses convection heating technology to dry up wet items. There is no fan, no motor, or any moving parts, allowing it to work in silence.

You have to plug this unit into a 120-volt power outlet. There is no timer or any on/off switch. However, the 30-watt unit doesn’t consume much power. Even leaving it plugged on all day long keeps electricity consumption lower than a standard light bulb.

By attaching additional arms, it can be used for drying up footwear up to 16 inches tall. You can use it for gloves and hats too, without adding any extra attachment.

You can place the dryer in the foyer or porch due to its compact structure. The company offers a 30-year warranty to ease the mind of the customers.

Power and Functions

This dryer utilizes a safe drying method. The thermal convection heating technology releases heat at a maximum of 105 degrees of Fahrenheit, which is completely safe for footwear. This temperature is safe for even more heat-prone materials, such as leather, neoprene, fleece, and synthetic items.

As it doesn’t have any blowing fan or motor, it takes a longer time to dry up wet items. Damp shoes may take 7 to 8 hours while it takes overnight for completely wet ones.

Your shoes will no longer rot away from water, moisture, or sweaty feet. Also, your feet won’t be exposed to cold and moisture for a long time. The circulated heat can efficiently eliminate dampness, sweat, and bad smell.


  • Compatible with footwear and accessories
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Gentle temperature
  • Safe for all materials
  • 30-year warranty


  • No timer
  • No on/off switch

12. Manledio Portable Electric Shoe Glove Boot Dryer

This boot dryer from Manledio is great for both home and outdoor adventures because of its portable, foldable Manledio Portable Electric Shoe Glove Boot Dryerdesign. You will never have to wear wet shoes again. Carry this dryer wherever you go and enjoy the warmth of dry shoes every day.

Design and Quality

This drying station is a practical choice if you are an outdoor enthusiast and travel a lot. Due to the foldable design, you can easily carry it in your luggage.

The two drying arms rotate up to 90 degrees. However, be careful about putting heavy-duty shoes into them. The arms are not strong enough to hold up much weight.

The machine has all the features to dry one pair of shoes, or gloves, or other items. The inventive technology makes sure that the items are safe even after leaving on the drying port for long hours. It helps to extend the life of your gear and improves your foot health.

Manledio offers a 3-year warranty for this product.

Power and Functions

Because of using a forced-air technology, this machine can dry footwear quicker than units using a convection heating method. After plugging into a 110-volt power outlet, it can generate heat at 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat output is enough for dehumidifying and drying up any accessories without damaging them. The quick-drying process kills fungus and other harmful microorganisms, curing several foot problems including the athlete’s foot and cracks on the heel.


  • Foldable compact structure
  • Extend footwear’s life
  • Quick-drying time
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for heavyweight items

13. LiveFine Boot Dryer

This boot dryer from LiveFine extends the lifespan of your footwear and other gear accessories by keeping them LiveFine Boot Dryerdry and warm. It not only eliminates moisture but odor too, making your accessories smell fresh. It’s a great pocket-friendly purchase since its price is around $20, which is half the price of the products from the most popular brands.

Design and Quality

This is a versatile indoor boot drying station that works for snow boots, sneakers, ski boots, ice skates, and more. You can use it for sports gear and other accessories too.

The two drying tubes disperse gentle heat that is not harsh for most materials. Even synthetic materials and small items, such as socks, scarves, and hats, are safe with this dryer.

Due to using convection heating technology, that dryer takes hours for drying up any item. The estimated warming time is 30 minutes and damp shoes take 4 hours to dry completely. For soaked items, you have to wait overnight.

It doesn’t have any timer. You just need to plug it into a 120-volt power outlet and press the power switch for it to start working. Due to a no-motor design, it doesn’t create any noise during its operation.

The machine is inexpensive, and the company clears any further doubts by offering a 1-year warranty.

Power and Functions

With thermal technology, a ceramic heating element sends warm air through the two shoe brackets. Gentle heat dries up the accessories without damaging their materials.

Just attach the air tubes to the base, load the shoes, and plug the power cord. The machine will turn them perfectly dry after a few hours.

In the drying process, the machine also returns the freshness of the footwear by killing bacteria and fungus. It reduces smell by drying off sweat and water.


  • Dries shoes and accessories
  • Reduces odor
  • Noise-free operation
  • Inexpensive


  • No timer
  • Slow drying process

14. FORWIT Shoe Boot Dryer

This Forwit shoe dryer makes sure that you and your family stay comfortable during outdoor trips and ski FORWIT Shoe Boot Dryervacations. The portable design makes it extremely easy to carry around, and its quick-drying process dries up wet footwear within a few hours. At around $20, it seems like a steal of a deal.

Design and Quality

Specially designed for outdoor lovers, including hunters, hikers, and skiers, this drying machine is great for protecting the health of both your shoes and feet.

Despite blowing up hot air, it doesn’t create much noise. It silently dries up all your gear to keep your feet and hands comfortable and warm.

With a 90-degree folding design, the telescopic shoe brackets can accommodate knee-high boots up to 13.8 inches of length.

Power and Functions

With a powerful 200-watt motor, the machine can generate temperatures between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. A blower blows up this heat through the drying ports, dispersing it across the wet items. The quick-drying process along with a 120-minute timer makes it one of the best dryers at a budget-friendly rate.

The motor of this machine has a special circuit design that actively protects from overvoltage and overheating conditions. For this reason, your shoes and other accessories remain completely safe. However, be careful when removing the items from the dryer because the ports can still be hot and burn your skin.

Also, keep it in an open space far from any flammable substance.


  • Compact and portable profile
  • Quick-drying time
  • Rotating and extendable arms
  • A timer


  • Hot drying ports can burn if not careful
  • Risky if kept in a closed environment

15. WOIYOU Electric Ozone Shoe Boot Glove Dryer

At less than $50, this electric boot dryer keeps your gear and footwear dry and fresh, both at home and outdoors. WOIYOU Electric Ozone Shoe Boot Glove DryerThe portable design makes it convenient to carry it in your luggage, great for hiking trips and vacations. You can now wear dry, warm shoes the next morning, no matter how wet they are at the end of the day.

Design and Quality

This easy-to-operate machine is multifunctional and promotes noiseless operation. You can use it for drying up all kinds of shoes and sports gear for both adults and children.

It has two foldable brackets that rotate at a 90-degree angle. These arms stretch from 10 inches to around 14 inches, making it possible to put on knee-high shoes.

However, the drying arms are not strong enough for heavy-duty boots. It will trip over if you put on shoes that weigh too much.

Power and Functions

This unit blows warm air to dry up any wet items within a short time. You can set up the timer from 0 to 99 minutes, and the machine will turn off automatically when the time is up. This intelligent mechanism prevents overheating and over-drying the shoes.

By using a UV disinfection method, this dryer uses ozone to kill the foul smell. This is such a great feature for a budget-friendly unit like this one. Within a few hours, you will not only get a pair of fresh shoes but they will also smell fresh, free of any awful odor.


  • Portable design
  • Quick-drying time
  • Kills odor with ozone
  • Reasonable price


  • Not designed for heavy-duty boots