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Tessa is a highly respected welder in a field that is dominated by men, and she wants to make sure that other women can find the safety gear they need to succeed. Her reviews of safety boots are geared towards women, and are designed to help them find the right footwear for their job. Whether it is waterproof boots for muddy construction sites or ones that are insulated, Tessa has made it her mission to review them all.

5 Ways to Break in New Work Boots

Once you find the right pair of work boots, your feet will be comfortable as well as protected from blistering, chafing and injury. Regardless of the amount of time worn, at no point should a proper pair of boots become uncomfortable. Even with that being said, even the most ideal boots for you can rub and pinch your feet when you first begin to wear them. Therefore, before you can […]

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Women’s Carolina Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers

Material: Leather, polymer, carbon composite toe Pros: Standard design, comfortable, moist protecting and water resistant Cons: Shoes become slippery after certain time, expensive Best Use: Perfectly…
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Material: Leather, polymer, carbon composite toe
Pros: Standard design, comfortable, moist protecting and water resistant
Cons: Shoes become slippery after certain time, expensive
Best Use: Perfectly suited for hikers and working women
Various women shoes or footwear products are available in the marketplace. However, when it comes to a utility boot for working women or for passionate hikers, only a few good products can be found. Generally every woman likes to choose the boots […]

The Best Riding Boots for Women in 2019 – Complete Guide

Women like to stay in style, whether they are working in the barn, cruising around town or taking control of the helms and the saddle. Ladies who ride need more than just a stylish riding ensemble.  For instance, a woman’s riding boot has to be functional while staying feminine, and remain stylish while toughing it out on the show.
Specialized design

Riding boots are especially designed to provide protection […]

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Guide For An Effective Corporate Workwear

The corporate world makes use of different ways on how to become more productive, or yield a higher income. A lot of times, one of the most common means of increasing productivity is by focusing on the uniform or the workwear.
What makes workwear so useful in so many scenarios? Work uniform that you wear has a way of affecting overall performance and attitude of people. In fact, it has been […]

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What Makes Work Wear Important

Do you ever wonder why you have to change your uniform going to work? In fact, there are some schools that are implementing strict guidelines to have a good uniform. This is not only the trend in schools but even in different workplaces. Different industries are in need of proper workwear. What makes workwear so important in today’s time? You have to understand that proper workwear is so important these […]

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Best Work Boots For Problem Feet

Whether you have flat feet or heel spurs, there are comfortable work boots that are safe and supportive. With innovative features designed to protect and cushion your feet, your foot problems don’t have to interfere with your work. Support low arches and help cushion and relieve painful pressure all while staying safe in these protective work boots.

The Top Rated Work Boots For Foot Problems
Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Toe Waterproof Boot
These […]

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Top 15 Best Steel Toe Boots For Women in 2019

The presence of women in demanding, industrial jobs has been growing day by day. For example, you will see lots of women working in the construction industry where male workers have been ruling since the time immemorial.

The female population who are taking challenges in their work site every day needs footwear that provides them the required protection, support, and comfort. Besides, women’s work boots should be stylish enough to suit […]

How to Maintain Leather Work Boots

Leather work boots are able to last for years, if provided with the proper amount and level of care. Leather is able to withstand a greater amount of wear and tear as opposed to vinyl or canvas while also being thick enough to offer feet adequate protection from injury. As durable and versatile as leather is, it still has the ability to become damaged or deteriorate when it is not […]

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Reasons To Invest in Proper Work Wear

There are businesses that don’t really require their employees to have the proper work wear. Though this is applicable to some industries, it may not be that practical for others. Finding the right work wear can be a bit tricky. For employers, it is important that to consider different factors on a uniform simply because there are different applications that it could be used for.
For most companies, they invest on […]

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Best Women’s Snowboard Boots: The Top 5 Picks

Winter means you are surrounded by various snow sports that are worth a try. But to perform these particular sports you will need shoes that are specially made for snowboards. There are various kinds of snowboard boots available in the market. But before you settle down to buy one of these it is important on the part of the individual to look for the fit about the same.
Additionally there are […]

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