Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer Work Boots Review 2022

Does your job need you to work amidst industrial hazards? Do you work around heavy tools and sharp Bates Men's Safety Enforcer Work Boots 2020equipment? Are you someone who needs some extra protection for the feet while doing your regular job? Then this pair of work boots from the brand of Bates would be an ideal product for you. These heavy-duty boots are made of reinforced materials and they aim to give you the fine blend of quality, appearance, longevity and safety. If you were planning to get a pair of new work boots for yourself, these would make a great choice.


The Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer Work Boots come in a rich black color. The boots have a traditional lace-up tactical boots design and a professional appearance overall. The contrast of shiny and matte finish gives the boots a wonderful look. The stitching as well as the embellishments are done in a matching color instead of using contrasts.

The boots measure 12 x 8 x 4 inches in dimensions. Despite the cement construction these boots are lightweight and convenient to use. The boots are offered in various sizes from 7 to 14. There is the flexibility of choosing the regular or the extra-wide product in each size category. These boots are true to size and you can expect them to fit your feet comfortably, regardless of the shape of your feet.

The padded collar and the soft finishing ensure that you can get your feet into the boots very easily. Also, the heel and the platform are thick and robust, lending a style statement to your overall appearance. These boots are elegant in design and do not scream for attention. With these on, you can add a nice, sophisticated and professional edge to your look.

Comfort and Materials

These boots are made of 60% premium quality leather and 10% nylon due to which it becomes more resilient to rain and water. Also, it becomes so much easier to clean the boots when they get dirty. The imported rubber sole Bates Men's Safety Enforcer Work Boots 2020is textured and strong to help you to tread without slipping. The outsole is equipped with anti-skid properties to help you to tread on all sorts of surfaces and to even climb when necessary. It is also oil and chemical resistant for your benefit.

The steel toe is strong and protective against compression and impacts. When you have to work in dangerous environments where there is a risk of heavy or sharp tools causing accidents or injuries to your feet, this kind of boots will offer you extra safety. However, this does not get in the way of the boots’ flexibility and you can get your feet inside with no problem.

The cushioned insole comes equipped with anti-fatigue properties and absorbs the shocks and impacts. So, even after working on long shifts, the bottom of your feet will not be sprained. The insides are also lined with a soft fabric that wicks off moisture and prevents your feet from getting wet and soggy.

These boots come with 200gm of Thinsulate insulation which is a thermal layer that prevents your feet from getting cold. The combination of waterproofing and thermal layering allows you to work with dry feet even when it is raining hard.


Made of leather and nylon combination these boots are extremely durable and hold out well against weathering and other issues. The lightweight yet heavy-duty construction improves the longevity of the boots without inconveniencing the user in any way.

Due to waterproofing, these boots do not suffer damage from rains. They are also resilient and protective against snow. The soles are abrasion resistant and stay unharmed for long. On your part, you have to be very careful in the care and maintenance of the boots. When you get a new pair for yourself, make sure that you are not buying a size bigger or smaller. Set aside some time to break in the new boots at home.

Never use heat or warm water to break in the boots. Also, poking the boots with other sharp or heavy objects might damage the material. JusBates Men's Safety Enforcer Work Boots 2020t wear them at home for a couple of hours every day for a week or two. This will make the leather and nylon layers to stretch gradually and to fit to the shape of your feet.

One wonderful feature of this pair of boots is that it is very easy to clean them due to the nylon component. Use a cleaning gel and a non-abrasive pad to clean the accumulated grime and then rinse off the boots well. Allow the boots to dry completely in a dry and airy place. Apply a good cream conditioner to condition the dry boots and then apply a waterproofing spray. These steps done well will enhance the durability of the boots.

The brand has a 30 days product replacement policy but only if the boots are returned in unworn condition.


These boots are ideal for giving you protection against difficult work conditions. If you are employed in the construction sector, or you have to deal with heavy machinery, or you are surrounded by dangerous equipment then wearing these boots will complete your work gear.

The reinforced toe will guard your feet against compression and impacts. The thermal insulation is there to keep you protected against environmental hazards. The outer layer has a waterproofing membrane too which keeps your feet dry. You can expect to work in rainy, wet and cold days and your feet will still stay warm and dry.

The outer sole is textured and slip-resistant which makes you capable of walking on slippery surfaces without risking a dangerous fall or accident. The insole is cushioned and has shock-absorbing facilities. This lets you stay comfortable despite working for long hours.

Additional Features

The full-grain leather and nylon upper with protective panel holds out well against environmental impacts and is Bates Men's Safety Enforcer Work Boots 2020also very easy to clean.

The breathable inside keeps your feet warm yet airy. The lightweight and heavy-duty construction means you will have no difficulty in getting into the boots or in walking around in them.

The outsole is thick, robust and slip-resistant to give you improved traction.

There is a 200gm of Thinsulate insulation which keeps away cold and bitter weather and lets you work in harsh, rainy or snowy weather. The padded collar is both comfortable and provides wind sealing to the user.


  • Leather 60% nylon 40%
  • Water-resistant
  • Thermal insulation
  • Slip-resistant outsoles
  • Thick and dense impact-absorbing insoles
  • Protective steel toes
  • Superior comfort


There are various brands in the market that manufacture high-quality work boots for men working amidst harsh environmental conditions like heavy rains or snow. But when it comes to a conglomeration of quality, comfort, protection, durability and affordability then Bates Footwear can manufacture the best quality work boots for you. You can choose a pair for yourself if your job requires you to work in such conditions.

About Bates

Bates is a trusted and loved American brand of footwear that was founded in the year 1885 by Andrew Jackson Bates in Webster, Massachusetts. It has seen years of changes as well as social and economic ups and downs. But no matter what, the brand has stayed committed to their vision of manufacturing the finest of footwear fitted to serve men and women working in various fields.

The footwear crafted by Bates deliver superior performance, appealing appearance and long-lasting durability to Bates Men's Safety Enforcer Work Boots 2020the users. This is why men and women in uniform have often preferred Bates over various other brands. The brand is steeped in history and tradition but they have always been carefully observant of the social and cultural changes. These changes are reflected in their products, making sure that Bates footwear can evolve with the times and cater aptly to the changing needs of the American people.

After being founded in the year 1885 Bates has been through various historical milestones. In 1930 Bates had manufactured more than a million pairs of shoes for the soldiers of the World War 2. In 1969 Bates was purchased by Wolverine Worldwide. In 2003, Bates introduced Ultra Lites, a revolutionary product that offers comfort, durability and safety in super lightweight designs. The boots still continue to remain highly popular. In 2010, Bates completed 125 years of service and manufacturing excellence. In 2018, the new logo of Bates was conceived and it was well-received with love and fanfare. There have been multiple changes in the history of this esteemed brand but their passion and zeal for work has remained unchanged.

At Bates, the employees are loyal, passionate and dedicated to bring together technology and tradition in order to deliver to you the best in class products. It is a brand that manufactures in USA and is widely popular among the customers for the unmatched quality and comfort. The customer care team is friendly and supportive. Whenever you reach out to them with any kind of problem, you can be assured of a patient hearing and a quick resolution.